I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


25. Yay, an adventure!

..May 22nd, 2008...

...Thursday...5:30 AM...

"Ivy!" Megatron roars from the television set. We see a clutter of blankets shot up giving the shape of Ivy halfway up. "If you'll prefer your hearing  to be spared; get out of your berth!"

Ivy slips out of bed with her blankets in a big mess making her seem like a child pretending to be a ghost in order to scare her parents. Except Ivy had slipped off the queen sized bed.Ivy lands on her left side on the floor with a thump sound. This is not how Ivy woke up usually on school days by landing on the floor.

"I  wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy." Ivy starts singing standing upright. She throws the blankets on to the bed. "Boys break our phones, phones, phones!" Ivy  throws her hands into the air at once.  "Don't stop, make it pop,tonight I'mma fight till we see the sunlight!" She turns away from the bed waving her arms. "Wo-oh-oah!"

Megatron rubs his forehelm and Ivy puts her arms down.

"Ivy, you're making the song annoying!" Megatron said, as Ivy gets out school clothes from the white bookshelf drawer.

"Tik tok on the clock." Ivy sings, swaying from side to side, taking out a black belt from the drawer.  "Now the party doesn't start until I walk in!"

Ivy throws a big book over her shoulder flying towards Megatron's direction. Megatron's optics go wide so he reaches his arm out through the Sony type wide television screen and held out his gigantic servo right at the oncoming book. The book bounces off from Megatron's ghostly servo and then collided against the closet door landing quite open. Ivy takes out a blue shirt, light brown pants,socks, and other things needed from the dresser drawer.

"I will fight till we see the sunlight." Ivy continues to sing, turning away from the dresser drawer then uses her left foot to close it. "Wo-oh-oah!"

"Ivy, there is more songs you can sing." Megatron said.

"Such as?" Ivy asks, not turning around.

Megatron browses the channels in the television and the current box above the stack of channels showing an interview going on.Megatron had convinced Kelton long ago to be the one who wakes Ivy up and leave Kelton to waking up Christian. The current song going on involved lyrics 'Stop and stare, when you're here not there.' that sounded soothing and not very bothersome to on repeat from a child getting better at singing. Megatron gets out of the television set and went outside in his robot height. 

The green number on the microwave turns to 6:00 AM. Our view backs up over Christian's shoulder, then turn to the right backing up from Ivy and Christian to give a movie'ish full view of the two.Ivy is eating a bowl of cereal with a spoon and her bookbag on her back.Ivy is wearing the big pink and white big fluffy warmy coat in preparation for the cold'ish wait for the bus.Kelton had left five minutes ago for work under the assumption today will be the same; not much crazy action going around.

"Ready for the field trip to the science building, Sis?" Christian asks, putting a bowl into the dishwasher.

Ivy freezes holding the spoon inches away from her lips.

"Field trip?" Ivy asks, lowering the spoon.  Her eyebrows had shot up. "What field trip?"

"You told me you're going on a field trip that my class is going to." Christian said, walking around the breakfast table.

"I don't remember about no field trip." Ivy said.

"You remember the Beauty and the Beast field trip, right?" Christian asks.

"That was last week." Ivy said. "And those lights effects were doing a King Arthur's merged circle thing at the ceiling."

"And you didn't think much about the ring." Christian said, getting on his brown hoody that had a dragon design in the middle.

"The ring that the Beast gave to Belle." Ivy said.  "I remember that." She takes a few more bites of what remained of the cereal. "It was what transported her home."

"What was the color of the ring?" Christian quizzes Ivy.

"Red." Ivy said, with her mouth closed while chewing. Ivy had one hand up over her mouth to not be rude.

"Let it rock, booy yeah baby." Megatron was singing a song, really strangely for his character, that was catchy to him. "Little digit to the world, to the world, baby!" Ivy drops the spoon into the bowl as her hands reached up to her ears."I see your dirty face,High behind your collar." Ivy did not seem  too happy about the singing. "What is done in vain,Truth is hard to swallow,So you pray too hard,To justify the way you live a lie,Live a lie,Live a lie!"

"What's the ghost doing now?" Christian asks.

"Singing." Ivy said, getting up. 

Christian laughs while going to the couch where his bookbag currently rests.

"Hah, you're lucky." Christian said, grabbing his backpack.

"Not when I don't know what the scrap Megatron is singing!" Ivy protests.

Ivy walks right past Christian right towards the hallway; that same hallway Ivy took a turn towards the left at the hall corner corner then walks straight to the door. Once standing a step away from the door; Ivy grabs the knob,turns the knob, and pulls the door open. Ivy opens the second door that seems to have a dark screen in the middle and a whole white fading frame surrounding the dark screen.Ivy grabs the handle then dips it down walking forwards all the while the 1st door remains open because it is leaning to the side of the supporting wall. Ivy lets the handle go walking right past the 2nd door. Ivy walks about five steps away from the doorstep in shoes that were at best loose and tightly tied enough the shoelaces can't be undone.

