I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


15. Hide's first halloween

. . . 2008.  . .

.  . .November 31st .  . .

"Since when do we have to get our holoforms dressed up?" Skids asks. "We never did that!"

Skids, Mudflap, Arcee,Crosshairs, and Ironhide were intending on going trick-or-treating. In their holoforms.

"Optimus finds your blending in skills quite horrible." Arcee said.

Ironhide was busy fiddling with The plastic toy story deputy badge on his woody costume. He wans't paying the slightest attention to the argument between Arcee and the twins. Crosshairs was just dressed up as himself holding a orange plastic container that resembled a pumpkin that has glowing yellow freaky eyes that had a black connecting lid attached to both sides. Everything that had lids reminded Ironhide of Ivy's bucket, and, how he failed to protect her. Ironhide was trying to avoid that small reminder.

"Hey!" Skides and Mudflap argue. "We blend in well!"

"As icecream partners." Crosshairs said. "A little too good."

"Hey, you're just jealous we give kids free icecream." Mudflap insinuates.

Ironhide looks up to the shorter holoforms of the twins. Their current holoforms were set to be children sized, their phyisical holofo0rm appearances even indicated they were both boys in their childhood years, and were wearing costumes. Their costumes was a skeleton suit that had had bones that glow blue in the dark.

"Trick or treating is a event that we rarely take part in." Ironhide said. "And humans started doing this event to ward off children from trouble-making."

Skids pulls up his skeleton mask and looks at Ironhide puzzled.

"You gotta be joking." Skids said.

"No jokes." Ironhide said, in a chide kind of voice. He could see the night is drawing near and children were already out beginning the house to house event. "First house that we--as a group--are going to is the large creepy one over there."

Ironhide points precisely at the direction of a house that received a lightning bolt.

"No!" The twins protest.  "We're not going."

Ironhide groans, rubbing his forehead. We see his vehicle mode spring out two pairs of hooks that grab on to the twin's vehicle mode.

"I will tow you two, in vehicle mode, to every fragging house if needed." Ironhide threatens them. Arcee is dressed up as a cat with a tail and a headband that has cat ears. "Arcee and Crosshairs are here to make sure I do not end up killing you."

. . . Half a hour later  . .  .

.  . .After thirteen houses.  . .

"You miss her." Arcee said, leaning against the tree as Crosshairs is shoving the twins to the door of a house.

Ironhide turns his head towards Arcee's direction. He knew exactly who Arcee is talking about; he didn't need to ask or guess who the femme is referring to. Ironhide's holoform turns his head briefly away from Arcee's directing while grumbling about some subject.Children were walking by in Frankenstein costumes, scooby doo, ghost  costumes, superheroes, and cartoon characters. 

The Halloween night temperature wasn't so cold; well, when is it for a alien robot? Hardly.

"It is guilt." Ironhide said.  "Guilt cannot be changed."

"You should move on." Arcee said. "If Ivy was here; she would say the same."

"No." Ironhide said, in denial.  "She would have said,  'Mr Hide, where did ya get dah go'urd rails from?' or 'Cheer up, Mr Hide!'."

"God rails." Arcee said,wiggling her holoform's nose.

It didn't seem to make sense with the word "go'aurd' rails for Arcee.

"Ivy could not say  'guard' correctly." Ironhide notes. "Nor could she spell it."

"Typical for a child with Asphergers." Arcee said, probably agreeing with him.

"She would be dressed up as Harry Potter if I had used my cannon on Starscream's helmet." Ironhide said, shaking his head with a light hearted laugh.  "She would have made a great Harry Potter."

We see Crosshairs chase after Skids and Mudflap in holoform mode--they were holding  a table right above their heads--while people pointed at them.Ironhide grumbled to himself this might be the most irritating and most problematic Halloween on Earth with the twins. Arcee takes out a small ball that seemed to be webbed and had three holes.

"Sling-web throwers." Ironhide said, with a chuckle as he caught a glance of them.  "I've been searching all over for those!"

