I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


17. How to NOT be a coward

"Ivy." Sydney said.  "Promise me something."

That was the most suddenest question in the history of questions, ever. Does Sydney believe she'll die in my arms?, I thought with much hurt lingering in my heart. A moment like that would tear me into pieces over and over again; I would never get over the death of my only friend. After moving from state to state in reality, not making long term friendships, stealing books from schools, and closing off can really do a number on a child.

"Enlighten me." I said.

The ancient robot squid alien guards were speaking with each other in Spanish. Sounded like these dimly lighted processor-ed alien afts had effectively stolen off Earth language and re-branded it as their own.I don't have a big fear of heights, but the only problem is; getting down.

"Promise you'll make it to my parents Christmas dinner this year." Sydney said. "If we survive the Mega Cruiser, that is."

"What if I dig a hole to San Diego?" I ask.

"Not going to happen." Sydney said.

"You don't have a magic ball." I reminded Sydney.

"You're not going to get into a black car that is capable of time traveling and go back to photobomb Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon in a photo." Sydney said. I raise my left eyebrow up and down three times earning a eye roll from my friend. "There is time travel rules for that."

I swear Sydney knows me too well.

"Rules?" I tilt my head. "What rules?"

"You know them." Sydney matter in factly reminds me.

"Lay them out, because I will break them and smash them into smiltherines!" I said, grinning from ear to ear. "If you would like to spare reality from my 'fun', Sydney." I made a short little laugh. "Then  never, ever tell me the rules!"

Sydney has this straight forward serious look. She is more blunt than I am, no seriously. Sydney would rather be honest when someone tries on a suit or a dress about how they look. That quality is part of what makes anyone take Sydney serious. They would never know she has a strange desire to meet humanoid beings hailing from another universe, galaxy, and planet.

"...Girly, this is serious." Sydney informs me.

"I live in a serious world that has comical consequences." I said.

The conversation that was being carried above us had stopped. It became apparent these strange alien guards had come to a agreement.It was only logical  since they were looking down towards us.They detached our shackles, and then, separated us. I don't know what they wanted to do with Sydney but maybe they didn't have a good idea what to do with her so they may have put her in the cell.

That is it. I am calling these guards by different names!

"We have decided to let you get what you came into the Great Soul eater's room for." Philly of Phi'Pick said.

Yes, Philly of Phi'Pick is the name I chose for one of the alien robot security guards.

"Okay, Mr Philly of phi'Pick." I said.

"Don't you dare call me that." Philly  of Phi'Pick scolds me.

"Mr Philly of Phi'Pick." I repeat.

"I hope the Great Soul Eater devours your soul." Philly of Phi'Pick said.

I frown while looking up to Philly of Phi'Pick's ugly robotic squid face. Does every high ranked individual aboard this version of the Mega Cruiser have relative ties to squids? I could have bit my lip hard looking up to his awfully carved face.

"You really want me to kill your power source, Mr Philly of Phi'Pick?" I ask.

"A human can never do such thing." Philly of Phi'Pick said.

"Uh huh." I said in a non-convincing manner and a little nod.  "And I suppose no one is bold enough as me to do it."

"Your friends have just defeated our two best deadly slaves." Philly of Phi'Pick said.

"Funny how you called them 'my' friends." I said. "I have yet to befriend Mr Meg."

For the next hour of the long walk to to the great soul eater's room; we had a nice debate. What was the debate about? It is something so memorable I wouldn't want to share it. But towards the end of our debate it turned into a 'who is the most ugliest alien race in the universe' conversation. No he didn't reveal to me what his real name is. I was able to complain about Philly of Phi'Pick's ugly looks though.

"Die slowly!" Philly of Phi'Pick said, throwing me into the room.

"With style!" I yell, and yelp landing on my butt.

With a loud slam the door shuts behind me.

"So much for a great come-back." I mumbled, while getting up.

This blood-grieve stricken version of fear struck my heart. I could feel this intense warm heat pressuring it's against my back. Okay I was definitely thrown to land TOWARDS the door in some unusual circumstance, not away from the door. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it. I turn around.

The door to the gigantic and massive dark grayFurnace is hugely open.

"I know what you are." I bravely said, feeling hopeful that death could be quicker by this Soul Eater.

The creepy face appears in the furnace. The fire spread outwards from the big metal machinery keeping it together at a certain temperature. The fire did not spread all around me because of the cold breeze coming from under the door.. The floor across from me becomes bubbly, molty, and heated. It was thanks to my shoes that it didn't really burn my feet.

