Dark {Matt Espinosa}

Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side.


5. Chapter 5

"I am never going to hurt you" I said.

"Why are you telling ME this?" She asked.

"Becouse, when a wolf thinks they have found their mate, they feel it. I feel it when im with you." I said.

"So baisically that means Matt thinks you are the one." Jack summed it up.

Emily's P.O.V

"I-I" i started.

Just a question; what would YOU think if a guy met you at Subway, kidnapped you, and then told/showed you that he was a wolf? Hold up let me answer: NOTHING! You dont know what the crap to say.

"Dude, I think we shocked her. She isnt saying anything" Jack said.

"Emily, everything is ok. Im sure your shocked and you dont know what to say" Matt said walking close to me.

I backed up in fear hoping that he wouldnt turn into a wolf and rip my head off. I tensed up.

"No no no" Matt said.

"What" Cam asked.

"She is scared" Matt sighed.

"She probably thinks your going to turn and rip her heard off" Cameron said.

Matt sighed again.

"Emily, i will NEVER hurt you. And if one of the boys in this room ever hurts you, im going to rip their heads off. You wont see them ever again. Im not even letting you go to their funeral." Matt said.

"Ooooh, someone is protective" Nash said.

"Nash, i swear to God" Matt mumbled.

"And if one of them is mean or even goes near you without my permission, their heads will also be disconected. And if I know of ANY sexual things happening in this house between one of the boys and Emily, im ripping their balls off." Matt said.

HIIII! Im so sorry for the extremely short chapter. To make it up, the next one will be SUUUPPPEERR long! Thanks lovelies❤️

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