I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


55. the cause of devestation

...1:20 PM...
To be the cause of another devastation is not on my list to do's. Not to be the main center of my attention is my goal after all who wants to be in a unwanted war between two giant killing alien robot machine races? Last year there was a couple Decepticons coming after me to avenge The Fallen's death. Sideswipe slayed them, in part with some help from Bumblebee, while I had been enjoying my summer vacation in America!

"Earth to Ivy,Earth to Ivy, Earth to Ivy," Sideswipe said. "Do you copy?"

"Me is here," I said, shaking my head.

Sideswipe is driving me somewhere for my birthday. Sideswipe had told me it would be something I really,really, really love to learn more about. Something that is so fascinating  it could take up my attention for an entire solar cycle off the various stories developing in my mind.

"Obsessing over the Lion King?" Sideswipe asks.

I have a little smile.

"Not anymore," I said. "My brother  made me promise him to see a movie this year and I saw it."

"Ivy,I am not aware of your deceased sibling." Sideswipe said as he passed a herd of cows. I roll an eye thinking back how Ironhide mentioned Sideswipe had been passing time in New Mexico for the past two years. "My question about your new 'obession' still stands."

Cows were mooing quite loudly as though they were posing a 'moo' contest.

"Well, it's a Marvel movie." I explain. "The end credit scene blew me away while going down the stairs not at all in the slightest interested in seeing another one related to Thor." I wave my hands up and down similar to a balance thing on the golden symbol behind the Judge at a trial. "Now, because of that end-scene; I look forward to the next movie!"

"I do not watch 'chick flicks' humans produce." Sideswipe said.

I sigh lightly shaking my head mildly laughing.

"It is not a chick flick," I said, shaking my hands. "Not at all."

"Then what is it?" Sideswipe asks.

"Siblings," I said. "And secrets."

"...An entire film about siblings and secrets sounds repetitive." Sideswipe said.

"Well, its kind of like Megs and Optimus's relationship except the other guy is adopted and isn't the leader of some faction being tall as you." I explain. "I think he's part frost giant and part Asgardian. His mother must have died during the attack on Jotunheim since she was part of the attack on Earth. His mother must have been an Asgardian capable of making such a protection field for her own body so she can have physical contact with Laufey!"

"You must have done a lot of research after one viewing." Sideswipe said.

"Course I did!" I said. "I have to be familiar in what I am writing about."

Of course; I must sound mad to Sideswipe.

"You're writing a story based on Thor?" Sideswipe asks.

"Maybe I am, maybe I am not." I said.

"Hypothetically speaking; if you're making one, how many chapters were there currently be?" Sideswipe asks.

"Eighteen," I said. "Fun eighteen entertaining chapters." I tap my fingers together ever so shyly. "And may have not hit nine thousand reads a couple hours ago."

"Nine thousand reads." Sideswipe said.

"Yep!" I said with a nod.

"Nine thousand humans read, hypothetically, your eighteen long first Thor story." Sideswipe said, sounding hard to believe. "All in the time of a earth month."

"Well, theoretically speaking it would not be a fanfic about Thor the character." I said.

"What?" Sideswipe said, his holoform looking over back towards me.
"It's about the other guy." I said. "The antagonist of the film."

"I am not familiar to the film." Sideswipe reminds me.

"His name is Loki and he's a god of mischief and he's quite pale and he's like a vampire Dracula prince only with a hair style similar to Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter." I take a short sigh. "Loki has magic, snow powers--" I see something speed across the road. "Uh watch out for the road!"

Sideswipe takes a sharp turn to the left then through a ditch and flew over a large mound then landed back  on the road but actually Sideswipe's vehicle mode entirely bumped once landing.The bump made me fall right over onto the  neighboring passenger seat. I lifted myself back up hearing the side door had been loosely slid out of the attachment that activated the locking system.

Wow,just wow, even a Autobot goes speeding way too often that the lock part to the side door has become rusty and malfunctioned that it does not become a reliable part.

"Dude," I said. "I knew you were racing last week!"

"Did not." Sideswipe argues back.

"Then why does the side door keep sliding out and the wind whistles through?" I ask.

The side door clicks back in.

"You never heard that." Sideswipe said.

He just pretty much convinced me that I am right.

"Why yes I did." I said.

"Do you know how to keep your mouth  shut about spilling secrets in front of Optimus?" Sideswipe asks.

"I have to tell the truth," I said. "It keeps bothering me and bothering me, and bothering me,and--"

"You can keep it to yourself." Sideswipe interupts me.

I pout then fold my arms and frown.

"Well, I tell Georgie everything!" I said.

"She is the one you live with." Sideswipe said.

"Yeah," I said, nodding. "I do."

"But she's not the one who can make you go make sure that Sam Witwicky doesn't go bonkers on his vacation overseas." Sideswipe said. "Last time I went with Bee; that boy would not shut up for a single second. All he did was scream all the way.His former girlfriend has been showing up in 'screaming men support group' lately."

"Wow," I said in utter amazement. "Sam sure got a new girlfriend fast."

"They broke up a couple stellar cycles ago." Sideswipe said as his fingers tap on the radio. "Hmm..." Sideswipe seemed uneasy driving down the lonely road belonging to a state I am not aware of. "No one's answering."

"About the new girlfriend?" I ask.

