I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


33. Soundwave goes on and on

"Ivy!" Sydney yelled.

Steelix was pulling back his arm to prepare for a harder punch.Some of the skin to my face is missing showing easy metal parts to my skull.There is shattered pieces of mirror to the side so that is how I know about the gray metal parts of my skull being revealed.These exposed metal parts are a result of  my face sliding down the floor under tremendous velocity forcefully after a little explosion in the space 'float' room.

I felt a heavy metal slam to the face.

Goody, cheek bruise is gonna appear.My face goes over to the side to see the shattered open rows of glass displaying my magnificent and out of the box creations.My vision is blurry for awhile though I am able to turn my head towards SteelLix seeing a part of the ceiling had fallen--with a loud crash--that landed in my right hand.He seemed to pay no attention to what is going on around him.

"Time to meet your creator." SteelLix said as I get a metal square block to defend myself.

I narrowed my eyes towards SteelLix.

"You have already met your creator." I said.

The irony here is that SteelLix has already met his creator. Oh wait, is that Irony? I am not sure.

"Turn him off!" Megatron demanded.

The direness in the room became deadly. Quite deadly. I feel scared for my life and for Sydney's life. Sydney's being blocked by a row of metal cage like bars in the way of the door.Instead of a punch by SteelLix it was quite the opposite what I had expected.SteelLix's large claw made a stinging mark on my forehead. I screamed in pain, my eyes wincing, and I felt around for that remote I had been walking around. The remote to the entire manual part of the Lab. The part that did not rely on the newness of technology. Megatron is panicking as he could feel the pain coming from my stomach.

"I am trying." I said.

"Try harder." Megatron said, not patient with me.

"Trying to save your companion." SteelLix said.  "How sweet."

"Uh oh." Sydney said. "You just picked the wrong word."

"Obviously." Megatron said.

"She's not my companion." I said, with a growl.  "THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND." I slammed the metal into Steelix's face smacking him so hard that he tumbled down to the side. "You, here, are not going to take one step outta this lab." I wrapped my hand up in some random rags like a boxer getting ready for a match. "You are going to stay."

SteelLix wipes off some oil from the side to his mouth.There were some drip drops of oil dripping out the side of his metal cheeks or more so the corner of his jaw. SteelLix had recently got his armor brandished; clean, that's what the word means or at least I think.His cables,circuits, and wires are protected by an extra layer of armor. He has three layers; the mould, the  skin type of metal, and then the protective armor.

"Brandished means threatening, in anger, and excite;child." Megatron said.

"Good to know." I said, getting up.

"The girl who speaks to thin air." SteelLix said. "Not the slightest of all intimidating."

I caught a band aid that fell from the ceiling covered in its usual wrapping then peeled off the wrapper and put the large circular band-aid on my forehead.The stinging pain became tolerable. Very tolerable in fact.

"Go Ivy!" Sydney cheers.

"You threaten my loved ones." I said. 

"There is nothing of importance to loved ones in my dictionary." SteelLix remarks in a threatening voice.

I could feel anger rise up in my heart.

"Guess what it means." I said.

I wasn't sure if I would survive this fight.

"Nothing." SteelLix said.

"Err!" I said.  "Wrong!" I turn my thumb upside down. "You have unlocked the level of intimidating."

I drop my kidding around mood and turn serious. I lunge right towards him with a yell 'Armor, activate' which made armor appear all over my body including a unique style of my helmet that revealed my face only.These is two triangle shaped horns on my helmet that were small enough to be not noticed. They didn't extend to be all 'warrior' resembling.

"Ivy!" Megatron loudly said, snapping me to.

I blink multiple times just to adjust my eyes to the bright golden helmet.

"Yes?" I said. 

"Soundwave, this is my link." Megatron said, turning his head towards the computer. "Her name is Ivy."

"I don't quite follow who this Soundwave fella is." I said.

"He is my best supporter and the communcations officer." Megatron said.

"He specializes in communication, cool." I said. Soundwave spoke in cybertronian, again. "...English please."

Soundwave tilts his helmet.

"Do as she says." Megatron said.

"Request: granted." Soundwave said.

 I stare at Soundwave.

"He's uglier than Fairy Dorito." I said.

Megatron had to laugh at that, no really he did. Soundwave followed my drift not understanding how really funny it is to laugh at a typical and perhaps logical nickname. How do I know that? Soundwave didn't laugh with Megatron. Megatron came to a sigh after his laughter fit.

"Question: Who is fairy Dorito?" Soundwave asks. 

"Starscream." Megatron said.

I feel my forehead feeling that dolphin shaped scar. A memory from nearly getting killed--and somehow surviving that fight with SteelLix with an injured stomach--flickered in my head making a tense pain return. I shook my head. That fight we had shared was my first experience fighting against a robot about the height of a human.The memories I had, and the courage that had came into play on that day, were haunting.

