I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


5. Triangle has a name?

.  . . Sunday.  .  .

 . . . 3:35 PM  .  . .

Ironhide sneezed.

"Gaziltight." I said.

"Godzilla?" Ironhide repeated.

"I was saying bless you, basically." I said.

"Like the time you told me swag wasn't a word." Ironhide said.

I decided to pop up a random question then and there. This is  the same base--that I had been visiting for a month or so--that houses the Autobots.They are the ones who fight off these mythological entities called 'Cons' who I have yet to learn what they are. Ratchet even commented it was tempting to bring me into a Con battle so I can go into quiet mode and be there in a daze.

"Mr.Hide." I said.  "Is there another side?"

Ironhide glanced at me ever so strangely.Ironhide's optical branches narrowed with the main small bulb rotating in size and density.Ironhide's optics seemed smaller from below. If a human, who majors in alien biology, can do some scientific studies on what-ever-species-Autobots-are then they might come up with the reasonable answer if their optics can adjust size.

"I don't see another side to thin air." Ironhide said.

First thing out of his mouth is talking about thin air. Yippee.

"I mean is there another group of your kind?" I ask, making  a ball shape with my hands. "Like being the bad guys."

"The Decepticons." Ironhide said the name with total disgust. I tilt my head while feeling around zhe bucket with lots of interest. "We call them 'Cons' for short." Oh so, that's who 'cons' are. "They are the ones who do not like humanity and do not see mercy in offlining them."

I straightened my head. Well these guys sound more cruel than any villains from the movies.

"Such as the triangle dude who likes microchips?" I ask. 

 "Starscream." Ironhide said.

I repeated the name multiple times; kind of like how those two couple did with beetle juice I mean don't say his name three times or else--oh snap, did you just see beetle juice walk by Ironhide? Cause I think I just did. Oh man he's really the quirky kind of dead individual minus the ghost guy from Ghost and that guy from the Sixth Sense.

"I wasn't  expecting the triangle  to have a name that meant he's a individual who seeks for fame and screams for it." I said. 

I was dangling my legs over the edge of a hanger's staircase. Mikaela is off with her boyfriend 'Sam' doing something that's most often referred to  'smooching' and 'quality time’. Sometimes watching Ironhide build weapons is the most entertaining hours to waste. Asides to watching this green dude with huge goggles on his helmet and a English accent whine about his dented machine gun(s) and complain that he wasted his bullets on a mule (by accident, he always claimed)when intending to target a 'big ugly 'Con'.

Oh Machine Guns are one of my favorite guns in many science fiction movie such as Alien, Predator, and a few other movies. The movie with King Kong having a mate and a baby son; who he died protecting, was amazing.

"Ratchet." Ironhide said, turning his helmet upwards.  "I need you to scan her brain."

Ratchet had been walking by holding a cute gigantic--Aww a cute German Shepard that is a gigantic and somewhat robot like!

"Doooogiee!" I sqeal, jumping off the part where the rail ends.

I landed on Ratchet's huge wide fore arm and made my way to the adorable looking dog with red glowing optics.Ironhide snatched me right when I had my hand out towards this adorable cute resembling German Shepard alien dog that had spikes and pointy parts. I still held my trusty bucket in my right hand--yes, I am that determined to keep my storytelling item--while eyeing at the cute dark German Shepard robot dog.

"This is not a dog." Ratchet said, as his optic changed design and shape.

This blue light emulated from Ratchet's optic and scanned me in a way; going up and down.  Then after the scanning; Ironhide places me on the floor--while my arms were folded--and let me fall right over on my back. Oh yes I am probably the most clumsiest person you can ever meet. I can put a smile on your face without a problem.

"She has Aspergers." Ratchet said.

"I don't eat my boogers!" I declare, pouting.  "I put them under my shoe."

Ironhide and Ratchet share a 'what?' reaction.

".  . . Nevermind." I said, feeling really stupid. "What's Aspergers?"

"A high functioning form of what your kind calls 'Autism'." Ratchet said.

"Never heard of it." I said.

"It normally occurs in humans at the first three years of their life." Ratchet said. "And affects the  brain's normal development  of social and communication skills."

Ratchet sounds like he is quoting a resource from the internet word by word.Anyway; I learned  Aspergers basically has: Clumsiness--oh goody, I fit the bill--,repeat behavior, difficulty interacting socially, and being an expert at some topics. Such as Math.Then these huge short like robots strolled into the hanger. 

