I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


13. Where are we?

The current year is 2009, that is for sure. Sydney, me, and Crosshairs certainly didn't expect to wake up in the same fragging room with a big gigantic fearsome robot who claimed repeatedly  'I am dead' in a cell room that is huge for alien robots..He didn't appear to be dead and all since his optics are powered on.Sydney and I were connected by this connecting chain that had a glowing blue string attached to our ankles.Anyway this 'dead' guy  claimed to be the leader of the Decepticons not Starscream the fool who keeps insisting he doesn't have zhe bucket.

"So, undead guy, what is your name again?" Sydney asks  the undead dude.

So logically me and Sydney were in some form a representation of innocent by-standing rats.

"Megatron!" Megatron bellows.

I'll get  zhe bucket back after a bit of negotiation. Where is it now? Starscream has kept zhe bucket for a year now. I first arrived into this universe with Zhe bucket of storytelling, now all that I have left of it is a handle which I call 'Zhe Handle' and keep it in a small box that can fit in my pocket. It seems like anything can fit in my pockets.

"Can you use yer cannon, Mr Meg?" I ask the perfectly blindingly light gray robot.

"No!" Megatron refuses,slamming his large arm to the floor. His arm is apparently so shiny that it doesn't seem to be visible and worth to stand looking at for a straight hour. Well, not unless I want to become blind!

"So much for being polite!" Sydney said

"Come on." I plead, shielding my eyes.  "I can use my handy dandy insect creations to get yours off." I take out my little spare spider drone. "It is capable of reproducing itself in vast numbers. I lost one thanks to a experiment on portal bridges." I shrug, getting a 'there's more where that came from?' comment from Megatron. "All I got back was a thank you note from two weird-o's who claimed to be androids."

"I'm hungry." Sydney complains.

"Then don't speak to me, waste." Megatron said, tugging at his chain connected to the wall that is connected to his wrist.

"I wasn't talking to you." Sydney said. "Hey girly, where did Crosshairs go?"

"Something about drilling bullets into other robots head." I guessed, rubbing the top of my little baby spider drone. "Who's the cutey boy?" The spider drone wags it's back end left and right that it was so cute. "Yes, you are!"

"What is the spider Drone's name?" Sydney asks, peering over to the small spider drone.

"Drillip." I said, putting Drillip on my shoulder. "He's such a dog."

"Your terms of affection disgust me." Megatron said.

"I'm hungry!" Sydney declares again. Drillip jumps then lands on my right shoulder.  "I need some lunch!"

Drillip strolled down my shoulder then hopped off my shoulder,then he squeezed through the bars, and headed down the passage. Sydney and Megatron were arguing about eating lunch that somehow changed to him going on and on about eating her to end his current misery.I put on the special pair of glasses that let me see what Drillip is witnessing.

"Ivs!" Sydney said, tapping on my shoulder repeatedly.  "Tell him it's impossible for me to shut up when starving to death!"

"It is impossible." I said,  watching the rows and rows of cells stroll past Drillip's perspective.

"But your companion is a human, as well." Megatron said in a harsh voice.

I look over my shoulder then down to the floor away from the gigantic robot who should be dead.

"I am a thing." I said.  "Not a human."

"Girly, you are a human." Sydney said,as though she had forgotten what I had showed her last year.

"Am not." I said, my attention focused on her. 

"Well girly," Sydney begins, folding her arms as a grumble came from her stomach. "Since you are from another world, what vampire movie is still the best?"

That didn't take much thought.

"The Lost Boys!" I squeal. "Nah nah nah nah." Mastering that awesome creepy sound is pretty spot on. I practiced this tune during lunch at South Christian to myself so many times. "I love it when the tune plays while the teenage boy is becoming a vampire and he gets all dizzy." I probably was speaking faster then normal. "Man it was so good."

"Another world, you say?" The shiny dead Megatron asks.

"Yep Mr Meg." I said. "I came through this weird thing and then this weird thing of lightning hit mesah and zhe bucket."  I turn my head away from the gigantic robot attempting to keep a grip on myself.  "And then I died."

"You're not dead." Megatron said the obvious.

