I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


20. No such

Megatron was surrounded by creatures varying in size, some of them were tall unusual crafted aliens and a few bore the hallmarks of humanoid relations.Ivy is partially seen hiding behind Megatron's large and wide metal dirty leg. We can see her eyes are small and her facial expression is showing fear.One of the most outrageous weird alien creatures that is the height of a six foot seven male wearing armor with antenna structures poking out the helmet and the body structure of a humanoid bending down to her level.

This alien dude leaning down towards Ivy is Antrose.

 "The Exomorph killer is silent." Antrose noted.

"She is usually chattery." Megatron said, getting odd looks from most of the aliens in the room.  "Most of the time."

He could feel Ivy's fear  and the overall mental battle going on in her mind.

"And what part does this human play in our escape plan?" Toki asks, waving his right hand back and forth.

 Toki is a rather unique alien giraffe humanoid individual with stripes, a long neck, legs that were so skinny an athlete would envy them for speed, and his body is coated in gothic-medieval armor.He is connected to a much shorter individual who bares a striking resemblance to a rat bred into a lion.Unlike most aliens in this room,Toki and Reheller still had their shackles tied.

"She is my link to staying; once escaping from this horrid ship." Megatron said.  "She has every part in this plan." Megatron made a threatening growl towards Toki   "I am close enough to being your superior. I know most of us would like to return to our familiar planets.If you dream of killing this little one then you answer to me."

"Oh, what you going to do?" Toki asks, sarcastically asks folding his arms. "Make me into mushrooms and casserole?"

Ivy looks up to Megatron, pretty curious.

"I would first stab through your heart, smash your head, smash your body and then dump it into a plate full of water, cook it for an hour, put some cream cheese in it, add a few protoforms here and there, and add some chicken fit for a king, and add some autobot lettuce." Megatron said in the most coldest and calmest type of voice ever. "I would eat your body after stirring it up and use a fork to do the honors."

"Eh, I am allergic to chicken." Toki replies. "You would be spitting out my bone in no time."

"Then I would put cow meat in there instead!" Megatron bellows.

"You're sick." Toki said.

I wonder how Megatron cooks humans, Megatron  heard Ivy's thoughts. 

"I make a terrible cooker." Megatron said out-loud. "And if anyone  wants our plan to involve cooking the other inmates, think again."

Due to Megatron's towering and intimidating height--perhaps Megatron might not be a terrible cook as he claims to be. Anyway due to his height it made the following fearsome  aliens stare at Megatron and literately take his word  or what it was. They quickly became cooperative to work together in bringing everyone out, and destroying the ship at the process, ad how no to kill the cooperating aliens in the process. Ivy just sat on Megatron's  feet listening to there plans not making a peep strangely enough. Usually she would be chatting and making comments that necessarily are not appropriate in the middle of a alien planning with a gigantic alien robot and humanoid resembling alien-fish-dinosaur creepy old cell mates. 

Thankfully  not one part of their plan involved cooking others to get it done. Antrose had a important role that puzzled a few cell-mates how this could even work, including Ivy, but not Megatron.We see the escape-crowd group looking smug at a blue map of the entire spaceship.  Our scene transitions to a crowded room that had Sydney and Crosshairs, and a whole lotta others. Sydney gulps fear that she could get herself killed. Maybe Ivy is right, Sydney thought, she ...

"She isn't gonna be there all the time."Sydney found herself saying out loud.

"Being there for what?" Crosshairs asks, looking down to Sydney pretty puzzled.

"Oh, you know, saving my shiny crystal ball." Sydney sarcastically said.

"Be serious." Crosshairs said.

"Saving my life." Sydney said.

  "I once told Ivy that she'll always be there."  Sydney said.

"...Always?" Crosshairs said. "Always be around you?"

Sydney hysterically laughs, falling over on the floor and kicks her feet up in the air.Crosshairs could not tell if Sydney was upset or throwing a fit.The green autobot, who's mold resembled a detective with a trench coat for dramatic flare, scratched the side of his helm looking down towards a laughing Sydney.Her laughter was louder than everyone chattering in the room.

The SARG's--SARG means Security Alien Robot Guards--were on alert as seen through a transparent window.The noise in this room is not that loud for the remaining captive cell mates to understand who is saying what.Sydney's laughter was so loud that the speakers went off.

"Dark human stop making the terrible noise." The crackly-noisy announcement came out this rather small vent device shaped to the perfect length of a square at the corner of the room at the top and the bolts to it seemed very study enough that they hadn't become rusty at all.

