I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


43. There is no gloves when it comes to DiamondCreed

...Saturday 30th...


DiamondCreed pinned Ivy to the ground using her shoulder.

"Stop it!" Ivy pleads. "You're hurting me!"

"Oooh, I just got started." DiamondCreed said, with a cackle. She pulled down the collar to Ivy's shirt.DiamondCreed's optics change color to a low tune of yellow. "Hmm..." DiamondCreed trails her long claws around the area where Ivy's spark-heart should be. "Oh yes, Fallen, I know there should be something here."

"Why...Why are you doing this?" Ivy asks.

"Because reasons." DiamondCreed said.

"Why?" Ivy asks, feeling the cold rigid metal  tip her chin up.

"The Fallen does not find the idea of his apprentice linking himself to a Cybertronian Organisim." DiamondCreed said. "And you must die."

"I am too young to die!" Ivy said.  "I swear, I--I--I won't tell anyone--" She creeches in pain as Diamondcreed inserted her claw through the layer of skin. "Stop it!" The hot ugly pain channeled into Ivy's brain. "It burns!"

DiamondCreed puts the skin to the side after making a cut.

"Oooh, there it is." DiamondCreed said. "I see it, Fallen."

Ivy didn't look down, she could feel fear and this unusual feeling of betrayal.

"Please, stop." Ivy pleads.

DiamondCreed grins.

"Why would I want to do that?" DiamondCreed said, tapping on the hard crystal glass. "You attempted to be more human, how adorable." She tilts her helm to the side making an odd  wide smile that spoke of evil to Ivy's mind. "Do tell me your pleads." DiamondCreed backs her helmet off from Ivy. "Or should I call you; Abbigal...or Ivy?"

"My name is Ivy Abbigal Bell!" Ivy shouts. "Born June 6, 1996 at 3 PM in Burlington Iowa."

"That is very specific." DiamondCreed said.

"It is when you're insinuating I am not a human." Ivy said. "Don't hurt me. I--I--I know a good place to hide out."

"I don't need to hide." DiamondCreed said. "I am prepared for the Autobots to find out I am a mole."

DiamondCreed stabs her long claw through Ivy's spark heart.

"CREED!" A loud voice, that DiamodCreed could not hear, came from the distance.

Ivy screams, louder than she had ever done before.

The Camoflage went down around the perimeter. DiamondCreed's optics turn a deadly red. The Autobot Symbol is replaced by a Decepticon symbol. Ironhide came from the street transforming into his robot mode. DiamondCreed looks over her shoulder making one of those evil snickers--that was a classic addition of evil snickers--that sent chills down Ironhide's back. DiamondCreed takes her long claw out of Ivy's spark-heart.

"DiamondCreed!" Ironhide shouts.

Ivy saw DiamondCreed leap on to a rooftop which happened to get a part of the wall material split in half. Ivy could feel the tight pain in her heart, while watching the huge chunk of rooftop headed her way. Ironhide acted as a shield to protect Ivy. Her eyes went wide in fear.

"...A robot with the face of a dog." Ivy said. "...Wow....I'm already...dying...so..don't overkill."

"My face is not a dog." Ironhide said.  "And I am not here to kill you, Ivy."

Ironhide transforms into his vehicle mode and drives with Ivy buckled in the backseat.

"Grumpy dog face, your roof is decorated in stars." Ivy said.

"No it is not." Ironhide said.

"You...just...replied to a nickname." Ivy said, as one of Ironhide's digits covered the bleeding wound in the backseat.

"I did not." Ironhide said.

"Did too, grumpy dog face." Ivy insisted.

"My name is Ironhide." Ironhide said. 

"Kay, grumpy dog face." Ivy said.

"Ivy, you know my NAME." Ironhide said.  "Enough of your act."

"Why am...I...talking to a truck?" Ivy asks. "I must be losing...a lotta blood."

Ironhide is unaware what Ivy had done. DiamondCreed had come before he had. Ironhide pulls up his holoform, actually remembering then how weird it must be for people who are watching him fly on pass in a fast speed limit.He had forgotten the entirely long, and worst ever trip, where DiamondCreed had sharply announced in Comnlink to pull up his holoform. It was nice to not hear a woman's screech every thirteen minutes in his audios.

"You're not talking to a truck." Ironhide said. "You're talking to a living organism taking on the form of a truck."

"Yes...Yes, I am." Ivy said.  "I am talking to a truck of my imagination."

"No." Ironhide said.

"Yes." Ivy said. "I know the...difference between reality and imagination."

"No." Ironhide said. "Otherwise you would not be bleeding."

"I am arguing with a truck if they are a truck at all." Ivy said.  "That doesn't make sense...maybe you should approach a scientist of logic. You're...a grumpy truck with the face of a old dog being blue and metal all."

"It makes perfect sense." Ironhide said. "Don't you remember me?"

"I see Nala."  Ivy said.

"Nala what?" Ironhide asks.

"Nala!" Ivy reaches her right hand out. "I'm sorry."'

"You're seeing things." Ironhide said.

"Nala." Ivy said, with a smile as a tear went down the side of her face.  "My first cat. My first cat  that died because of a hairball...I shoulda acted when you meowed differently the day before you died...I shoulda..." She lowers her and down enough that it stopped inches above the seat and begins making a stroking movement.It is as if she is petting an actual cat that is not there. "Nala..."

"Hold on!" Ironhide said.

Ironhide drove through the street--using the empty sidewalk as a short cut--enough that he tore down several street signs. DiamondCreed's flee had to be dealt by someone else.Even though Ivy had come back out  of the grave, quite literletly, that really did not make Ironhide think it could happen twice. If a person comes back out of the dead, just once, and comes back twice; they can't come back a third time.

Even with Ivy, somewhat slipping, Megatron too could feel the horrible pain in his spark.

Megatron did not necessarily have many exceptions on humans, but this, this one had prevented him from going back to the pits. He could feel the link is fading. If DiamondCreed is going to leave scott-free then she should get his wrath through the other Decepticons. Megatron did not bother to follow Ironhide. Megatron had his own business to attend, and, jumpstart that plan to resurrect his shell to life.

Sydney is licking some icecream near a long forgotten playground.

Sydney could hear the powerful truck engines, even from where she stood, taking her attention off the icecream cone.

"That is the engine of a GMC TopKick." Sydney said, then seeing Ironhide's vehicle mode take a sharp turn to the right crashing through a very thin tree bark. "Wait; why is Ironhide here?" Ironhide came to  strong halt, in his vehicle mode, across from Sydney.  "What's sup, weapon doc?"

"Ivy doesn't remember." Ironhide said.

Sydney saw a stop sign sticking out from Ironhide's front wheel.

"Uh,we kind of had an issue with a cybertronian version of Freddy." Sydney said. "That was the reason Ivy had to change her memories and put in a restriction to not allow any cybertronian come into her dreams."

Ironhide's grip on the wheel tightens.

"Where is the lab?" Ironhide asks.

"Uh...no where." Sydney said.

"Don't lie to me, Sydney." Ironhide said.  "Your friend is dying and I need to use the machines that are capable of operating on her."

Sydney's eyes widened.

"I'll activate it." Sydney said, and then rushes--while holding the icecream cone that remained intact--all the way to the tree.Ironhide followed Sydney of course, without making it seem attention raising by nosy people."Come in, quickly!" Sydney had one hand on the large rounded part sticking out of the tree.The ground had emerged making a driveway similar to a garage aimed underground. "Ironhide, drive in before she is dead! She has a medical room just for this kind of disaster."

Ironhide drives in.

"Hold on, little one." Ironhide said.

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