I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


14. I know where we are!

Crosshairs was tossed into the room. Thankfully me and Sydney had been dozing off at the corner of the room--and yet I hadn't a single clue why we ended up that way--when this had happened. Crosshair's loud unexpected landing awoke us.

"I didn't steal the apple cider!" Sydney screeches.  "I swear over a Honda Accord; that was all Ivs!"

Crosshairs and Megatron's tube thing is connected and Megatron's attitude earns him a smack from the guard. Megatron's body struck against the wall from this unexpected powerful smack by a much shorter alien robot.Crosshairs feels the pain; strongly indicating that as he stumbles back whining about a smack that landed on his faceplate. The museum security built similar guard walks away from the jail cell as I realized what this is. 

But dang these guys have gotten smarter keeping the enslaved individuals in their cells and not in a huge room with others so they can plan a escape.

"Shouldn't you be dead?" Crosshairs asks, his optics narrowing at the dead cybertronian.

"I am dead." Megatron said.

"If you were undead, then you would be begging me to let you eat me." Crosshairs tells him. "Or you must be a ghost."

"I am a ghost." Megatron said.  "I do not appreciate this current situation as you do."

"She just figured it out." Sydney said.

"Figured what out?" Megatron asks.

"Shush." Sydney said, waving her hand.

"I know where we are." I said.

"A arena." Crosshairs guessed.

"No." I said.  "We're in a spaceship similar to the one Ben Tennyson and Kevin Eleven were in in the original Ben 10 series!" I flail my arms.  "The episode where they had to work together in order to return home; home as in Earth."

Sydney's mouth went wide open.

"So, we were basically snatched by some machine into a spaceship that has these fights between aliens." Sydney said, holding up the tube thing connecting us.  "I don't understand this.Why bring two gigantic robots and two humans into a Mega Cruiser?"

"Unless they like to be entertained by  my singing, I have no idea." I said, with a shrug.

"What episode are you talking about?" Megatron asks, curious.

"Grudge Match." Sydney said.  "Ben and Kevin were taken to this huge ship called the Mega Cruiser, where life and death gladiator matches are regularly held between two different enslaved species. Usually these two species have partners when facing each other."

Crosshairs looks towards Megatron who seemed royally ticked off.

"I am not enslaved!" Megatron roars.  "No one enslaves me!"

Big smoke followed by a huge hot blast shot out from his large alien crafted cannon. The strong wind force is so strong that it sent Sydney and I flying towards the electrifying bars. However Crosshairs caught the two of us using his servo that hadn't been damaged.I believe Megatron is the undead guy who should never ever be meddled and enslaved in a room with two organics in the first place.

"If I don't come back with these two alive, Ironhide is goin' to offline me." Crosshairs said.

"As if." Megatron said with a grunt.

"I am soon to be eleven years old and all my childhood is currently being spent in the presence of alien robots!" I acknowledge. "I don't know about you but if Mr Hide can make a cannon that can damage ghosts then Crosshairs is pretty sure he'll kill you twice, Mr Meg."

Megatron looks at me strangely.

"When were you born?" Megatron asks.

"1996." I said.

Sydney counted her fingers.

"Wouldn't that mean you were born in 1998?" Sydney asks, dubious.

"Not 1996." Megatron said.  "You must be a programmed machine not a human."

"Sorry?" I said.  "I come from the year 2006." I turn my attention to Sydney. "Time and year is off for me. If I were still back in my reality then the current year would have been 2008."

"This means you weren't born in 1996."  Crosshairs said.

"I was born in Burlington at 3 PM on the six day of June."  I said.

Oh gosh Autobot and Decepticon are doing math for one simple little age.

"You are not ten years old." Megatron said. "You are eight years old!"

"I am TEN years old." I said.  "It's been ten years, almost, since Dragonheart was released."

"No." Megatron said, argumentatively. "You look too young to be a ten year old 'organic'."

I look over to Sydney who seemed to be apologetic about my argument with Megatron.

"I remember my birthday as six six ninty-six." I matter in factly inform the two giant aliens.  "Take away the nine and you get ME!"

"You're not the devil." Sydney said, with wide eyes.