"Skids, I wanted that icecream cone!" The orange one,the one with these blue bright headlights,pounces on the light green one.

Generally it's a logical assumption the green one is Skids.

"Mudflap,you lost the chance to get it!" Skids said, getting into a big tumble fight with Mudflap.

Another logical assumption is the orange one is Mudflap.

The two rolling--and fighting--Autobots crashed into a room with a lot of artillery spilling out. I believe that's what they call the huge robot sized items that are making dents into the two. Ratchet made this groan like he had to fix them up all over again. Ironhide and Ratchet had to drag the two bickering Autobuts out from the crashed in artillerly room.Ironhide used the side of his canon to force the doors shut.

"I'll break your nose!" Skids threatens Mudflap.

Ironhide lets the green short Autobot fall to the floor with a loud clang. I had to cover my ears just to block out the screeching  sliding against the floor from Skid's wheels. Assumingly it may be Skid's wheels making that loud high pitch mechanical rubber shriek. Wait a second; can rubber tires make a shriek sound when dragging across the floor?

"Hah!" Mudflap said, as Ratchet let him go. "We don't have noses!"

"Why you little--" Skids said as he started to head towards Mudflap.

"That is enough, twins."  Ratchet said, getting his arm in Skid's way.  "If you want to fight, take this outside."

"Then how did Mr.Hide sneeze?" I ask.

I saw Ironhide's faceplate change color like a man who had been embarrassed in public.

".  .  . We don't have noses."  Mudflap repeats his claim.

"Yeah. 'Mr.Hide.'." Skids  joins the great question debate.  "How did you sneeze?"

______                                                 ____                                                                ____'

   .  .  .  8:49 PM  .  .

.  .. Under the stars on a hill. . .

"They're spark twins." Ironhide randomly said.

The cool easy breeze felt right for this glanderous star-view. I look up towards the dark gray Autobot. I must admit Mr.Hide kind of reminds me of a big grumpy cat that acts like it doesn't care when in reality it does care. There wasn't an idea in my mind what he is talking about. But was he talking about electrical sparks flying in the air from crashing into a transformer that's part of a street pole connected to these thin black wires. There I go again; going off track.

"Uh, I don't know what spark means." I reminded Ironhide.

"Hearts." Ironhide said. "That's what you call them."

"Spark Twins?" I repeat.

"Split spark." Ironhide said. 

".  .  . So they have hearts that are connected by a thin wire tube that is invisible." I guessed.

Ironhide laughs at me, turning his helm away from me and towards the city lights in the background. I had school tomorrow, and, I was wasting it by sitting on my bucket with my legs crossed and observing the brilliant sky. The sky is so brilliant the stars look like they are from another universe sending it's portrait light years away.

"No." Ironhide said. "They are brothers."

"You're leaving me hanging there." I said. "I don't get the term 'split spark'."

"They share the same electric life." Ironhide explains.  "Their sparks contain them, their souls, their lives, their memories, all their being." He taps on his helmet lighty. "Our processors are not always what makes us.  .  .  .us."

I stared at the gigantic alien robot, more confused than ever.

"So if they ever went into marriage and then a lady cybertronian fell in love with them--without knowing the other--and then married this one." I began to lead out an example. "Then they meet the other, and then,are utterly lost who's who and loves them both."

"Bonding." Ironhide said.  "Chances are very limited for them to share a mate."

"Don't tell me you are into the werewolf crap." I said, with a roll of an eye.

"I am not making werewolf waste." Ironhide lightly shook his helmet. He looks down towards me. Why did he bother explaining something I cannot understand? Maybe it's because I have Aspergers so Mr.Hide might be assuming I can understand. "They may want to punch each other’s guts out; but the two share a close 'brotherly' bond together."

I swiped a lady bug off my shoulder.

"You mean strong." I corrected him. "Even though I can’t write; I do know where some words make sense."

"You can't write?" Ironhide asks.

I stared at Ironhide for the longest time. Yes, I am illiterate. I may be a story teller but my handwriting is awful.

"Do you know how to spell month?" I ask.

"Humor me." Ironhide said.

"M-O-U-T-H-." I spelt.

"You spelled mouth." Ironhide said, looking like he had been offered a cookie to munch on.

I shook my head with a little laugh and giggles at his priceless reaction. I fell over the bucket feeling butterflies in my stomach.The low almost undetected sound of a jet engine from the distance caught my attention.

"I don't understand how this is funny." Ironhide said.

 I wipe off a tear.