"She isn't dead, at the moment." Sydney said, as her stomach rumbled. She rolls an eye at Megatron's stupidity.

"You really want me to believe this?" Megatron asks in a bellowing type of voice. "That you have died and returned from the dead? Whatever struck you was your own mind knocking legit sense into your feeble brain."

"Wait for it." Sydney said as her stomach growls.

"Next thing I know is waking up in a coffin in dirt related to gun powder." I finished. "So,I am a thing who doesn't even have a title nor a birth certificate or sure if this is real." Drillip went down the stairs one by one. "I used to believe this was all a dream."

"Untill .  . . " Sydney adds.

"Reality hit when waking up in the coffin." I finish.

"So you're a thing." Megatron said.

"Yes." I said.  "So please call me a thing."

"No." Megatron said, argumentatively. "You are a human!"

"Thing!" I shout back.

"Human!" Megatron bellows back.

"I'm a thing, damnit." I said.  "Not a fragging human."

Megatron pauses before replying to my insisting argument. Hah! I stumped the former leader of the Decepticons in a argument.

"You've been around the Autobots." Megatron said.

"Oh yes." I said.  "Ironhide cusses a lot in Cybertronian."

Sydney's stomach growled.

"I'm hungry." Sydney said, again.

"Perhaps they'll feed us when Drillip catches the guards attention." I guessed.

I ended up having to show Megatron my strange spark-heart thing. Before I did that though, Sydney ordered Megatron to turn off his  'Shiny armor' mode and her stomach growled, again.Megatron initially refused to do  it, so Sydney pointed out out that his armor's secret weapon is purposely blinding everyone in this very cell. She made a point that he wouldn't want humans to be bumping into him searching where to go and asking for a cane.

Megatron complied to a  hungry Sydney.

"Your heart." Megatron said, staring at my heart surrounded by this gassy electrical thing.

"I know." I said.  "It's really weird."

"No." Megatron said.  "That means I cannot touch you."

I heard a rumble from Sydney.

"Don't say Ivy is an  alien." Sydney said, rubbing her forehead.

"I'm a thing!" I add.

"She is not a alien." Megatron said, stepping back. "I am technically a ghost to you and If I touch her chest then that would establish a bond, which I would not want to have." He did not seem to treat this information delicately and slowly as a scientist would do for confused student. "But touching any other part than that would make a link."

"She can't copy and paste a URL from a website on to you." Sydney tells Megatron and waves her index finger in both directions. "I don't understand how you guys work with the internet."

"It's a connection." Megatron said, emphasizing on the word 'connection'.   "It's not apparent or obvious when there is a link between two individuals."

"And why should you not touch me?" I ask.

"You are a living primitive example of a spark exposed to the outside world through the skin." Megatron said.

Me and Sydney stared at him, confused even more.

"Dude." I said. "You suck at this."

"I do not suck on the floor." Megatron said.

Sydney fell over laughing on her sides and rolled over crying while laughing. I  laugh as well not but not that hard you see.

"Stop laughing." Megatron said with a growl in his creepy deep voice.

"Nevah!" We both said at once,boldly.

Wziz--wiizz-urrch noises almost made my ears burst. It was then that two plates appears and a large purple square item that was twice my height appeared beside one another.  Sydney and I stopped laughing when these items came into view. Sydney and I lunged at the plates without much argument and began eating; with straws, napkin, spoon, fork, and a drink as well. It reminded me of being in school just without hearing the stupid funny comments from Catherine talking behind my back.

"Energon!" Megatron picks up the large purple item and stared at it. "It's been stellar cycles since . . ."

I could see Drillip's fantastic adventure unfolding before my eyes.Sydney barked off at Megatron telling him to 'Eat before you starve, dead guy!'. What I did see was Crosshairs dragging a smaller robot to a pole with a chain around his arm. He seemed so irritated despite those unique dents and cracks on his green armor that wasn't all over him in a dangerous way. I could see a sand trail drag marking behind the smaller robot's feet.

"At least I am not the one who's small and weak!" Megatron snaps back at Sydney.

"Dude, even the weak and small can become the heroes." Sydney replied, after swallowing a bite from her food. She pats on my back. "My friend here, Ivy, is one of those tough cookies who don't let people get to her. Nor let them win getting a desired reaction that  makes their words even more blazing and tormenting."