"That's not the point." I said, rolling an eye.

"She is not Unicron." Megatron acknowledges

"I can be if I wanted to." I said, putting my hands behind mah back. "I can become your very worst nightmare by forcing you to touch mesah at the chest." I had this wicked grin spread across my face.  "You realize as a spirit that can have some complications undoing it." I wiggle my eyebrows.  "Riiigght, Mr Hairs?"

"It's never been done before." Crosshairs said, with a grumble. "Even not knowin' what you are talkin' about."

Megatron explains to Crosshairs the complication about the spark-skin thing.

This sudden thought entered my head.

“So if I am actually 8.” I said.  “Then how long ago was I born in MY reality?”

Megatron and Crosshairs didn’t appear to have an immediate response. But I could tell that Sydney was doing the math problem in her head--because she was holding her hand up at the air waving her index finger from side to side as though using a calculator--in its most obvious form. For once I could see a stumped look on the dirty dark gray alien robot with these blazing optics that could be called light bulbs.

“Eight years ago.” Crosshairs finally said.

I folded my arms, smirking.

“I mean what year.” I correct myself.

Oh well there goes another awkward silence with alien robots.

“2001.” Sydney said, after a while.

“No, it must be 2002.” Crosshairs said.

“I go with 2000.” Megatron adds.

“And if I were actually eight when I came into this universe then I might be...” I count my fingers. I look up from my fingers with this wide spread smile. “Eleven!”

“It hasn’t been three stellar cycles since you arrived.” Crosshairs said,looking down to me as though a foolish question had been presented to him.

“2007, 2008, 2009.” I list.  “It has definitely been three years.”

Sydney was really thinking hard. Because she wasn’t making a peep. She was poking at the air.

“...Good point.” Crosshairs said, with a reluctant tone to his freaking strange voice.

I can’t describe how Crosshairs’s voice sounds even with the accent. It is best to say he has a unique voice.

“Ivs.” Sydney said, putting her hand down.  “You’re are really eleven years old.”

“. ..Eleven?” I ask. I am finding this hard to believe.

“Yes.” Sydney said with a little nod. “You came into this universe as a ten year old. You’ll be turning twelve this year.”

M-mymy-My life is a lie!, was the only thought that raced through my mind.

“And when did you figure this out?” Crosshairs and Megatron asks, at once.

“Take ten away from 2006.” Sydney said. “Ivs,you must have forgotten your previous birthday.”

I was standing there, dumbstruck.

“Ah.” Crosshairs said.  “I haven’t seen Ivy get this stumped since Skids and Mudflap asked her about the whole Astronaut Vs Barbarian.”

“Astronauts would win.” Sydney said.

“No, they wouldn’t.” Megatron argues. “Barbarians are savages and will kill their relatives without hesitation.”

I couldn’t understand what lead me to believe I arrived into this universe as a nine year old this entire time.

"Yes, they would."  Crosshairs argues.

Megatron made this creepy threatening growl.

"Humans were  brutal to each other in their development eras." Megatron said. "And Barbarians are far worse than their medieval times."

Sydney knocks on Megatron's leg with her hand in a fist. There was this hallow sound that traveled up his metal robotical legs that have some metal related to a specific kind of tree.The gigantic and dirty dark gray alien robot gazes down towards my incredibly smaller friend.I could tell he was intending to make it seem demeaning towards my friend but she kept her ground.

"You ain't a time traveler." Sydney said, puffing her hair out of her way.  "And yes, Crosshairs told me about your ice cube stasis."

Crosshairs is rubbing the back of his bumpy-cabled neck.

"I do not remember tellin' you." Crosshairs said, as Megatron seemed to be even more ticked off.

"You were struggling to understand how Ivy was climbing up a tree going after a cat." Sydney said. Crosshairs folds his arms saying something along the lines of  'As if'.' with a arrogant kind of grunt. I swear grunts these days around the Autobots are Morse Code.  "In your holoform."

"Ice Cube  would be a terrible comparison." Megatron said.  "I was. . .frozen."

"Cuuubbed." I finally said.  "You were cubed!"

