Don't Stop the Weird

Just an average day. *for the janoskians competition*


1. Don't Stop the Weird

 "Where's my toothbrush?!" a muffled cry screamed from the edge of the house.

The boys stopped and listened to the frosty air. Beau emerged quickly from the restroom with a tired expression plastered on his face like make up.

"Which one of you stole my tooth brush?" he demanded.

"Wasn't me," the boys chorused with confidence. That still was not enough to keep the grumpy Beau from off their back.

"Okay so it was me." admitted James. "I sort of used it for the loo. Sorry mate."

The frosty air was no more for the boys now laughed with immense power. They had sprinkles of tears in their eyes and were clutching their stomach.

"It's not funny okay. Watch when there's a tampon under your bed. I'm going to say it wasn't me either." Beau huffed shoving Jai out of the way.


As they ate their cereal that morning, Jai noticed the small smile Luke was shooting his way. He paused and set his spoon down gently.

"Okay," he started. "What did you do to my cereal?"

"Nothing," Luke promised.

"Did you pee in my cereal again?" he asked with a sigh.

Luke paused and kept eating his cereal. The other boys didn't look up. Jai glanced down at his cereal and noticed the tinted milk that had a color of sour milk.

"Why are we doing this with our lives?" James asked deeply. He slammed his spoon down and glanced at the wall.

"Yeah," Daniel agreed. "Let's just stop now."

Everyone agreed and sat in piercing silence. It smelt like urine and milk laced into one. A deep sigh was all that came out from the boys.

After a minute Jai's voice rasped against the room. "So, you want to throw tampons at someone's window?"

They all glanced at one another. "I'd thought you'd never ask."

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