I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


24. Too close for comfort

Ivy had learned from Kelton that her mother had taken Johnathan and Rachel to Illinois last year.Humans were the least 'interesting' organics to Megatron, even though there were plans to enslave them  in order to rebuild cybertron when starting up the sun harvesters seemed a dead end.Ivy is lucky that she can't hear a thought from Megatron's unusual processor. Megatron could feel the dismay and  regrets from Ivy.Ordinary life that did not involve being chased by aliens, gun fire, and creating her own inventions proved hard for Ivy.

Ivy honestly missed living in the Bayverse.

"This is Russel." Christian introduces Ivy to a tall and cool looking boy named Russel. Russel is taller than Ivy and Christian. "He is my friend."

Ivy is staring at Russel with her mouth hanging open and her eyes are sparkling. Russel is taller than Ivy being the height of a typical boy. Russel's face reminds Ivy of  heroic and kind individual and there was something hero'ish about him including a 'look-up-to' leadership vibe. The image Megatron is getting from Ivy was similar to Optimus Prime's Character as a young boy.

"So, you're the missing girl?" Russel said, raising an eyebrow up.

"Formerly." Ivy said.

An image of Russel dressed up in a black tuxedo holding a rose by the stem by his teeth appeared randomly in Megatron's mind. What the pits?, Megatron stumbles back into the middle of the road across from the local Toyota store. His feet stepped through two cars sending them going in two different directions--somehow making them go in a straight line in between the fleet of automobiles--at once.

Megatron grasps at his helmet hating the mere 'romantic image' that Ivy had thought up.

"I hate child expectations." Megatron said, stepping  through a  white Toyota Prius.

This white Toyota Prius speeded up to a  Ford. The Toyota Prius hit the bumper of a black ford Truck. Somehow under a absurd law of logic the two vehicles were sent flying into the air flipping in a circle towards two empty spacers in front of a red stoplight. The flying came to a stop; the Toyota Prius landed first on all four wheels and the black ford truck landed behind the car safely.Megatron ran across the street to the grass. As a cybertronian ghost still hanging on from the mere clutches of hell it doesn't mean that machinery remains unaffected.

"Yeah, that's what I am saying." Russel replied.

Megatorn saw a image of Russel in shining Knight Armor in his processor.

"Former-ly missing girl." Ivy said. "Kay? Cause that sounds way better and corrected; present tense."

Megatron sat on the grass making a perfect imprint of his legs. Megatron apparates in the middle of the road to the street; Doland street. He saw the boy that Ivy had begun to fancy within the few quality-alone-time minutes that Megatron had been enjoying. Ivy was already falling for Russel on  her first day to 'Wassom Middle School' in Fort Campbell Kentucky.

"Ivy,I demand you stop this madness." Megatron orders, shaking his huge gigantic index digit  at Ivy.

Ivy folds her arms looking smug.

"Nah." Ivy said, to no one in particular. "Love ain't madness."

Russel turns his  head towards Christian.

"Christina,is there something up with your sister?" Russel asks.

Christian has a moment of doubt. 

The group of school kid were waiting by the stop sign wedged into the obvious brown dirty ground one foot from the side walk.There is a tree across from the stop sign which is near to a driveway leading up to a closed garage. From across there were cars parked into the drive way. One house had a yellow corvette resembling the same model Bumblebee had scanned in the first Transformers movie.

"I am not sure." Christian admits.

Ivy looks at Christian with a smile on her face.

"I never changed, Brother." Ivy said, reassuringly patting on Christian's right shoulder.  "I have become better."

A yellow and black school bus came to a stop nearby the stop sign. The doors slid open then went in the school kids, including Ivy wearing her big pink and white coat. Ivy takes a seat to the right hand side of the bus at the far back right in the middle behind a clear space that didn't have a seat.There is dust collecting on the floor.The seats are brown and soft connected to black supporting legs giving structure to the bottom that usually collects money, cards, trash, and junk.The  long black floor at only ended at the emergency exit reminded Megatron of a fortress's schematic design on dark datapads that had sketchy light gray lines in the middle. 

"Alex!" Ivy shouts highly in the bus. "Get your aft outta the slagging bus!"

The whole bus roared with laughter.

