I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


54. Preparations are under way

The preparations are under way to begin their plan.Their plan to  make  Megatron pay for taking out their 'real' leader.Redsiren is  exactly  where Midreaper had said earlier in the solar cycle.Her bright  red  optics glow in the shadows.The redness to DiamondCreed's optics  softened  into a darker color as she steps back into the darkness out  of  RedSiren's view.
Of course cornering Redsiren right at the   entrance to the forest is a stupid idea, really, as everyone would then   be aware that something is in the making with DiamondCreed's digits on   Redsiren.Redsiren lightly shook his helm turning away from what he had   thought to have heard a foot stepping on a pile of leaves.The sound is   very distinctive to Redsiren's audio receptors.
"Probably a fox." Redsiren assures himself.
DiamondCreed  witnessed Redsiren gain a spider like lower body complete by six spider  legs with ended tips belonging to the Spyder motorcycle mode. He has  three wheels, DiamondCreed thought in such confusion, where did the six   crawly spider legs come in?
RedSiren has a set of sirens on the top  of his very red helm and a dark gray cap like part over the blue  visor.She continued following Redsiren deeper and deeper into the forest  until he came to a stop at a waterfall. The leaves cracked under his sharp  triangle shaped parts hooked into the spider legs thanks to several  cybertronian structured cables bound together by other parts.The  waterfall is a beautiful place in the summertime not just in the winter.
Redsiren sighs, enjoying the cool scenery as he powered down his optics.
The perfect place to corner an Autobot happened to be at a waterfall; how conventiant.
DiamondCreed makes mental plans in her processor on how to deploy a 'cornering Autobot' task.
"Do not slip." DiamondCreed recalls what Midreaper had warned.
Would thinking on how to subdue an Autobot for several minutes count as a slip up?
Screw ups make history, DiamondCreed thought, no more thinking.
Redsiren hears a loose branch break under metal heavy pressure.Redsiren turns his helm over his shoulder--regaining his 'typical' cybertronian format before turning his helm--only to be smacked at the faceplate by a hard rough object.Redsiren fell down into a sheer dark state of unconsciousness beside the many boulders sticking out towards the water edge.
When he regained consciousness; Redsiren awoke pinned by a rounded hula-hoop shaped item. He feels woozy, sick, and a bad processor-ache coming to moments after awakening. Redsiren focused his optics on a blurry figure kicking down a skinny tree into the waterbody. The tree made a terrible cracking sound as it tipped over into the blue liquid body. Redsiren saw Diamond with an arm being bigger than it should be and instead of having five digits she has two claws at the end of her right arm.
"DiamondCreed?..." Redsiren said.
DiamondCreed turns her helm away--her optics flashing a bright red--and stood up from the devastated tree.
"Good to see you're awake." DiamondCreed said,slowly coming towards Redsiren.
Redsiren moved his shoulders but then the metal binding hula hoop dug into his arm.
"Ah!" Redsiren yelps.
"You've forgotten my little capture hula-hoop." DiamondCreed said. "Pity would be appropriate; but, I don't pity Autobots anymore." She has a little hum tilting her helm and like a serpent leans to the side eyeing at the oozing energon drawing out of Redsiren's wound. "I was always curious if you were powered by energon or blood." DiamondCreed straightens herself adding a small laugh at his pain. "Now I know you're like everyone else; strange and very 'kept to self'."
Redsiren had stopped attempting to wiggle his way out.
"You don't have a clue what everyone else is like." Redsiren points out.
DiamondCreed laughs at Redsiren.
"Oh boy," DiamondCreed said. "Stubborn as usual," She does a 'tsk' shaking her helm lightly three times then looks towards Redsiren wielding a small innocent like smile. "I come in your most peaceful time for a request."
"I don't trust a no good--" Redsiren notices she lacks a symbol.  "...Factionless cybertronian?"
DiamondCreed smirks.