Drillip dodged other gigantic robots from stepping on him as he passed by these unusual spike metal creatures which were staring at him. The cracks between the floors were ginormous to my little guy. Drillip leaps over the cracks as The Great Prince from Bambi had done. Over the past two years living in Florida I've learned to contain my feelings more deeper and better than I had been doing in the reality where Alien Robots do not exist.

"She is not a piece of food." Megatron said. "Your friend is a living spark that can become disgusting pieces of organic."

"You know, Ivy would prefer to be shot at the head not be squashed." Sydney said.

"You're not her." Megatron said.

"She's the one who told me." Sydney said.  "Ivs is busy right now eating annd wearing those weird glasses that--"

"Let me see what Drllip sees." I finish for her. "And yes, I wanna die be shot at the head." I heard utter silence from the dead robot. I then happily note about the side effects that are really awesome. "That brings the chances my body becomes a zombie into zero percent."

"You're unbelievable." Megatron said.

"It's also quicker to die." I said. "And being shot at the heart, too."

"She's a weird girl." Sydney said, as I continued eating. "The weird girl can be your best friend ever."

"Piece of rat waste." Megatron said.

I could see through the glasses that Drillip had seen a whole gigantic arena  with Crosshairs shoving the weak body into a pole chest first.It almost reminded me of some picture or a mention that people went on about when going on about the history of Dracula. Maybe It's from some scene in Braveheart, the 13th Warrior, The Lost Boys, Dragon Heart, Con Air, or something else. I can't remember where this scene becomes so familiar.

"Who's a piece of rat waste?" Sydney asks.

"Humanity." Megatron grumbles.

"Thought that's what I heard!" Sydney declares. "At least we have a honest dead guy in here."

 Drillip continued down the hallway until it came to an abrupt end. There was a large window that showed a beautiful scene right out of Star Wars but in Outer Space. There were  planets, far off distance dust cloud like things with bright circle suns in the middle. The sky was so black but the floating dark blue color with bright yellow stars and other colors stood out more than that. I can't smell for a fact; no sirrey.

Then the whole scene flipped like a card was turned over.

"Ivy." Sydney said, staring at me.  "Stop pointing at me."

"Ooops." I lower down my hand. I look down to see the plate is empty and my stomach feels full. "I wonder how the cup with icecream stuff tasted."

Megatron was gawking at me.

"Why was this human acting under controlled?" Megatron asks.

"She has a lazy eye." Sydney said.

"Yep." I point to my left eye.  "This eye is the culprit!"

"Here dead guy." Sydney said, holding a mint out. "This will make you powerful. But you must not swallow it."

"Why?" Megatron asks.

"It will do the exact opposite."  Sydney said, holding the breath mint.

Megatron snatches the breath mint out of Sydney's hand, then pops it open, and flips it into his mouth.

"How long does it take?" Megatron asks.

"It should be working." Sydney said.

Megatron tilts his helm

"It is not working." Megatron said.

"Jeeze, she gave you a breath mint!" I said. "Now you are MORE powerful than ya were before!"

Sydney and I shared a high five. Megatron looks so angry at us despite not getting what Sydney was refering to.Drillip came  through the bars missing one of his legs. So I turned him off and put  Drillip back into the cozy pocket he was originally sleeping in. Megatron was gawking at me so creepily that it took all my self control not make him slap himself. I just don't get the whole 'spark-skin' thing. I put the glasses  back into the pocket they had came from, too.

"Why do you call me Mr Meg?" Megatron randomly asks.

"Because I imagine your name as Mr Meg A Tron." I said.  "A stands for your middle name; Alex."

"I do not have a Middle name." Megatron said. "Only a first and last."

"Tell me what is." I said, folding my arms.

Sydney was giggling at our silly conversation.

"Decepticon Megatron." Megatron said.

"Mr Meg Alex Tron." I said.  "Mine is better."

"No!" Megatron bellows. "My name is proper than your stupid name."

"Lets argue about the name of Micheal Jackson's child; Blanket Jackson." I said, as Sydney was falling over laughing.

Yep, we argued about silly names.

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