"You dropped them in front of my feet." Arcee said.

"Since when?" Ironhide asks.

"Twenty earth months ago." Arcee said.  "Right when Ivy was insisting you dragging you out of the base to see a movie."

Arcee  threw the small circle sling-web throwers right after Crosshairs direction. Then we see the two flying balls dipping down right past Crosshairs.We can see a definite look on Crosshair's holoform that seemed more 'oh that's Toothfairy's creation'.We see two boys fall down at once and the table lands perfectly safely on the grass. Crosshairs couldn't stop himself but fall over the  table. Ironhide's mouth is slack open.

We have a brief transition to show Ivy in a custom made Iron Man costume. We can see her heart is not present but the shining blue light is pretty bright; even the appeal of the iron Man costume seems so movie-like and real.Well minus the whole jet boosters, energy blasters,and nuclear reactor. We see she tries out her gloves on a bush; the bush burst into flames from the costume's blast.

"How could I . . " Ironhide said.

A guy in a dark hoody rushed by a kid and grabbed two bags of Candy.

"Someone stole my candy!" The kid in a Jack Sparrow costume, the one from Pirates of the Caribbean, yells.

"Go get him, Hide." Arcee said, folding her arms. She made this strange cat-like tune that earned a raised eyebrow from Ironhide.  "I can always wait to hear your side of the story."

Ironhide's holoform dissapears from view in blue colors similar to a ID scanner going down as his form depleted. Ironhide's headlights turned on, we see his speed limit accelerate, and his radio turns on. Next we see his vehicle mode is seen driving near the sidewalk right after the fleeing man.He turns the station to 'Soldiers by Drowning Pool'. We can hear his engine running on full steam. Ironhide's wheels go over rocks and tree branches that were in the way.

The candy thief knocks down other kids at the same time stealing more bags of candy. Humans are easy to catch up with, Ironhide turns left into a crash can going into the grass. He knocks over several Halloween decorations going after this candy thief.The man looks over his shoulder to see the truck is lacking a driver.

"Oh hell." The  Candy thief cursed.

The candy thief ran into the backyard where no one would bother going in. Ironhide transforms into his robot mode followed by the classic tuurcch-eeuurch-wurrch noise.One of his servos sends the candy thief flipping over on the ground.Candy bags were sent flying in all over  the place. Ironhide put his servo above the  human in a cage like form.

"If you prefer not to lose an arm." Ironhide said, as his Australian-British similar accent is heard. "I highly recommend you return the candy bags to their rightful owners."

"Alien." The candy thief said.

"I am a Autonomous Robotic Organism." Ironhide said with a grunt. "Alien has no meaning in my species. We are older than you, wiser than you, and we can protect you from our kind who don't have the philosophy to spare you." Ironhide takes his servo up from the man. He leans in closer to the candy thief and his breath in the cold became evident. "Only reason you're not dead is because it is Halloween."

The candy thief gulps.

".  . ..Alien." The candy thief repeats.  "I don't want more of you to pop out my chest!"

Ironhide draws himself back, disgruntled by this human's words.

"We do not do budding anymore." Ironhide said. "That was back in the dark ages."

The candy thief gasps.

"I promise not to do this again." The candy thief promises. "I promise!"

"Do you swear to uphold the knights code of honour?" Ironhide asks.

The candy thief nods, rapidly. 

"I will be watching you, human." Ironhide said, giving him the 'I am watching you' hand sign. "Don't pull a fast one on me."

The candy thief gets as he shook and picks up the candy bags. Ironhide transforms into his vehicle mode and turns on his holoform. The candy thief's became so white that a child could have mistaken his skin for decorative ghost coloring. No wonder Decepticons find it easy to scare humans at night, Ironhide muses at the thought, They are so gullible.He saw a plastic pumpkin Halloween bag that seem to have a handle broken in half. Ironhide's holoform fingertips loosen their grip on the driver's wheel.

"I do not recall dropping them." Ironhide repeats to himself. "I could not have dropped my masterpieces."

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