"Its my brand." DiamondCreed said.
"You're not branded." Redsiren said.
"My hole is my symbol, little red riding hood." DiamondCreed said. "Ah, this feels good to have at once, in my life cycle, called you by a children's fictional character book name." DiamondCreed shortly laughs taking a step to the side. "I am a Fallenston."
"Fall...iston?"  Redsiren repeats.
DiamondCreed shrugs, a little, acting 'I like it' without needing to prove a point.
"Fits better than a 'The Follower'." DiamondCreed said.
"You do realize there is a cybertronian named Falliston?" Redsiren asks.
"Oh," DiamondCreed said,as her optics briefly shined. "...Him;he died."
Redsiren gasps at DiamondCreed's wording at Falliston's passing.
"You didn't." Redsiren said, in denial.
DiamondCreed nods her helm.
"He died by the servos of Ironhide last stellar cycle." DiamondCreed said, tapping her digits together. "He was rather willing to help our dear mission go forwards."
"Our?" Redsiren repeats
"I have a friend." DiamondCreed said.
Redsiren  narrows his optics towards DiamondCreed.
"What are you here for,Creed?" Redsiren asks.
"He told me you would be here," DiamondCreed said. "You must have come across him once in your stellar cycle."
"You're not answering my question." Redsiren said.
"Midreaper." DiamondCreed said.
Redsiren glares straight at DiamondCreed.
"Midreaper." Redsiren said, mentioning Midreaper's name in a bitter voice. "So he is online."
"Has been for a very long time." DiamondCreed said. "We need your help to find this  mech, a presumed dead one, named..." She gently taps on her chinplating. "What   is his name again?" Each tap made chills go down Redsiren's forearm.DiamondCreed makes an intentional creepy pause darting her  optics  towards Redsiren. Then a wide curly smile spread across her  faceplate.  "Wolfnight."
Redsiren's servos clenched.
"I cannot divulge his whereabouts." Redsiren refuses.
"Hmm..." DiamondCreed said. "You can't tell little old me,Creed, the blonde?"
"I made a promise." Redsiren said.
"Promises  mean nothing to your fate," DiamondCreed said. "Everyone is unaware  you're cornered by a former Decepticon," She takes out her weapon  approaching Redsiren. "And that you'll in the chances of being offlined.  Spill the beans."
"Midreaper is my father." Redsiren said.
There is an eerie silence between Redsiren and DiamondCreed. DiamondCreed takes a step back reeling in the sudden reply. The shock in her optics is great yet a confused facial reaction is clearly.
"He didn't tell you," Redsiren said, with a short sigh. "Figures."
"You're his son?" DiamondCreed said, in shock.
"The only one he ever had," Redsiren said. "With a femme named Windfist."
"So, how far does this promise date back to?" DiamondCreed asks.
"Before you even joined the Autobots." Redsiren said.
"I assume you made this promise to Wolfnight," DiamondCreed said.  "And not one Autobot is aware about your parents."
"My parents are dead." Redsiren said.
"No, they're quite alive." DiamondCreed said.
"I was a couple vorns old when she died," Redsiren said. "And my father left me to die on a different, far unfamiliar, alien planet. This was before the war had started.I was taken in by lifeforms similar to cybertronians except; they had a lot of spider qualities.So the parents you're talking about are dead to me. He may be my father but not my dad."
DiamondCreed pauses.
"You're about twenty-eight in earth years," DiamondCreed said. "The way you speak says differently."
"Well, you never got left on a planet that orbited at a different speed." Redsiren said. "Go ahead and offline me; I am not going to help someone associated to my father."
"You  want us to kill Ironhide's little friend instead of Megatron?" DiamondCreed asks, in a challenging voice. The very fine cybertrionian hairs on Redsiren's neck straighten up. "The kid is our bait to getting revenge for The Fallen. Our real leader perished by Megatron's servos;fine and clean."
"No, Optimus did it." Redsiren said.
"I was there,little red riding hood."  DiamondCreed said. "And you're very misinformed. So; would you want us to get rid of your worst enemy or someone Ironhide cares?"
Redsiren hated himself.

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