Dark {Matt Espinosa}

Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side.


4. Chapter 4 Matt's P.O.V

I should tell her. She would hate me if i didnt. I would hate me if i didnt. It wouldnt be fair to her. I mean if i really care about her, i will tell her. I will after the movie.

*skips to after the movie*

"Emily, i need to tell you something" i said.

"Yeah" she looked up at me.

I stared into her brown eyes. I could stay like this forever, but i HAVE to tell her.

"I-I-" i started.

"Wait here one second" I said getting up to find the boys.

I found Nash, Cameron, Jack, and Carter in my room playing Xbox.

"Boys, i have to tell her." I said.

"Alright, let me guess. You want us to go with you and show her that we all are?" Nash asked.

"Yes, but i want Jack to stay normal. You know to hold her and calm her down. I would do it, but i dont want her being scared of me in wolf form. Then Jack can change and I will change back to human form. No fighting. No getting close to her as a wolf. No growling. Do I make myself clear?" I asked very strictly.

"Yes sir" they all said.

We all walked down the stairs. Jack sat by her and put his arms around her.

"Now Emily, what Matt and the boys are about to do, please dont be scared. We are all like that. Even me. But i promise, we will never hurt you" he said very calmingly.

I turned. Then Nash, Cameron, and Carter. She tensed up abit.

"Now, we are wolves. Matt's the leader of the pack. Thats why he looks different. Also becouse he is a hybrid. He will never hurt you. I swear none of us will. Or the rest of the pack" Jack said.

"Oh my god" she said.

I turned back. Then Jack went into wolf form.

"Everything Jack said is true. I couldnt keep this from you Emily" i said.

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