Sydney's laughter came to a stop. 

"Always be there to save me." Sydney said.

The crackly noisy sound coming from the small device ended.

"You're one weird human." Crosshairs said.

Sydney smiles.

  "No, that is Ivy." Sydney said.  "I am the calm one." 

"I find it hard to believe."  Crosshairs said.

"It isn't." Sydney argues. "Even creative geniuses can be loud."

"Is too."  Crosshairs argues.

Sydney sighs and rubs her forehead.

"Ivy used to be more ....revenge bent." Sydney initially paused for what she is about to say next."I had to be there for her  every step of the way." Sydney is shoved by a squeaking smaller alien that is somewhat like a porcupine and a dwarf merged together completely covered in armor that seem gracious and magnificent rolling on by. "Hey" Sydney yells after the rolling animal. "Watch where yo' going, buster!"

Crosshairs couldn't really believe that Ivy, the one and only annoying human 'thing', needed help getting over her obsession in revenge. Ivy was way too 'untamed' and reckless when it came to adventure that was beyond anyone's dreams.Ivy had acted as though she can take care of herself when it came to defending herself against alien robots.To Crossairs; Ivy fit the very definition of headstrong.Crosshairs thought about how she was when the first came across her two years ago. Ironhide got irritated with Ivy's obnoxious attitude that easily came off in the stories he had told Crosshairs. The stories  where Ivy reminded Ironhide 'pull up your holoform, damn it!' 'and sometimes sang 'Don't forget to bring moneeeeyyy!', and sometimes told Ironhide  'I am not your mother.' before heading out to a drive-thru.

"So you brought her humanity back." Crosshairs said.

"Basically." Sydney said, nodding

The spikey armored dwarf porcupine individual was drawn  to a hole in the wall  similar to  way that a rolling magnet would be. Behind the wall we can see  a tall giraffe alien pouring some form of liquid around the thorny edges above a square cabin-box shaped formation that was gray and had some magnetic screws drilled into the thin two layered item. This giraffe humanoid structured alien is Toki with a crouching Antrose keeping the metal in place using wide elongated claw fingers.

"Why did I volunteer?" Antrose asks.

"Megatron would have ripped your antanna's  if you kept nagging him about Ivy." Toki said.

"She's a useless human!" Antrose said. "I was trained to be a warrior not a thorn massage!"

Toki's unique green left eye rolls while his orange eye didn't budge.

"Help me." PDC--PDC stands for Porcupine Dwarf Creature--squeaks.

Toki cackles at PDC's plea for help.

"You fool, that's what we are doing!" Toki said. "You'll thank us later."

"I bet thirty-two hundred cavalries from my homeplanet that he won't." Antrose said."And medal of honors."

Toki playfully punches at Antrose's shoulder.

"You gotta be jokin' Ant boot." Toki said.

"My planet has conquered all it's nearby planetary systems."Antrose said, with a dreamy sigh. We could not see through his helmet but the attitude was all that it needed. "I was the sole survivor from my troopship that these morons decided to bomb on.That was fifty-three space years ago in the HoloPrime Galaxy."

"There's no such thing as Holoprime Galaxy." Toki tells Antrose. "Is that how long you've been friends with old yeller?" Toki tilts his square head  Fifty three space years, that's quite a long time if you ask me. You must be bestfriends with him!"

"Met three space years ago after my former partner died." Antrose said."And there is a Galaxy named Holoprime."

"I was caught a few earth months ago." Toki said.  "I am quite aware about my galaxies."

"Of course there is." Antrose said. "I was the one part of the charter to explore and defeat any residing current inhabitants standing in our way, which was easy using our 'new' XLRI Point 12 powerblasting gun that had dust-zapper mode."

"So you deteriorated the inhabitants and the planets in your way." Toki summarized what Antrose had said. Toki did not seem pleased as his moving green eye narrowed at Antrose. A frown slipped on his giraffe-human-like face. "Not cool."

"We didn't destroy the planets." Antrose said. "We liberated them. Perhaps the planets fought back...and I am the one of my kind alive." He lowers his helmet down. "I should have stopped fighting years ago."

Toki slips rounded gear thorn items over the porcupine thorns that had oil grease over them. This is only phase one of the plan Megatron and the other freed cell mates had came up with to get the others out of the SARG'S clutches. Toki dumps all the liquid into part of the thorns and then yanks out the cabin drawer part  off from under the hole.Antrose shoves the PDC away carefully spreading out his long thorny fingertips.

The PDC is sent rolling away crying out for help.

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