"No," Sideswipe said, slowing down his speed. "There is something not right about this solar cycle. Not a Autobot's communication channel is up; normally, since Crosshairs partnered with Arcee, you would hear cybertronian bickering in Idaho comnlink frequencies." So the two decided to hook up, quite the news really to hear. "Those two never cease to find a resolution in their silly arguments."

"We're in Idaho." I said. "I never heard of Idaho." I raise my eyebrows. "There must be something important in Idaho. This must mean that Mr Hairs and Miss 'Cee has a surprise for me!"

I mentally pictured a Lion King birthday party being set up for me.

"That is not what your surprise is." Sideswipe said, coming a complete stop near a deserted farm road that has a sign sticking out reading 'Coutnerdale ten miles ahead' with a painted smiley face beside the words. My excitement had been raised up too high so I did not believe it. "This is quite odd."

I look both ways seeing not a bird around.

"I'MMA HAVE A LION KING THEMED PARTY!" I cheer waving my arms ever so frantically excited. "Woohoo! I can't believe Crosshairs finally decided to give cooking a shot!" I did a little dance waving myself  side to side doing air punches excitedly. "Best birthday ever."

Something hard smashed into the left side of Crosshair's vehicle mode. It smashed so hard Sideswipe's vehicle mode crashed through the fence landing into the field. I had my hands tightly around the seatbelt hearing my heart pound, the instinct to look around and dive for safety, while reeling in the unexpected shock.

"Ow," Sideswipe groans. "My side."

Sideswipe then transforms into his robot mode catching me by his right servo--he had unbuckled me during the change--sitting there solid.Sideswipe puts me down while acting wary for any upcoming opponents.There is a sound of a crow sitting on  scarecrow making an eerie kaw sending chills down my back.

"I said there was something wrong." Sideswipe said. "Something drew the two out of Idaho." Sideswipe scratches his helm. "But what?" He looks down towards me. "I believe this is where you start running."

Then a long unexpected scythe stabs through Sideswipe right through his chest. 

"Sideswipe!" I yell as Sideswipe grabs at the scythe's tip looking down upon it in horror.

The scythe's sharp tip leaks in energon.Sideswipe looks down towards me, his optics riddled in 'I am sorry for failing', yet a dying touch to it made me feel sad.It felt like Mufasa and Little Foot's mother dying only at the same time before my eyes--as they were great figures--merged into one being.

"Run." Is the last word out of Sideswipe.

"Ah great," Came a much sinister and scary voice I have feared for a long time.A voice I had heard in my nightmares a couple years ago in Florida. I turn around then began running fast as my feet could carry me. "My dear Creed, following wasn't part of our plan!"

DiamondCreed and Midreaper are working together!

I speed off jumping over a few hedges hearing the sounds of metal ripping out the ground thanks to some claws sticking right out connected to a gigantic tire pushing the alien robot forwards.

"You cannot run from me,little girl." DiamondCreed said as she swoops in my way and then picks me up quickly making a long swirly mark in the ground. "No you do not."

I tearfully stare at DiamondCreed.

"Kill me all ready." I said. "Just get over with this; I am finished with this-th--this dance."

"We have a much better idea," DiamondCreed said.  "You are femilar to Megatron; correct?"

I saw Midreaper cut off Sideswipe's head.What I had left for this day to be hopeful went down the drain. My birthday is going the worst one because it is a day of tragedy for what can be defined as to a couple robots. I feel sick watching Sideswipe's head roll right beside DiamondCreed's foot then face up towards me.

"I am not associated to Megatron," I said. "Nor do I want t--to--to go back at my word."

"Your word is meaningless to your friend's lives," DiamondCreed said as my eyes grew small. "You will help us eliminate a threat to the real still very much surviving Decepticon cause." Is she brainwashed?, I thought shaking in fear, Megatron leads the very threat. "One wrong move and we will send one of our best killsmiths on Georgie."


I have no choice really but to be their bait to lure Megatron.

Their 'damsel' in distress.

God how does Daphne not mind being kidnapped most of the time in Scooby Doo?

"Fine," I said, feeling sick at my comply. "I am very femiliar to Megatron."

"Then you can be our tool to lure him out using your Wattpad." DiamondCreed said.

I stare at her as the tears went away.

"You read my Loki Fan Fic?" I ask, in shock.

"No," DiamondCreed said, narrowing her optics. "I am aware of your account...Simbaslittlegirl." She taps on her chin plating getting an optic glare from Midreaper. "Update your feed."

I blink fighting back the tears.

"You mean update my status?" I ask.

"Yes," Midreaper said. "Make it short."

"Then can you let me go?" I ask.

"You have to be there," Midreaper said. "Or else..." He lightly places one part of the energon coated scythe on the side of my face. "You will be dead by now.You are our proof of life."

I lower my head.

Damn, must  I be the culprit to a leader's downfall?
______                                                              _______
...2:30 PM..
...Abandoned warehouse...

In the time I had been gone my story had gone up about two thousand nine hundred thirty reads. Casting out my scared demeanor prooved to be hard because DiamondCreed kept implying sinister threats about not carrying out request. A decision was made in my mind that if I were to leave everyone out of the blue then to maintain my writing on Wattpad there has to be a IP scrambler device made so no one can track me.

Note to self; make a IP scrambler bluetooth for the laptop.

Midreaper had me stuck in a cage left to my thoughts without a computer to my disposal.

I made sure to log off after one last look at my Wattpad page.

Where were the Autobots?

