I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


4. No mystery about a triangle shaped robot

Truthfully there's no greater mystery in robots that resemble Food. You see there's an evolution theory in my mind that robots somehow become similar to their favorite product--if they love it that much--their body takes on that shape.Thankfully Ratchet didn't break my storytelling bucket into pieces. The medic guy claimed the bucket has some Cybertronian to it.

Since when does a plastic bucket become important right after being transported to some-where you don't belong?

"Can't I drop her off at the boy's house?" Ironhide asks.

"She's not their daughter." Optimus said.  "Considerably, a young human would be thankful someone else became the new center of attention for their parents; but this child.  .  ." Optimus looks ever so briefly down towards me like the main center of attention. "She is not adopted."

"I love Annie!" I declare, waving my arms.  "Annie."

"Annie?" IronHide repeats the red head's name.

"A fantastic red head singer with a dog." I babble. "And a bald guy similar to Piccard  takes her in." I still remember the fantastic movie, even a few of the songs from it. "The movie I remember is truly a masterpiece. It's what kind of and sort of inspired me to sing-a-lot." the way I  said it sounded like Camelot. "I still love it."

"A bald guy takes her in." Ironhide said, with a strange look.

"Well." I tap my fingers together. "He adopts her."

"I see  no other choice." The guy called Ratchet said. "How about the girl that Bumblebee's boy has a vivid attraction for?" Optimus's head is turned towards him. "We do not have beds for children."

"I do not like garages." Ironhide said, folding his arms with a gruff. "I will not be squashed into a small garage."

"You don't have to." Optimus said.

It seemed as though the big wise guy had a brilliant idea.

_____                                        _________                                        _______

.  .  . One month later . . .

The Autobots decided it was best for me to live with Sam's girlfriend. What I didn't honestly expect is to become the girl who  became the outcast in school, again. I have little to no friends and if the lights went out I would jump into someone's arms.Of course I did that, silly! Let's say the student dropped me as they were complaining this isn't a cartoon.

I can't remember what grade I am in right off the bat.

Math was never my best subject.

"Get your history homework done this time!" Mikaela's voice carried off from the garage.

"Okay, Motorcycle Girl." I said, rolling an eye.

"Did you just call me Motorcycle girl?" Mikaela yelled from the other room--probably fixing her car's engine--like a true Sherlock Holmes kind of girl.

".  .  . I  said Bokers Moru-ticuycle Quill." I lied.  "It's a law firm."

"Thought that's what I heard." Mikaela said.

I sighed and continued on my History homework. Unlike most students in my glass; I got my scrapping home-work done! Oh well there goes hanging around Ironhide far too long. He uses Cybertronian slang a lot more than Ratchet. In a good hour my homework was completed.I don't know why students prefer to stick away from me. Is it because I am not from this world? Is it because I am a freak?

Is it because I have a robot guardian?

Heck, they don't know a slag about me. Can't blame these kids for straying away from me.

"Done." I said, looking up to find the lights are off. I look forwards to see it's ten forty three AM. I then groan while lightly tapping my head on the closed book. "Fragging piece of a whiny aft femme!"

I don't understand much of what I am saying, honestly.

"I'm wide awake." I said to myself. "Everyone's asleep." Slowly this smile came up on my face. "And it's a saturday."

Oh yeaaah I know what to do!

I sneaked out the house; because a certain mischievous streak was burning.I took my handy dandy zhe bucket with me in tow.This entire month feels like the horrorshow of being stalked by a huge aft jet hovering above which Ironhide shoots down; usually. I always wonder if Ironhide is shooting down men every single day when approaching me. IronHide's a strange robot but that doesn't compensate for him forgeting to pull up his holoform.

"Time to mess with a jet." I said, rubbing my hands together--and well, technically I rubbed my left hand and my bucket's handle together--with such delightful intentions.

I could see the jet's shadow across the building.Stars in the sky and the moon provided me with excellent lighting.I wonder where Ironhide sleeps, I thought while turning around with a roll of toilet paper in my bucket.This huge dark gray jet that didn't seem common or usual transformed into this triangle chip shaped robot. His rounded ugly red optics burned as though there was a accidental fire going on in them.

"Oh." I said, with a gasp. "Wow." I stare at the triangle shaped robot. "Your favorite food is chips?"

"I do not eat Microchips, human." The triangle robot rudely said.  "Give me the allspark."

Someone had to act stubborn, logical, and well ingrained resistible to terrible references for whatever paves it's way to me.