"Alex!" Ivy shouts, standing near a section that seems suitable to be a garden. "You sound like Hades from Hercules trying to sing while a cat is getting vengeance on him!"

"Stop and stare, when you're here not there." Megatron sings.

Christian walks right past Ivy with a amused smile.

"I am not there, Alex!" Ivy shouts at thin air feeling a cold breeze brushing by her face. "I am right here,frag it."

"Nice gig you're getting there, sis." Christian said.

"I am not in a fragging  band, Christian!" Ivy retorts to which Christian laughs at.

"Language, Ivy." Megatron said in a corrective-parental tone. "You should give stop and stare a try."

Ivy puts her hands on the bulky coat side that covered her hips.

"Stop and stare at you?" Ivy asks, raising a brow. Ivy shook her head looking down taking her right hand off the bulky coat part. Ivy shook her right hand briefly closing her eyes in a disappointment deliberate sulk. "I decline your offer to be complete weirdo."

"I mean the song!" Megatron said as Ivy turns away from him right back towards the screened-somewhat-metal door.  "It is a song!"

Ivy mentally replays tick tok in her mind walking back inside then went to the kitchen to finish off the cereal.Megatron is not pleased by the constant replay of that song coming from Ivy the very underestimated child.Why this  child?, Megatron thought turning away from the house, why was this child chosen to have a cybertronian quality out of  millions? There were more humans on planet Earth different from Ivy. To Megatron; Ivy bore a remarkable match to be compared as a pollyana. A bright and optimistic person; who wasn't all that pollyana twenty-four seven.

"Hey look, isn't it the boy who hear voices?" Russel said, as Christian came to the bus stop.

"I don't hear them all the time." Christian said with a frown.

"Well, didn't you skip out at lunch because the voices told you to go?" Russel asks, reminding Christian of yesterday.

Back in 2008; students got out early on Wednesdays. And that getting out early is mostly what makes Ivy believe that Wednesdays are the shortest days of the year; during the summer,winter, and fall. Even out of school.

"The voice reminded me of a teacher." Christian said. "You know full well about my disadvantage." Megatron is leaning against the tree listening to the boy's conversations.Sometimes their conversations were stupid but otherwise a good debate to hear. "And there isn't a crowd to agree with you; there's only Mikaela and John who'll join in if there were more kids around to follow your lead."

Christian pauses.

"Wait, John wouldn't join in." Christian said. "Scratch that out." Christian lightly shook his right hand. "Besides, it will be two against three."

Mikaela is sitting on the sidewalk doing some homework.Mikaela is a young girl wearing a purple zipped up coat, mittens, and ear muffs.Mikaela had her backpack scooped beside her right leg.On the contrary to how people think about Doland's street temperature in the morning being warm it was quite the contrary.Mikaela's light blue eyes are more focused on the paper than what was going on around her, and there was even a 'journey to the center of the earth' book on the backpack. Mikaela is doing a graph problem using a pencil from a pencil bag placed beside the paperback novel.

John, on the other hand, is waiting for the bus. John is not paying attention to the argument.

"Yes?" Mikaela said, looking up from the math homework.

"Nothing." Russel and Christian said at once.

Mikaela shrugs turning her attention back to the paper.

"Fine, you made the point." Russel said. "But how insane is that freak you call your sister?" Russel points over to the house. "I heard Ivy solved a tough math problem with just the ease of her mind, she speaks to someone called 'Alex' in thin air and, there's something unnatural about her heart."

Christian delivered a very unexpected punch at Russel's nose.

"That's my sister you're talking about!" Christian tells Russel. "Don't talk about my sister like she is an insane girl who has the mind of a genius."

Russel is cupping around his nose taking a step back from Christian.

"You don't do that." Russel said, in between the muffles. "You never do that!"

Megatron is surprised by Christian's move.

"She's my sister." Christian said.

Russel takes his hand off his nose and his eyes went wide.

Megatron found himself delivering a clap for Christian's actions.

"I am bleeding!" Russel cries.

"Then cry all the way home and miss school." Christian said.  "And remember; if you call my sister insane when I am around; I am not afraid to stand up to her." Christian's eyes narrow towards Russel in a cowboy-I-mean-it- sincereness. "Spread any rumors about my sis; you'll be getting a black eye."

Russel covers his nose then runs down the street rushing past Ivy.

Ivy didn't seem to be bothered while singing a completely random song. A song that is not known.

"There is a sky right above, aliens, war, tech, and glorious achievements." Ivy sings in a low voice that sounded pretty good similar to a country singer, her eyes stuck to the light gray pavement.Ivy heard someone pass by just by their urgent sounding shoes beating quickly against the floor. Ivy looks over her shoulder to see Russel running.  "Wonder what got to him."

