Dark {Matt Espinosa}

Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side.


2. Chapter 2

Matt's P.O.V

Me and the boys just walked in this Subway. The most beautiful girls in the whole fucking world was standing right behind the counter. I had to get her. I dont know if she knew who we were but i could tell she was scared. The other boys, Nash, Cameron, Jack, and Carter, went up and ordered. Nash, of course, was flirting with her. I got pissed off. I stayed back. I pulled out a piece of paper. I wrote down my number. Then I walked up to her making eye contact. She looked scared. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted to break eye contact with me, but she didnt. Smart girl. From the moment i pushed open the doors. I felt it. Love.

Im a wolf. Hybrid actually. The other boys are normal. Were in a wolf pack. Its just us 5. Yeah, we go to school. But we dont take alot of socialy interactive classes or P.E. When we run, people can tell somethings up with us. We aren't normal. We know that. I am the leader. My father has gotten older and now he has passed down the leadership to me.


Right now we are walking out of the Subway. I held the boys back.

"Lets stay here right now" i said.

"Why? You gonna try to get her to sleep woth you?" Jack teased.

"Shut the fuck up. No, i think she is the one. My mate" i hissed.

"Bro, are you for real?" Nash asked.

"Yes Nash! You know when youv'e found your mate. My mate is her. I can feel it" i hissed.

"Ok" he mumbled.



Emily's P.O.V

Me and Matt got in my car.

"So" he said akwardly.

"So" i said quitely.

"How old are you" he asked.

"17 why?" I said.

"Me too" he said.

"Cool" i said looking out of the window.

"So where do you live?" He asked.

I told him my adress and we drove to my house.

"Here we are" he said.

"Thanks for driving me home" i said getting out of the car.

"Your welcome" he replied doing the same.

"How are you gonna get home?" I asked.

"Well, you are gonna go pack some clothes and your coming home with me" he told me.

"No" i said.

"Why not" he asked.

"I dont know you" i said confidently.

"But if you come to my house, you can get to know me" he said.

"Fine" i said.

We walked in my house and he followed me up to my room. I went to my closet and got out a bag to put my clothes in. I grabbed some clothes and went to my bathroom and grabbed some stuff in there. Then i put my phone charger and earbuds in my purse and we left. We got in the car and after what felt like forever driving in the woods, we finally got to his house. A huge house. His 4 friends were there.

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