"Really?" Megatron asks.  "I like to see how your conversations on this disgusting smelling piece of tarp."

"I can't smell." Ivy said.

"You have Anosmia." Megatron said.

"It is from my dad's side of the family!" Ivy shouts at thin air.  "Alex, get your lazy butt off the bus!"

"I am a student!" A kid named Alex said.  "I can't get off the bus."

"Not you, dumbaft." Ivy yells.

"Ivy, sit." Russel said, sitting beside Ivy--who is standing up at this point--with  a strange look.

"Not unless Alex gets off the bus!" Ivy proclaims.

"You're my link." Megatron said.  "And I am very concerned about my link's life status."

"There's such thing as following, Alex!" Ivy hollers.

"Fine." Megatron said. "I'll follow you."

Megatron steps out of the bus making the bus resume the proper weight. The Bus sprang to life then it drove off from Doland Street.Megatron transforms into his cybertronian mode while making turch-ech-wurch and a few robotic clicks occupied by whirs.A helicopter-cybertronian merged into a jet model is levitating feet above the road across from the bus. The propellers were magnificent, they had cybertronian markings to them, and a wide window screen to the cockpit, the landing on the gray snowsled part had been connected to a rocket blaster normally part of a jet. It is very strange to see this kind of impossible model. He flew off after the long four wheeled bus. Megatron saw a herd of deer standing by the forest watching the school bus pass by what later will become a firestation.He could see the construction on it was slow but apparent that it is meant to be a firestation because of the sign.

Simply put; Wassom Middle School is a horrid housing of bullying which Megatron later discovered.

There were rows of school buses parked alongside the long row of metal platforms acting as shields connecting to long pipes conjoined to a concrete sidewalk. Megatron transforms into his robot mode letting his claws sink through the solid ground without making an actual dent.The bus doors open allowing many kids to start pouring out.He could picture Ivy's imagination circulating around Russel. Nothing feels right about this boy, Megatron thought about the vibes coming from Russel as he straightens up, and the boy is  letting her talk without understanding a word Ivy says.

That concerned Megatron for Ivy's safety.

He could see the glass windows to one side of the school in clear through tint and another above that tint was blue in perfect squares. Megatron walks through the buses watching the humans run through his feet like little ants fetching some food for the colony. Ivy calmly walk by with Russel apparently enchanted by him. Megatron could not understand why she feels this attracted to one boy in this reality. That one human who Megatron could not trust around his only link to life.

Megatron made himself smaller to enter through the otherwise small school that basically is all on groundfloor. It didn't have any upstairs; just a couple sections belonging to different grades. Ivy's locker  was down the hall, then turn left at the corner, keep going straight, and then the next instruction was to stop at the second door belonging to a classroom. Ivy had trouble opening the locker so Megatron took his rather ghostly powers to unlock it.

"Cheater." Ivy whispers.

"I call it helping." Megatron said. "You would have kicked at it--"

Ivy kicks at the dark blue locker and Megatron hops on his one foot holding up his other.

"Ow!" Megatron yelps.

"I did it anyway." Ivy said, grinning from ear to ear. "You're a whiny baby for a bad guy leader."

Megatron growls glaring towards Ivy.

"Take it back." Megatron said.

Ivy open the locker, takes her coat off, unzips her bookbag and gets her school supplies sorted out.Fortunately this was way before the beginning of the day--before Academic Period became five minutes long--when students had ten minutes or so to spare getting ready.Way before a metal detector was put at the front door to the school because the officials had become worried students may one day bring a gun to school, way before there were two lines made for boys and girls leaving girls have more crust to their pizza.

"Never." Ivy said.

The time changing would happen in 2009. Rest of those known changes  to Wassom Middle School happen in 2010.In 2009; students were still allowed to browse websites such as DeviantArt at the beginning of the day before class started. Back to the story in point; Ivy gets ready for first class, and then, the day went by as a blur. Well some of the classes were not so memorable. Except for Ivy's frustration with spelling the word 'honor'.

"Honor." Ivy said, glaring down at the spelling. "Let me spell you right, slag it." She rewrote it again except it came out as the word 'horror'. Ivy's eyes narrow at the paper and her forehead became a wrinkled mess. "That is not honor."

Megatron looks over Ivy's shoulder to see the terrible attempt.