Ivy looks back to see Megatron had fallen over from the tree and had his legs up in the shape that a Hollywood magazine model would have them  while tapping  his gigantic claw under his chin plating staring at Christian. Ivy is amused walking over to the bus stop feeling the coldness press lightly by her face.The bus normally would be there by 6:15; currently it is 6:10. Ivy wipes off a milk beard above her lip. Her backpack is full of many things; not just for school.

Ivy had basically packed books, clothes, and more socks instead of school supplies.There is a gut feeling resting inside Ivy's heart that something strange beyond the vary rules of 'boring ordinary life that isn't full of robots' could not explain. Her heart has a very strong feeling attached to the warning; pack. Megatron wasn't so aware about this feeling since it is exclusive to Ivy.

"What got into Russel,Christian?" Ivy asks, when she had arrived at the bus stop.

"He hit himself." Christian lied.

Megatron laughs, amused.

"Your brother is lying." Megatron said. "Your brother gave Russel a bloody nose."

Ivy raises her left thick dark eyebrow.

"Is that so?" Ivy asks.

Christian nods, unaware what Megatron had said.

___                           ___                                           __

..9:50 AM...

...Scientific Building...During the field trip...

"The Taubo is one of the most anticipated inventions to be used later this year." Adam Shawn, a tour guide, tells the students.

They were standing mere feet away from a huge relocated item that had parts resembling luggage, a big sphere exit with fork like parts standing out to the side that seemed fairly completely attached.There is a long wide platform  that is in half sticking  around the sphere hole at the sides.There is much more to describe this machine in detail that is half way in the building and out of the building.

"This machine should have been destroyed long ago." Megatron said, standing right behind The Taubo swiping his large claws through it.

Ivy merely smiles at Megatron's frustrations.

"Why is The Taubo one of the most anticipated inventions?"  Miss Jenny, a Wassom Middle school teacher, asks.

Adam grins.

"The Taubo is slated to be used for sending space shuttles through wormholes." Adam said. "We have successfully carried out the first try." Adam puts his hands together. "We sent a apple into the smaller version, and, guess what came out."

"A flying pig." Most of the students said, minus Ivy.

"No." Adam said with a light hearted laugh. "We got the apple."

"You humans are less intelligent than we Cybertronians." Megatron said, with a growl of hate. He walks around Adam."If I were only real to snap your head off." Megatron snaps his two claw digits together making a scissor sound snip affect. "Perhaps your word of merit would end there."

"What's so important about the apple?" Christian asks.

Adam takes out a apple that seems to have one half that is hard as rock even having the dark gray color while the other half is red.Ivy notices a glass nearly transparent box is right beside the machine on a incredibly white stool.

"This apple represents the other universe it landed in." Adam said. "Normally space would make this apple become a rock; an apple rock, you can say." He moves it around in his hands. "Instead; it was exposed to a completely different space environment that has some oxygen,Nitrogen, and Carbon Dixiocide."

Megatron spats at the apple half rock.

"It was lucky!" Megatron shouts. "Pure luck. Outer Space is not capable of allowing a living organism survive even  with one half dead." Megatron puts his leg through Adam that did not effect him at all. Megatron grunts stepping back folding his arms glaring at the man. "I hate being a ghost."

"Hate is a strong word."  Ivy said.

"Most people think so too about the test run." Adam said, looking to his side. "Come on Phompson, the students need to see the big man who invented a life changing,and, technological advancement in Modern Science."

Phompson walks forward looking confident and beaming so brightly. He looks well rested, assured, and so calm.Megatron, on the other hand, swats through Phompson's figure attempting to murder a living individual by thin air.A couple students--who can see ghosts---were laughing right as Phompson came beside Adam.Ivy covers her mouth, trying not to be rude laughing at Phompson.

"Yes, boys and girls, I created the life-changing machine." Phompson said, with a nod. "The Taubo."

"Tebow." The entire class repeats.

"Taubo." Phompson corrects the class.

"Taboo." Ivy said.  "You can't have made taboo because it is forbidden!" Ivy shook her right hand up and down ferociously. "And you can't make up the word Taboo since it is not the type you can infringe on."

"Correct!" Phompson said, pointing off towards Ivy. "I picked the name Taubo because it sounded scientifically suitable for my creation." He lowers his hand down away from Ivy's direction. Phompson rubs his fingers together cropping one elbow on his left hand while rubbing the side of his mouth. "I had a moment of doubt getting this ol' girl made, but, I got over it."

"You should have destroyed it!" Megatron roars. "Clear and simple who's the unreasonable one here!"

"Oh shut up, Alex." Ivy said.