If I were to face death, then I should at least give it a challenge.

There was a little  soft burning sensation in my chest.

I stepped away from the cold font and to the flaming needy-soul-eating entity.

"Feed off my deaths!" I offer the Great Soul Eater.   "Each and every one." It doesn't matter how I died, its how I lived those lives,I thought fighting back tears as flickering transparent flames drew closer. "The many lives I could have lived, the people and the Alien Robots who I could have touched with words,and the things I could have done!"

The serpent flames touch my chest right on the area where my heart is protected by a lid. This painful sensation returned; it's been two years since this heart burning pain ever washed over the beach on to the sand. That is a terrible comparison to describe the burning sensation that persisted to the point I wanted to yank off my shirt. No, I ain't gonna run shirtless!, I thought, you're not gonna die.I remember what I promised myself; in the end, I won't allow my friends to die.

Loud and barely able to withstand screeches came from the furnace.

"Your days of eating souls are OVER." I randomly yell, seeing from below my vision blue theme colors shoving the curly red rope strands away.

I could see the sinister creepy face in the furnace.The soul eater beast did not appear happy. A heavy windy roar came from the furnace. The force hadn't sent me crashing into a door or into a wall; so logically this is a weak enemy. The few red strands that were still there were getting knotty and big while twisting themselves up. I realized just then that it had been hope burning inside my unique, strange heart.

The bright yellow red transparent tip curls back, and away from me.

"That's it, that's it, that's it." I said, watching the yellow-red tentacle slowly turning black while it heads back into the furnace.  "You can't take it all from me." I tap on my chest. "You can take other alien's lives, but you can't take MINE."

A black ball with red outlines replaced the sorry ass flaming interior.

"I have done a ghost rider thing!" I cheered.  "Woohoo, go me!" I do a random dance just to celebrate the special occasion. "I defeated the bad guy!"

The big ship tilted to the side sending me flying down into some part of the wall smacking my good old shoulder against the wall, like owch.I can feel pain, big plus, I thought watching the lights flicker on and off. There was this mechanical groaning sound that could be defined as wheezing from The Mega Cruiser making it's last breaths. Assuming any organic aboard this ship should die if it kaputs which means in English; losing power.

Instead I stood in a shivering cold room rubbing my shoulders and wishing death collected me already.

"Slag,I didn't realize The Grim Reaper enjoyed the-soon-to-be-dead in distress." I said.

I usually pictured The Grim Reaper as Grim. Grim; the skeleton guy wearing a black cloak that had inside red fabric and wielded a scythe. His skull would remind people of the 'death' marking on posion.The Grim Reaper I picture is the one from  'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy'. Grim's an old fart who has a 'heart' even when he denies it.

The lights kicked on. Except there were bright red flashes. I heard the door swing open so of course I had to get outta a dead and no longer occupied room. Loud submarine signals echoed through the hallways.The ship tilted sideways so I was sent gliding down to the right. Looks like Grim wants to meet me when I'm dead,I concluded feeling around the walls.

...Probably fourteen minutes later...

...after getting confused in a lotta halls...

I came to a sudden halt in the dark where figures were running back and forth.Being thoroughly confused lead me into passageway that had these tall and remarkably copied off barrels full of oil. It confused me that they have oil for a ship that had been powered by a soul eater. Maybe it is stale oil for their machine based warriors?, I guessed scratching my head. There were alien announcements going off the big loud speakers hooked into the corner of the ceiling at every hallway corner.

"Walk, walk, walk and shake your booty." I randomly sang, and then shook my booty.

I am feeling random. I am feeling really, really random. I then felt the urge to relieve myself. I saw this big claw resting on the floor while sticking out from the barrels and then it became a logical situation. I unzipped my jeans, unbuttoned them, and then went to this huge claw. I hide behind it since this claw was so wide that not even a human sized alien could look over and a gigantic one would not be able to see me among these big collections of barrels. I pulled down my pants, and next to come down was my underwear, and then relieved myself.

I had this big goofy smile stuck to my face.

"Aaaah." I said, leaning forwards on the claw. "I shoulda' not drank dat sprite."

I heard this low engine grumble. Sounds like an alien based helicopter's engine sorting out it's old kinks and messed up gas that hadn't pass during a twenty-two hour flight to San Diego from some other state. Do you wanna look up while you're relieving yourself?, I ask, Well I need to go faster so yeah.

I look up.

Lo and behold it is a great old disgusted Megatron.

"You are disgusting."

I was still smiling.