"It's not the allspark." I corrected him.

"Yes it is." The triangle robot rudely said.

"It's zhe bucket!" I wave my left hand in the air.  "Ding dong!"

The triangle robot lowers himself down to me. His helmet reminded me of a turtle with part of its shell still on it's forehead with huge metal bandages on his cheek;actually more like a hog with tusks shaped like a 'V' connected to some other part of it's head. I saw a small symbol right above the pride rock shaped gap that was different from the Autobot symbol.

"Give it to me." The Triangle  said.

Man this gigantic piece of food is asking for a animate object that isn't powerful. Does anyone see the flaw in his reasoning?

"You want a plastic bucket that I use everyday to tell a story?" I ask with big eyes.

The triangle growled while his big hands made markings in the sidewalk.

"Yes." The Triangle said.

"Do you know who I am?" I ask, with my eyes no longer big.

The Triangle's optics made these really strange noises.

"Give it." The triangle held out his hand.

I look at it and then back to him.

"I refuse to perform ballet to you." I said.

The Triangle stares at me.

"I want your bucket." The Triangle repeats.

I did ballet and acted like the sidewalk was a smooth floor; it actually helped in sliding me away from him by several steps. I then did a bow while standing twenty steps away from him. I'm wearing these awful made shoes that can slide on the pavement.

"Try balancing a plate with a glass of milk while walking carefully  on your knees and your hands." I holler at him. "You know close to nothing about being a bad guy who gets what he wants!" Oh yay! Here comes the best insult in the history of freaky robots.  "You would make a terrible impression of Scar!"

With that I ran down the street.

"Run, run,run, run the boat across the side walk." I sing to myself. "Merrily down the street."

I zipped into a tool store that was left unlocked.

Oh wow how do thieves not break into this place and steal a lot of cash? Something must be wrong here, such as time going by  way too fast.The door closed behind me with a merrily ring. I grabbed several cables,hammers, screws,and anything else my hands can grab. I put them all into the bucket. Conveniently there wasn't any security cameras in this store. I am starting to wonder if this is even real.

"Time to mess up the next door neighbors  house." I said out loud.

I looked out the door; looking both ways.

Phew; that triangle had actually flown by thinking I had continued to run. Good going robot with red optics and a liking to chips. There was a bicycle at the back of this store; oddly enough.No more thinking about illogical things, I reminded myself. I dragged the bicycle to the open door then got on it.My right hand is still holding on to the handle of the bucket while  grabbing on the bicycle handle.

Kids can take care of themselves. 

"Let's go!" I zipped out the building and take a sharp right back the direction I had been walking.

Oh goody that's  when the jet was coming back after me.

"Give me the bucket!" The triangle demands.

"Give me my money!" I shout back.

"I don't have money." The triangle replied.

"Good!" I shout back. "That means you don't have a umbrella that can fly and the handle can speak." I wave at him using my left hand. "Bye bye."

I saw these strikingly realistic energy blasts strike the road. There were markings left behind on the road.My legs burned energy while paddling faster and faster away from  the shooting maniac. Oh wait I just realized why no one is friends with me. I've watched too much Science Fiction movie; so, I know a great deal about aliens. And what exactly to do when there's one getting you in danger.

"You miiiissed!" I teased the triangle.

I heard this blast coming and took a swerve top the left; luckily I did it on time. A single permanent mark is left on the sidewalk. Man why didn't Ironhide tell me it was so fun to tease and taunt guys who fly in the air chasing after you? I find so many things funny that it is really strange among human society. I have lots of adrenaline going through.

"Give me the allspark!" The triangle demands, again.

I turn my head.

"It's got some slagging cybertronian qualities!" I finally said. "So if you think I am important then get LOST!"

I threw a screw driver at the engines and apparently sent him flying off in the distance like Jessie and James. I turn my head back to the direction it should be aimed at while riding a bicycle. I managed to get back at the Motorcycle girl's house without a scratch.I then proceeded to throw all the toilet paper all over the next door neighbors house. I put the screws into the next door neighbors mail box.

I did lots of things with the items I had stolen.

The bicycle was neatly placed in the next door neighbors garage.

"Hmm." I look at cables and then to a long wide wooden log. I had a item that could make holes in wood in my bucket.  "I should make them a swing!"

So that's what I did under the cover of night.

I was sleeping on the couch by eleven with zhe bucket on the floor beside the couch.

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