"Hah." Megatron laughs. "You can't spell it right."

Ivy jots down 'faulse' and held up the paper.

"False!" Ivy declares.

The students and the teacher look up towards Ivy, quizzically.

"...Sorry?" Ivy said, with a small shrug.

"That does not spell false." Megatron said.

__                                       ___                               __

....that night...

 ... 7:00 PM...

"Do you miss it?" Megatron asks.

Ivy looks away from the television set.

"Miss my friend?" Ivy asks, and then made a low pitched laugh. Ivy shook her head giving Megatron one of her odd-amused expressions. "Of course!"

A frown appears on Megatron's ugly robotic face.

"You can't blend into society running around making destruction." Megatron said, in a unpleasant tone. "And those romantic images." Megatron made a sigh that could send an an average spine fleeing up into a cornfield for dear life."I would share pity on the one you decide to spend the rest of your life I with."

Ivy  folds her arms and made a little 'Hmph'.

"I would never get married." Ivy said.

Megatron is at first startled by Ivy's reply.

"..Married?" Megatron said, apparently confused.

"When two people love each other very much and enjoy each others company..." Ivy changes the channel to a station playing 'Married with children'. "And at least have spent some time alone together in a room for a week; we have..."

"Married with children!"  The theme opener to 'Married with Children' plays. "Love and marriage, love and marriage, you can't have one without the oth-er!"

Megatron leans in through the window--going through it, basically--to get a better view of the television. He spent an hour and a half staring at it in disgust.On the other hand Ivy was getting a few laughs out of the half an hour episode. At the end of the hour Ivy changed the channel to the news then turns off the television set.

"Who was that Human?" Megatron asks.

"Al Bundy!" Ivy said, excitedly. "You ignored his name about five times in the episode, wow, that's some nice moves." Ivy made a slow clap for Megatron. her insight in humorous events is the kind Megatron did not find funny. "He sells shoes."

Megatron stares at Ivy.

"I do not tolerate humans changing the subject on me." Megatron said, with the hint of a warning growl.

"You started it." Ivy said, cozly smiling.

"Marriage does not lead into a 'show'." Megatron said, with a unlikable grumble.

"Marriage occurs thanks to a priest at a church or a yard where there's a beautiful arch." Ivy said. "When the thing happens in any way; it can be fascinating."

"Or boring." Megatron said.

"This reality; there is such thing as ghosts, UFO's, and Lochness monsters."Ivy said, getting off the bed."But what does not exist in real life  is; Alien Robots. The ones that can crash through people's backyards and tear up the ground making perfect square pieces of grass with dirt flying while fighting."

"How exactly do the pieces of ground get torn out?" Megatron asks.

"Your claw-toe, dumbo."  Ivy said, casually.She goes to the side near the door.Ivy puts one hand on the light switch.  "I believe the lochness monster is a left over dinosaur that hasn't gone extinct."

Ivy flips down the light switch turning the room into pitch black. Megatron's ghostly red optics had somehow became Ivy's way of still seeing. We can see a pillow inches away from a big golden themed blanket. Megatron gets his head out of room yet only leaving a good view of him from the window. A image of Megatron built as a reindeer with a bright glowing red nose set in his processor.

"That is enough humiliation for this solar cycle." Megatron chidely said as Ivy feels around on a cabinet table surface for something.

"Ah,right." Ivy said, lowering her head.  "I don't have a ball."

The look on Megatron's face became priceless.

"You are not a man." Megatron said.

Is Megatron saying I'm not a human?, Megatron heard Ivy's thoughts, He's weird.

"I thought you were talking about..." Megatron said, but didn't finish his sentence. "Forget it."

The image of a small bouncy ball appeared in Megatron's processors. It was then Megatron realized he had made an unfortunate mistake.She was talking a whole different item that wasn't part of the human body despite being man made. It  disgusted Megatron how he mistook her comment for some other body part.

"I miss my bucket." Ivy said, with a slow shake of her head.  "I almost thought I had a ball to tell a story."

Ivy hops on to the bed and crawls towards the big pillow.

"First time I have ever heard you say 'the bucket'." Megatron notes.

"I have deflated, Mr Meg." Ivy said, as she grabs the golden blanket.