Why was Arcee and Crosshairs not in Idaho?

I could see there is a dinosaur cybertronian munching off Sideswipe's body using one leg to turn the helmet over  towards the side and feasting on the side of the neck.It reminded me strangely of a scene from Jurassic Park where a herd of dinosaurs being sleek, egg  snatchers, and swift as a fox were fleeing from a tyranosaurus Rex. This Cybertronian Dinosaur happens to be a Tyrannosuarus Rex out in the open of this crazy perhaps loveable world not making a dime of sense.

Midreaper came over to the cage holding a piece of a blade in one of his servos.

"We need your pinkie." Midreaper said.

I crawl back in the cage far from Midreaper.

"No!" I shout, clenching at my hand as Midreaper opens the door to the cage.

"You never use your pinkie digit," Midreaper said taking me out by the hand. "It's pretty useless."


Midreaper raise's one of his optic brows.

"You're actually asking me to take your thumb off." Midreaper said, holding me up to his optic level.

"YES!" I shriek, squirming in his grip.

I actually did some research about the little  finger while writing that Loki Fan Fic.

"You should weild a medal for being strange." Midreaper said.

I frown back at Midreaper in anger at his retort.

"No," I said. "That's cause I do my fragging research."

"Fine then." Midreaper said, placing me on the table. "Say goodbye to both thumbs."

Then with a mighty swing there is incredibly sharp pain from my hands.I closed my eyes fighting back the temptation to cry. How would Alexandra deal with this pain?, I thought, she would grab a rag and put it into her mouth then  bite on it hard while covering up the wound.Energon blood oozed out of my bleeding wounds. I saw my two removed thumbs lain--detached--across from what they had been cut off.
DiamondCreed carefully picks up both thumbs then places them into a blue box with a purple cool comforting fabric. The wound started to heal on it's own right away by clotting up fast. Midreaper picks me up then tosses me into the cage with my back hitting the hard steel bars.I wanted to cry at my pain but no I wouldn't give them the pleasure of seeing me cry.

I can't let them win.

"Send it to the Seeker," Midreaper said. "Pronto."

"Will so." DiamondCreed said, exiting the Warehouse.

Midreaper turns towards the cage making a purring sound.

"Your use is turning out better than I thought."  Midreaper said.

I look up, my face twisted in anger, keeping back the anguish of the pain.

"What did you think I was originally?" I ask. "A doorbell?, a welcome matt?, or a annoying useless little girl?"

"The third."  Midreaper admits.

My now recovered hand had a filled up hole made in skin and blood clots. It feels weird to not have two thumbs; but then again I never really used them much except gaming.Midreaper lowers himself down to the cage ever so creepily that I felt glad my dreams had excluded any preseance of cybertronians.

"You are the key to returning Megatron to the pits." Midreaper said.

"So what?" I ask. "I've been nothing more of an annoying little girl."

"Who has won over the spark of a ruthless Decepticon." Midreaper adds.

"I have yet to see Megatron being ruthless," I said, straighting myself along the bars trying to wiggle my thumbs. "If not; never."

Right, dumbaft, you don't have thumbs!

"This time you won't be able to help," Midreaper said in a ominous voice.  "You'll see Megatron die."

Midreaper places a blanket over the cage and my entire world returned into darkness. I awoke next time feeling the side of my cheek covered in water, my own tears, including the cold feeling lingering there on my skin. I rub my shoulders feeling a numb area beside both index fingers. I recalled the loss of my thumbs making a shudder.

The darkness is brightened up by a sudden light.

"See?" Midreaper said. "I have the child."

I saw the shape of a dorito shaped robot in the blinding light.

"Then call off the dinobots." Starscream demands. "And then my master will think again on calling off Soundwave's communication jamming."

"Oh, I don't need that." Midreaper said. "All I want is..." He sideways takes a step forward making the ground beneath his pedes depress downwards. "Megatron."

"Let the child go and he'll consider coming." Starscream said.

DiamondCreed walks behind Starscream so silently he can not hear.

"I will make him come," Midreaper said. "And he will understand my proposal is not to be taken foolishly." Midreaper shares a short nod to DiamondCreed. He lightly waves his left servo sideways. "Take care of our little mess, my dear Creed."

DiamondCreed slams into Starscream making the seeker fall down to the ground. Starscream gets up then turns around raising forwards his arm that has an attached laser beam shooter sticking off. Now I fear for Starscream's life rather than mine.A couple shots jetted forwards but they all missed because DiamondCreed dodges these very dentful consequencing wounds.

DiamondCreed takes out a long blade being shaped so unusually yet bented and gothic looking I can not believe that she is a alien robot from a long dead planet not earth related. Come on; that looks so gothic designed someone from the gothic fandom could have designed the weapon then shipped it in pieces to DiamondCreed in China. DiamondCreed has a tight grip on the handle with edges that curl around the wrist.

Midreaper takes a couple steps back leaving a fighting field between the two.

"You traitor," Starscream said, his voice is hissing in anger. "Is this what you want the cause to end?"

"The cause lives in me." DiamondCreed said.

"You're so full of it!" Starscream said, then his laser beam shooters shot right at DiamondCreed.

DiamondCreed spins the blade letting each blast bounce off then return fire Starscream.One blast struck Starscream's left knee knocking out a few important parts that fell to the grass. Where the hell are the Autobots when you need them? Starscream has a short growl curling his digits around a large boulder nearby his leg.