"I ha--ha--ven't said any--any--anything yet." Alex Renolds said.

"You're wasting your breath, shut up." Ivy said.

"Ivy, stop it." Miss Jenny said.

Ivy turns her head towards Miss Jenny.

"You've been caught." Megatron said, tauntingly. "Make your next move little girl."

Ivy lifts her arm up pointing to Alex.

"Alex said I was a cat thief!" Ivy lies, pretending to be telling the truth all the while looking insulted and frantic at once.

The students stare at Alex the short chubby boy with some freckles, obvious teeth braces, and really strange orange hair. Alex Renolds pretty much stood out despite regardless of being a stutter; after all, no one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws in life that can't be undone by a god with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

"Alex, is this true?" Miss Jenny asks.

Alex flusters, his cheeks become red,his palms became sweaty.

"Well, er, um---" Alex stutters. "I really don't d---do--do--do that in the ope--"

"So you did call her a cat thief!" A student interjects.

"No, I-I-I----I just implied." Alex stutters, steaming red.

..11:40 AM (after lunch)...

...and a hectic detour of the building because Megatron messed up  the computers...

The bus leaves the science building, returning to Wassom Middle School. Ivy's head is leaning against the window staring into the open. Many students are talking about how cool everything seemed inside the white-future tech savy building. She had doubts swirling around in her mind rotating around the very use of the machine. Megatron could see the mental chalkboard getting lots of words, bulleted lists, and numbers to explain in her mind how The Taubo works. The bus is stopped by a sound wave that ripples through Fort Campbell. The bus comes to a strong unexpected halt and the engine give out. Cars stopped on the road. All the power has gone out, except for The Taubo.

“They have made a grave mistake.” Megatron said, turned towards the distance where the Taubo is sending out a streak of red light. "A grave mistake."

Ivy looks up.

“What mistake are you talking about, Alex?” Ivy asks, looking surprised.

“Taubo.” Megatron said, turned back towards Ivy. “The one mistake that will wipe you out of existence.” Megatron's servo’s digits rolled up into a fist as he held it up. “My one chance to staying from the pits; the common sense between good and evil will be forever changed.”

“Just a little peak in the future can turn this universe into shattered glass?” Ivy asks.  “And wipe me out too?”

"No." Megatron said, shaking his servos. "That is not what I meant."

"I don't understand why she's saying my name." Alex Renolds, the student behind Ivy's seat, complains.

"The name 'Alex' is a common name." Tyler Fanner tells Alex Renolds.

Some students were standing acting confused and panicked why the bus had unexpectedly stopped. Christian,on the other hand, looks over the seat towards the row of heads that were moving except for Ivy. Ivy had a gray hood over her head. Christian had a hunch that maybe something very dangerous is going to happen,and, he would lose his sister again.

“Christian, sit down!” Miss Jenny said.

Christian slides down into the seat.

“What’s going on?” Student Six asks.

Yes, we’re calling the rest of the students by numbers.

“What’s stopped the bus?” Student Ten asks.

"Is there an dangerous Russian spaceship that is pilot-less breaking all the satellite's?" Student Twenty asks.

"The world is ending!" Student Fifteen blurts out.

“Everyone calm down!” Miss Jenny said, as the students were getting up from the seats.

“No.” Ivy said, after Megatron explains what The Taubo is capable of. “That can’t be.”

Megatron nods.

“I am afraid my effort to live was futile.” Megatron said.

“Everyone off the bus!” Miss Jenny said.  “We’ll be outside the bus on the grass until power returns!”

“Look’s like you’re not the first to decide that.” Student Six said, looking out the window.

There are people trying to get a connection with their phones holding them up in the air looking startled and confused while standing in the road stupidly enough to be in a bad Syfy movie. In a span of five minutes everyone is off the bus including the bus driver--who in this case doesn't get referred to by name--scratching his head looking at the engines to see if something had happened.Apparently the Bus Driver is a Automobile mechanic in his break time from work.There are dark clouds beginning to crowd over the science building.

"Ivy, the weather not so bad." Student Fifteen said. "You can take the hood off."

Ivy glares at the student.

"And you're a boy." Ivy said. "The weather is always good for you! You're a living furnace."

"Well,if that were true." Student Fifteen said."I wouldn't be wearing mittens waiting for the bus." Another student called for Student Fifteen by a different name, so, Student Fifteen left. "Are we playing Bakugan?"

"Do it, Sis." Christian said,putting  one hand on Ivy's shoulder.

Ivy looks over her shoulder towards Christian.

"Yo...you want me to go?" Ivy asks, startled and confused.

"No." Christian said, with a slight laugh. "I want you to be,you know, yourself. You're the girl doesn't take crap from people; you used to be a loud mouth when we were younger, and now, you're silent as  a  ninja." Christian take his hand off Ivy's shoulder. "Don't think you're going alone."

