Dark {Matt Espinosa}

Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side.


3. Chapter 3

HI! Please give me feedback on my stories if you can. An😘 thanks✋ also this is a shorter chapter becouse its really late on a school night🔫 sorry~ Emily💁

"Ok so what in the world am i doing here. I dont even know you guys" i said.

"Im Matt, but you already know that, and this is Nash, Cameron, Jack, and Carter." He Matt said pointing to each one.

I nodded my head and smiled trying to at least be a bit nice. Matt grabbed my hand and led me into the house.

He opened the door and let me in. He pulled me into the living area and put a movie in. Then he sat on the couch pulling me into his lap.

"What the hell?" I ask.

"Were watching a movie" he said. "Duh"

"Im not against it, but why exactly?" I asked.

"I wanna spend some time with you" he said and imediatly blushed.

"Alright" i smiled.

"Yay" he cheered.

"I need to call my friend, Dylan, and tell him that i made it to my car without getting abducted by aliens. Instaid i get abducted by an insanly cute boy" i cover my mouth.

His eyes went wide.

"I didnt mean to say that. The part about you being insanly cute. " i studdered.

"Sure you didnt" he smirked.

Oh that smirk! The most adorable thing ever. His perfect blond hair with his chocolate brown eyes. I could just die. Now i actually can think of one reason and one reason only not to kill myself. And his name is Matt.

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