I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


28. Spider lady

The last I recall is making a R2-D2 kind of robot, just for Megatron to temporary inhabit,and beep a lot.My eyes open seeing nothing but a gray surface ahead.Megatron's voice is lingering outside sounding muffled, ugly, so just the usual. Except for the muffled part; Megatron did not always sound this way when I woke up.

"This cocoon is horrible." Megatron complains. "I should have known to bother you into making a knife built for spider housing breaking." I can hear his large feet making sounds on delicate thread reacting to his ghostly presence. "But what did I consistently bother you about?" Megatron raises his voice. "To make a moving metal humanoid!" There is a lot of discipline in his deep heavy dramatic flared voice. "Yet under some flawed thoughts of your squish brain, you made a beeping trashcan capable of sliding!"

"S...Spider...housing...breaking?" I  ask, sounding and feeling tired.

I feel a soft sticky surface.

"Oh good, you're finally awake." Megatron said.

"Mr Meg, my...my machine is on fire?" I ask. "I didn't think the day would come where a ghost starts sounding cray cray."

"I didn't say none of that." Megatron denies. "Tear yourself out of the thick housing."

I tiredly tore away the fabric until I could see this is a spider place.I could see Megatron right ahead tapping his ugly foot to the floor not making a slight indent into it, since everyone knows at this point, as he is dead.I look at Megatron feeling loopy, kind of like someone had put a knock out packet into my drink, tilting my head against my right wrist taking a yawn.

"Now, fall." Megatron instructs me.

I gazely look at him.

"Is gazely a word?" I ask.

Megatron is baffled at first.

"Gazely is something I have never heard of." Megatron said.

"So, no?" I ask.

"I thought that gazely was used to describe magic balls." Megatron said.

"The word is based on gaze." I said, and then fell right out.

Megatron looks down towards me.

"Wake up, sleepy head." Megatron said. "We are in Blackarachnia's spider nest."

I bolted up and then landed back on the string feeling something hard had attached itself to me.

"What the hell?" I said.

"Spider thread." Megatron said. "The stickiest thread in the known universe."

I glare up towards Megatron.

"Mr Meg, explain how I get out of this." I said, in the most sincere voice.

Megatron laughs folding his arms.

"I don't need to explain." Megatron said.  "You're a genius, figure it out."

"I am not a genius." I protest, being wide awake.

"Keep denying." Megatron said as I grabbed my hands into the sticky thread feeling anger boiling up in my body.I can fell excess heat coming from my face.My fingers wrapped around the slippery sticky thread balling it up and twisting it from side to side. It feels like grabbing a handful of sticky grass from the ground except less wet."Your brother is well aware of your IQ being one hundred twent--" I throw a spider web towards Megatron but lets say the ball passed through him. "Remember child,I am a ghost."

I had freed my back of the sticky thread through some crazy way.

"Say my IQ is more than one hundred, more time." I said, shaking my index finger.

"What is the meaning of this denial?" Megatron asks. "Normally a genius would agree."

"My IQ is ninety-seven." I said.  "Don't you dare brag about my creativity that way!"

"To me, you're a genius." Megatron said, as I manage to get up on my own two feet. "A genius can make all the inventions you've been creating."

I glare up towards Megatron.

"Okay,Mr Braggy helmet." I said, folding my arms. "Who is this Blackarachnia you mentioned?"

"She's right behind you." Megatron said.

I look over my shoulder to see a cybertronian female robot with the characteristics of a spider;she had multiple red optics being displayed by the helmet, there are sets of legs attached to her back, and her main set of legs lightly step on the thread. I could see the Decepticon symbol on her shoulder armor.A coward would have ran for their lives to escape Blackarachnia while the brave ones stay to face a unique Decepticon.I turned around completely towards Blackarachnia.

I wanted to kill this spider with anything, generally anything I can use.

"A organic escaped the cocoon I made." Blackarachnia said, stepping forward. "I hate when this happens."