"Something tells me she won't." Megatron said.

Ivy hugs Christian, tightly. We can see a smile on her face over Christian's shoulders while standing on her tippy toes making Christian be wibbly wobbly holding one foot up.Ivy is perhaps the lightest person around, in terms of weight, to be giving an unexpected hug.Ivy then breaks the hug patting on Christian's shoulders as there is a pridefully expression on her face.Then Ivy begins walking away, with her bookbag in tow, right towards the ominous scene.

Miss Jenny grabs Ivy by the arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" Miss Jenny asks.

"To save the day." Ivy said, bluntly.

Miss Jenny lets go of Ivy's arm.

"No one needs saving." Miss Jenny said.

Ivy stares at Miss Jenny, grimly.

"You need saving, Miss Jenny." Ivy said.  "You'll be dead in a hour if I don't go. In fact, you won't exist within an hour."

"Are you okay,Ivy?" Miss Jenny asks.

"I am more than okay!" Ivy said, cheerful. "I get to see my best friend again!"

"Your best friend is a imaginary person." Miss Jenny said.

Ivy  unties her left shoe, her fingers trembling, and fury growing from the heart.She takes off her left shoe and unexpectedly throws it at Miss Jenny at the face. Her voice changes from the carefree, R-terrible pronunciation, and girl voice to a deep furious kind of man tone. Ivy's face had turned red shortly after throwing the shoe.

"I am not insane." Ivy emphasized."You have no IDEA what insane is, you have no idea what being LONELY is, you never been torn away from a fragging world that felt 'Home sweet home', you never have been linked to a outright villain!" Miss Jenny steps back. "I've been faking this happy-carefree-bubbly-and bright persona for a long time!" Ivy's shoe gets back on under some unusual circumstances. "When I met Sydney; I stopped pretending. When I left; I started pretending all over slagging again!"

Miss Jenny's eyes are wide.

"Pretending?" Megatron said. "You cannot have pretended to be that annoying."

Megatron wanted to deny to himself that; Ivy is still a sad and lonely child. A child who wants to have friends.

After all, Ivy is a very annoying child to both factions.

"Yes, I pretended, just to keep myself going everyday." Ivy said. "Zhe bucket was my outlet to telling stories, and, then it was snatched from me. Fortunately; I was given a whole new door to open." Her voice is shaky, trembling, and slow. "Sydney has helped me in more ways than one." Ivy taps on her chest at each upcoming word. "And I want to go home."

"But, you're a child!" Miss Jenny replied. "A child who doesn't know this is only a power outage."

Ivy closes her eyes and sighed figuring out how to make Miss Jenny understand.

The students were outside the bus huddled in a group.

"A child." Ivy said, her voice lower and calmer. It wasn't full of fury but now filled in a calmest and clear demeanor. "That's the most notable feature about me. I wasn't really up to be that child who takes the opportunity to die at first. I've been around alien robots for the past three years, Miss Jenny, so I know what I am doing." Ivy gestures over to Megatron who is behind her. To everyone she is pointing to thin air. "I learned earlier to save my own butt.I've been playing the hero--"

"You don't have an alien robot standing here." Miss Jenny said. "A child shouldn't be playing the role a adult can handle."

Megatron looks down towards Miss Jenny.

"Judgmental much." Megatron said.

"Mr Meg, this is how superheroes are viewed; age wise." Ivy said."Not just gender. It's unusual to find a child saving the world and running around with Alien Robots. But this..." She points to the sky. "This needs to end.Superman ain't gonna swoop in and save the day."

"He's not real.” Miss Jenny said.

"Your teacher is dragging this further than it has to be." Megatron said, turning towards the right.

Ivy pouts.

“Fine!” Ivy  said, in a loud voice shaking her right hand in a fist. Her eyes glint at the sight of a pen on the clipboard that Miss Jenny is holding.  “Gimme that pen!”

“What do you need a pen for—“ Miss Jenny said as Ivy grabs the pen from the clipboard then stabs it into her own arm--Ivy's sleeves were rolled up--making a medium sized hole.

Instead of blood, green fluid started leaking out. Ivy takes the rather medium sized pen out of her arm then threw it behind herself so that it hit some other student. Ivy could see a black base around the gray cables that were in her sight wrapped around tissue. Megatron’s optics  slightly went wide seeing the visible parts. Miss Jenny gasps covering her mouth taking a step back. Megatron rubs his forehelmet feeling the pain that Ivy had inflicted upon herself.Miss Jenny is staring at Ivy’s wound.

“What….what is that?” Miss Jenny asks.

Ivy looks away from her bleeding arm.

“You’re not a human, Ivy.” Megatron said, gawking at  Ivy.  “…You’re…”

Ivy turns her head right towards Megatron.

