I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


34. The mech of nightmares

Rufus, the dog who nearly gets forgotten by little old me is on my bed curled up at at the end with his  tail underneath.I knew he would be there; because he would be there when I woke up in the morning at 7 automatically. What I mean is that I wake up at 7 AM on the spot.But tonight I am having a strange dream.

A dream that involves a robot about Optimus's height.

"Who...who are you?" I ask, gazing up towards the robot with red blazing optics.

This robot has yellow armor, his vehicle reminds me of a jeep.I can see the Decepticon symbol on his shoulder armor. He had a helmet designed unusually similar to a warrior's helmet in a movie based medieval times minus the cap over his optics. It reminded me of a baseball's cap. It made a shadow that could allow light to come through.

"I reap on those who dream."

He feels along a part to a metal scythe in his right servo.

"I reap on those dream, get outta my mind!" I demand. "You don't belong here."

He looks down towards me.

"That is not my name."

I groan, rubbing my forehead.

"You just said it was." I argue.

He takes the scythe off his right servo  then puts the flat bottom part to the ground making the floor rumble beneath my feet.

"I did not."

I take my hand off my forehead feeling irritated and glare up towards the yellow gray robot.

"Damn it, decide already!" I shout.

"My name is Midreaper." Midreaper said.  "Though Megatron would call me 'Mid' often times."

So his name is Midreaper. So I should call him by the name 'Midreaper'.

"You're a dream." I said. "You can't jump from dream to dream."

"That is where you're wrong." Midreaper said, as the scenery is changing.

I raise a brow.

"I want you to see what you might face." Midreaper said, tearing his hand through the scene like it is paper. "In the upcoming stellar cycles.Not even the Autobots are aware of this." He tore open the paper scenery to reveal a huge lab. "Take a good hard look....human."

"Thing, you mean." I said.

There is a huge construction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton being made beside a Pterodactyl that too is in progress. I gape at this scenery hearing the noisy sounds made by machinery being used by people.These people were dressed up in protective armor. It made me wonder if this Midreaper is a vague Psychic part of my mind.

"I am not a Psychic." Midreaper said. "I am a figure similar to that Freddy  Krueger human."

I look up towards him.

"Freddy Krueger." I said. "GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE FOR BEING A SCIFI FAN!" I held my hand up. "Now!"

Midreaper laughs shaking his helm to both sides.

"I am not an avid viewer of Science Fiction." Midreaper remarks.

"...I am talking about the Scifi channel." I said. "Wow,what a great way to lose a high five from a willing participant." I lower my hand feeling disappointed in this guy. "You're the most disappointing dream hopper I have ever met."

"I am the first dream hopper." Midreaper claims.

"Wrong." I said, turning my thumb upside down. "It is Freddy Krueger."

"He's the second." Midreaper said.

"WRONG AGAIN." I shout in a high pitch voice.

"I am the first." Midreaper argues back. "The very first."

"Liar." I said.

"Believe me." Midreaper said. "Freddy came into this world decades ago."

"I can't." I said.

"Why?" Midreaper asks.

"You compared yourself to Freddy  Krueger and you claim you were the first." I said. "No one is the first; only Freddy."

"That is contradicting." Midreaper said.

"So is The BoogeyMan, The Scarecrow, The MothMan, and a lot of others." I explain.

"I am old as Ironhide." Midreaper said.  "His dreams are full of cannons unlike Crosshairs...His dreams are full of bullets and being a loose wolf."

"He works alone." I said. "Go figure." I snap my fingers, correctly, this time. "Yes!" I dance.  "I snapped my fingers correctly!"  I threw my hands into the air then run around in circles. "Woohooo!I DID IT! I did it in a dream!"

The ground trembled beneath Midreaper's wheels that slides across the floor through the people as if he were transparent.

"To everyone in this room; we're not here." Midreaper said, coming to a halt to the side of the Tyrannosurus Rex.

"Because it is a dream." I said.  "Thanks for pointing that out."

"They're not dreaming." Midreaper said in a deep voice that wasn't similar to Megatron's. He stands by the construction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. "This..." He places his long wide index claw on the hard metal skeletal part to the Tyrannosaurus Rex's cheek. "This is made from deceased cybertronians."

