I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


32. That soundwave character

Alright, since people have not taken the liberty to experience a over-dramatic ruckus by a ghostly Decepticon that only few can see and many people can't; I will tell how my second hour went. Take in mind that Mrs SpringField is left up in the air about my own sanity because I have been acting strangely being linked to a alien robot. Second hour is before lunch. So, take note how Megatron's early dramatic leaves makes me react.

"Does anyone have a reasonable guess how the chicken landed on the other side of the road?" Mr Jones, my second hour teacher, asks as he paces back and forth in front of the chalkboard.

My second hour class is tired at this hour, and hungry.

"No one?" Mr Jones asks, coming to a halt at the desk.

Sometimes I wonder how Mr Jones is able to stand everything that Megatron does.

Megatron puts one of his large digits in Mr Jones's phone that is sticking out.

"Ring,ring, ring." A Christmas tone rings from the phone. "Ding, ding, ding, dong, dug, dug dug." Mr Jones flips the phone out. "I may be a little jerky and a little bit turkey--"

Mr Jones answers the phone as the class erupted into laughter, as did I.

"Hello?" Mr Jones asks.

A  smile that usually wouldn't be seen on Megatron's face grew right on.

"Who is this?" Mr Jones asks.  "Class, settle down." He lightly waves his hand in mid-air.  "This isn't a joke."

Mr Jones lowers the phone from his ear and presses some buttons on the row of tabs.Mr Jones puts the phone on the table. Mr Jones takes out a projector from the closet plugging it right into the wall.He puts a paper right below the light. The room is so dark enough that Megatron's optics glowing in crime stood out the most.There were some giggles escaping from many of my classmates.Megatron did not usually do this while leaving--Sometimes he leaves during second hour and mostly third hour--so this is something new.

"Now, do you see a problem with the chicken?" Mr Jones asks.

A student raised their hand.

"Yes Jasmine." Mr Jones said. "You see the problem."

"I  see a doug in your face, because I am a Turkey." Jasmine said, in a sing along tone. "You got the lyrics wrong, Mr Jones."

I fell backwards laughing as some students were cracking up.

"Silence!" Mr Jones said. "This is a ring tone,Jasmine. It is not meant to be correct."

Megatron scrolls through the phone sharing a quite ''human,watch what you're saying' kind of look towards Mr Jones.

"Sit up straight." Mr Jones said.  The class get back into their seats. "And tell me what is wrong with the chicken!"

"It is a drawing." Catherine said. That is Catherine Belt.The one and only despise-er.

I shot up my hand.

"Yes, Abbigal?" Mr Jones asks.

I lowered my hand.

"It is on a hooverboard,Mr Jones." I said, as several students shared wide eyed looks. "But it has chicken feet; so, the chicken is gonna crash."

"I am sorry, but that is not the correct answer." Mr Jones said. "But what I would want to know the correct answer to is that Harry Potter scar you have on your forehead."

"It is a dolphin marking." I said.  "Dolphin."

"Lightning bolt." Mr Jones said.

"Dolphin, Mr Jones." I said. "I see it every day in the mirror."

"Lightning bolt." Mr Jones said. "You remind me of Harry Potter; as a girl."

"My hair is not that brown." I said.

"It is quite dark rich brown." Catherine spoke loudly.

My hair is so short--because I had recently cut it because those curls were irritating--that I have been getting 'cute hair cut' comments. I believe doing that made me seem a little more older, but otherwise it did little to people guessing my age by physical deduction.That scar was made a couple months ago fighting off one of my inventions in the lab. Geeze, I never knew it was that hard to fight hand to hand combat until then with an robot.

I only knew that if Tony Stark went up against one; he would definitely need the awesome-green-anger-science-hulk guy!


Hulk, hulk,hulk!  Yep, the Hulk is most likely to win.

Megatron presses a button on the phone then slowly backs away.

An eerie familiar theme opening music started; it was The X-Files.

"X-FILES!" I squeal standing up. "That's the right tone--wurr irrr errr dun dun dundun der der wur wur wur." I made a short little long eerie whistle that matched the current music coming from the phone that Mr Jones is holding. "Dun nun dun,dun nun dun dun."