"I can slice a boulder." DiamondCreed said, arrogantly.

Starscream did not say another word as he charged right towards her.DiamondCreed sent down the blade upon the boulder--when Starscream had gotten closer--breaking it in half.But apparently Starscream had already thought ahead about that.
Starscream punches DiamondCreed using the other half of the boulder at the faceplate.

This made the other half break into smaller yet hurtful pieces.

DiamondCreed staggers back loosing a sharp leaky tooth.

Midreaper is standing out of their fight as if it is not his business.

Starscream had also used the second half of the boulder to make a scar on DiamondCreed's right shoulder armor that made a terrible screech being shoved in forwards. I can hear the sounds of dinosaurs in the background--what I am saying is; there are dinosaur sounds right behind me but they sound pretty distant--acting very impatient. Starscream drops the totally broken rock letting all of the pieces land on the grass.

"At least I was loyal to my master," Starscream said, in a hateful voice. "Till the end."

DiamondCreed grunts as she narrows her optics towards Starscream.

"You were never loyal to your master!" DiamondCreed cries kicking off Starscream's helmet.

Starscream fell over--his exterior helmet knocked off--landing on his right side.

What the seeker did not expect is a lethal blow to the back positioned right down towards the spark. I saw the life drain out of Starscream's red optics until they were nothing but barrels connected to wires in a lifeless shell. Starscream's body came to a giant fall making the ground tremble. My whole world became slow similar to a slow paced scene in a action movie only made more personal.

Midreaper came over to Starscream's lifeless shell.

"Let's give Megatron a welcome gift." Midreaper said, using crude humor.

"May I do the honor?" DiamondCreed asks.

Midreaper turns his helm towards DiamondCreed.

"Starscream is your rival, my dear Creed." Midreaper said. "If that is what you want."

DiamondCreed's right optic glints brightly in a way reminding me of a eager business man ripped out of a stereotypical movie about superheroes saving the day.Except this is not a movie about superheroes; this is not a movie at all, well technically it is in the other universe, but quite  really a frightening scene.

DiamondCreed lifts the blade inches above Starscream's neck. Now I wish Midreaper covered the cage that has bars so close together not a human can wiggle out. DiamondCreed raises the blade up four feet above Starscream's wire jumbled neck. I shield my eyes using both hands. Then a clean cut 'sle--urch' came to afterwards.

"This time we're dropping it off on Barricade!" DiamondCreed excitedly said.

"We don't know where he would be," Midreaper said. "He was not in the battle of Egypt."

I am still covering my eyes.

"I know where Barricade ventures to," DiamondCreed said. "He is a creature of habit."  I heard a metal object drop into a far hollow item. Then the sounds of tightening hard stubborn casing met my ears.  "You can do it this time, Mid, remember our turn taking."

"Then you take the cargo," Midreaper said, as the cage shook. "And I take the barrel."
DiamondCreed spoke in a language that is not human.

Oh wait that  is Cybertronian!

"Ah," Midreaper said. "That's where he is?"

"Yes." DiamondCreed said.

I uncovered my eyes.

Midreaper looks down towards the shell of Starscream.

"Grimlock and his fellow Dino friends have already eaten," Midreaper said. "Suppose we could give Starscream's shell to the humans."The way Midreaper had presented the idea seemed reluctant coming from him. The bitterness in his voice made it obvious he hated the idea. Midreaper turns his helm towards DiamondCreed carrying an unsure faciel reaction. "What about you?"

"The Dinobots want a shower." DiamondCreed said.

"...I mean about their appetite, my dear Creed." Midreaper said.

"Hmm..."  DiamondCreed said, with a purr. "Eating that Autobot was enough for a  solar cycle. They didn't touch the spark." DiamondCreed trails her two  claws along the bars. "I believe the humans will benefit from  Starscream's shell."

____                                                                   ____

...Out of my perspective...5:30 PM...
..Slag, how would I know the location?..

The Decepticons are in a meeting. A meeting being held in a once active army base now left to the wrath of nature. It had been deserted back in 1992 due to some unknown far mysterious reasons; actually, they're not so mysterious to Megatron. It had been the doing of far alien creatures planted in this base to be gaurds but instead turned against what they had been placed to protect.

There is a brown barrel with a tight lid in the middle on the metal table.

"Observation: the item stinks." Soundwave said.

"What's in this thing?" Decepticon 2 asks.

"Starscream." Came the voice of Megatron.

All the Decepticon's helms turn towards the recently walked in Tyrant.

"We haven't opened it yet, Lord Megatron." Barricade said.

Many of the Decepticons cleared the way for Megatron to come to the table.

"I know that." Megatron said.

Decepticon 2 shares a questionable look with Decepticon 3.

"Mind telling us what is going on?" Decepticon 2 asks, as Megatron stood across from the barrel right at the table.

"Thee is no Autobots lingering in America," Megatron said. "Has anyone bothered to ask why we have not been ambushed by Autobots lately?" There is silence in the room.Megatron scans the room looking at their dumbfounded expressions. "They are in Europe going after WolfNight and his other animal friends. Optimus has lost his jetpack."

One part of Megatron's faceplate is missing because it had been ripped off by The Fallen.

"Question: how do you know?" Soundwave asks.

"I came across Midreaper's son on my way here," Megatron said. There are a lot of 'huh?','Midreaper had a son?', and 'Mid keeps a lot of secrets' in the crowd. Megatron held up his servo silencing the numerous comments. "And he has been given a punishment of his own."