Sometime I have nightmares about SteelLix escaping, and, being too late to stop him.

"Reply: The Fallen is impatient." Soundwave said. "Further note: Soundwave wants the Fallen's calls to end."

"Oh, Pretzel robot." I said. I had to stop and think about it. "So...wait...Pretzel robot is still alive?" I recalled how Megatron refered to him as  'grandfather'. "Wow, you do live longer than humans."

"My grandfather is the one who made the Decepticon faction." Megatron said. "I, on the other servo, is his apprentice. He promised to give me the title of 'Prime' after I kill my brother."

There was nothing I could say at this point.

Only that I view as the title of 'Prime' to be earned, but a cybertronian cannot earn the title back by killing a former prime. It was a senseless act. I didn't want to be part of this conversation about Primes; I have no interest in aiding a climatic fight deciding the fate of the entire world.The thought about Megatron getting his  body brought back online made me feel delighted. Because it has been five months since we linked.

I can feel the link fading.

Megatron had told me a few days ago that at the rate it is going; this link will dissolve in June.

Which will mean I am off the hook to being involved with Megatron's plot.


"Question: Any progress finding your shell?" Soundwave asks.

"None." Megatron said.  "Even the mole planted in the Autobot faction has not reported of any word."

"Question: What about the human?" Soundwave asks.

"I am not a human!" I snap.  "I am a thing, deal with it."

"I have a deal with her." Megatron said. "You must not tell The Fallen."

"Reply: Decepticons do not make promises." Soundwave said. "Comment: Decepticons do not keep promises with organics, only that they will end up dead."

"This lab has a supply of food to last during a catastrophe from above, has can openers, a couple rooms with beds, a couple bathrooms with toilets,has a microwave, a fridge, a table,television set that only plays movie, a dishwasher,laundry cleaner machines, and other stuff." I explained. "Our deal will be carried out."

"You heard the thing." Megatron said. "My order."

"Observation: Lord Megatron does not keep promises." Soundwave points out.

"I do now." Megatron said.

"Exception: are you in a relationship?" Soundwave asks.

"No!" Megatron and I shout at once.

"Worry: thing will turn against you." Soundwave said.

I roll an eye.

"She hasn't turned against me, yet." Megatron said. "Soundwave..." The way he said it was tinted in discipline.  "Ivy, plug in your audios."

"Mr Meg, you mean ears." I said.

"Yes, whatever you call those parts." Megatron said.

I plugged in my ears, and went deep into thought. Various inventions crossed my mind; how to design them, what every day material would be the perfect construction for them, and what else to do for the rest of today. I pictured a combined version of a nerfgun merged into a hooverboard that would have balance between bullets and power juice to carry this baby alive. I pictured then a walking wide screen television that had four legs and a waggy electrical chair with two antanna's resembling dog ears.

Z--zitlch went the computer.

I take my fingers out of my ears.

"Tell me." Megatron said, almost quietly that his deep voice had softened.I could see that my golden Star Wars model is back in the case. The laptop screen is back to the Microsoft Word document riddled in sloppy words.It had a terrible writing structure. "Did Crosshairs brag that much about Optimus that you believe the title is earned?"

"Yes." I said, with a slow nod.

Megatron made a short deep laugh.

"Crosshairs is a fanmech." Megatron said. "There are times when outside organics believe that getting bonded to a prime instantly earns them the last part 'prime',but that is mistaken." He shook his long sharp gray transparent index claw up and down. "When primes have sparklings; the sparkings have names that do not end with the word 'prime'."

"Oooh." I said.

I am starting to understand a different side to this triangle of Alien Robots.

"There is only one prime who leads the Cybertronians." Megatron said.

"But what I don't get is why there's a Decepticon faction." I said.

"Our origins are unknown,unheard of, and a mystery to my brother." Megatron said.

"Except it is not to you." I said.

Megatron "But there is a reason why The Fallen rebelled and why the Primes had the 'do not take away suns that had life on the planet it rotated around' rule."

I sat in the chair,with my hands under my chin.

"A long time ago...Before The Autobot and Decepticon faction were made; there were the knights." Megatron said. "My title, my future one, Lord Megatron, is what remains of that era.The knights, the seven primes, ventured to find suns. Suns to make into energon." Megatron presses his large claw on the huge computer screen. "They traveled in the knight ship."

It became all 3-D like showing the seven primes. I could see the armor reminded me of Egyptian alien robots that reminded me of warriors. I gape at the marvelness to this scene. The room is bright enough that the driver could see.

"Within this ship, was the Knights Temenos." Megatron said. "A sanctum of reverance." He lowers his helmet. "A place that I have only heard of and been shown by my Grandfather." His voice had become lower. "My ancestors were built."

I gape.