"Nursery rhymes are not tools of riddles." Megatron said.

Ivy looks up towards Megatron from the bed.

"When the hell did you decide that nursery rhymes become riddles?" Ivy asks.Megatron could feel a lazy and exhausting feeling coming from Ivy."No, you're insane." Ivy shook her right hand both ways and did not seem happy.  "You've gone over the line of logic."

"There is no lines in the laws of logic." Megatron said.

As Ivy frowned, Megatron could feel fury building up from her.

"And for that I won't speak to you until fragging-slagging-aft-tomorrow." Ivy said.

Ivy puts her head down on the pillow and somehow managed to make the blanket cover her in a big ball shape.Megatron could not see her odd  pillow from the window. Megatron turns away from the window feeling uneasy about Ivy's fancyness towards Russel. Russel seems innocent and heroic-looking to Ivy. Though to Megatron there was a dark motive behind those blue eyes that had a plan behind her swooning.

It was as if Russel expected her to swoon.

"Nothing seems right about this boy." Megatron said, out loud.

Megatron looks over his shoulder seeing a sleeping Ivy.

"And they're already in the boyfriend and girlfriend status." Megatron said.

Megatron could detect a powerful signature from nearby. Megatron curiously follows the source of the signature to a large building known as 'Science discoveries' set up in bold gray metal parts standing out from the very bright yellow glass seemingly making it seem that they glowed in the dark.Megatron hides behind two huge tree's watching a couple men walk by. One couple were holdings hands; a human form of affection.

"Odd." Megatron said to himself feeling jealous for the men.  "Men holding hands affectionly."  He raises one of his mighty optic brows. "At least they are holding hands in love not out of terms of dire death over their heads." The way he said it sounded like Megatron tolerated this kind of love between humans and didn't really mind it. A question landed in Megatron's processor. "..Why hold hands at night?"

Note to self; ask Ivy why men hold hands at night instead at day. Megatron notes to himself.

The first man opened the car door for his partner. Okay lets call the 1st man as Bawn and the second man as Hon because they're minor character. Hon and Bawn share a little kiss that lasts for two minutes. Bawn enters the passenger side then closes the door behind himself. Hon goes around the car looking bright as a light bulb so happy and really content for his life. Hon opens he driver the driver side door then gets into it shutting the car door beside him and starts the car.The car drove off with the men.

"Love has no borders on this planet." Megatron said.

He could hear a cat meowing and a tail wagging. Megatron looks down to see a cat and a dog staring right up at him.

"Shoo." Megatron said, waving his left servo at them. "I dismiss you."

The cat meows.

"Maybe I can use you..." Megatron said, rubbing his chin plating. His flaming red optics brighten."Animals can see ghosts."

The scene changes into the building at the front lobby. The cat and the dog were standing there at the doors sticking together like thieves.Megatron used  a toy car that he had found ditched by the parking lot to drive a tied up bone right up to the door.The dog paws at the toy bone making a few noticeable barks that caught the attention of a sleeping security guy named Bhill because he's a unusual person. Bhill slid out of the chair right after his hat landed over his face.

"Oh." Bhill said, approaching the doors. "It is the cat and dog."

The toy car was hitting at the door.

"All right fellas." Bhill said, sliding a card key into a machine. "I'm helping you just this once."

The doors slid open similar to automatic wall-mart doors that have words above them indicating which side is which that no one really looks up to read when entering the building.Through the doors went a human sized Megatron followed by the two stray animals. The cat has  strangely white fur that didn't seem to be dirty and there wasn't a collar around the cats neck. The dog is a border collie missing part of his ear that had been surgically removed due to a unknown factor.Megatron looks around still detecting a strong signature.

"This really isn't my night." Megatron said.

The energy signature is coming from the upper floors.

"Come here, little kitty." Bhill said, holding a chew toy that a dog would want.

The cat is sitting by the border collie staring at Bhill like he is a idiot.

"Please?" Bhill pleads, taking out a banana by this point.

The cat shook its head.

"Stupid human." Megatron said, walking into a open elevator.