“I am a human, Alex!” Ivy shouts. “Everyone; I am a human who is part machine, like Inspector Gadget!” Ivy held her arm up.  “Living proof that, in fact, Transformers exist in another universe!” Ivy held her arm up for all to see. “This world will end unless some-one steps steps up to the plate."

The students backed away from Ivy.

"She's a robot!" Alex Renolds shouts.

"Explains away why she always wears a big coat." Mikaela said.

"Fine, Ivy." Miss Jenny said. "Go save the day."

Ivy nods.

"You won't regret this." Ivy said. "And if you wanna remember me; look to the stars, girl. Look to the stars."

"A Dragonheart reference." Megatron said, shaking his forehelm.  "This is no time to make references."

Ivy then runs off towards the science building.Her legs went faster and faster; eventually, Ivy is a blur to everyone she runs past.Some tree's lost  their leaves, a couple sticks landed on cars,and a bunch of litter landed on a lot of cars. Megatron follows Ivy in his unusual flight mode feeling the unusual effects stirring by the ill-created Taubo never meant to be made that kicked in.The second effect tipped over some empty cars--a few people were fortunately out of the way because they were searching for  a signal--on the road. Ivy's spark-heart is pounding sending blood to where it is needed.Her wound developed a blood clot--from the sleeves being rolled down in a tight bunch over that specific wound.

"Do you have a plan, child?" Megatron asks.

"Singing!" Ivy shouts, grabbing a microphone from a stadium that she passes by.

The lead singer was scratching his head wondering if he had just dropped his microphone, and, that the cord is missing. What is also missing is the box that usually amplified the voice spoken into the black handle device that has a hard circular ball that has circle shapes all over. Yes,The Microphone does have some moments where it needs to be described.It didn't have a puffy ball so that spit wouldn't sink into the very device.The Taubo had been turned on by no other than Phompson wanting to give it a second try.

Ivy came to a halt in front of The Taubo.

"Singing is not going to be the way out." Megatron said.

"There is such things as themesongs." Ivy said, with a twinkle in her eye. Ivy feels her pocket for zhe handle, and then when feeling the hard surface,she pats on it in her pocket."And hope."

"What are you here for, child?" Phompson asks as Ivy takes her hand out of the pocket.  "There is nothing you can do."

"Yes, there is!" Ivy said.  "You've made a grave mistake that a child must fix. I thought adults were the ones who fixed the children's problems." Ivy shook her head in sheer disappointment. "Apparently I was  wrong."

Bhill is standing at the parking lot, right beside a couple bulldozers he had requested in for today. Bhill wanted to destroyed The Taubo with approval from another source that wouldn't alert Phompson. Bhill looks up towards the darkening sky shielding his wide emerald eyes and his mouth fell open in a complete 'O'. Megatron lands close behind the yellow-black machinery that clearly read 'John Deere' brand at the left hand side on a driver side door.Actually that brand sign is on both doors; left and right.

"I am too late." Bhill said, watching the red power coming from the circle hole in The Taubo striking through the atmopshere.

There is the shape of a hole being made in black.

"Too late to heed my warning." Megatron said. "I should have sent the email earlier." Megatron shook his helmet.  "It is never too late for my link."

Ivy zips away from Phompson plugging in Microphone's needed plug in machine into a outlet, and then climbed up The Tuabo with the microphone held between her teeth.Phompson stares up stunned by Ivy's unexpected bold move. Ivy came to a stop at a square shaped part that resembled a transformer electricity door. Jackpot!,Ivy thoughts made the image of a pot full of gold appear in Megatron's processor. She opens the door sticking her tongue out to the side, then, takes out a pink wire from a little hole that read 'voice connector'  to the side of the microphone that had a hole beneath the sphere ball.Her tongue slides back into the mouth. Ivy continues the climb using her left shoe to not close the door so it wouldn't squash the wire.Ivy makes it to the right hand platform wiggling her left leg on then the arm and flipped her way onto the elevated surface with her right side. 

"Fantastic!" Ivy said, getting up on her two feet holding the Microphone.Ivy looks up with a determined look flipping the power switch on the microphone. "This is for you, Sydney!" Ivy lowers her voice. "And everyone, frankly."

Ivy taps her shoes on the platform making a nice beat.

"Wo-oh-ooooh--too night." Ivy sings. "I wonder what it feels like." The opening sounded a lot like 'Gotta be Somebody' by Nickleback. "To be the hero, because it is our destiny!" Ivy begins making rapping sounds using her tongue against her teeth and her mouth. "From Zero to hero!"

"What the hell is she doing?" Phompson asks out loud.

"I just can't wait to be a hero." Ivy sings, twirling around. "I am looking proud,practicing ways to get past a Decepticon in my head all while staying out of the spotlight." Ivy's eyes are closed as she taps her right shoe on the metal floor lightly, and swings her bookbag. "So enemies be-where-air!"

