I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


3. Terrible singing

"Are you ditching me?"I ask, standing at the sidewalk across from a house.

"No." Ironhide denied, fast.

I grabbed my bucket out from the passenger seat with a frown.

"Yes." I said. "You are.

"Hm," Ironhide grunted. "Expain to me what ditching is."

"Ditching is when you are leaving someone behind at some location that they are not familiar to and have never ever been in before." I said. "I have moved seven times. I don't have that many friends--well, I didn't have many at all--" I made a pucker face at him. "And I know how kisses bring parents into the 'chicka-bow--wow!' thing. And  don't tell me I have no idea when someone is ditching me!"

"I was.  .  .  .I was being sarcastic.:" Ironhide said, looking at me like a dude who wanted to hear simple english from a scientist.

And then I woke up on freezing cold hard rough ground.Oh yeah I apparently had fallen asleep on the floor. Well that has to be one of the most rude awakening and odd place to wake up. I may be a sleep walker who's really strange when asleep, but, this doesn't mean it's usual to wake up in coldness. I can see the sun rising in the distance fro a window across. My eyes adjusted to the lightning in the room.

"This terrible vocal singer?" I heard Ironhide.  "You want her to be my charge?"

Charge? So Optimus wants me to be his charger? I don't get his very fluent big worded vocabulary.

"Her bucket has a  cybertronian signature to it." Optimus replied.  "And I fear the Decepticons may want this."

"What about Ratchet?" Ironhide asks. "What about Crosshairs and those two short twins; they can withstand her singing."

I saw the two  robots were chatting at a empty space, where there is a big huge platform with uunusual machinery around it. If watching movies such as Brave heart,Dragon Heart, and the 13th warrior are not enough to say this is a high tech scene of a 'hanging around quarters'  then what is? This 'hanging around quarters'  had weapons, metal beds, and devices I am not femilar to.

"They're busy." Optimus said.

I get up feeling bucketless.It wasn't beside me or in front of my feet.

"Where's my freaking bucket?" I holler, sounding crabby and tired. "I want zhe bucket!"

"She's awake." Ironhide grumbled.

Man, Ironhide is shorter than Optimus.

"Your bucket is being tested." Optimus said.

I walk quickly towards the two, until I was in front of these rails that bumped against me. I was right across from the gigantic alien robots from outer space. My mood is not the best; especially with a hungry stomach, a need to get dressed, take a warm bath and to do something worthwhile with myself.

"I don't understand." I said. "You can't test a bucket for mental illnesses."

Ironhide actually chuckled at that while slightly turning away from Optimus.

"We're checking if it's alive." Optimus said.

I stared seriously at him.

"Did you know inanimate items cannot talk back to you?" I ask, stumbling in my speech because of the groggynbess. "When it's not really a robot that can disguise itself as something else and blend into society." I wave a hand as my stomach growled loudly. "Who's the guy testing it?"

Optimus and Ironhide were staring at me.

"What?" I ask.

"You  .  .  ." Ironhide said, pinching the place where the bridge of his nose should be.  "Erm."

My stomach growled again.

"I'm hungry." I stated. "Now tell me who's doing it to zhe bucket or else I will stand here with a growling stomach!"

"Ratchet." Optimus said.  "Our best medic."

"Oooh."  I said.  "Like the ER people!" I wave my arms. "I love ER. Oh Oh Oh, I do like the black woman with the big messy hair and that dude who's actor is George Clooney." I'm excited in the mist of all things. "Doooctoors!"

Optimus turns his head towards Ironhide. Optimus said something to Ironhide in a language I could not understand. It sounded so alien, strange, fluent, and really not-of-this world. Ironhide grumbled about  'feeding younglings is not my thing'.Peices came together that Optimus could have informed Ironhide he needed to feed me.

"Mcdonaaallds!" I holler.

The two robots look at me confused.