The strong signature is radiating from the third floor. Megatron puts his long claw on the circular three button.The button three glows a bright yellow making the elevator partially light up around Megatron's ghostly presence.A ding went off from the elevator which caught Bhill's attention. Bhill looks away from the cat right towards the closing the doors acting surprised. Bhill leaves the two animals sitting in the lobby going to the counter.Bhill slid into his seat right in front of the small screen monitors holding the banana. There was nothing on the cameras except for a employee by the name Phompson Carlson at floor three.

The elevator came to a stop.

"Surprisingly I haven't fall through the floor, yet." Megatron notes, as the doors slid open.

Megatron walks out of the elevator.

"No one is here." Megatron said, out loud. "Silence is the best medicine."

The strong signature led Megatron to a room about three doors down from the elevator. Megatron went through the wooden door getting a little anticipating this might be the very place where someone is going to prove that in fact Cybertronians live in this universe. Megatron stops behind a counter seeing Phompson working on a machine that had a tube with sticks pointing out to the side and parts that resembled luggage joined into the very machine.

"What in the pits is this?" Megatron asks himself, out loud.

Phompson turns away from the machine and looks down towards the table at a clipboard.

"No." Phompson said, frowning at what he's reading.  "That isn't what the machine is built for."

This room is bright; there were lights on unlike the other part of the hallway that is left to the darkness.Phompson turns away from the paper continuing to work overtime on the machine.What is the machine for?,Megatron thought as he walks over to the table, It must be important he works later on it. Megatron came to a stop in front of the  clipboard.

Megatron could read the little notes here and there pertaining to the machine. His flaring red optics show a rather hard to believe form of shock. Megatron takes a step away trying to wrap his processor around it.

"First they want to make their lives better." Megatron said.  "But now, they want more!" Megatron reaches his arm into a computer.  "This must stop the humans from taking more than they should." The Compuer glows a bright eerie red barely in the screen that turns a sea black soon after a row of red coding came falling down. "They can't make a mess this big."

Red electrical sparks shot out from the computer catching Phompson's attention.

"What the--" Phompson said, approaching the computer looking startled and confused.

Megatron appears on the screen.

"You must stop this construction." Megatron said.

Phompson screams staggering back making a chair tip over and paper collapses to the floor.Unlike Ivy; some humans feared the random appearance of a fictional character in the dead of night on the computer while staying up later.Phompson gets a fire extinguisher aiming it straight at the computer shaking in fear. If Megatron was not colorblind then he would have seen Phompson had turned white.Though the plus side is Megatron can smell fear.

"Better." Megatron said.  "I have your attention."

"Y-y-yoyou--" Phompson is busy stuttering, unable to construct a logical sentence.

"I am  fictional." Megatron said.  "That I am." He rolls an optic. "And very much dead." Megatron's optics narrow.  "Back  to the main topic of this megacycle;halt your project."

"No." Phompson refuses.

"Making a machine to create a wormhole through Earth's atmosphere that would mess with the balance that life has between good and bad is not the wisest way to advance your society." Megatron basically says what kind of mess that Phompson is getting into.The screen then focuses full view on Megatron in a second.  "Your society will die!"

Megatron's voice boomed in the room.

"And this known universe will be destroyed with it!" Megatron goes on. "Inexcusable destruction to the fabric of reality, the laws of physics and gravity will be in ruins, and you think we Cybertronians do not care?" Smoke drifts from the computer's keyboard.  "You're wrong. We take our war through a reasonable route. One that is less worse than your creation."

Megatron sounds like he is lecturing a child caught red handed.

"It is called The Taubo." Phompson said, holding the hose to the fire extinguisher.

The screen zoomed back making a reasonable distance of Megatron.

"You are out of your mind." Megatron said.

"And you're a computer virus." Phompson rationalizes. "My mission is to make a wormhole gate way for space shuttles. Your gist of my creation is inaccurate."

"Inaccurate?" Megatron repeats with a frown. "Me as a computer virus?" Megatron has a odd and unusual laugh at it. "You've lost your mind, fleshie."

"My name is Phompson Carlson." Phompson said.

The door to the room opens and Bhill pokes his head in to the room. Bhill looks as if he had been running a marathon because his face is dripping in sweat.Yet that didn't really stand out from his genuine concerned reaction.

"Mr Carlson is something wrong?" Bhill asks.

Megatron had disappeared from the screen.

"I...I tripped." Phompson said. "Because I saw an white owl helping a buck fly from the window."