I stop my cheering.

"Good guys don't recycle their dead." I said, denial. "Only Frankenstine's creator does that."

Midreaper makes an odd laugh.

"Not true." Midreaper said, as he had stopped laughing. "They call this...Transformium."

"Platanium,Titanium, Barktanium, Lithuanium, Typetortainum." I said, making up words off the bat."I make better nonsense words than you do, wannabe nightmare maker."

Midreaper turn his helm away from the skeleton.

"The transformium that made this reconstruction was made by a deceased Autobot." Midreaper said, taking his index claw off the metal cheek. "His name was Jazz. The Autobots had put his body somewhere where they thought humans wouldn't look." I could feel a sick feeling growing in my stomach. "All that is making the Autobots believe his body is still there is because of a fake replica."

 He had to be making this up.

"How do you know, Mid?" I ask.

Midreaper looks down towards the long claws belonging to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"I..." Midreaper slowly looks away from the humans doing their work. "I...was awakened." He walks off from the in progress cybertronian dinosaur skeleton. "When they were melting down his helmet. I had gotten bored during the war and fell asleep to his mind full of Jazz music." He played a track of Jazz music. "That was the best music I ever heard."

It was quite catchy with the trumpet playing.

But now it makes me feel sad.

"I should tell someone about this!" I said. "This is wrong."

"That does little to no good." Midreaper said. "I share your distress with this, and yes, it is wrong." He made a heavy sigh.  "Even showing you this scene; I have no idea where it is taking place." The irritation in his voice is genuine. "The only way I know of this building's level is because...of my rude awakening."

I couldn't believe how complex, unique, and somewhat strange Decepticon is speaking to me.

It makes it more harder to believe he is a Decepticon.

"Too bad." I said, folding my arms. "You came into my dream."

"I stumbled upon it." Midreaper said. "There's much you won't get about me."

"What I don't get is how you're alive." I said.  "That doesn't make sense."

"Decepticons have ways." Midreaper said. "I used to be a cybertronian, the promise of a extended life span, immortality, and the fun of making others have twisted dreams that plagued them sounded promising." Midreaper looks down to his right servo then rubs his index claw and thumb claw together."Promises easily turn into rust."

"So, how do you survive?" I ask.

Midreaper looks away from his cybertronian claws.

"Dreams don't starve." Midreaper said.  "Nightmares are eternal than you believe."

I make a pucker face as Midreaper made the scenery change to a dog park.

"Good point." I said.

"I make the brightest of all points." Midreaper arrogantly said, leaning against a large tree that began to turn a dark gray as if it were dying.  "Especially for your connection to Megatron."

"You got a message for him." I guessed. "In a dream that I can control."

 I watch a wolf with antlers run after a running cat.That was way too cute and unusual.The cat speeds up  leaving a trail of dirt that smacked into the wolf's face. Mrs Sandler had told me one time that she wouldn't be surprised to hear I had a dream like this, and now she'll hear it except for the part about Midreaper.

"His worst nightmare is coming." Midreaper hints. "And he cannot stop it."

"Which is you." I guessed.

"No." Midreaper said with a short laugh. "If it were me; I would have made various obvious hints."

A light bulb went off in my mind.

"Oh,Megatron is  a Germaphobic." I said.  "Germs all over him!"

"You know..." Midreaper said, taking his side off the dead tree. "Just tell him. He'll understand."

I lunge forwards feeling sweat coming down my face.Rufus lifts his head up off from his paws wagging his little tail and tilted his head ever so cutely.It is morning; that I know because frankly it is not dark in the room so much that it would be a challenge to walk my way towards the door without stepping on Rufus.I go through my hair taking a sigh. Yes, sometimes I over-worry about walking in the dark.

"I am okay, Rufus." I said.

I look over to see the clock is reading 6:48 AM.

"Wow, that is new." I remark, surprised. Rufus whines coming over to me and then licks my face when he had gotten close enough. "Aww it is okay little guy." I grab Rufus into a little hug that wouldn't squeeze him to death.  "You're okay little guy."

I am surprised that Megatron wasn't in the house trying to cause a disruption.

Guess he'll learn after I have breakfast and take a shower and do all the important stuff.

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