Dark {Matt Espinosa}

Baby, I feel you pull me to the dark side.


1. Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Emily. Im 17 and I have dirty blond hair. I have hazel eyes. My parents are divorced and niether of them really care about me so I live on my own. I am a senior in high school. I work at a Subway resterant. I have another hour before my shift is over.



Suddenly the door swung open. A group of boys walked in. 5. Tough boys. Dressed nicely. One caught my eye. The one with blond quiffed hair. Blueish eyes. Grey beenie. Aero tank top. Black jeans. Vans. I couldnt move. Four (hehe) of them came up to me. I observed their appearence. One with blue eyes. One that looked older. One that looked asian. One that had dark brown hair. They all gave me there orders. The blond haired boy stayed back. He pulled out a piece of paper and jotted down something. Then he walked up to me looking me directly in the eye. I wanted to look away, but something told me not to brake eye contact. I didnt move until he was at the counter. He told me his order. I turned around to put it in the oven. I could feel his eyes burning holes in the back of my head. He handed me the money along with the paper he was writing on earlier. Our hands touched. Fireworks. We both quickly pulled away. We looked at eachother. He smiled at me. Then he walked off. The other boys following. After they left, Dylan came in.

"Sorry im late love" he said.

"Its fine" i said.

"When you go out there, please be careful. That group of boys is bad news. Dont be around them." He said.

"Ok thanks" i said.

"Bye babe" he said kissing me on the cheek.

He likes me. He hasnt told me but i know. The way he acts.


I walked out the door. I felt a pair of arms around my waist.

"Hello sexy" he said coldly.

"What do you want from me" i asked.

"What dont I" he smirked.

I turned around. The blond haired boy. The cute one. He had me pinned up to a wall. His friends right behind him.

"So im Matt and you are hot" he said.

"Im Emily and what do you want" i asked.

"You" he whispered.

"Whatever" i tried to get away.

"Baby, you aren't leaving" he said.

"And why the hell not" i asked sassily.

"Becouse you are mine now" he smirked.

"Im not anybodys. Can I please just go home now? Im tired" i whinned.

"Let me take you home" he said. "With me"

"I dont even know you" i yell.

"Well that needs to changs. Hi! Im Matt. You are pretty. I like youThats it." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yep." He said.

"What about my car?" I ask.

"I will drive it. You will go with me. We will go to your house and you will get clothes." He said.

"Fine" i gave in.

He kissed my neck. His arms were still wrapped around my waist.



Nash's P.O.V

Matt is the "one night stand" dude. Yep. Thats my best friend here. I feel sorry for this next girl. She seems really nice. Matt does whatever he wants and gets whoever he wants when he wants it. But this time was wierd. He looked at her like she was something more. Mabye this girl could change him.

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