I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


18. That little chit-chat

"I want you to follow exactly how I walk." I told Megatron, ignoring the flaming area behind me.

Megatron folded his gigantic arms.

"I don't see how this matters to our survival." Megatron said.

I snap my fingers, then give him the  'I am watching you' gesture. I walk straight with my chin up, my back straightened, my confidence raised, and I walked like a man. I imagined getting stung by a  cybertronian bee and then dying, which pretty much provoked Megatron to following  me. His large thunderous steps echoed out the chaotic noises from the other hallways.

"You walk like a prime." Megatron compliments me.

I laugh.

"Thank you." I said. "You were walking like a troll."

"I was intending to insult you." Megatron said.

"Sorry dude, Optimus told me about the harvesters, The Primes, and The Fallen." I said. "I know my compliments. The title of a prime is something to be respected; it's not the title of a king. You must earn the title."

"My brother is a relative to a Prime." Megatron said.  "He inherited it."

"Who is your brother again?" I ask.

"Optimus Prime." Megatron said, with little regards to his brotherly connection. "He was terrible at backing me up during our sparklinghood."

"So you had a father?" I ask, my head turned towards the much larger and huge alien robot. I am surprised they have family units, I thought,Ironhide never talked much about having a family in the first place. Maybe Ironhide was sparked by 'The Allspark' and some lifeless body custom made for him.

Megatron laughs, but not the creepy evil one. Not the one from cartoons. It was the amused laugh.

I might be a big Science Fiction Nerd over-thinking everything at this point.

"We all have parents." Megatron said.

"And who was your mother?" I ask.

Megatron didn't seem to be too open to tell who his mother is. I can tell by his face that his mother was necassarily not a 'femme' but probably a mech.

"Okay, who's yar daddy?" I ask.

"Alpha Trion." Megatron said, in a low voice. "He is the one who bridged our evolution chain from alien sticks to humanoid automonus organisms." Wait didn't Optimus Prime tell me the exact same thing about the Autobot faction? "Yes, not only does the word Auto-bot apply to the Autobots; it applies to the entire cybertronian race."

I raise an eyebrow.

"A relative to Primes, I see." I said. "Alpha Trion Prime." Name sounds really mouthful. "No, scratch that out, just Alpha Trion."

"Alpha Trion preferred we called him 'father'." Megatron said. "He is gone,now."

"Sorry  for your loss." I said.

"Don't be." Megatron said.  I quickly became surprised by Megatron's calm demeanor towards the subject that should be touchy, even for a alien robot. "I have the upper hand."

"Your father; did he die naturally?" I ask, feeling this chilly-cold and murderous vibe coming from Megatron.

For once the 'scary-villain-is-in-your-preseance' feeling came into play.

Woohoo! Go evil moment that indicated I am in the presence of a bad guy!  Go evil moment!

"I murdered him." Megatron said. I had to use all my self control not to run around in circles yelling stuff in gibberish and waving my arms in mid air. Megatron made this unusual evil cackle that only master-villain cartoon characters could make.Man, I envy his cackle skills.

Whatever motives Megatron had at the time; I wasn't interested about hearing them out, now.

"Teach me how to cackle like that." I said.

"Learning to cackle is natural." Megatron said. "It doesn't come with mentorship, unlike my brother."

Ah ha, so Optimus was mentored to become the mech he is today.

"Of course he was." Megatron said, with a chiding glare aimed down at me. "My Uncle Sentinel Prime was his mentor. Optimus gets his wisdom from Sentinel's teachings."

Man, Megatron is really using our link to read my thoughts and answer the questions.

"And how did the Prime title fall to Optimus?" I ask.

"He was Orion before that." Megatron said.

"Before what?" I ask, again.

"Before he was Optimus, there was Orion." Megatron said. "Shortly after I murdered father; he became Optimus Prime." I can hear a brief jealous tone in his voice at the word 'Prime'. "I chose my name after Megatronus, the Fallen."

And there goes Mr Bad Guy avoiding the question.

"The pretzel?" I ask.

Megatron stops, pausing in his tracks.

"You never met him." Megatron acknowledges the obvious.

"So The Fallen is a pretzel." I said. "That is all I am getting off this."

Megatron rubs his forehelm.

"How can a 'thing' possibly know about my grandfather's schematics?" Megatron said, lowering his gigantic servo. "You have never been to Cybertron!" His emphasis on 'never' was loud and clear enough to get his point across. "I have seen your entire pathetic existence relying on friendship and that inaccurate screen yeilding life."

I wish that the president of the United States could award me the 'most weird child'  right here and now. I ain't feeling insulted by what Megatron has just harshly told me.Shouldn't a normal person feel insulted? A normal person--if they lived to this point--would have screamed at Megatron, did a rage quit, and demanded to be killed.

I held up my index finger right at the big ugly Decepticon Leader.

"It is called a television screen." I correct Megatron. "Lord Megatron of the Idiot field; friendship is magic."

"How can 'friendship' keep a 'thing' freak like you going?" Megatron asks.

I smiled, not thinking a thought on Megatron's question. I shook my head with a small laugh and then walk right past him. The answer is very obvious for me. Megatron just needs to put on  his thinking cap.The answer is what allows me to see what is in my way through the darkness in this now-empty hallway.

"Explain!" Megatron demands,catching up.

I decided right then and there to change the subject.

"After you killed your parent; how long did it take for your 'Bro to become a Prime?" I ask.

"He inherited the title." Megatron said.

"You see, he earned the prime title." I said.

Megatron raises one of his metal optic brows.

"..Uh, Crosshairs likes to brag about Optimus." I said. "Optimus risks his spark every single time for the halfless human race, the entire universe, and millions of lives against your army."

"My army." Megatron said, fondly.

"He is the wise, noble, and optimistic guy you would want as a..." I came to a loss of words.I shook my fists at the air while still walking "Damn it!" I threw my arms into the air while walking away from the burning background. "My train of thought just crashed into a barn house!"

"You're insane." Megatron said.

"Not the point." I said, waving my index finger in mid-air.

"Whatever you say." Megatron said, probably rolling an optic. "Why do you keep going? Why do you keep living? Why do you not stop here and give up this charade?"

I put down my index finger.

"That is for you to discover." I said, with a little wink. "And you won't find it out through mah thoughts."

We had a unusual eerie silence between us. Somehow I knew that wouldn't last too aboard a ship we needed a escape plan out of. I don't know how Megatron is going to act 'nicely' making a escape plan with me.This escape plan needed to be safe and reliable; one that would get ALL of us back home.

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