Bhill light-heartedly laughs shaking his head.

"Ah, work got to you." Bhill said. "I was wondering if you had some-one sneak in to the building." Phompson raises a eyebrow. "By going into the elevator, used the square at the top to get out, next used the cables to get to your floor, and then pull open the elevator doors." Bhill makes a over-exaggerated sigh. "It is a far fetched theory when the elevator is up here; stuck."

Megatron's ghostly figure makes what papers were left on the table fly off and glide down to the floor.

It is really easy to guess that Bhill used the stair case.

"Sounds like a good movie for the Mission Impossible franchise." Phompson said, putting down the fire extinguisher that Bhill wasn't paying attention to.

"Mr Carlson,do you like cats and dogs?" Bhill asks.

"Uh...No?" Phompson said. "I am allergic to them."

"Aw." Bhill whines.  "I don't want to take them to a shelter."

"Th...them?" Phompson said, confused.

"Yes." Bhill said with a nod. "There was a white cat and a border collie standing at the door. The Border collie--poor lad is missing one of his ears--was trying to break the string attached to a toy truck that was lacking batteries."

Phompson tilts his head.

"How did the toy truck end up at the door if it was lacking batteries?" Phompson asks.

"If I told you; it would sound like a movie that used elements from The Three Stooges including Tom and Jerry." Bhill said. "My idea is absurd."

Megatron went through Bhill that feels like a light cool breeze.

"Believe me." Megatron said to no one. "It is absurd."

Megatron uses the same elevator to go down, this time it triggered Bhill to running after the elevator in a rush.What Bhill only saw was nothing in the elevator as the doors closed. An amused Megatron waits in the elevator that randomly start playing a song.Megatron wonders in his processor what he may have done using  only his claw digit to press the one button that triggered this unusual change. A change that hadn't played the first time around.

The doors open in a woosh sound parting ways.

"I need to rest." Megatron said out loud walking out of the elevator.

The border collie and the white cat get in Megatron's way.

"Out of my way." Megatron said, using a threatening growl.

The border collie and the white cat were staring Megatron down.

"You want me to offline you?" Megatron asks.

The two pals shook their heads.

"Can you speak?" Megatron asks,again.

The two stray pals shook their heads.

"I do not have a clue why why you're staring me down." Megatron said. "I cannot be stared down by mere filth..." Megatron folds his metal arms on top of another against his chest plating. "Unless you need help finding a 'home'."

The Border Collie and the white cat's eyes shine.

"I will only do this once!" Megatron said, shaking his index digit. "Do not come to me, again."

The border Collie and the White Cat nod. Megatron reluctantly helped the two animals find a home to a couple experiencing problems n their relationship.Megatron uses a baseball shooting machine to knock on the door. The door unlocks at first--Megatron turns the machine off--and then the door opens letting out a pool of light around the two animals. Megatron left the little family be. What little did he know; he gave them a gift.

A gift to take care of free pets that they specifically wanted--minus the ear part, of course.

_                                                       _                           _

...May 19th 2008... A Monday...

...During recess...

"We're over." Russel said.  "I don't want to have a girlfriend who's ugly as you are, short, bland,and childish." Every word felt like a hammer was slugged through her chest. "Hey look guys, the girl is starting to cry!"  His laughter made Ivy feel hurt and betrayed. Tears were swelling up at parts of her eyes. "The no-good-for-nothing outcast is crying!"

Megatron could feel a beyond spark breaking feeling from Ivy at the mention of 'nothing'.

"Do it." Megatron said as tears were swelling on the corners of Ivy's eyes. "This is the time to unleash your fury; child."

Ivy slaps Russel at the face.

"Ow!" Russel yelps staggering back. "That hurt!"

"Ivy punched Russel!" A student outright points out.

"It should hurt that bad!" Ivy retorts.

"No, it shouldn't." Russel argues.

"I gave you my heart!" Ivy yells in the middle of crying. "I...I...This isn't the first time I've been betrayed." The first time she had admitted to such things.  "I opened my heart to you,because you were trusting to me and made feel like I mattered!" Ivy's entire body is shaking, her  hands had balled up into fists, and her voice had became a ferocious deep angered voice. "Now you've gone and broken my heart" She taps on her chest. "You asked me to be your girlfriend!" Ivy backs away as the crowd had given more distance around the two.Ivy's voice turns to somewhat normal but through tears and a sad voice. "I...thought I could show you."