"There's bound to be a Mcdonalds." I said, folding my arms. "It's really common on this planet." Do I sound like a tour guide for aliens from a titantic? Cause I really do sound like that.  "And I know how to spot a Mcdonalds so me is going with you, Mr.I-hate-good-singing."

Ironhide transforms into his truck mode. I skip down the stairs with much excitement inside that I was gonna be there when a alien robot ordered food for me. This is soo cool I can't believe I am this lucky! I made sure to buckle myself up using a seatbelt with a click.  I used my hands to roll down the side window.

"It better be intact when I  get back." I warned the Autobot Leader.  "Or else I will unleash my singing upon you!"

Optimus surprisingly chuckles at my threat.

Ironhide drove out the building like a racer in a old circle race track. I grabbed on to a handel for dear life.Perhaps insisting I go with Ironhide to Mcdonalds was not my best decision in this strange version of earth. My wide eyes were so big that looking out the window I could see dogs draggging their owner down a street on her feet. They were so small, fluffy, and adorable. So cute like the Autobot Bumblebee's   .  . . Is it eyes or optics?

"What do you call your eyes?" I ask.

My stomach rumbled.

"Optics." Ironhide said. "We don't call them; orbs, balls,portals, lightbulbs. We call them what they are; optics."

So the word 'optic' is the right word to call their eyes.

"Cool." I said, watching a Taco Bell pass by. I changed my mind right then. "No wait!" I yell. "Taco bell!"

Ironhide takes a sharp halt in the middle of the road.

"Taco Bell." Ironhide repeats, as I heard his wheels turn to the left. Cars passed by Ironhide while honking their horns at his really not-so-smart spot to stop at.  "Don't sing while I take orders."

My hand loosened on the handle.

"Mr.Hide." I said, with my stomach rumbling.  "You don't have a driver."

And then he pretty much was parked there for five minutes straight.

" . . .You are not saying I've been driving for half a human hour without my holoform up." Ironhide said.

The word 'Holoform' perplexed me.

"Are we talking star wars?" I ask. I made a reasonable deduction that I haven't  made a brainfart in the middle of a 'star wars' like era.  "Because we're not in the very far future." Ironhide's holoform came up. "We're still in a century where flying cars don't exist. If we were in the flying car era then you would  have a truck disguies that flew."

Ironhide looks at the rearview mirror with this 'You are annoying' look on it.

"You didn't ask me to remind you." I said.  "I always remind my mom; keys, groceries list, did you lock the door, and do we have everything?" I am really the person who makes sure others don't forget. Ironhide turns around and goes the other direction to Taco Bell. "I am not going to remind you every single day like a mom. You have to be the one who TELLS me to start reminding!"

"You are like a small version of a Minicon." Ironhide said.

"There's taco Bell! The sign that reads Taco Bell with that red head girl who has her hair in pony tails and looks like she came out a different era!" I annoyingly and intentionally shout in a high pitch preppy voice. Oh wait I just described Wendy's signl. Oh well; hopefully they have taco's. "Tacos! No lettuce! Taco's! Two tacos with chocolate milk and some napkins!"

Ironhide groans when he stopped behind a van.

"I hate waiting." Ironhide complains.

"I can't wait." My knees rattle together. "I can't waaaait!" I squeal.  "And then to some-how take a bath and get a new pair of clothes, wee!" I was shaking my fists together, happily. This is what happens when I'm intending to annoy a Autobot just for the sake of it. "Weee!"

I saw Ironhide lightly tap  his holoform on the steering wheel  making a comment that went along the lines of 'Why stick the boy with the scout and me with a annoying child?'. I didn't know they had a human friend. If they were already friends with a human then why do they have no idea how to take care of a child? A human child in fact who should have slept on a bed. This doens't make sense.

The car in front of IronHide drove up.

"Mr. Hiiide!" I squeal. "The line's going."

Ironhide drove up.

"Do you eat food that humans make?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.

"Sometimes." Ironhide said.  "We rely on Energon."