"And I am tooouucchhiing you." I sang, feeling more relieved than ever. "Ahhh, almost done. Please bare with me."

Megatron looks away shielding his optics.

"Your pee smells horrible."

"Pee doesn't smell until its been out for more than twenty four hours or until someone has eaten something like those brown beans in this movie where a kid ran away from home and ate with a fugitive at night who the boy later captured and put on his red toy wagon tied up by his wrist to his ankles and took the fugitive back to his more familiar streets."


"The fugitive was promptly arrested and a kid dropped a apple behind the window in front of the fugitive."

"And what happens in this 'movie'?"

"In the movie this fugitive had stolen a doll from a carriage while these kid were setting up their tree house, this kid interrupted a rare blooming to tell his next door neighbor that guy was stealing, the kid removed some teeth from his next door neighbors teeth set, and a couple other things."

"Teeth set?"

"That movie was hilarious!"

"But what are teeth set?"

"Fake teeth to replace the ones that were lost."

After a while I felt the job was done. So I pulled up my underwear, pulled up my jeans, buttoned up the buttons and zipped up the zipper. I made sure to walk around my puddle of urination that didn't have a single tint of color to it. Megatron moved his claw away just so I would step into my own relieved puddle.

"Not gonna happen." I said walking right pass the puddle towards the big guy.  "And if you are out, why is Mr Hairs not out?"

Megatron takes a few steps back.

"I ripped my shackle off and ditched him when the lights went off, earth minutes ago." Megatron said.

"And you found me." I said.

"Did not." Megatron said. 

"Did too." I said.

"It's more like you found me, trash." Megatron argues back.

I folded my arms.

"When I get back, I'mma be first to tell everyone that Megatron watched me relieve myself." I said.

Megatron shook both his servos.

"You will NOT do that!" Megatron frantically said.

"Why would I?" I ask, cockly.

"Because I would not want to be associated  for your disgusting relief moment when I rise up from the dead." Megatron said.

"You can totally ditch it by not going back." I said with  warm hearted laugh. "After this."

"I can only avoid the hellish pits by ressuruction." Megatron said.

"What are they like?" I ask, curious."The pits."

"Hell." Megatron said. "The realm of torture, hence the name 'hell' and 'Pits'." Never ending pain, sorrow, and infliction."

"Is there another way you can avoid that?" I ask, feeling very hopeful for him.

Megatron's optics lighted up. He looks towards my direction with his fresh mint breath being visible.I don't know why it was visible in a really warm atmosphere; I mean there isn't a Jack Frost kind of person sticking around playing tricks on my mind.

"There is a 'Friendship' link." Megatron said.

I folded my arms.

"The way you mentioned to me sounded like a mistake you didn't wanna initiate." I said. "So bustah, what's the lousy excuse this time?"

"Autobots expect Decepticons to despise friendship links." Megatron finally admits.

"Uh what?" I said, blinking multiple times.

"It is a temporary form of bonding that allows a spark to remain alive without its carrier while temporally connected to another spark." Megatron explains to me. "No one will  be able to see me, except you."

"So you're a ghost that's gonna be haunting me." I said, tapping my foot. "And kids can see ghosts at a young age. So I probably won't be the only person to see and hear you." I point at Megatron using my index finger. His optics work together to narrow at me; attempting to be mean. "Takes out the whole point of your request."

"Not exactly." Megatron said.

I sigh, shaking my head.

"How long does it last?" I ask.

"Six earth months to ten earth months." Megatron said.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" I ask. 

"It does not  come with speaking through bond and a eternal connection." Megatron tells me. "I can hear your thoughts and feel your pain."

I stare at him.

"Anndd what about mesah?" I ask.

"You will not feel my feelings or hear my thoughts." Megatron said. "It applies to the spark that is doing it.This is enough cycles for me to find a new shell to inhabit." I could tell there was some kind of dark plot developing. "Or find a way to restore my shell."

This is coming from the evil robot who's asking me to do a 'friendship-link'. 

"When I'm linking with you; it does not hurt." Megatron said.

"B-b-but I'mm a thing!" I said, as my hands were trembling. "I MIGHT get hurt! I have some human inside of me." I pat on my chest. "I am totally worried how it might effect me or change me; you know, most people don't find themselves in a situation like this."

Megatron is really calm and not worried about it.

"I only need to touch your hand." Megatron said, in a reassuring voice.

I-I-I can't take a dead guy serious right here. It sounds really simple for him but worrysome for me.

"I promise." Megatron said, holding out his large and sharp index digit.  "It will not hurt; I pinkie swear."