I take a step back from Blackarachnia.

"I am a thing." I said. "A machine and a organic living together in one body."

"You're bluffing." Blackarachnia said.

"Repeat what I say." Megatron said.

"Okay." I said, taking a deep breath in and then a breath out. I had to do exactly what Megatron says. "Stop right there, Blackarachnia."  I held my hand up making the stop sign repeating Megatron. "I am  unfortunate to see you've not given up testing organics with metal parts."

Blackarachnia made a frown.

"You cannot intimidate me." Blackaracnia said.

I look towards Megatron, and he gave me the nod.

"I am linked to your leader." I said. "I have an exposed spark, spider lady." I tap on my chin, hearing what else Megatron has to say.  "Oh."  I deepened my voice to a male kind of tone. "Perhaps you were foolish enough to steal this thing in the daylight?" I walk around her in a circle taking the right direction. "Obviously you didn't give a thought about this thing's security system."

Her multiple eyes went wide.

"M--Megatron?" Blackarachnia said.

"Took you that long." I said, with a smile. I stopped in my tracks. "Answer the question, Blackarachnia."

"In the night." Blackarachnia said, kneeling down to me.

I wave my right hand in mid air turning my head away.

"I am not a king." I said, seeing Megatron looks rather disgruntled about my insistence towards her. You're not a king,yet, I mentally thought towards Megatron which earned a rather childish action from him that went along the lines of sticking his tongue out.

Isn't Megatron not suppose to do that? It seem so silly to see it coming from him. And really odd.

Blackarachnia looks up towards me.

"But I need a punching bag." Blackarachnia said.

I can feel dizzy, and Megatron's large servo on my shoulder.

"This thing is mine." I said, rather protectively like Megatron had it. "I strongly advise you return this thing to her place."

"That is a little impossible, Lord Megatron." Blackarachnia said.

I raise a eyebrow.

"How?" I ask, in his tone.

 "An Autobot caught me,and, I had to poison him." Blackarachnia said. "I need to test this human you're linked to, my lord." Megatron is not at the least pleased by the news. "Instead of falling down and being unconscious; he kept going."

Megatron lets go of my shoulder.

"Blackarachnia, how dare you reveal yourself like this." I repeated Megatron, harshly and cruelly. "The Autobots will figure it out sooner what is so special about my link!" I raised my voice at the world 'link' as Megatron had done. "Trying to make yourself Cybertronian again is not worth the time of my Link."

"I scanned the insect by accident." Blackarachnia said.  "I need to use this!"

"There is no excuses for blowing the whistle!" I harshly said. "And you will not be using her." My voice became furious,rocky, and mad. What I was going to say next was not the words of Megatron. "You poisoned an Autobot! Do you know how stupid that is? They'll hunt you down, track you, and use all their slagging resources to find you.There are so few Cybertronians around because of this on going war that never seems to end! They may be out numbered but you better be sure who you're ticking off; they will have some back up in very big numbers."

I take a breath looking down towards the thread, and shakily, looks up towards Blackarachnia.

"You want to see the heart of this 'thing'?" I ask. "Then so be it!"

I pulled up my shirt and showed her the spark-heart.

"You're..." Blackarachnia gasps staggering back landing on the thread. "You're--"

I approached her after pulling down my shirt.

"A thing." I said.

"You're more than that." Blackarachnia said.

I lowered my voice.

"If you want to poison me,and then, lose the one last chance your leader has to being from the Pits."I said. "Then be my guest and do it. In exchange for you not to tell my little secret; I will allow you to take a sample from me." I held up my index finger. "On one condition; I must be out when you do it."

"Child, the Autobots do not have a tracker on you." Megatron said.

I look over my shoulder, thinking:Well, one of them doesn't want a ticked off Ironhide to confront them.

"And who is that?" Megatron asks.

I roll an eye with a laugh, while thinking: Crosshairs.

"I accept." Blackarachnia said.

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