I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


44. Why hello there Barricade

"Why hello there Barricade." DiamondCreed greets Barricade.
Barricade's white shoulder car door armor made a strong bright glint that could have persuaded a tiger to chase after a goat without much persuasion.The black armor made the white glint stand out so well someone very skilled at art could have painted the image on a carvas.He steps forth out of a building that is missing one part to the outer wall. His heels smashed down a tow-truck that wasn't occupied. A deep dark grunt that came from Barricade is the kind many cowards would be sent running for their loves.His crimson optics targeted on to DiamondCreed.A femme who he now considered as a threat.
"Creed." Barricade said. "After all what Megatron has done for you, you turn your back on him and attempt to send him back to the pits."
DiamodCreed laughs, shaking her helmet.  
"Why would I do that?" DiamondCreed slyly asks, stepping forward. "We all know who's the big man around here." She had came inches close to his chest placing one of her sharp metal claws on dog brow shaped headlight metal.  "Don't we?"
"Your words mean nothing then they used to be." Barricade said, taking a step back gently taking her claws off his chest plating. "Not since you attacked the one keeping our leader alive."
 "That was ages ago."  DiamondCreed said.
"No." Barricade snaps back. "That was two megacycles ago!"
DiamondCreed sighs, shaking her helm ever so lightly.  
"Dear, It was the Fallen's orders." DiamondCreed said. "Orders are orders."
"Forget the fallen's orders." Barricade said,using his servos to push DiamondCreed away. "Who are you loyal to?"
DiamondCreed steps on a shopping crate--which crunched terribly--that used to belong to a homeless person.
"Don't you dare ask me that." DiamondCreed said, acting insulted.  "You know my answer."
"I have to." Barricade said, stepping forwards. His feet smashed the tow-truck even worse than the first time around. "Decepticons don't necessarily pledge their loyalty to one cause and back-stab it!"
"He is the true leader." DiamondCreed said. "The Fallen is going to prove who has the field."
"Megatron will soon return." Barricade said.
"Soon return." DiamondCreed repeats.  "Doesn't that get tiresome?" She tilts her helm upwards raising one of her optic brows.  "To say that over and over; yet, not a thing progresses?"
"This time he is." Barricade said, narrowing his optics down towards her Decepticon symbol."Why do you believe that the cause is up to you?"
DiamondCreed looks surprised but not enough to actually react when Barricade tossed her into a building.Her shoulder armor clang against the loose wall material making dents varying to size.Her legs stood out, her shoulders are slumped on several floors belonging to various empty old apartments, and her helm is shaking in circles. It seemed this scene bore a remarkable resemblance to a boxing ring.Barricade approaches DiamondCreed raising his right arm that had a machine typically associated to laser blaster.  
"DiamondCreed,who are you loyal to?" Barricade asks.  
DiamondCreed looks up towards Barricade.
"Y...you, my love." DiamondCreed said.
"Loyal enough to offline your spark twin?" Barricade said.
"I have spent a good portion of my lifecycle holding a dead void!" DiamondCreed said. "Living among the Autobots,every solar cycle forcing myself to get along with these pathetic piece of organisms, the mere pain in my spark aches for my sister, and my spark it pains for you."
"But your twin." Barricade said. "That twin...I never got an answer who did it."
"I.killed.her." DiamondCreed said. "You don't have to kill me over my past deeds."
Barricade narrows his optics slightly turning his optic size to somewhat normal.
"I will take your arm." Barricade said, shooting at DiamondCreed's right arm that disconnected a part being what hooked her joint to the living part.Living part is technically the torso concealing the beating unknown, and far mysterious, spark. DiamondCreed yelps in pain.Barricade picks up the now removed body part. "The Link is still in surgery."
Oddly enough, he didn't feel so hurt doing it to DiamondCreed.
Strangely all those cuddly-caring feelings Barricade once felt towards DiamondCreed  had went away.
"She...I had to do that." DiamondCreed said. "Do you remember our plan for after the war?"
"Of course." Barricade said, chidely. "To do our vows, but this...isn't what I expected out of you. You went over the line." He breaks the arm in half. "And for that I cannot vow my park to yours, and do the relighting when our spark connection ends." Her optics show horror. "I know better."
He tore the limp into pieces leaving nothing for DiamondCreed to repair the damage like a rag doll. Spark connects,aka bondings,fade over time so the two sparks have to relight it. He drops the pieces to the road.  
"Barri..." DiamondCreed said, trembling, looking up towards Barricade.  "Why?"
"Someone has to punish you." Barricade said.
Barricade forcefully yanks off DiamondCreed's symbol.
"Barri!" DiamondCreed screams, clenching at her leaking part while leaning forward.
"You're not welcome to the Decepticons." Barricade said. "That is the orders of Lord Megatron."
"Barri..." DiamondCreed cries out. "He is dead!"
"So will she." Barricade said. "If Ivy does not survive the surgery; I will come after you and I will offline you."
"You wouldn't." DiamondCreed said, in utter horror.
Barricade turns around picking up one half that once had been the tow-truck and lightly tapped it against his palm.Parts to the tow truck fell to the cracked road that had several holes that is a result of weather,snow, and water in the hot months. We can see dark curly smoke coming out of his engine.It seemed Barricade is using some form of crude oil perhaps some other fuel that is making this kind of smoke come out.It seemed to warm up Barricade as he did not mind the heat;He sliced one half of the tow-truck of enough that he made a tow-truck  club--one that is usually used in baseballs games except made of wood---not sharing a reply to DiamondCreed.
DiamondCreed's optics become smaller seeing what Barricade is doing.
"Barri, you don--" DiamondCreed said, when Barricade jerked the tow-truck club unexpectedly in her face.
"Silence, traitor!" Barricade said, holding the tow-truck hammer inches away from her face. "I will not associate myself to an assassin aligned to the Autobots." He raised the club then  struck at DiamondCreed's helmet knocking the exterior helmet off sending her falling over unconscious. "Nor I will care about a twin killer."
Barricade tosses the tow-truck club into the distance then he transformed and drove off leaving behind DiamondCreed in a deserted part of a city that never gets attention anyhow.There isn't any window mirrors attached to the side of Barricade's police mode when there should be in reality.One could assume he didn't want to see the one who used to warm his spark.

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