I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


38. Optimus decides something

"What do you mean she goes under the treehouse?" Optimus asks.

"That's just it." Skids said. "She goes under the tree house or is in the treehouse for most of the day."

"But when Ivy is out of the treehouse; the human is eating, relieving herself, and getting ready for the day." Mudflap explains."One solar cycle she came out with a scar on her forehead and a friend of hers came out acting concerned."

"Ivy talks to thin air!" Skids said. "She calls the air as 'Alex'."

"It is like Oxygen, Water, Titanium, Chlorencide, and so on get common earth names from her!" Mudflap said.

Skids elbow punches Mudflap.

"There's no such thing as Chlorencide, Muddy." Skids said.

"Ah, says the one who says Nitrogenizencide is a thing!" Mudflap reminds Skids.

Skids stares back at Mudflap point blank and narrows his optics.

"I said Carbon Dioxide." Skids said.

"Enough of your argument about particles." Optimus said, easing their current anger feeling atmosphere. "I will assign someone else to watch over Ivy." The twins share a relieved sigh.They could only pity who ever had to take the boring task. "A human does not normally stay underground for an entire solar cycle."

"Well, you're talking about Ivy; she stays inside most of the time." Ironhide said, driving into the hangar.

"How can Ironhide possibly know what we're talking about?" Skids asks.

"I don't know!" Mudflap said, as Optimus rubs the bridge part that is set between his optics. "Maybe you're bugged!"

Ironhide transforms into his robot mode.Skids gasp as though the very suggestion could be very plausible to be done by Ironhide.The 'turch-etch-urch-ech' sounds were made by the unfolding, flipping, and moving metal parts to Ironhide.His wheels clicked into place. His headlights had remained in place as well.

"As it has been a few months since you've left and Crosshairs came back; it is clearer than a rotten Decepticon." Ironhide  said.  "She needs a routine to do everyday; hence, her diagnoses."

"Uh...what?" Skids and Mudflap said.

"Aspergers." Ironhide said. "She needs to know what to do everyday."

"Every...solar...cycle." Skids said.

"Normaly, a child would be out and about doing some not admirable actions." Ironhide said. "Unlike kids who have fun doing things." Ironhide had to pause there thinking about how to best explain the differences. "Asperger kids...oh well, they're different. But mostly intellegent and straightforward." Mudflap raises a optic brow. "They're all different in their unique way."

"Like Ivy's...very boring days?" Skids asks, as Muddflap lowers his optic brow.

Optimus looks over to Ironhide.

"I assume you've not watched through the window." Ironhide said.

There is a eerie silence between the three. Skids rubs the back of his helm and Mudflap looks wide eyed.

"...That sounds pretty intrusive." Skids said.

"Remember what Ivy did with you two?" Ironhide asks.

The two twins grumble and act grouchy.

"She did it every solar cycle." Mudflap said, lowering his helmet with a groan. "Oh, our poor doors."

"By slamming your passenger doors." Ironhide said. The Twins flinch at once. "And remind me; how well did you understand Ivy?"

"Zero." The twins said.

Mudflap made a slight 'eh'.

"Eh,45%." Mudflap said. "If not; little."

"Her verbal speaking is part of that." Ironhide said. "Now;  tell me, how awkward was she?"

"Ivy laughed a lot." Skids said.

"No, she laughed when we approached more than two bots and kept getting stuck on her words!" Mudflap said. "I remember when her face turned a bright red when we were approached by these super secret federal government agents and they were checking up on something."

"I don't remember that." Skids said.

"You were paying attention to their screwdriver of bars." Mudflap said.

"Oh, those." Skids said. "They were...cooler than my altermode!"

Optimus is confused by the sudden change of the conversation.

"And you don't remember what happened after that." Mudflap said.

"I do not." Skids said, with a nod.

"Smooth move." Mudflap said. "You dropped Ivy over a rooftop,and then, she crashed through a window using a pole that was sticking out."

"I don't remember that." Skids said.

"You were staring at the screwdriver bar." Mudflap said. "While I  was busy kicking the ass of a ugly alien that camouflaged everything."

Optimus seems rather stunned about the story he is hearing.

"Am I hearing this right?" Optimus asks.

Ironhide seems to be sharing the reaction Optimus has.

"I didn't...know about this until now." Ironhide admits.

"And then Ivy somehow rifled up the courage to speak to a huge crowd of people." Mudflap said. "One; she was ticked. Second; she was furious. Third; she was so mad I heard her voice become deeper. Four; she used the screwdriver bar to erase their memories."

"Woah, why did I miss that?" Skids asks.

"You were staring at the Screwdriver Bar." Mudflap said. Mudflap turns his helm towards Optimus Prime."Truthfully, Prime...We don't like to be watching a human who does nothing but be underground." Mudflap turns towards Ironhide. "Does this Aspergers have a part with Ivy making Science Fiction inventions?"

"A child cannot make Science Fiction inventions." Irohide said.

Mudflap takes out a bulky laser gun that had several gears, parts, and a trigger right behind the 'J' shaped part. It  is about the size that a human could hold it while in a very tough situation involving high technology that is beyond Earth production. Optimus and Ironhide's optics grew wide. They hadn't seen such weapons that were made by a human.

"...Ivy made a weapon of destruction?" Optimus said.

"We got our hands on it when she threw it into the garbage dump." Mudflap said. "Man, they have a huge metal box for all their trash."

"Ivy has thrown a lot more than weapons into the trash." Skids remarks. "I don't wanna know why she dumped them."

Ironhide picks up the item and scanned it using one of his optics.

