I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


40. Oh Midreaper

Midreaper firmly grabbed the door handle.Something about the door did not feel right. He pulled at it with all his strength yet the door would not budge.Midreaper lets go of the door making a frown turning his attention towards the gray solid metal of the door frame.The boring light gray metal surface has a long square shape highlighted in blue.Then the entire box beams a low shade of blue that it could not blind a pesky mouse. The glowing metal is then replaced by a television screen.The television screen sizzles to life before a startled Midreaper.

Ivy appeared on screen sitting at a desk.

"Hello there, Mid." Ivy said, with a relieved attitude.

Midreaper is shocked to see that Ivy made a video appear on the doorway to her dreams within the hall of dreams. The hall has many doors leading to different dreams by different cybertronians. There are smaller doors that are mostly for human related individuals to go through and scare the sleeping humans awake.Never in this lifetime had Midreaper seen a video monitor appear on a dream door.Initially Midreaper had believed it is impossible to ever be done.

Until Ivy had made it possible under his very nose.

"You can't do that." Midreaper said.

Ivy has a little laugh.

Wait, Midreaper thought, is this live?

"Unlucky for you; I taught my best friend how to use my inventions." Ivy said. "By the time you're seeing this, and I probably have made a huge mistake, I am sleeping better." Midreaper's servos tighten into a fist. "I figured that you would start giving me nightmares so I made this video...and installed a drive in mode to the lab for vehicles."

 Midreaper's reaction turns into a quizzical one.

"But...that is not possible." Midreaper said.

"I am Ivy Abbigal Bell." Ivy sticks her tongue out. "I am the impossible little girl."

"Why you--" Midreaper started to say but a certain voice interrupted.

"Ivy, what does this button to the machine do?" Sydney's voice is heard off screen.

"Unconscious mode." Ivy shouts back. "Anyway Mid, you are unable to come into my dreams because of a little machine called 'The Memory machine'." Ivy pauses tapping on her chin. "Why it is not big, honestly, it is huge."

Wish I could stomp on the unusual Cybertronian Organism repeatedly, Midreaper thought.

"Girly, what's moving on the monitor?" Sydney asks off screen.

"The raccoon's brain waves." Ivy said. She turns her attention back towards Midreaper. "Why yes I have experimented with a Raccoon and sort of made it half robot."

Midreaper folds his arms still keeping a grip on the Scythe.

"Brat." Midreaper grumbled.

"Say what you will." Ivy said. "But you will never be able to enter my dreams; even when I have my memory back and all." Ivy puts her hands together into a ball then leans her elbows on the table then puts her chin on her clumped up hands. "Memories are part of dreams, fish stands for pregnancy in dreams did you know that?"

"No." Midreaper said.

Ivy rolls her shoulders.

"Figured." Ivy said as Midreaper's optics grew large. She takes her chin off the clumped off hands freeing them out of the messy ball. "I had a dream of three coins falling, and then, in the day I found three coins!"

Midreaper's optics briefly turn black then flicker into the boiling red.

"...What." Midreaper said, unfolding his arms. His optics had returned to their normal size. "That makes no sense."

"I am a Gemini." Ivy said. "Gemini's are somewhat connected to the universe and stuff; that's what some of my research has come up with." She shook her right hand in mid air above the table. "It's like there's a white sheet of blanket in the shape of a circle with unusually structured walls made up of spiderweb like threads connecting to universes, galaxies, and much more. The floor is really rugged and bumpy."

Midreaper's jaw is slack.

"It is like  Gemini's have their own special holes in the fabric of time and space." Ivy explains. "In dreams; of course.The Psychic dreamers is what I like to call Gemini's, including myself, that can only see fragments and hints in their dreams of the future."  Her face turns into a quizzical one as though figuring out a dream. "So...The dream I had of Mr Hide ditching me at someone's house was representing me finding The Sandlers after being buried in a wooden coffin after I was presumed dead and escaping that coffin at night."

"You...are not undead." Midreaper said.

This human has lost all reason, Midreaper thought narrowing his optics towards the screen, so much for inflicting nightmares on the unusual cybertronian organism.

"I am the living embodiment of coming back twice." Ivy said, with a laugh. She stops, blinking her eyes, with jaw dropping.  "Where did the twice part come from?" Ivy scratches her head appearing to be puzzled. "Did I just predict I am going to die, twice, and then come back?..." Ivy shook her head. "Anyway, I am the living example of  coming back from the grave."

"You..." Midreaper starts, lifting up his left servo straightening his left index digit towards Ivy. "You planned all of this!"

"I guess you might be curious to know how I figured my way into this dream level and making this screen appear." Ivy said, with a grin. Midreaper lowers his servo lifting his index digit down. "Sydney had some bad nightmares so I made a bowl metal thing that didn't need to be drilled in and...I pretty much chased the nightmare makers out of Sydney's dreams waving a pitchfork and a HALO power gun."

Midreaper frowns.

"Well, I win; you lose." Ivy said, sharing a little wave. "Bye Mid!" She turns to the left and her eyes went wide. "Sydney, don't make the raccoon act like a monkey!"

The screen turned a pitch black, and then Midreaper punched at it making a large crack in the screen.Midreaper rubs his knuckles muttering some comments about Ivy in a not-so-good kind of light.He shifted himself to the left then turns straight forward away from the door seeing the rows of other tightly guarded doors.I hate closed doors to dreams, Midreaper thought holding his metal scythe by the handle letting the rounded bottom drag on the floor.

"That meddling dog had to end my fun." Midreaper said, in hate. "Too bad I cannot torture the dog's dreams."

Midreaper walks down the hall contemplating what else to do.

He came to a stop near a door that has spikes standing out on the frame, a large Decepticon symbol stood out, and a panel beside the right hand side big enough for a cybertronian to place their servo on it.On the floor in front of the door is a name in cybertronian that read 'Lord Megatron, son of Alpha Trion, apprentice of the Fallen'.

"Hmm..." Midreaper said, straightening his scythe.

Could the dead dream?

This unusual human is linked to Megatron,Midreaper rationalizes leaning alongside his scythe while in thought,perhaps the dead can dream.

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