I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


53. Planning and preparing

DiamondCreed and Midreaper have been plotting their revenge against  Megatron while keeping a low profile. So low humans could not find the  two on their own, same goes for the Autobots. Midreaper is in his  vehicle mode watching Traff walk out of the building. Midreaper has his  holoform up that is of a man in his late forties,he has the tattoo of a  skull on his forehead, he has curly blonde hair, and a nice attire on.  The figure of Traff disappears into broad daylight within a stream of red  light coming out of a rearview mirror.
"Excellent planning, Creed." Midreaper said, in comnlink with DiamondCreed. "You have superior acting advice."
"Killing the human was easy, but watching him living for one stellar cycle was a pain in the aft." DiamondCreed said.
"His name was Traff." Midreaper reminds DiamondCreed.
"Yeah,whatever." DiamondCreed said.  "Did you get to see the bones?"
"I got to see more than that," Midreaper said. "Much more."
"Where's the plan going off to now?" DiamondCreed asks.
"We're going to need an Ex-con." Midreaper said.
"Uh...who?" DiamondCreed asks.
"Tell me, are you familiar to the mech Wolfnight?" Mireaper asks.
"He...died." DiamondCreed said.
"No,  he never did." Midreaper said. "He was already insane when I came into  his dreams." He had a sad kind of sigh.  "Sadly I cannot take you to  where he currently dwells this stellar cycle because of 'newfound'  responsibility Traff has with these Dinosaur Cybertronians."
"Dinotronians?"  DiamondCreed asks.
"You  may call them that," Midreaper said, as though it were a choice. "But  the humans nickname them the Dinobots bedsides the leader; Grimlock."  The rearview mirror aims towards the door. "You will have to meet up  with the newbie Redsiren, even though he is an Autobot Redsiren owes me a  favor."
"Remind me why we need a loose cannon." DiamondCreed asks.
"This  year Ivy will be fourteen years old  on June 6th," Midreaper starts,  taking note on Ivy's birthdate. "And will be visiting America in the  summer."
"How do you know this?" DiamondCreed asks.  
"I  have my sources,my dear." Midreaper said, affectionately.Midreaper isn't  aware how romantic he is sounding towards DiamondCreed. Calling  DiamondCreed 'my dear' became a bad habit that popped up randomly a  couple cyberweeks ago. "To draw Megatron out we must hype the Dinosaur's  discovery--take the Autobots attention off the media--then drawn in  Ivy's attention.Getting revenge for Megatron's namesake will be the  easiest task in all of creation and you, my dear, will be redeemed."
The plan sounds very promising.
"It all sounds good," DiamondCreed said.  "But how am I suppose to corner a Bot and make him tell me where WolfNight lurks?"
"There  is a large forest in Pennsylvania and he goes there, alone, in the  summer time." Midreaper said. "We should make June 6th Ivy's worst  creation date--as she is a cyber-organic--that she will never forget. We  have to make sure Optimus does not have his jet gear and Ratchet is no  where close including Ironhide. Those two are the biggest problems to  this plan."
"How?" DiamondCreed asks.
"You know how protective mechs get when they care about little girls dearly." Midreaper said.
"You don't." DiamondCreed said.
"I  don't have a preference to befriend little girls." Midreaper said. "This  solar cycle is June 1st,2011. We have five solar cycles to make this  mission possible. Ivy is Megatron's weakness; now, knowing the  Autobots...Sideswipe is probably being sent to make sure this month is  not so problematic as it were last stellar cycle."
"We failed." DiamondCreed said, in disappointment.
"No, we had a team on it." Midreaper said. "We were on the sidelines,my dear Creed, learning what not to do."
"So..." DiamondCreed said. "That's why you told me not to go."
"Exactly." Midreaper said.  
"I could kiss you on the lips, Mid!" DiamondCreed said.
"The  codeword to getting Redsiren cooperative is my designation." Midreaper  said. "I am not called Midreaper because I reap in the middle of the  night." He taps his holographic fingers on the rolled down window.  "These Dinosaur Cybertronians are an intricate part of our designed  plan. Do not slip."

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