"So," Barricade said. "Why is Starscream's helm in this barrel and the Autobots distracted?"

"Soundwave," Megatron said, gazing his optics towards Soundwave. "You still have the communication jammed in Idaho, correct?"

"Soundwave: yes, my lord."  Soundwave said.
"Midreaper has returned from the dead and he has partnered with the brainwashed DiamondCreed." Megatron said. "Starscream had been following the human's Wattpad account--" A couple Decepticons raised their servos. Megatron stops staring at the many servo raising. "...You follow her?"

"Depends which human you're talking about." Decepticon 2 said.

"I am talking about the one with a Loki Fan Fic where a character related to that foolish god gets abducted and loses one of their toes." Megatron said. "The story invovles talking lions, a talking meerkat, a animal called Pumba, and a Terminator.It has come to my attention,from Starscream's last message to me, that DiamondCreed is on a revenge mission." There is a silent pause in the crowd. "Now tell me how many of you follow that human."

Those who had raised their servos had kept them up.

"Put your servos down." Megatron said.

The many Decepticons put their servos down.

"Did any of you bother to check your newsfeed a couple megacycles ago?" Megatron asks.

"No." Came their reply.

"No?" Megatron repeats. "Starscream, my flight commander, is--or was for a better word--the only responsible one?"

"Soundwave: does not read stories on Wattpad." Soundwave said.

Many of the Decepticons glare at Soundwave.

"You were the one who ranted about it!" Decepticon 2 said. "And said it was so amazing."

"Soundwave: talking about a different website." Soundwave said.

Megatron shook his helm.

"Decepticons," Megatron said, drawing everyone's attention back. "I have a important announcement to make."

"We're listening, Lord Megatron." Barricade said.

"If I do not come back; you must leave this planet." Megatron said. "To spare of yourself from human greed and the hunting of one determined employed cybertronian not of our race." There are many gasps. "But leave the nemesis."

"Soundwave: Lord Megatron dying?" Soundwave asks.

"YOU'RE DYING." Came the cry of many.

"No!" Megatron said, shaking his servos. "But there is something I've learned from being around a human, an Australlian one,several stellar cycles ago.Many things will be different in 2014 but telling what happens in there will be spoilers."

"You know the future?" Barricade asks, in shock.

"Even in my death," Megatron said. "I will live."

"Uh, you're not making sense." Decepticon 3 said.

"The dinobots, in this other version of our war, exist but as warriors. They were aboard a ship of myth turned into a prison." Megatron explains. There is horror in some of the various Decepticon optics. "That applys to Jess's version of our war." Many Decepticons share a sigh of relief. "In our universe they were cyberformed and developed on their own taking on the forms of nearby lifeforms. Later, when the greatest event of earth history struck, they became fossilized over time."

"Fossilized?"  Decepticon 2 asks.

"Preserved as cybertronian bone," Megatron said. "And the humans brought them back."

"Just like Midreaper."  Decepticon 2 said.

"Not the same way," Megatron said, adding a deep growl. "DiamondCreed brought him back."

"So what are we going to do?" Barricade asks.

"Not 'we', me." Megatron said, picking up the barrel. "I am  going to end this mess once and for all." Megatron taps on the lid at at the words 'once and for all'. "If I don't suceeed in that; shun them."

"You can't go alone!" Barricade said. "You need some back up."

"I am well aware of what chances I have against dinobots and two partnering cybertronians." There is a creepy yet silent deadly pause from Megatron. "If anyone dares to follow me then beware I will use my cannon on your sensetive areas." Megatron said in a threatening voice. "What they do not expect is the very one they took."

"Uh...the tears of Cybertronian Organic is very underestimated?" Barricade repeats.

"There is one thing you can count on Ivy for," Megatron said. There is a collective cry from the crowd in the form of 'Counting on a organic?" that is mostly disbelief. Megatron puts down the barrel then opens the lid. "Not only can she heal fast...She is an inventor."

"Hey," Decepticon 2 said. "We have Shockwave!"

"Who is busy in another continet on his own accord." Megatron said.

"Why must the useful ones get busy in the time of need?" Decepticon 2 grumbles.

"Because some-one has to learn; if they view themselves as a hero and don't actually be the hero," Megatron said. "She must learn to activate her armor."

"Her...armor?" Deception 3 said.

"Yes." Megatron said, with a nod.
"Soundwave: little to no information about cybertronian organisims capable of activating their armor." Soundwave said. "They don't have armor."

"Tell me," Megatron said. "Are you familiar to Iron Man?"

"Yes!" Many Decepticons shout at once.

"A long time ago Ivy experimented with her cybertronian half and used a computer to check out what she can do." Megatron explains. "Turns out she can a suit appear similar to the one in Iron Man except she customized it to her liking."

"Lord Megatron,"  Barricade said. "I didn't take you for a developmental organisim specialist but that sounds really made up." Most of the decepticons are pinching the area where their nose should be. "Besides, how can she not have activated her armor at this point?"

"It was still in developent," Megatron said. "Cocooned if you prefer to say."

"Soundwave: is being taken ill by foul stench." Soundwave said.

"Too bad," Megatron said. "You must use Starscream's head to get rid of our little pest lingering around the base. No one likes to be shooting at alien creatures that start out forcefully getting out of the host. It is very inconvient we wear masks to shield our faceplates."