The machine sending puffs of data streams turns into blue instead of red.

"My hero never came to save the day." Ivy continues.  "So why bother waiting?"

Phompson's eyes became wide.

"No!" Phompson said, digging through his hair. "She's ruining it!"

Megatron smiles at what Ivy is doing.

"She's fixing the mistake." Megatron said."Clever move; breaking the machine by singing the right way."

"This girl has gut." Bhill said.

Phompson starts climbing up the machinery.

"That she does." Megatron agrees.

"The Omnitrix crashed into a forest." Ivy continues singing into the Microphone.  "He reaches his hand towards the omnitrix, then it latched on to his wrist, 'Cause he IS  BEN 10!"

Phompson's machine, the greatest of all gifts and inventions, was about to be broken by a mere child. Could he withstand such insultery? No, Phompson could not watch his brilliant invention become broken all to save the entire world; and, all the badness in it as well.

"He's a brat, and so are you." Phompson said, climbing up towards Ivy.

"Woohoo." Ivy went on, ignoring Phompson."1,2,3,4,5...."  She holds up all her fingers. "He's up to save the day, save some aliens, and a few lives here and there in his summer Vaacaa--shuuuun!" Ivy waves her right hand into the air while twirling around a pole. Bhill could see that Phompson is climbing up the machinery. "6,7,8,9,10!"

Phompson is a couple luggage's below Ivy.

We can see the sky is getting a gently blue sphere hole with all the wonders in life resembling a space bridge ripped outta Transformers Animated, except, it had a bit of a portal Science Fiction bit to it that could awe-inspire millions of people around the world.A few cars were floating up towards the magnificent blue portal best fit to be replicated by a brilliant Artist on paper.Electricity has just returned to the whole perimeter.

"Why can't she just die?" Phompson complains, climbing up.

Bhill gets into the bull dozer that didn't have a key.

"Damn it!" Bhill complains, slapping on the driver wheel.

Megatron tilts his helmet,seeing a bit of use for Bhill.

"Since you have the right motives." Megatron said, sliding his servo into the bull dozer. "I'll lend you my help."

Megatron puts his servo into a truck.

The engine starts without a key yet it did have a driver; the one, and only, Bhill.

"Woah." Bhill said, his eyes getting wide. He looks out the window towards the sky that is being shown from the clouds becoming lighter and lighter. "God, with your mighty gift,I will do what is right!"  A tear forms at the edge of Bhill's eyes, and then takes his head back into the vehicle. "Full speed ahead!"

The bulldozer speeds up towards the Tuabo--with Megatron's help--where we see that Phompson is nearly close to the platform Ivy is singing on.

"Fighting off evil from earth to space!" Ivy continues. "Ben is on the case in any size or shape; cause he's the BADDEST kid ever to save the day!" Ivy aims the microphone at the raging powerful--and life determining--storm at the sky.  "Superheroes don't exist, Supervillian's don't exist, but UFO's sure as scrap exist!"

The Bulldozer crashed into the messy towering pile. Phompson is sent falling off the tower of junk far from Ivy fixing up his screwed up mess.Ivy slides towards the left while keeping her balance.A huge crack in the middle of The Taubo is seen spreading making more cracks that enlarge slowly because Ivy's singing is applying stress to all parts of The Taubo.Phompson lands on The BullDozer's hood with a hard thud which indicates his body made a inward dent towards the engine.Phompson looks pretty irritated as he gets halfway up  right as Megatron walks by the truck's side. Whatever machinery was laying around Megatron's metal alien legs were sliding to the side. Phompson could not see Megatron standing beside the truck, oh wait, Phompson cannot see Megatron anyway.

"And if my hero ever came to save the day, I would smack him at the face!" Ivy  sang, as the monitor button to the Tuabo is going up and up being red.  "For being late!"

"I did it!" Bhill cheers. "I destroyed an invention with God's permission!"

Megatron looks down toward Phompson without a shadow. This other human is perhaps stranger than Ivy, Megatron notes, and Phompson is a not worthy subject to live on.The Taubo is shaking as glass is  floating towards the remarkable portal in the sky. Ivy strangely seems to not be affected by the very confusing event going on here. The most life determining event in the history of near earth planet being wiped out is coming to an end.

"Small, stupid,and greedy."Megatron notes the characteristics that most humans have in the business industry. Megatron narrows his fearsome bright red optics at the man."It makes me wonder why Autobots bother protecting humans who'll prefer making a fortune off our kind."

Megatron lets go of the Bull Dozer.