"Yes, we had a purpose." Megatron said, as the scene went over their helmets towards space. "A mission."

"You had creators." I said.

"Ah yes." Megatron said, lifting his helmet up. "The ones I barely know of. There was a war between the creators and The Primes. The Primes had the Allspark; the item that brought life into the zombie shells, it was full of knowledge; everything that I am unaware of." There were orange and gray ships in the outer space scenery. "Cybertron used to be a planet like Earth, many, many,many stellar cycles before I."

"So..." I said, my eyes wide. "The planet was..."

"Cyberformed." Megatron said, with a nod. "Yes, it was."

"How did the Seven Primes have kids when they were all mechs?" I ask.

"That should be left not told." Megatron said.

The 3-D scene disappeared.

"Who are the parents of Bumblebee?" I ask.

Yes, I have a space room that is connected to the lab. Sometimes I use it to float around just for fun.Christian one time was in there for a whole day so it took me and Sydney together to get him out of the room. I had to ban my brother from the room then make a face scanner,eye scanner, and voice recognition software to activate when someone related to me--or not related to me for that matter--gets to the front door X-Men style!

"Confidential." Megatron said.

I narrow my eyes towards the ghostly apparition.

"I am your Link." I said, tapping on my non-wide hips. "I deserve to know."

"Hm." Megatron said, with a grunt. "That does not mean I can disclose personal information such as Bumblebee's parents."

My eyes widen and my jaw went loose.

"So." I said,it was the inevitable conclusion. It really was the inevitable answer. "You're Bee's dad."

The image of Megatron telling Bumblebee 'I am your father' seemed rather Star Wars-sy.

"No!" Megatron denies. "I would never have a son short as him."

"And..." I said, knowing there is more to this story.

"Rip his voice box out." Megatron notes.

I gawk.

"You..." I said, blinking. "What?"

"I crushed his voice box, matter of speaking." Megatron said. "It is currently in repairs by the medic Ratchet."

"Cool!"  I cheer. "He's the one who diagnosed me with Aspergers." I heard a 'figures' comment from Megatron. "Tell me, Megajerk, who is Bumblebee's parents?"

It is best to say Megatron continuously refused to give me a straight answer. So I decided to resign with that annoyance coming from Megatron himself. I turn off the lights to the room taking my laptop with me.I walk back up the stairs one by one making mental notes to my self that would be added to the current list of notes on the computer.I really need to use the Zhe bucket in the tree house. So that's exactly what I did after getting back in the tree house.

"Wire goes into plug in." I said, throwing Zhe bucket into the air. "Plug in gets wrapped by the wire tightly, cable is firmly pressed in,electrical bolts are programmed to be in use using a keyboard as a safety precaution."  I watch Zhe Bucket fly in the air while on the floor. "Screws will be screwed in,unusually shaped plates will be taken care of..."

"You're speaking like a inventor."  Megatron said.

"Scar pounces on Megatron and bites off a big chunk of his furry neck that lacks a mane." I said, with a cackle. 

"Ivy, I am right here." Megatron said. "I am a cybertronian. Not a cat."

"That's what makes telling a story fun." I said."I can turn you into a lion so, you're not a cat in this one." Megatron shook his helmet both ways. "I get to tell stories of my own."

"Rude." Megatron said, with a grunt.

"Says the robot who wants to kill his brother." I said, sticking my tongue out kicking Zhe bucket into the air. " Much time passed between then and now. I eventually put the Zhe Bucket back after time letting out my creativity. I heard a car park into the garage.  "Ooh boy, their here!"

Megatron had  left earlier to send some 'secret plans' into motion.

"Right." I said, typing away. "I've been talking with Megatron for  too long." I could hear the door shut. My eyes were focused on the screen. I waited and waited making the planning notes.I heard shoes coming up the ladder. "So,how was the movie?"

"It was so cool!" Sydney cheers.

"It was honestly terrible, sis." Christian said, with a slow headshake. "It wasn't Marvel's finest X-Men movie."

"It was that bad?"  I ask, turning away from the screen.

"I am not going to see another one." Christian said. "Not again." The disappointment in Christian's voice is clear."Sis promise me you won't watch any future X-Men sequels unless Patrick Stewart is confirmed to be in it."

"So Professor X is on vacation." I assumed. "Okay, I promise."

"Yes." Christian said. "But they pulled it off terribly."

"Just because you didn't like the movie does not mean you don't have to wait until Professor X is back." Sydney said. 

Me and Christian share a look towards Sydney.

"You're new, Sydney." I said.  "You should be pitied for not being picky like me."

"I am not new." Sydney said.  "I've read some of the old comics my dad has under the desk."

"Sis,what if you were thrown into Marvel?" Christian asks.

"Thrown into Marvel..." I repeat, and then made a laugh.  "Annoy everyone to my best ability."

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