I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


37. Oooh

Ivy taps her shoe on the light metal floor making a light tap.She is holding a microphone in her hands. Christian and Sydney are playing some instruments; meaning a Guitar and drums. The Camera is set up for this one occasion right across. It has a couple spider-like black metal legs propping up the square machine that has a tinted glass.There is a computer hooked up to it.

"She's waiting for Optimus Prime to come and pick her up." Ivy sang. "She watches the Sami Truck pass, she looks down to her watch, and thinks with a smile 'He's busy beating up Decepticons'." Ivy taps her foot on the floor.  "She's been cooped up inside for god knows how long." Sydney is playing the guitar. "She's speaking to cars,running out to crash landing sites, and she's coming back together."

The electricity in the room sizzles.

"She's waiting for an Autobot, to pick her up, really so patiently." Ivy continues. "She's waiting for Optimus Prime!"

Our scene transitions to the sky above a military facility; we can still hear the other unique musical sounds that is being orchestrated.

"Woah--ooh." Ivy sings. "To pick her up and take her everywhere."

There are little white flashes seen erupting from the facility.

"Show her hero and drive through the road." Ivy's singing goes on with the music. There is a couple explosions seen at some parts. "Save her now before its too late!" A small shape of a jet is seen coming out  a building. "Oh, like a speeding light.  And she smiles. Oh the way she smiles!"

The jet is coming closer speeding up as sounds of gunfire is becoming imminent.

"She's dancing in her imagination, coming back together, and wishing on a passing Sami-Truck!" Ivy's singing went higher going along quite smoothly to the music being made by Sydney and Christian. "She see's a passing car, and says, 'They're busy defeating some Decepticons and saving the world'."

This jet is Starscream.

Starscream through Earth;'s atmosphere, breaking forth into outer space, continuing a straight flight past planets.Eventually his flight came to Cybertron. Cybertron the dead planet that has spikes sticking out pretty much decorated by the shells of former living cybertronians.What really is to say is that the shells are impaled through the long spikes that resemble tree's at first when seen in a distance.Starscream tilts his jet mode to the side heading towards a large hole that has a clear flight path.Starscream flew into the hole leaving behind the dark-grim scenery behind.

Starscream transforms into his robot mode once coming to a stop in the landing room.

"Oh, to think I believed this landing would change." Starscream said.  "Nothing changes in a war."

Starscream's shoulders lower and he turns his helm down towards the right stepping forward.His long talon like claws make an old piece of cybertronian product break into pieces. Starscream shook his helm disappointed.His one and only master, who had disappeared  twice and then died and then linked himself to a unusual human Starscream had once killed, is fortunately the lucky Decepticon not having to report directly to The Fallen at this time.

Starscream lifts his helmet up seeing the remaining Decepticons standing to the side staring at him in silence.

"Continue staring and I will rip your optics out." Starscream said, with  a quick threat.

The Decepticons turn their attention away from Starscream.

Starscream continues walking, and walking, right towards the room that The Fallen resides in.The very room he has been in for many stellar cycles.The Fallen escaped his tomb using one of Sentinel's pillars. Most people think The Fallen had been restricted to a uncomfortable seat for a very long time when in fact he was sealed in a sarcophagus in a different dimension. A pocket dimension to be accurate. How he got his servos on one of Sentinel's Pillars is left to be unknown.

Also that this should be taking this on a ship; but, we can just leave it as a different version of The Fallen's problem.

The  door with six corners slid open letting Starscream come through.

"Where is my apprentice?" The Fallen asks.

"He is dead." Starscream said.

"What!" The Fallen said, with a snap. "How can he be dead? I've been getting reports from Soundwave---"

"Megatron has linked himself to a unusual human cybertronian being." Starscream interjects.

The Fallen's two glowing red optics dart towards Starscream.

"When was this?" The Fallen requests.

"A couple Earth months ago." Starscream said. "Megatron died...three stellar cycles ago." Starscream walks away from the doors rubbing his third digit and thumb digit together ever so slightly. He comes to a stop across from the Fallen. "Megatron somehow met her and she brought his spark back from Unicron's pits."

"That is not possible." The Fallen said.

"She made scraplets." Starscream said. 

"Who is this she?" The Fallen asks.

"Ivy." Starscream said. "She calls herself Abbigal Bell; most of the time."

"Scraplets are not capable to be made by puny organisms, especially those who have not developed." The Fallen said, in a way that demonstrated his dislike towards humans. "You have been on Earth for far too long."

"She caught me and Barricade." Starscream said. "Using her own inventions." Starscream points down towards the floor three times. "She easily, as I have  learned, destroyed a machine capable of making the Big Crunch Theory happen faster by singing!"

The Fallen frowns.

"Ivy made spider machines take me down." Starscream  said. "She has made advanced space crafts, she is good at fooling a Decepticon like me of all, and she rose back from the grave!" Starscream waves his  arms up and down. "This one is far more developed than any I have come across."

The Fallen looks skeptical.

"Do not be deceived by her innocent looks." Starscream said.

"And what is she again?" The Fallen asks.

"That, my greatness, is a little of a debate." Starscream said. "And she knows how to make a cure for Scraplets." Starscream holds up his servo that Ivy had taken the liberty to infect and cure. "On my servo." He lowers his servo. "She doesn't have a normal heart."

"Describe it." The Fallen requests.

"From what I've done, and with great caution, it is a heart with spark qualities." Starscream explains. "There is a glass container over it. Her spark-heart is blue.I was unable to see any other organs because of the cloud lurking around the impossible part."

"I must see this for myself."The Fallen said.

"The spark heart?" Starscream asks.

The Fallen manages to make a slow nod.

"Yes, that." The Fallen said.

"Why...that is a little inappropriate." Starscream said.

"You're a fool, you never considered a spark check up as inappropriate." The Fallen said.

"That's because we're not human." Starscream said. "Besides, you'll hear her scream."

"How do you figure I will find this out?"  The Fallen asks.

"By letting Soundwave allow to see this little one in her room right when she is getting undressed." Starscream said.  "And when her attention is on the computer; she'll make a loud, not high pitched, but an unusual scream."

The Fallen's reaction change to a 'you have done this...' one.

"No." Starscream said. "I am just pointing out at the obvious to what will happen." Starscream holds up his index digit.  "But I have an idea how you can find it out, with knowledge on what time you're seeing it, and make this not inappropriate."

"Tell me." The Fallen said.

"There's a mole in the Autobot force." Starscream said. "You can use their optics for this one."

"Hmm." The Fallen said. "I was not aware Megatron planted a mole."

"There are many things you're not aware." Starscream said. "Especially...that links fade."

"How does this link pertain to my current question?" The Fallen asks.

"What I am saying is; Megatron will be back within the earth month." Starscream said. "And I know the name of Megatron's mole."

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