"You!" Phompson said, turning over to see it was Bhill.Unbeknownst to them the Bulldozer is floating up towards because Megatron had quite simply let go. Phompson narrows his eyes towards Bhill.  "What...you?" Phompson realizes what had hit The Tuabo.He blinks multiple times to make sure this is not a daydream. "Why are you driving a bull dozer?"

"Fighting off evil  from earth to space!" Ivy continues to sing, dancing around doing the moonwalk and waving her left arm in the air waving a random Stetson hat. "Because she is Casse 12,Casasie, 12!, She hates being called Case,She's on the face from earth to space!" Ivy continues the 'A'  to 'Space' as though it never stopped. "She found a watch, yes,she did,not knowing the secrets it concealed,It did,because she's a Benny, known more as,Cass-see 12!"

"That song is not catchy!" Phompson shouts.

"You're flying." Ivy sings in a lower and smooth voice as the machine is breaking apart. "This argument is invalid." She sways from side to side slowly tapping her foot. "Uh oh, uh oh, the sun will come out, ta-moorrow, when it's sunny."

The BullDozer went past Ivy.

"The bulldozer men chickened out." Bhill said. "I won't allow one of God's greatest gifts be stopped restoring order." The bull dozer is nearly towards the portal. "Well, looks like God wants to have a word with you!" Bhill dives out the driver's side. "See you in the next life, Phompson!"

"Bhill!"  Phompson yells.

Phompson is not aware what fate awaited him. Phompson and the Bull Dozer disappeared into the portal.Megatron looks up towards Ivy  all while the Stetson fell to the floor.

"Ivy, get down from there!" Megatron orders Ivy.

Ivy is staring at the portal; she looks relieved, happy, and confident.All the madness for today had gone away as she lowers the microphone letting it drop from her right hand. The big bookbag is around her shoulders. Megatron could feel Ivy is over-joyed.

"We're going home." Ivy said, turning her head away from the portal towards Megatron. "We're all going home."

"Down, now." Megatron strictly orders Ivy. "If we're leaving; I prefer you go through not from a tall height."

"Okay, 'Dad'." Ivy said,cheerfully and happily.

"I am not your sire." Megatron said.

"I was joking." Ivy said. "I should really start teaching the art of jokes to you."

Ivy jumps off the platform instead of walking down using the floating items as stairs. 

She lands on her feet, safely.

"...Ivy, you should be in pain right now." Megatron said.

"Do I look like I gave a scrap about that?" Ivy asks, looking up towards Megatron with a raised eyebrow.

The machine breaks into pieces flying towards the portal leaving each piece to disappear in view once entering it.

"Not really." Megatron said, as Ivy's eyebrow went down. "You're...different."

Ivy shrugs, as she and Megatron start levitating from the floor minus the other furniture in the room.

"Different than I had been before I came into your world." Ivy said.  "I like to thank you for giving me my best friend ever."

"I didn't help you." Megatron said with a grunt and his arms folded. "I would never help a human befriend another."

"Your world did." Ivy said, as her eyes twinkle. "Your version of earth gave me hope."

Bhill looks up seeing that Ivy is floating.He could see the shape of a large robot figure being outlined.Bhill's emerald eyes freeze probably because his brain had connected the dots to the shape as a fictional robot.The left over parts to the Taubo are floating making a stepping stone effect except there is not a body of water laying around. Bhill is on his side with his left arm leaned against the floor, his right leg  propped up, and his right arm up but crept back above the knee.

"Wait for me!" Ivy heard what sounded like Christian's voice.

Bhill turns his head towards the direction that Christian's voice is coming from.Christian ran through the doorwayless frame panting and sweating.There is a look of determination in Christian's eyes that were not normally seen in a boy at a time where a sibling is going back to somewhere. The shock on Ivy's face is evident, while Megatron on the other hand is more annoyed.It is safe to say that Megatron knew what Christian wanted.

"You are not ditching me, again!" Christian hollers running after Ivy with his bookbag completely full.

Ivy looks down to see her brother going up and up the items in his path.

"Oh brother." Ivy said. "You belong here, not in the fictional universe where transformers live--"

"You're not leaving me again!" Christian interrupts. "I won't let that happen." A understanding smile came on Ivy's face replacing that shocked expression. "Where you go, I follow!"

Megatron shook his helmet.

"Do I have to spare him too?" Megatron asks, in a disappointed voice.

"Of course, damn it!" Ivy hollers towards the gigantic robot. She looks down towards Christian and held her hand out. "Brother, take my hand."

Christian jumps off the last luggage shaped item and reaches his hand out. Ivy catches her brother's hand, closing her grip on his hand tightly.The three disappeared in the blue-green gleaming portal. The portal disappears which made the sky return to the normal blue tint, the clouds change to their light fluffy white color, and gravity resumed. Bhill is shaking staring at what had been the most strangest occurrence in human history.

"Transformers exist." Bhill said, gawking at the ruined lobby.

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