"Stench does not kill these animals." Barricade said.

"I assure you,Barricade," Megatron said. "Stench and chemicals go together quite well against these creatures." Megatron puts his right servo on the table with a hard thud.  "Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Lord Megatron!" The Decepticons said at once.

A smile curls on Megatron's remaining part of his faceplate.

"Good," Megatron said, putting Starscream's head on the table. He turns away then goes towards the doors. Megatron looks over his shoulder towards the  decepticons carrying a 'oh slag, he meant it'  facial reaction. "For those who stay behind on this planet; you asked for that fate."

Megatron turns his helm from over his shoulder and walks out of the room.

_____                                  ____

...6:20 PM...

"He's taking too much time," DiamondCreed complains,standing at the opening of the warehouse. "I'll be in recharge if Megatron comes way too late."

Midreaper is beside Grimlock, holding the metal chain in his servos, tightly.

"Megatron is preparing for the onslaught," Midreaper said.

The cage holding me is on a window ledge. There is a row of lights beaming on in the darkening scenery. The sound of a petrodacytle in the background reminded me of what not-so-much greatness is about to mark June 6th as Megatron's second death.For a child; you normally do not expect to find your birthday marking a terrible time for human-alien-like robot machines.

"The onslaught of his terrible mistake." DiamondCreed said, turning around back towards Midreaper. I can see DiamondCreed has a frown on her faceplate. "Maybe he is getting more Decepticons to company him on his last flight."

Midreaper laughs.

"Then we have desert for Grimlock's Dino friends." Midreaper said, delighted.
Grimlock's grunt is very distictive that it sounds similar to a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. I can hear Grimlock's grunt in the air. I wrap my arms around my leg feeling ashamed of myself. I feel dizzy, my body temperature goes up, and my eyesight becomes blurry. A white cat with black spots sat in front of me tilting her head to the side. Her gray eyes stare back right at me.

"Nala," I said, holding my hand out towards Nala. "You're here."

My hand brushes alongside her feline head.

"Meow." Nala meowed.

Nala leans forwards and brushes alongside my face. At the touch of her whiskers I can feel an upwards feeling going forwards in my head. Even in the blurryness I can still see my little, and very long old friend, visiting me in my most darkest time. I shed a tear as she backs away letting out a little meow being cute as a button.

I saw another cat appear, but...it was Jack.

Jack the old Fighty cat.

"Jack." I whisper, as tears came out of my eyes.

Jack is curled up beside Nala looking content, purring, and his eyes closed.In the blurryness I can see a small rounded hole beside his left ear. He is a orange cat with a 'm' like shape on his forehead. Even though I played with him as a little girl in my dad's house; Jack would scratch back at me and I didn't care about the pain. I loved him way too much.

"Master, you are going to be okay." A voice in my mind--that of a woman's voice--came in my head.

I look over to Nala.

"It wasn't your fault, master." Nala telepathically said.  Tears are rolling down my cheeks. "You don't need to be forgiven; but what you need to do is let go of the guilt." Nala shortly nods.  "Me and Jack, including the other cats, have been watching over you."

"O--Other cats?" I ask.

I don't know any other cats then these two!

"Yes, other cats." Nala said. "I've been following you after I died in your dad's car to the vets. I never knew a little girl like you could cry that much in their parent's arms. Your sadness touched me."

I look over to Jack.

"How...how.." I said inbetween my  tears.

"I died in 2011." Came a male's voice. "In the forest. I went out of the house and into the forest where the other cats have been killed in. I can't fight or have offspring." I wipe off a tear. "Kid, you may be annoying, but don't you ever think of yourself as a terrible sign of destruction."

I nod.

"Am I dying?" I ask.

"No." Jack and Nala telepathically said.

"You need some cheering up, master." Nala said.  "No matter where you go; we follow."

Nala is from a litter of Kittens my Aunt Shannon's cat had and I chose Nala over them.

Jack stood up on his four legs.

"Rufus went on the rainbow bridge," Jack said. "He went to a better place. But before he left; Rufus asked me to tell you something."

My tears had become hotter.

"What?" I ask.

"You were the best entertainer ever." Jack said. 

I feel really touched.

"We have to go now." Nala said.

"Wait!" I said. "Let me hug you."

The two cats share a glance and then look back to me.

"Fine," Nala said. "Only if you've forgiven yourself."

"I forgive myself." I said, feeling relief come over me.

I grab the two cats into my arms and hug them.

"I'll miss you two," I said. "I will."

"When we meet again; we'll go over that bridge, Master." Nala said. "Right, Jack?"

"Right," Jack said. "For what it's worth; you were a fine girl."

Then the two disapear out of my arms. My temperture returns to normal, the dizzyness went away, and everything becomes clear again. I put my arms back feeling what I can say is a light weight on my shoulders. My confidence rose back up.

"Fine, let's kill the girl." DiamondCreed said as Midreaper's servo came towards the cage.

Now?, I thought,no way it's gonna happen ON MY BIRTHDAY when my two cat friends just told me its gonna be okay! Someday I will die just not today. Besides if it were my last day then Nala would have mentioned I would be going with them over this rainbow bridge.

"Sounds perfect, my dear Creed." Midreaper said, taking down the cage.

I saw a huge blast of fire send DiamondCreed flying into the darkness away from the warehouse.

Oh goody, Megatron found quite the time to show up!