"No!" Megatron said in a almost frantic way as he shook both his servos. "I was in a coma."

"Mr Meg was in a ice cube stasis!" I said, dancing around while singing in it in a child type of musical singing. Megatron begins attempting to slam me into the floor using his cannon as though he had lost it--and lost his sanity about the whole touching thing--because of me. "You don't know--hah!" I stuck my tongue out. "You missed!"

"I won't miss this time!" Megatron said, slamming his servo but I dodged it.

Sydney was busy latching on Crosshair's digit.

"You don't know how funny this is." I said, coming to a halt in a rolling kind of fashion. "Denying you were a ice cube."

Megatron and Crosshairs share a glance.

"Should I?" Crosshairs asks.

"She doesn't have the appearance of a eleven year old." Megatron said.

"You didn't answer the question, ice cube." Crosshairs said.

Megatrons rolls an huge optic that is basicallly a lightbulb full of fire.

"Do it." Megatron said.

Crosshairs uses his free servo--that didn't have Sydney hanging on--to use two digits to grab my hands then pulls up my shirt. Megatron and Crosshairs look at my chest really awkwardly and I couldn't do a slagging thing about this. What makes checking out my chest so direly important that Crosshairs has to pinch my hands together? There is nothing about this situation that sounds logical.

"She hasn't developed breasts yet." Megatron said.

"This human is a eleven year old." Crosshairs notes.

"I know." Megatron said.

"Um, I'm right here."  I said.

"And she has no breast buds firmly taking form." Megatron said.  "Touch her chest, Autobot."

"What you gonna do?" Crosshairs asks.  "Kill me?"

"I wouldn't resort to that if I were you." Sydney reminds the two.  "You can feel each other's pain thanks to the shackles."

"I am going to eat your spark when I am resurrected." Megatron said.  "And have some pie with it."

"No." Crosshairs said. "You better have chicken, french fries, and a coke." Megatron looks at the Autobot as though he had lost his mind. "If you're gonna eat my spark then do it the human way! And bake my spark into yogurt. That's the only way I will prefer to go down through your ugly and horrid mouth."

"You are the gross talkers, ever." I said.

"Shut up!" The two order me.

I roll an eye.

"I would if you stop touching my--" Crosshairs taps on my chest and wiggles his flat digit on it.  "Hahahaha!" I laugh at the tingling funny sansation. "Stop it! Please stop it; I am ticklish there!"

Crosshairs lets go of my hands and my shirt, so I pulled down the  shirt.

"Your body has physically and internally stopped aging." Megatron said.

A huge robot gaurd came to the cell's bars.Sydney let go of Crosshairs's digit then landed on me. To be a better narrator; Sydney landed on my back so I fell square on the floor with my arms spread out and my legs spread out. Both of us yelped at once feeling the same pain  being shared thanks to the electornical programmed shackle.

"The humans." The gaurd said, pressing a button on his huge glove parts.

"T-t-tthing, damnit." I managed to say in the middle of pain-shrieker deserving scream.

"Take them." Megatron said, clamping at his metal head.  "They've been driving me nuts!"

The gaurd grabs the both of us without being careful. His grip was so tight we can barely have enough room to get some air. I could feel the excruciating pain that Sydney is feeling so badly. Me, on the other hand, doesn't feel so bad because of being so small. The great advantage about growing up short is not getting cramped up.

"You should join the club with Ironhide." Crosshairs  said.

"I wouldn't join a bat swinging event with a trigger-happy Autobot." Megatron said.  "We did not depart under good germs."

"Germs?" I squeaked, my eyes wide.

"Terms." Megatron corrects himself. "Not under good terms. Take the disgusting and annoying humans out of my sight!"

"Disgusting my butt!" I said. "Call me a fragging thing!"

"You are too young to be speaking in foul language." Megatron notes.

"Silence." The guard said.  "You will be watching them face a opponent." The guard brings us out of the cell. "The Exomorph and The Predator are their first." I knew what exactly The Predator and A Exomorph was. They are the two nastiest and deadliest aliens in the universe. "And perhaps see them die."

"Sydney's not dying under my slagging watch!" I screech. "Loosen your slagging grip on mah friend!"

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