I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


42. Midreaper is in Megatron's dream

Megatron punched at the wall making a fairly sized hole.There is a trace of anger seen radiating off his faceplate, including his very sharp cruel optics, maybe it was how his servo had tore through the wall but was left in place in the very hole giving off this correct assumption. His shoulder plating rose up then slowly lowers down as so it seemed Megatron's skeptical attitude had veered off course. It had veered into the course of fury.

"I should have listened to her." Megatron said,lowering his helm.

Midreaper's laughter echoes down the hall.

"Don't you see?" Midreaper's presence lingers. "My game has just begin; old mech!"

Megatron looks over his shoulder making quite the threatening glare towards the cloaked Midreaper. Midreaper is cloaked by darkness as is his signature swamped.The scenery changed to Cybertron, the days when it had been fully functioning and alive.A couple cybertronians went through Megatron sharing a conversation. Megatron turns to his right to see a lively-bright scenery, of Cybertron, that he had not seen in decades, and stellar cycles.

"Home." Megatron said, taking a step forth.

Megatron feels responsible for the death of his home planet.

He hadn't intended for Cybertron to die during his rightful war against the Autobots and obsession on power.

The scenery changed to a dead dark gray planet that had clusters of tall and wide thorns sticking out each having an impaled cybertronian. Megatron's back meets the hard bark to a pointy thorn that did not have branches,listening for any sound that could hint where Midreaper stood, feeling afraid of the night.Megatron had to trust his audios  in this single moment.Megatron powers up his powerful fusion cannon that made the machine purr while gathering the chemicals and energy required to be assimilated for sending out a blast of energy.

"I would not do that if I were you." Midreaper said, tauntingly.

"You do not know me that well!" Megatron roars, smashing the fusion cannon into the wall.

A powerful heated blast struck through the towering forest like thorn that made a yelp.

"Got you." Megatron said, as he had a smile spread across his faceplate.

Midreaper crashes through several thorn forest sticks making a loud crack at each break and finally came to a landing in the middle of a clearing that did not have any of those pointy thorns. Megatron slowly makes his way towards Midreaper.Since this is Megatron's dream, not Midreaper's, it does bring into question how nightmares survive in the Tyrant's dreams.

"You know." Megatron started.  "I believed the experiment had failed, and you, of all Decepticons had perished." Chains wrapped around Midreaper's ankles, wrists, and elbows then to his neck area. "At first, when Ivy had told me you visited her in dreams, I believed it was just my past memories surfacing in her dreams."

Dust settled after Megatron lands his feet.

"Now, after so long, you've finally turned up." Megatron said. "My  worst nightmare is not you, so,  if you're thinking I can be easily tortured in my dreams then that is a mistake."  Megatron came to a halt merely one foot away. "Where have you been for so long?"

Midreaper's body is propped up on the dead-thorn surface that didn't have a branch, strangely, as the thorns merged together to create a complete wall section.

"In sleep." Midreaper said. "Your worst nightmare is really coming, so I'll advise you count your goose eggs and pray to Primus."

Megaron feels insulted by the last part Midreaper had mentioned.

"For so long?" Megatron asks, taking a heated iron out from the ground.  "I don't believe you."

"You can't be serious thinking you can burn me--" Midreaper started to say but Megatron shoved the heated iron onto the side of Midreaper's faceplate. "Ah!"

"Believe me now." Megatron said, taking the burning heated iron off Midreaper's faceplate. "Tell me."

"Autobot Jazz's mind." Midreaper said.

"I offlined him." Megatron said. "You've only recently shown yourself to my link...after a stellar cycle."

"A couple earth months ago." Midreaper said. "Actually."

Megatron stabs another heated iron into Midreaper's chest plating.

"It burns!" Midreaper screams.

"I don't believe a mech who deflected from the Autobots and never made a move that he survived a procedure." Megatron said, pushing it in slowly into Midreaper's chest.  "Tell me before I make very sensitive--and irreversible--spark damage."

"His Jazz music!" Midreaper cries out.

Megatron yanks out the iron.

"Hm?" Megatron said. "You were...enticed by music?"

"I fell into a dark recharge." Midreaper said.

"And  you woke up when I killed him." Megatron said.

Midreaper has a slow unusual laugh shaking his helm both ways.

"No." Midreaper said. "Quite the contrary." Megatron growled making the steaming iron into a hammer  with spikes on both sides. "I was awaken by..." Midreaper tips his helmet down towards the gray floor covered in cybertronian dust.Midreaper's body is slightly trembling in the chains bound around the respective parts. He turns his helm towards Megatron. "What humans would call mutilating if it were happening to a human--" Megatron smashes the hammer into Midreaper's shoulder armor. "Yowwch!" Midreaper could feel horror pain traveling out of the inflicted wound. "I know I've made some stumbling lies but this is not necessary!"

"Just tell me how I can believe someone like you?" Megatron asks. "You have done more damage than Starscream alone."

"The shell of Autobot Jazz has been melted down!" Midreaper lets it out.

Megatron looks towards Midreaper, taking out the hammer and feels along the sharp spikes dripped in energon liquid. He feels along the tipped edges using his wide long fearsome claws.The whole comment made by Midreaper did not make sense. The days where Autobots melted down their fellow comrades had come to pass in The fiery pits. If they were to melt their own down on Earth it would be out of character for them.

"I know not of many mechs who would say that." Megatron said, tipping the hammer down on the ground floor then puts both of his servos on the flat bottom to the handle. "You are so sure of this rather unfounded accusation."

"It is not an accusation!" Midreaper shouts back. "It was not the Autobots who had done it."

Megatron lowers his metal optic brows.

"Then who?" Megatron asks.

"Before I tell you; I do not know where they are doing it." Midreaper said, through the pain. "All I know is that they have been doing the same to your men's dead shells."

Megatron came closer as the hammer turned into a blade.

"Your spark depends on your answer." Megatron said.

"Humans." Midreaper said. "The humans."

Megatron drops the blade charging up his fusion canon then presses the rounded shaped edges of the fusion canon into Midreaper's chest. The front part to Midreaper's vehicle mode of a Jeep gets a large sphere dent pressing closer to the chamber concealing his spark ever so dangerously.The look in Megatron's optics stirred old fear in Midreaper.

Midreaper did not at least know what Megatron would do, asides to torture.

"You are not welcome in my dreams." Megatron  said, now holding Midreaper's Scythe in his other servo. "Decepticon of the dream realm!" Megatron slashes a dark purple tear in Midreaper's torso that shows the dream world. "And when we meet again; that will be  in Unicron's pits!"

Megatron discharges his fusion cannon sending Midreaper back into the dream realm.

"I hate greedy humans." Megatron said, turning away as the scythe disappeared from his grip.

It reminded Megatron of the time those humans attacked Jess's house and took her. Their attempt at kidnapping only backfired as Megatron, the tyrant, took the opportunity to slay them using his powerful energized cannon.Actually Megatron had done this when Jess had been taken out of the black van and went to the sidelines.Sometimes Megatron often wondered how humans got 'canon' and 'cannon' confused for one another when describing a fusion cannon being used in literature in terms of writing.

The scenery changed to Megatron's desired type of dream.

The door closes behind Megatron; there we see a couple strong locks put into place.

Also a sign popped up near the door to Megatron's dreams, in cybertronian, reading 'No one is allowed to enter'.

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