"Good to see you, Megatron." Midreaper said, letting go of Grimlock's chain.

Megatron appears out of the darkness yet he had a cloak on covering one side of his face. I can see his bright firesome optics glowing in the intimidating darkness where tricks can be played on the human eye.

"It is not what I had expected to meet you again in the conditons I have." Megatron said.

"Oh, your poor faceplate lacks another side." Midreaper said, tauntingly. "You got what you deserved."  Grimlock takes a step forwards depressing in the wet dirt. "But are you surely ready to lose the other half?"

Megatron shot his fusion cannon right at Midreaper.

Midreaper crashes through the warehouse--with me rolling around and around in the cage--breaking apart wall pieces. I use both hands to grab on one bar but my fingers got pinched since Midreaper let go of the cage letting it roll  quickly down the abandoned halls.I let go of the bar hearing the loud noisy bumpy sounds to rolling--while being spun up and down similar to a hamster in a wheel--except being more scary.A large fist gets in the cage's way halting it from going any further.
Man am I glad my fingers are speared for the time being.

Wait that isn't a fist.

That's a claw belonging to a pterodactyl.

"Hai!" I said, shortly waving my hand. "Got a name?"

The Petrodactyle has two heads; both of which squawked.

"I call you; Swoop and Doduo." I said. "...Wait that's two names!" I wanted to snap my fingers but I don't have a thumb. Turns out the thumb was actually useful for a coupe purposes. "How about SwoopDos?"

There is a squawk.

"Okay,SwoopDos it is!" I said, cheerfully.

Dos means two in Spanish; I remember thanks to Dora the Explorer.

"Out of my way, bird squawker!" Midreaper shouts kicking SwoopDos away at the chest area. Midreaper picks up the cage turning to the side being very wary for Megatron. I assumed Megatron had blanketed his energy signature. "Thinking the dark will do any good?" Midreaper laughs. "I have lived in the dark old fool!"

"Well," I said. "He quite exactly hasn't gotten to the state of being elderly."

"Shut up." Midreaper said, shaking the cage.

"Neevaaahhh!" I proclaim, hearing a snicker.

That snicker did not come from Midreaper.

SwoopDos spits at Midreaper.

"Now you asked for it," Midreaper then uses his scythe to slip SwoopDos on his feet landing on his back. "Much better."

A single energy blast struck at the side of the cage striking into the side area of Midreaper. I fell through landing on the floor getting lost into the very much dark Idaho scenery. I didn't know that Idaho can get this dark after six something in the night! I manage to get up sneaking out of Midreaper's optic view quickly steaming up my legs.

My heart is pounding and racing.

Wait, wouldn't pounding and racing be the same?

So my racing heart is pounding some out energy and my lungs are doing oxygen 'recycling'. I have been keeping up with my Science learning using an online school website in Australia; I fear now about putting others in risk befriending them and telling them what I am when they find out what I can do as an individual. A large spiky tail appears out of no where; to which I jump right over it heading towards the entrance.There is some light in this bleak darkness pouring out similar to a good movie where the protogonists and the survivors come to being rescued from their horrors.

"Run Ivy, run." I said.

I recall Sideswipe's last request; run.

My forehead feels wet dripping pure sweat and my face too did feel hot.

I land on my knees once coming to the entrance. Gosh does getting out of a dark building ever feel so good. I pant hearing destruction behind me; being wall material knocked out of place, the sound of dinosaurs escaping their unique temporary prisons, and the sound of metal items falling apart out of their places in awry forms. I drag myself to the side of the entrance.

"There you are," DiamondCreed's came to, frightening me. "Running off like that can get you killed."

The roar of a far thorned dinosaur that of a Triceratops made me tremble.

I turn around feeling such anger, fear, and distrust of DiamondCreed that it is not funny.

"I've died before," I said, in a cold and bitter kind of voice. "What makes you think I can be killed off...ON MY SLAGGGING BIRTHDAY!" I shook my index finger at her. "You're the biggest whiny aft fragging femme in the entire course of history and a fragger who frags their targets!"

DiamondCreed stares at me, coldly.

"You just called me a fucker." DiamondCreed said.

A wide smile grew on my face.

Dang Mr Hide, being around you and hearing you cuss a lot just came in handy.

Snooze you lose Megatron for trying to make sure I stop saying that 'whiny aft femme' phrase!

"Oh yes," I said, my eyebrows dancing. "I just did."

DiamondCreed slaps me right across  from her landing facefirst into a pile of rocks.
Ow, that hurt.

"You're too young for such insults."

I get up  hearing the building collapsing.

I bet Megatron toppled Midreaper out and their areana has been emptied.

"I don't know how old I am, truthfully." I said,getting up on my knees then wipe off the rocks. I tun around to see Grimlock right behind DiamondCreed. "You wanna know who's too old yet they keep making insults and pulling mischief? You wanna know who also acts like a child sometimes but does not understand people yet understand machines? Do you know who breaks televisons because they hold people spirits? Do you know who becomes green because of their anger? DO YOU KNOW HOW BEING CHILISH IS ACTALLY A GOOD THING AGAINST VILLAINS LIKE YOU?"

Yep, I just referenced: Loki,Thor,Bruce, and Tony. All in the same dang question.

"Your point is fruitless." DiamondCreed said.

My smile became wider and wider.

"If you were pinnochio, your nose would be long by now." I said. "Hey Grimmy,trip this whiny aft fragger!"