"Energy gone?" I repeat, tilting my head.

"Energon. It's what keeps us in shape, up-to-stander eds, and  more active." Ironhide said. "When we are left without it for more than thousands of years and age; age does not turn out well for us." There goes another bit of confusion. "Energon is what . . . keeps us from the dark effects of age."

I tap on my chin.

"So basically it's the lightbulb . . ."  I then find it awkward.  "No," I was pretty dumb-struck what to compare this oddity with.  "So basically it's a 'Look young forever' product."

I could tell Ironhide nods as the other car drove around the corner. Ironhide drove up to the order taker machine. I saw that it was Taco Bell. Ironhide rolls down his window. I could feel the urge to holler something so odd that the order taker wouldn't understand. My grumbling stomach didn't help  with this strange urge.

"What's your order?" A voice from the comn said.

"I would like a chicken frop Fry, two soft taco's without lettuce, one chocolate milk, one cheeseburger with lettuce,pickles, chicken nuggets, and tomato." Ironhide said.  "I would also like three pepsi's, some napkins, one coffee, and a couple straws."

What's a Chicken Frop Fry?

"We do not have a Chicken Frop Fry." The voice replied.

"Yes, you do." Ironhide said.  "I saw it on the menu."

"He saw it on theee menuu." I sang. "He saw it on the menu and misread it as something else!"

"I am sorry but there isn't a chicken frop fry on the menu." The voice said.

"A chicken fried sandwich doesn't exist on earth?" Ironhide said, with anger in his voice.  "Get me your leader!" Oh boy he's probably a loose canon.  "I must get an explanation why the menu has become a fraud."

"No,no,no." I sang loudly. "You don't want him to complain about a hungry stomach. Oh yeah he's gonna make you lose some-thing close to your jooob----uuuubb!"

"Fine." The voice said, with a schreech. "You'll get it. That will be  fifteen ninety-nine."

The car in front of us drove forward. He didn't roll up his window--like he knew what to do--after driving away. Ironhide stops at the first window that  was open.I can tell through the rear-view mirror he hadn't planned for this. I was tempted not to interfere with his humiliating life-changing-ever-event. Yet the other side of me easily screamed that stomach is hungry and you should not spare yourself more time without food.

"Fifteen Ninety-nine." A woman said.

"I . . ." Ironhide didn't have it. Go figure it. "Um."

"Toomooroowoww!" I raise my horrible singing voice.  "Tommorrow there wiill be a short day awa--awayyyy!" I heard the window doors shut.  "And I won't stop singing until we get what we ordered! Ooooho yEAAAAAAHAHAA!" I did the air guitar thing. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah."

 Ironhide was acting like he couldn't hear me.

I kept this up for seven minutes.

"My audio's are off." Ironhide said.

"You betteerr thank mee for thiiisss." I sang.

"Nope." Ironhide said, as he drove to the 2nd window.

Ah, so he lied.

"You didn't pay." The Taco Bell dude said.

"I gaze at the cieling, wondering what I've done with my life!" I made my voice sound horrible. "Then  come to a enevitable conclus-shuuun!" The Taco Bell dude covered his ears. "And I won't stop singin' until we get our orderrss! Don't worry your next customer will make up for iiittt! WOoah Woah woah!"

The Taco bell dude handed Ironhide the big heavy bag.

"That singing." The Taco Bell Man said in a really 'this is horrific' kind of voice.

Ironhide takes it.

"I know." Ironhide said, putting the really large back in the seat beside him. "Bye."

And then he drove off. I stopped singing just to get some air. Oh boy that was worth getting the tasty tacos without lettuce, with chocolate milk, and two napkins. But what we did find out about my Bucket is that is  .  .  . No; not an allspark related machine. It's really strange when  I have to explain what it is. I can't really put it into words.

Though my singing is a true weapon at drive thru.

Guess who's taking a break from singing?

I won't be singing a lot for the next couple days.  My voice really needs a break. Story telling time!

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