I held my hand out.

"Since we're pinkie swearing; it seems appropriate to make you swear not to kill Sydney and The Sandler family when you are brought back to life." I said,narrowing my eyes at the gigantic dark gray robot with these fire burning optics.  "I ain't gonna do the pinkie swear willingly if you don't say it."

Since he needs to touch my hand, it seems logical that my pinkie finger to be the touched area.

Megatron's face did not look pleased.

"Sparing humans is not---" Megatron started to say but I interrupted him.

"Then say bye bye to little miss happy face!" I said, putting down my arm.  I gave a small wave and then turn around after that I walked away fast as my legs could go.  "Hope you enjoy going back to the pits!"

Megatron gets in my way.

"Fine!" Megatron said. "I will spare them."

"And you will never ever break zhe bucket when Dorito gives it back." I said, getting a surprised look from Megatron.  "Not ever!"

"D...Dorito?" Megatron said, clueless.

"He calls himself 'Starscream'." I said.  "More like the chip who refuses to speak English."

"I can take care of that." Megatron said, as a sinister smile came across his ugly dirty faceplate.

I held my hand out.

"Pinkie swear!" I said, holding up my pinkie finger.

"I pinkie swear promise." Megatron said, somehow wrapping his gigantic metal pinkie claw around my finger.  "To your terms."

I feel a little stinging pain from my pinkie finger . But the pain was gone in three seconds.

 A eleven year old girl would never picture herself; Linked with a Alien Robot. There was a sudden electronicall pulse that went through my body feeling every fiber in and out standing up.I felt so strange,more power beyond belief was channeling through the temporary connection being established, and I was fortunate to share it with Megatron.

The sensation came to a abrupt halt. My pinkie finger feels unusually numb.

"Dude." I said, glaring at Lord Idiot of medical fields.  "You numbed my pinkie finger!"

Megatron takes his digit off my finger and takes his index digit away.

"I did no such thing." Megatron denies.

"Yes you did." I accuse him. "Because I am a worry wart!"

Megatron pauses, then tilts his helm at me. I could see a disgusted look grow on his faceplate that reminded me of The Dragon dude from DragonHeart. Megatron steps away from me while his cannon is  powering up.

"You disgust me." Megatron said.

"Which part?" I ask.

"The chest popping aliens." Megatron replied with a hiss. 

I tilt my head while thinking up the movie involving the Predator and the dude with orange hair that really could not reflect his strong heroic build. Next my mind went off into Terminator-ville getting a terrified Megatron standing mere feet away from me. Stupid big Megatron shot at me but heck I scooted right over letting the blast destroy a group of barrels and become explosive.

I duck and wait for whatever mess behind me cool down.The big babooms loudly echoed down the hallway following a big gust of flames.Watching too much television can be educating in understanding how dangerous explosions travel in tunnels.The big cackling badaboom sound died away; I had one eye looking over to see what was left of the hallway.The hallway once behind me is still carrying that blast down.

"Stop thinking disgusting images." Megatron orders me, his optics glaring down at me.

"You don't get bothered by killing humans." I said, getting back up. 

"That's a different story." Megatron said, with a despiseful tone in his voice.

I frown, as feeling returned to my pinkie finger.

"Why get bothered seeing it happen  with humans and aliens fighting it out?" I ask.

I could have swore Megatron shuddered.

"This is different." Megatron said.

"...Oh my primus I'm not talking to a villain!" I threw my hands up into the air. "I am talking to a guy who doesn't mean EVERY single word he SAYS. So you are not a honest-lying, backstabbing ,cruel killing, and human despising robot."

"But I am." Megatron said.

"No you aren't." I said.  "You have been alive longer than me."

"That I have." Megatron said with a nod.

"And yet the leader of a terrifying faction is scared of human gore." I said.  "Tell me what is wrong with this picture." I snap my fingers,remarkably I did it right, then point down to the floor. Megatron didn't have a reply. "Stop pretending to be a damn coward."

Megatron flinches at the mention of being a 'coward'.I can tell he did not enjoy the word 'coward'.

"I am not--" Megatron begins to argue back but I interrupt him.

"I am speaking!" I sharply interject while holding my index finger up. "You're making Scar,Hades,and Jafar look good!"

There is silence between us.

"Who are those humans?" Megatron asks, ending the eerie silence.

I facepalmed myself.

"Forget that." I said. "But you've lived longer than I, so stop hiding under false pretenses."

"Fine." Megatron grumbles. "I despise human gore."

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