"Sit down, Abbigal." Mr Jones instructs me. I sat right back down with all eyes on me.He puts the phone to his ear. "Sorry wrong number." He presses one of the buttons to the phone then pressed another and put the phone into his pocket.  "Can anyone give me a straight answer why the chicken has appeared on the other side of the road?"

Megatron rubs his digits together.

"Humans, your repetitive questions are bothersome." Megatron remarks,putting his servo through the desk.

Megatron,what are you doing?, I mentally thought as my face became confused and white.

"You know the answer this time, Abbigal?" Jones asks.

Megatron smirks.

"Fun." Megatron said, with a cackle as he takes his servo out of the desk.

I shook my head feeling shy to speak my answer in a crowded room.

"Nope." I said, in a low and shy voice.

"Well, your face has just turned white." Mr Jones said.A cabinet to the desk became open."I would have considered you have seen a ghost..." He taps a red stick on the table paying no attention to the small square phone being slided to the mat on the desk. "But you are too old to see ghosts." 

"Wrong, human." Megatron said with much bitterness. The screen to the phone glows a bright blue with a small white box in the middle.  "You're never too old to witness ghosts."

"So either 1; you forgot your previous homework, or 2; your brain has lost a lot of braincells." Mr Jones carries on. "Which is it?"

I shook my head.

"So the talk-a-tive one doesn't have a answer." Mr Jones said. "Great." He taps the stick on his hand approaching the class. "This class ends in fifteen minutes and I won't find it acceptable no one is giving me an answer.Fine then, you will all get 'F's for not participating in this activity."

What did he freaking do to the spare phone?, I thought seeing the white box disappear on the blue screen.

"Just wait." Megatron said.

"Ring, ring, ring, wink, ring, wink!" The second phone sang. "I am a turkey and I know it, woof, woof."

Mr Jones picks up the phone from the table.

The classroom reminds me of the one that was in 'Flubber' and there was this science set of stuff where two characters were talking. It actually reminds me of the scenes where Indiana Jones taught lessons to his students making the remark  'X does not mark the spot' which he later finds out is a lie. Usually classrooms are big rooms with rows of student desks, shelves full of books, boxes full of activities, and a teachers desk that had a computer.Side note; there is a doorway, windows,and a chalkboard usually.

"Hello, I am Mr Jones." Mr Jones said, irritated. "Please stop calling this line or else--" He stops in mid sentence as Megatron was making the projector's light flicker on and off making the chicken's image become distorted.  "Yes, sir.I'll wait right here."

 Megatron laughs walking right out of the building.

Later on; I learned that the last day of school was rescheduled to today, weirdly enough.

Many students turned in their school books.

 ___                                                                                 __                                                         

..May 2nd...2009...


I turn on the computer, and lo, behold was the ugly face of a cybertronian. I only squeaked falling in my chair to the floor. My legs were the only part that were sticking up. There was a weird language being spoken on my computer. The language sounded familiar then it became obvious that it is in the language that I sometimes had heard Crosshairs speak.

"Oh no." Megatron said, with a groan.  "Not this again."

I get back up.

"What the hell is he saying?" I ask.

"Well..." Megatron said, as he shyly taps his gigantic arrogant digits together.

Sydney and Christian have both gone to the movies with Mrs Sandler supervising.

"I deserve a slagging answer, man!" I said.

"He's asking for me." Megatron said. 

I narrow my eyes towards Megatron.

"State the problem." I said.

"He is on the computer." Megatron said.

"So posses it, genius!" I said.

"I can not with Soundwave doing it." Megatron said.

I groan looking towards the wooden ceiling.

"Must I do everything?" I ask taking my attention off the ceiling.

"Yes." Megatron said, reluctantly.

I grab the small laptop--that can become a desktop computer--then leaped out the treehouse grabbing on hold to the pole that spinned me around and around. I dizzily came to a stop landing my feet on the grassy small blades. I put my hand on the side of the tree's bark that had a rounded part sticking out.I pressed it in.

Wait, did I just hear Icecream truck melodies?

"Yes, you did." Megatron said.

Kal-klunk went the item pressing itself forwards back to the original position.

The strange ugly cybertronian with a visor continued speaking in his native language.

"Keep waiting." I said.

"Soundwave is asking why he got this connection." Megatron said.