"That you're a bitch."  Russel said. 

Megatron looks down towards Ivy; that's when he saw the lonely child. That's all Ivy really was; a lonely child who wanted to have friends and to matter.There was so much emotion going through her little body. I wish Sydney was here, Ivy thought picturing Sydney standing there with her holding her hand and say 'you are not nothing, girly. Don't listen to him.' even with a whole crowd around.

"What..." Ivy said, lowering her gaze from Russel hiding the growing fury.Megatron could feel a dark cloud growing in her heart. It was a first to feel from Ivy; the energetic and annoying little human. "Did you." Ivy looks up back towards Russel  appearing to be mad and not scared. "Just call me?"

"You're a mean bitch." Russel said. "That's what I said."

Ivy came up fast towards Russel showing nothing but a determined look. Once really close to him with adrenaline running; Ivy punches Russel out  sending him falling back to the floor.Ivy turns around then dashes through the crowd grasping at her hand balled up into a fist bumping into a few students here and there.

She ran into the girls restroom right after running through the hallway crying.The floor is shiny and slippery enough a ballet could be done right in the halls without being arranged at all.Must...cry in private, Was Ivy's thoughts that Megatron could hear, this is too humiliating. Ivy had nearly slipped going into the girls restroom. She came to the corner of the restroom but when she did; Ivy punched at the wall making a comment along the lines of 'I was so stupid to fall for him!' and slid down from the dented in wall. The dent in the wall is small shaped like a baseball.

Megatron walks in taking on his holoform that resembled a war general in his prime.Surprisingly Ivy didn't really picture a bad guy--yes, a bad guy--to come to her side at this time. It was very strange to be hugged by Megatron. Megatron the one who protested against Ivy hugging his foot in the first place after taking down the Announcer who was going to kill Sydney. It was confusing to Ivy how Megatron could change just like that in this situation. Ivy didn't really expect Megatron to comfort her after Russel said those awful things after breaking up.

"Why...Why are you comforting me?" Ivy asks, inbetween her sobs and backed away from Megatron's chest.

"Because you're my link." Megatron said.

A happy smile grew on Ivy's face.

"Aww." Ivy said, cheered up. "You just called me your friend!"

"No, I didn't." Megatron denies.

Ivy hugs Megatron's holoform tightly.

"Thank you." Ivy said, as she closed her eyes. A tear went down her right cheek going over her wide ass smile.  Yes, you did old fart,Megatron heard her argumentative thought. "You can't take this back."

"If you're such a wise child." Megatron said. "Then define what love is."

"When you care about someone so much and have these feelings; you're in love." Ivy said.

"Describe it; describe love." Megatron said. "If you were, as you say, fallen for this boy."

Ivy pauses looking down toward her right thinking for a bit. Her sad sniffles drifted off into oblivion.She looks up to Megatron blinking away the remaining tears. Megatron could feel the fresh hurt in Ivy's heart still stung.

"Russel's flaws and his attitude; they...they were so fine." Ivy begins. "The way he held my hand,the way he listened to me, and how he took me out."

"That's not love." Megatron said.  "That's admiring. Love is not an emotion, child." Ivy's eyes were becoming watery. "You care about one individual so much that you swear to care about them for long as you live. Love doesn't die; not unless it is forced.When you care about someone like a sibling; that is family."

Ivy breaks the hug.

"When did you become so wise?" Ivy asks, tearfully.

"When you live for so long; you learn a new thing or two." Megatron said. "Those human girls will think you've gone bonkers if they see you here talking to thin air."

Ivy looks over to the side seeing a girl with black hair that reached to her chin eyeing at them.For once she didn't have a thought to think about this random person watching Ivy hug at thin air. Basically Ivy did not care anymore how others percieved her.Ivy looks back to Megatron rest assured as her tears begin drying out. She wipes off what had been left on her eyes. Ivy made one last sniffle.

"Alex, they already know I am mad." Ivy said. Her sad face had returned to her normal and typical young child with a bright personality expression. "And I will live up to that reputation!"

The girl with black hair scurried off.

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