"It has a system for everything." Ironhide said.  "Except for...getting more fighter power.There is something edible inside this machine." He presses a flip-switch on the front hand side of the bulky weapon.The weapon fell into pieces in Ironhide's large metal servo.There were two clumped up gears that have a brown part in between.  "...She used a toaster to make it."

A piece of bread,that was soft and yellow, pops out of the gears.

"Ew!" Mudflap said, taking a step back and the disgust on his faceplate is clear. "Ivy made a toaster gun!"

"Ew!" Skids said, shaking his servo back and forth inches away from his faceplate.

"The bread smells delicious." Ironhide said.

"MUDFLAP, SKIDS, WHY IS MY EQUIPMENT IN THE SHAPE OF A TROJAN HORSE?" Came Ratchet's loud irritated and annoyed yell.

Optimus and Ironhide's attention turned towards the twins.

"And that concludes our segment." Skids said.

The Twins quickly leave both transforming into an icecream truck. Ratchet came out of his medical room looking rather ticked.The anger on his faceplate is something that is not often seen in the movies. Yet many people get the point that best medic, on the planet, had been pranked.

"Where did the twins go?" Ratchet asks.

"Baseball stadium." Ironhide said.

"Ironhide, why would they go to a Baseball stadium?" Optimus asks.

"They often play baseball with my weapons." Ironhide said, with a grunt. "Got some bad dents in them." He turns towards Ratchet's direction. "It is not quite in Chicago. But a couple miles away from the base. There is some abandoned buildings, old and unrepaired electrical fence, and missing some walls to the stadium."

"Sounds distinctive." Ratchet said.

"But best make sure not to have your emergency sirens on." Ironhide advises. "They'll go to the old and wasted aquarium--"

"Covered in weeds on all sides of the building, broken windows,and a tilted sign. " Ratchet said.

"Yes, that is the one." Ironhide said.

Ratchet transforms into his ambulance mode then speeds out of the base.

"Ironhide,I was unaware you did research about Aspergers." Optimus said.

"I was bored on that solar cycle." Ironhide said. "It explains most of Ivy's problems and her 'obsessing' over one thing."

"Such as Zhe bucket." Optimus said.

"She was obsessed with the Lion King." Ironhide said.  "Not Zhe bucket. She knew more about lions and the food chain like an average  human adult."

"Are you saying her processor is like an adults?" Optimus asks.

"No." Ironhide said. "She...just understands things a bit different. All right Optimus, are you aware there is hidden rules?"

"What rules?" Optimus asks.

"Exactly." Ironhide said.

"What are they?" Optimus asks, honestly interested and confused.

"Social rules." Ironhide said. "People like Ivy don't get it.They can paint a moving picture with telling how someone is acting, how they look, and what is happening in a given picture using their own words.Lets say;...you make an math problem with many steps."

"Sounds easy." Optimus said.

"It is not easy for her." Ironhide said. "It has too many steps." Optimus seems intrigued by this. "When she's walking up the steps Ivy goes over the step she has to walk on and then falls."

"Wait...what?" Optimus said. "I do not understand."

"Optimus, here, I'll project it." Ironhide said.

"If that works; yes." Optimus said.

Ironhide  projects an image of a chalkboard with a drawing of a correctly made bridge.

"Ah, one step." Optimus said.

"Correct." Ironhide said.

Ironhide changes the bridge that had two parts to it.

"Two steps." Optimus said. Ironhide makes a drastically ugly bridge. "What the pits?"

"That's Ivy with Math." Ironhide said.  Ironhide turns off the projection. "Ivy would sit down, put her back down to the floor, and kick the bucket into the air telling a story,not once did she lose track what happened in the story."

"You didn't mention anything about memory." Optimus remarks.

"From what I've learned; it is a gift and a curse to her." Ironhide said. "Ratchet won't admit it; but he sort of became a fan of Simba because of the storytelling."

"...Simba?" Optimus asks.

"He's a lion." Ironhide said.

"A lion with a name." Optimus said.

"The Lion King." Ironhide said. Optimus is confused. "You should watch the cartoon on your free time."

_                                                                              __

...At least an hour later..

...on the road...

Ironhide is on the road.However we can see four cars behind him is a silver and black Mercedes that has horns on the hood aligned to the areas where the headlights are,there is an Autobot symbol seen on the wheels ever so faintly.The silver and Black Mercedes looks brand new as did Ironhide's vehicle mode. A car collector would have swooped in using a highly vicious team of gigantic air planes to collect the Mercedes.

"DiamondCreed,I know you're following me." Ironhide comnlinks DiamondCreed.

"Am not." DiamondCreed said in reply

"There is only one silver and black mercades that has the tips to high heels on the roof." Ironhide said. He takes a swift turn to the left then passes a slow moving white truck. "Don't play the pretending game on me."

"Aw, you're no fun." DiamondCreed said.  "It is boring back at the base, Sideswipe is acting paranoid about humans rebelling against him and he's in hiding." Ironhide has a soft chuckle at that. "Optimus tried to ease Sideswipes worries...but he won't be back for awhile."

"He's definetly going to be back when the 'Cons are around." Ironhide comnlinks back. "He is a ninja bot. You won't even know when he's coming."

"Can you tell Prime it was your idea?" DiamondCreed asks.  "To help you protect Ivy."

"No." Ironhide refuses.

"Please." DiamondCreed pleads.

"No!" Ironhide refuses.

"Pretty please with a Decepticon on top?"  DiamondCreed pleads.

"...Fine." Ironhide complied. "Just keep a low profile when we hit Florida."

"In a couple solar cycles." DiamondCreed said. "This is going to be one fun road trip."

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