It has been a couple months since Blackarachnia took a collectively elbow sized sample of my skin, from, you guessed right; the elbow. I do not to this day know why Blackarachnia chose that area other than my legs,arms, and hands. But then again it could have been the most convenient  area that wouldn't be uglier for an average viewer.The staircase went round and round  so as I walked down them one of my shoes stepped on the door concealer entirely covered by plant life that looks like ordinary grass from afar and when some-one brushed their hands through it.

"Please, not the beeping trashcan." Megatron pleads.

"I made something else,Alex." I said, catching the slightest of all  'what?' reaction on his faceplate and a relieved physical action that easily became obvious because of those high-mighty shoulders. 

"A speaking toaster oven?" Megatron suggests.

"Think human sized." I said, with a little wink.

Crosshairs has been somewhere recovering from that poison event.Although I am a bit suspicious about these random icecream truck music coming out of no where. I had to wonder if it meant that someone is watching me ever so carefully enough not to draw attention to themselves. I came to a slow stop putting my right hand on the hard gray walls surface feeling around for the flip switch.My fingers felt along the downwards plastic item. I flipped the switch up  turning the lights on in this entire building.

Yes there is a big building built under the treehouse.

The door to the lab slides open making a cool sound occupied by a faint light gray strand  of smoke. I breeze past the smoke unable to smell the typical scent that many such as ninety-five percent of the United States can spell. I scoot the laptop over to the table waling right off to the showcasing that has tall glass showing many of my inventions. My inventions, yes, some of them didn't turn out pretty.

I caught a glance of one moving disastrously red-green optic coming from my most terrible mistake. The one I should never had made and never had brought to life. Megatron pokes at the glass using his claws.

"I can feel his spark." Megatron remarks.

"He doesn't have a spark." I said, stopping at the much lowered and shorter glass human sized row.

Megatron made a deep 'hmm' turning his helm down towards the side halfway towards my direction.

"He's sparkless." Megatron said,striding his claws down the glass surface. "The perfect slate for a weapon."

I pressed a few buttons to the screen right below one of the dark tinted glass that is tall enough for a humaniod.

"You know why he's in there." I reminded Megatron with my attention on the screen

Megatron slowly turns his helm  straight looking unpleasant.

"For a reason that you regret."  Megatron said taking his servo off the glass.

I turn my head towards Megatron.

"He nearly killed Sydney, damn it." I said.  "She's my friend, and, she wanted to see the lab."

"She should have not come that day." Megatron remarks.

"But he did it on his own accord." I said. "There's a reason why his body parts are in separate containers in this building." The humanoid that resembled a lot like the golden robot from Star Wars stepped out.  "I had to pull an Indiana Jones thing on him!"

"She provoked him." Megatron said.

"Nah uh." I said. "I have excellent memory, remember?"

"Fine." Megatron grumbles.  "He has a name."

"No." I said.  "He does not. He is the one who nearly legit killed me--"

"He only hit your stomach." Megatron said.

"That was a slagging close call!" I said.  "You felt it."

"And it healed in three hours." Megatron said.

"Only because someone had a towel around." I said.  "It was not during a school day."

"His name is Fleeton."  Megatron protests.

"I prefer Fail X." I said.

"Fleeton." Megatron said.

"He did not flee when he came into this world."  I said. "That name doesn't fit him." I wave my index finger in mid-air. "I highly suggest you continue thinking up names, Mr Meg." I walk towards the computer.  "You will use that body to speak  with this Soundwave character; no 'ands' or  'buts' about it. "

"You're not my mentor." Megatron said.

"I am your link; that says everything." I said. "I am responsible NOT to die."

"Can't we call him Lottox?" Megatron asks.

"That sounds disgusting." I said.

Megatron frowns.








"You're saying he's a rolling ex-boyfriend who likes to rolll."

"No I am not."

I laugh tapping on my chin.

"Please continue."








"One more Autobot name, I dare you."


I smiled.

"That's a brilliant name." I said.

Megatorn shook his helm and walks into the machine. He slowly walks over to the computer making klangs using his legs and his arms were bent and up just in the way that C-3PO would.I sat down in a chair just giggling at how irritated Megatron must be. Well I am not in his armor to know this.

Megatron finally came to the computer.

"I am Megatron, in use of a humaniod robot, please excuse my--" Megatron looks towards me. "You fiddled with the voice box!"

"It is set on default." I said. "The 'nice' mode is currently set so...yeah I fiddled."

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