Grimlock uses his tail to flip  DiamondCreed over right on her back.

Oh yeah I had gotten out of the way before that.

"Creed!" Midreaper yells. "Don't let our plan fall apart!"
I look over to see Megatron picking up the sctyhe then approach Midreaper. DiamondCreed takes out a small square shaped box out of her back compartment then turns over towards me wielding a smile that sent creeps up my back. It made me feel horrified to stand before DiamondCreed--all the while Grimlock has his claws on her back--merely many feet away from Megatron taking care of Midreaper.

"Say bye bye." DiamondCreed said, clicking a button.

To my horror, Grimlock took his claws off DiamondCreed then charged right at Megatron transforming into what seems to be a cybertronian warrior equipped with sharp weapons. I stood there frozen unable to do  thing let alone act on what is commencing. Grimlock shoved a long unussualy spikey heavy blade through Megatron's chest. Megatron's grip on the scythe went numb. Midreaper caught the scythe then cut off Megatron's head.

I land on my knee's as a heavy feeling stomped my heart.

My heart feels so heavy all of a sudden.

"It is done." Midreaper said, as Megatron's body fell over to the side.

I clench at my chest feeling a hot turmoil sensation piercing my cyberheart.

"At last." DiamondCreed said, laughing maniacally at the news.

Time to suit up.

DiamondCreed looks over towards me with a curled smile on her faceplate.

"Another loose end to kill." DiamondCreed said, as Grimlock stepped back at what he had done.

I close my eyes feeling hot anger replacing the pain.

"Suit;" I said. "ACTIVATE!"

My body became coated in armor.

My knees got covered by two cups that wrapped themselves around making a steampunk kind of design,my chest became designed similar to Iron Man except instead of a nuclear vortex it is the glowing foggy screen of my cyberheart,my shoulders get steampunk themed shoulders, and my legs are encased in what seems to be a technological mix into the new style of boots being cybertronian themed.
My helmet is similar to IronMan's except my face is shown but kept safe by a protective screen.

My fingers moved around in the armor getting adjusted to the new feeling.

"What the hell?" Midreaper said.

"Decepticons,..." I start, randomly, but very out of the blue. How do I know there are Decepticons around? "Send them PACKING!"

I flew after Midreaper with my fist stuck out feeling incredible rage surging through my body and the power bestowed to me by that portal bringing me into this world so many years ago. I heard other engines coming from behind me belonging to diferent kinds of cars and trucks and so on. You get the point; right? Righty then!
I smashed a big dent into the side of Midreaper's faceplate sending him tumbling down.

"Leave the Dinobots be," I commanded.  "IT'S THESE TWO we have our anger on."

Was that even me speaking?

I can't believe I am really doing this.

Midreaper gets up taking a couple steps back.

DiamondCreed is tossed into the distance team rocket style.

"You..." Midreaper said, in shock.

I raise my arm up developing a rocket cannon.

"I am Ivy Abbigal Bell," I said. I feel a brand on my shoulder appear. "And I am not an Autobot."

Even with the hell I have been gone through with the Decepticons; I made my choice.

"How can this be?" Midreaper asks, in shock.

"I am your worst nightmare," I said, echoing a phrase Midreaper once said to me in my nightmares. "Now run before I decide to kill ya."

Midreaper turns away as I can sense many Decepticons are behind me. I have my boosters activated levitating me feet above the ground. I watch the yellow-gray jeep dissapear into the darkness. I turn myself around seeing what remained of the Decepticon faction. Of what is left.There is quite so many wearing masks over their faceplates.

"I am not your leader," I said. "Do not consider me one."
"You have tremendous strength and power." Barricade said.
"I have super strength, a rocket cannon, levitating boots, invention skills, and healing." I said. "That is all of my skills, my powers, my abilities end there." I look over to Soundwave.  "Yo' Sounders."

"Soundwave: yes?" Soundwave asks.

"Unjam the communnications systems." I said.

"Command: Granted, my queen." Soundwave said.


"You're epic." Barricade said. "Can't you just admit that Megatron would trust you for that; let alone come here knowing he would die?"

I bit my lip.

"Friends do the stupid things under tremendous circumstances," I said.  "I am a child and he was one of those...befriended by an alien robot circumstance. I was saved by an alien robot, linked with an alien robot, and..." I have a short sigh thinking back. "He certianly wouldn't trust a little girl to lead you guys."

"Megatron: assigned Starscream in his absence." Soundwave said.

My helmet detracked and I rub my forehead.

"Urgh," I said. "I may have an extended life span but you should not pick me."

"Lord Megatron died for some-one he cared." Barricade said.

I stare back at him.

"What did he tell you?" I ask.

"To leave this planet or face the consequences." Barricade said.

"Then do that," I said. "And do not hail me as your leader."

Soundwave plays the sound of crickets.

"I don't think so." Barricade said.

"And why are you all wearing face masks?" I ask.

"We got rid of an infestiation and the smell still lingers." Barricade said.

"I can't smell, if it is worth any scrap."  I said. "If you want to be at least...any of some help then get the Autobots to allow returning to the United States." I glance over to Megatron's shell. "Leave....leave..."  The words were painful to come right out. "Leave Megatron's shell for the humans."

I had a small idea.

But what was also part of the idea is something involving leaving.

"We will."  Barricade said.

"Do not come for me." I said. "Just please, don't. I need...to do something for everyone."

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