I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


27. Zhe buckets return

The camera's around the room shot electrical bolts resulting in them end up broken.The perspective had suddenly changed from Ivy's perspective into a different perspective so out of the blue.Starscream is seen shackled, his laser blasting parts had been removed through some form of surgical removal.His bright firesome optics are stuck on a little girl.This little girl is Ivy.She looks innocent but there is a dark look in her hazel eyes that stood out from brown bangs nearly covering them.

The date is January 5th, 2009.

Ivy seems ready to further some form of business with Starscream.

"Starscream, give her the bucket." Ivy said, in a deep and intimidating voice.

Starscream's opticc widen briefly and return to their usual size.

"You...are foolish, human." Starscream said, with a sneer. "I would never listen to the orders of a human--"

"I am not asking for the bucket." Ivy said, putting her hands on one of Starscream's long calculated digits.

Starscream watches Ivy prepared to use whatever was in her hand against her.

"Do not play with me, human." Starscream said.

"Oh, my dear fool." Ivy said, in a calm deep voice that sounded more of a man' voice. "The one who this child calls 'Mr Dorito'."Ivy opens her right hand to reveal a small pink screw with Donald Duck designs all over. Ivy places the screw on  Starscream's index digit. "And the one who is my second in command." Starscream saw the screws begin to move and dig into his digit. "Are we clear now?"

Her voice, Starscream mentally notes, it is different...it sounds like...Megatron!

"L...L...Master!" Starscream squeaks. "You can't--"

"Oh yes, I am." Ivy said, with a wide more evil motivated smile. "I am using her."

Starscream's mouth fell open.

"This is not possible." Starscream said.

"We've linked." Ivy said, watching the screws multiply. "And if you do not give up this  'bucket of storytelling'..." There is a little pause in her speech,her eyes showing signs of debate.Ivy puckers her lip while her eyebrows went forward. She stops puckering and looks up to the horrified seeker. "I will leave you to infect every cybertronian in this base."

It is true; Megatron had returned through a mere child.

But why would he infect Starscream with scraplets?

Megatron would not do it unless...

"You've made a cure." Starscream said.

"There is a cure to everything." Ivy said. "Sadly, there is not a cure to the stupidity you wield." Her smile fades away into a determined lip expression. "Of course I have made a cure; dummy." Ivy takes out a vile. She pauses, again,just for a dramatic effect. "Actually, it was her making."

"Fine." Starscream said. "Take it."

Starscream's spiky knee armor detaches and become whole again. In mid-air was a white bucket that had a green fading symbol on both sides. The bucket had two parts on the circle edge that indicated there used to be a handle. The bucket fell to the floor making a loud thud. The bucket leaned on it's side.

"Much better." Ivy said, taking off the lid to the vile. her eyebrows danced up and down. Her eyes shine brighter than they did two years ago. "Mr Meg, we've secured our deal."

Starscream's face falters.

"You're not--" Starscream realizes.

Ivy threw the contents of the vile straight at Starscream's faceplate.

"Course not!" Ivy said. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure cybertronian ghosts cannot possess individuals like mesah." The palms of her hands are sweaty. Her eyes are shaking. "I only had to repeat what Mr Meg was saying."

Starscream spits out what had landed on his tongue.

"I am a fool." Starscream said.

Ivy darts to the bucket and takes out the handle from her pocket. She hugs the big bucket--while the handle somehow robotically reconnects to the edges--tightly while sitting on the floor. We see every bit of the infectious screws fall off Starscream's digit.There isn't a word to describe how happy Ivy is to be reunited with her bucket. And for once Ivy cries during the happy re-union with her bucket.

"I've...been tricked." Starscream said.

A robot arm, attached to the ceiling,became animated and slapped Starscream's faceplate.

"Ow!" Starscream yelps. 

Ivy gets up; her cheeks red from the tear stains and her grasp around the bucket is tight. 

"You will always get tricked by a child." Ivy said, as the robot arm shook its giant index digit at Starscream.

"Not always." Starscream said.

"Besides, I have other plans to gain a new body." Ivy said, wiping off her new tears.  "Or better yet; my body's resurrection."

Starscream looks to his right.

"We don't have an idea where your body is, Master!" Starscream said.

"To your left, silly." Ivy said, with a giggle.

Starscream turns his helm to the left.

"And what are those plans?" Starscream asks.

Ivy's gaze is stuck where the ghost of Megatron stood. She raises her left eyebrow with a amused expression then shook her head.Ivy takes a turn to the left having a 'That sounds dumb' look on her face that not a camera could catch.She walks forwards with her arms wrapped around the white bucket that had a fading green symbol on both sides. Starscream's optics become alert.

"What are those plans!" Starscream yells. "Don't leave me--"

"I can leave when I want, Mr Dorito." Ivy interrupts Starscream, while walking away."It is too complicated for a child to explain something a alien robot can't simplify."

"How are you linked with Lord Megatron?" Starscream yells in a voice that serves it what was spoken  in a questionable tone.

Ivy stops.

"She has a exposed spark." Ivy explains. "It seemed reasonable to use her so I won't return to the Pits." She looks over her shoulder making a grin sharing a little wave to Starscream. "Bye-bye, Mr Dorito."

Ivy turns her head from over her shoulder then disappears behind the doors leaving Starscream in the darkness.

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