I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


23. Uncertain

Kelton was unsure about Ivy's sanity, and, besides the fact she had her heart encased in a plastic container similar to the nuclear vortex that Tony Stark had in Iron Man 1. Today is May the 12th on a Monday in 2008. The same day Christian missed school, a blazing bus was stopped by a unmanned vehicle,and Ivy's insane explanation that she is a 'thing' unknown to the science field in both universes. Kelton decided to start the day off by watching Transformers; just to hear some commentary from Ivy.

About what else may be different from the universe Ivy was abducted into.

"Yep." Ivy said, as Megatron's movie character had stepped out of the cave.  "That's the Megatron I see and no one else can."

Christian's eyes were huge as he gasps.

"Yo...uoi....you can see Megatron?" Christian asks.

Ivy  nods.

"Of course I can." Ivy said, with a huge and wide smile.  "Megatron is  honestly more filthier than his video game counterpart."

Christian's jaw drops.

Ivy's face turns a heated red and her fingers rolled up against the palm of her hand.

"Oh shut up big head!" Ivy shouts at thin air waving her fist ferociously.  "This meat bag is my brother!" Ivy mentioned it in a prideful voice.  "At least we're not warring against each other like you do to your little bro--" Ivy's eyes glance back to the television set. "Woah, Mr Meg, you're a beast compared to Optimus."

Kelton and Christian stare at Ivy. Kelton pressed the pause button on the remote in his hand.

"They're...what?" Kelton said.

"Relate-ed." Ivy said.

"I  know, but are you saying these two powerful alien god like robots are brothers?" Kelton asks.

"That's what I said, Step Dad." Ivy said.  "They are brothers."

"So Megatron is Optimus Prme's big brother." Christian said.  "And Optimus Prime is Megatron's little brother."

"I like the sound of this sibling relationship." Kelton said.  "Back to the movie."

Kelton presses the play button and then the movie resumed. Ivy's face became horrified seeing the death of Jazz, and then, witnessing Ironhide flipping over a human being while shooting in mid air as the camera seemed to be focusing on the woman's attractive beauty. Ivy was shouting "Move it,botox woman!" as the sitting woman was doing nothing. Ivy muttered a choice word in Cybertronian to the side probably because Megatron had said something along the lines of "Humans focus on the prop being there for the entire movie like a rib instead of a living ant." characterizing the woman as a object.

When the movie ended and the credit rolled; Kelton pressed the disk ejector button on the remote.

"Megatron, I know this entire movie is inaccurate about you eating a slagging spark!" Ivy yells at thin air. "And Starscream referring to you by 'Master'." Kelton takes the disk out and then puts in another disk from a 'Night at the Museum' DVD case. "But you're a ghost and it has been ...I dunno, a whole year since this movie was made!"

Christian was listening in.

Ivy waves her hand.

"So who cares you can control electronics?" Ivy asks, and then sticks her tongue out. "You can't redo the entire movie that was so badaft!"

Kelton came back to the couch with the remote.

"So 'Megatron' can control electronics?" Kelton asks.

"Yep." Ivy said.

"Cool." Christian said.

In the beginning of the movie that was seemingly non-transformers; Megatron appears on screen making a sizzle and the whole scenery going on had been paused. Horror appears on Christian's face. Ivy looks annoyed in contrast to Kelton's startled facial reaction at the realistic sight of Megatron in the television

"I am a apprentice, not a master!" Megatron proclaims. "I  have yet to become a prime!"

Christian screams grabbing the remote from Kelton and fearfully presses the fast forward button.

"Do not fast-forward on me---" Megatron begins to protest but Christian got a couple scenes away from Megatron and the movie resumed.

Ivy laughs.

"Oh brother." Ivy said, slapping her knee. "You've got some guts in there!"

"Let me see that." Kelton said, taking the remote.

Christian grabs a pillow and hides his face behind it.

"He's a ghost, Christian." Kelton said.  "You don't have to be scared of a ghost."

"Megatron is a scary ghost." Christian said in a low and a scared voice.

Kelton goes back a couple scenes back to Megatron on the screen.

"You're a little boy who has the windpipe of a wimpy girl, your response is very pathetic, and I am not just a ghost!" Megatron again proclaims.  "I am a living spark capable of controlling anything you use that is machinery--" Kelton's finger temptively lays on the fast forward button.  "Don't you dare fast forward on me, filthy organic."

Megatron's red flaming optics narrow together towards Kelton.

"That little boy you're talking about is my Ex-wive's son." Kelton said.

Ivy slowly turns her head towards Kelton seemingly shaken and startled. But there was a hint of relief that channeled through her shoulders. Megatron could hear in Ivy's mind;about time my mom did.Though Ivy didn't expect it to happen that fast over two years.Megatron could feel a slight singe of guilt washing into her mind. Ivy is already assuming it happened because of her.

"And this machinery will fast forward." Kelton finishes.

Kelton presses the fast forward button on Megatron's face and then after that they resume watching the movie.It turns out that maybe Ivy is not all insane as Kelton may have originally thought at first about her wild story. Throughout movie that featured Robin Williams and the guy from the Focker's; Ivy was smiling and laughing so freely without a worry. It was the first time that Kelton and Christian heard Ivy snort while laughing so hard in  two years.

"Aww!" Ivy dawws. "Teddy has a crush on Sacajawea!" Her eyes became tearful. "Aw Teddy..."

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