I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


6. He will fix zhe bucket

"Zhe bucket!" I yell, pulling up forwards. "He's taken zhe bucket!"

I saw Mikaela and her boyfriend looking startled at my sudden outburst.The room apparently is white liek a perfect crystal developed from a freezing climate. There were noises from the hallway--that traveled into the room by the open door---which at first indicated I was in a hospital. Mikaela came over to me.

"You can get a new one." Mikaela said.

I stared at her while feeling this burning pain from my chest.

"You've lost your mind." I said clenching over. I winced over this light pain from my chest.  "I will not replace zhe bucket of storytelling with a new bucket." Generally I do keep my word. "Pillows, toy box lids, bouncy balls; all of those can do."

"I didn't know you were Irish." Sam said.

I'm not Irish. Maybe this is from the Asperger thing Ratchet told me.

"I'm.  . . what?" I look at him confused. For a moment there I had my attention off the pain. Then turn my head towards the more responsible woman in the room. "How did I get here? Is Mr.Hide okay?" I could still see those burning hateful optics in the darkness in the far  reaches of my mind.I feel this soft fabric thing brush against my skin from moving my arm. "If there's a tag on this thing then nothing's gonna stop me from getting a pair of scizzors."

"Ironhide's fine. " Mikaela said, shooting a glare to Sam.  "She's not Irish."

"She sounds like it." Sam said.

"Maybe because I've spent time in Texas?" I guessed.

"You don't sound Texan."  Sam notes.

"Give me scizzors." I said.

"Ivy, you cannot take tags off from the hospital gown." Mikaela said.

And then the pain worsened/

"He took zhe bucket!" I cried, and I cried more than I had actually cried in my entire life so far. "He called me a freak and freaking said Pesticide wrong!" I wipped off my fluid tears. "Starscream  called me a  'Pesticice'! He's lucky I didn't correct him like a english teacher."

"Ivy, you need to relax." Mikaela said,

"How can I relax when a Decepticon insulted my story telling bucket and left me with a--" I look over seeing the handle is no where in place.  "I need zhe handel!" I told her with uttmost seriousness. "Give me zhe handle!"

And then I really woke up. I awoke in this dark coffin sized object. I remembered the CSI episode where Nick was abducted and placed into this coffin with a camera and his phone. So, I came up with only one solution: I was considered dead. I look down to the right seeing my hand had a tight grip on zhe handle that once had been part of my bucket.

"Punching time!"  I took a hard punch, with  my left hand, to the lid.

I made a hole in the lid. I got a scratch mark on my fist. Some dirt landed on my face. One of the dirt landed my mouth. Ew, this isn't dirt. Oh wait a second maybe I was buried in some part of the cemetary that's got dirt which is a counterpart to gun powder. This is a great possibility!  I take out a hankerchief that was sticking out my (apparently) hoody chest pocket.

Oh good they buried me in a wooden coffin. Time to freak out the Autobots, this will be more fun. I twisted it up then search my pant pockets. Please tell me the cigarette lighter that I accidental stole from Mikaela's house is still in these pants. Oh I feel it! They actually buried me with a hoody, pants, shoes, socks, and the most useful items in the history of 'ooops, sorry we buried you' things, I stufff the hankerchief into the hole then light it up using the lighter.

"So glad they respected my body." I said, with a much relieved sigh.

Perhaps the movie where the guy dies because of a pumpkin landing on his head and returns for halloween is probably what makes me believe that the dead is not all evil. And that I am not undead. I'm still alive because my heart is beating. I see this strange glow from my chest right where my heart should be. It's glowing  light blue going in swirly like circles. I consider that mostly weird.

Kids shouldn't attempt doing this at home. Nope. Except for me.

I click on the lighter's tip at the dangling piece of fabric belonging to the handkerchief.

"You better work." I said, watching the flames travel up the white fabric that looks tear stained. Oh well that might be Mikaela's tears. "Because I don't want to punch myself out."

And then boom went the ground.The explosion was loud with it's white, red, and orange flaming effects that followed what I just described.The lid was blown off  and Clumps of dirt was sent flying in any direction. You may consider me a crazy child for taking a sigh of relief and be grateful for the sight of stars.I climbed out the open grave plausibly getting my left hand's palm dirty and zhe handle covered in filth as well.

"I wonder what this light is." I wonder out loud.

I pulled up  my hoody and my shirt--yes, it's layered--to see what's making this unusual glow.There I saw through this clear transparent lid a rotating gassy electrical charge surrounding  my heart that was beating. I felt the casing that protected my own heart. How can this be possible?, I thought seeing my own heart beat. I pull down my hoody and shirt over this unusual glow. I bring my left hand close to my chest that's still glowing through two layers.

"I can bleed blood." I said, tilting my head.  "But. . . " I lower my hand down. "Why am I alive?"

I walked out of the creepy and dark cementery.

"I will find Triangle." I said. "And he will fix zhe bucket and he will give it back to me."

Oh yes, it's good to be back.

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