"Then what is, Mr.Hide?" I ask, standing upright.

"A panda stops at the corner of the street." Ironhide said.  "There is a bear, a lion, and a leopard. The panda comes and asks if one of them can help it across the road." Ironhide's long flat wide servos grace through the tall grass beside his leg. He makes the shapes of animals from the little tale. "One of these animals have the intention of eating this panda. The other has the decency to help it. The last one is lazy and hungry, but, prefers to eat something easy."

This is easy.

"So this is a ‘who crossed the road’ thing." I said.  "Nice."

"No." Ironhide said, shaking his digit back and forth. "Guess who died and who didn't die."

"The bear didn't die but the lion and the leopard sure did." I replied. "The bear ate the carcasses. The panda crossed the road without any of their help because people stopped anyway since Panda's are rare." I folded my arms. "See?" I wave my fingers. "I do learn something from watching a panda movie about this boy who tries to keep a baby panda safe from some hunters."

I don't remember the title to the movie anyway.

"Are you a Psychic?" Ironhide asks.

"Nope." I said.  "But mesah wishes."

And then this loud cackling sound struck the hill. It went unbelievably fast similar to a awesomely edited movie; because Ironhide picked me up--and I grabbed zhe bucket with my teeth--and held up his cannon at the direction this shot had come from. I haven't been able to sleep lately, so, that's why I'm here in the first place. I would like to reclaim my crown of Beauty Sleep.

Starscream lands on the ground.

"It took me megacycles to get your wimpy screwdriver out." Starscream said, tossing a screwdriver to the side.  "Give me the item."

Did he just call zhe bucket 'the item'?

"What did you say?" I ask, taking zhe bucket's handle out of my mouth and into my right hand's firm grip. "I swear you were speaking in Mandrin chinese!"

"Give me the ite--" Starscream begins to demand but he is blasted away by Ironhide.

"He said Kapoot." Ironhide said.

"I love fusion cannons." I said, adoring the large machine attached to Ironhide's fore-arm.

Starscream came running back startling Ironhide and then they collided; knocking me against Ironhide’s upper digits. They were sent rolling down the hill towards a large lake. I slipped out of Ironhide's servo--well more like rolled out--and tumbled until I came to a stop in the grass. A big crash came from the water. Well, it seems to me that robots fight like men. You know women don't just tear hair out when fighting; they exchange punches. Ironhide made Starscream tumble back on his gigantic set of wings.

"Yay!" I cheer, taking out a random pair of cheerleader pongs.  "Go Mr.Hide! Go Mr.Hide!"  I am the person you would love to hate, but, the best mascot when it came to things like this.  "You're not married yet but go hide! Go Mr.Hide!"

Ironhide fell back against some trees apparently he had been struck at his face. Owch that's gotta hurt. I decided to do some storytelling with zhe bucket while Ironhide is beating the life outta Starscream the triangle. I sat down on the grass, then, I kick it into the air and proceeded to tell a Lion King story. The ground trembled beneath my back.I heard a large body crash into the water.

 There were grunts and blasts exchanged, and then, it went silent.

"And then with one powerful smack," I continue. "Kovu made a long weird scar on the lioness's face."

And then the large feet land on the grass.

"And the lioness shrieks 'No please!' while backing away." I  saw red piercing optics staring right back at me.  "She didn't want to leave her home, the home that she had grown up for a good deal of her life. 'I was only--' but Kovu interrupted her.  'You betrayed us.' He adds with a growl. 'You killed my mate's mother.' in the most grim way possible."

Starscream snatches zhe bucket but I had grabbed on to the handle.

"Let go you pesticice!"  Starscream sneers.

"I'm not a pesticide!" I argue. "I'm a slagging human.” Anger traveled up my heart.  “Call me a human and get better at  insults; micro-chip eater!"

And then I saw this white flash, and then it became slow motion. I saw the handle break off from zhe bucket. My vision started to get dimmer and dimmer as I fell from the bucket. My heart raced and pounded as Starscream turns away. I hit the grass.

"My bucket!" I cried, trying to reach my hand out to the handle-less item.

Starscream takes it.

"It's a cybertronian item." Starscream said, meanly.  "Little freak."

And those words tore through my heart of steel as he turns away and flew off. I saw the jet figure disappear into darkness with specks of magnificent stars. From the lake I could see Ironhide's slumped figure--alive but dented and bruised-- halfway out. There were tears strolling down my face.

I lost zhe bucket of storytelling.

Then it became completely black.

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