I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


2. Hai Optimus Prime!

I stared at the gigantic and huge sami-Truck on this picture laid on the truck floor of Ironhide. My dad happens to be a truck driver so I do know what kind of vehicle that was. I kicked the bucket into the air using my feet. Yes, I am laying down on the seats with my legs in the air kicking a small object that has a handle which shouldn't be there. I could hear Ironhide grumble about 'human is kicking a bucket inside of me'.

"And then Simba pounced on a antelope  .  .  ." I go on.

"What's a Antelope?" Ironhide asks, his human like form looks over his shoulder.

Don't tell me this alien robot hasn't watched the Lion King!

"They are like deer." I said. "Except they have black curly horns that go over their heads and are right above their foreheads." I have the book version to Simba's Pride; I have three lion king books about the 1st movie and the art is so dang good. "Anyway; the hunters in his pride were actually glad Simba had joined in. Their source of food had been stubborn to catch and kill with their sharp long teeth."

".  .   . How long have you been at this?" Ironhide asks, raising those almost barely--even to define as--eyebrows.

"I moved to Kentucky two weeks ago." I babble. "And there is this new school I'm gonna go to!" I couldn't help but giggle at the excitement. "It's Marshal Elementary School. I used to go to South Christain in Oak Groove."

Ironhide rubbed his face.

"I meant how long have you been telling stories?" Ironhide asks.

I paused, while hitting the bucket multiple times with my feet and let it fly up and then catch it again by putting my feet in.

"Too long to count." I said.  "I've been hooked to the Lion King for as long as I can remember." I then begin singing. "Cause it's the circle, circle of the liifeeeee--"

Ironhide turns on the radio and then this song came up.

"I will have another you by to-moooorrooooo! I LOVE YA, AND IT;S ONLY A DAY AWAY!" I madly sang to it.  "To the left, to the left, where your belongings go, because it's a hard naught life for us!" I was giggling while Ironhide groaned.  "You must not know another me. Because I'm  irreplaceable!"

I heard distinctive sounds of laughter from outside Ironhide. Ironhide drove really fast past the bumblebee themed car.

"Weee!" I squeal, waving my arms.

"I don't care about speedlimits!" Ironhide hollers back to the other Autobot  "I just want to get this terrible vocal singer out!"

I pout.

"No fair!" I complain, sitting down and picking up my bucket of stories. "I've been singing since I was four years old." His comment is very insulting. No seriously it is; to the girls who's been singing Annie songs, Lion King songs, Aladdin songs, and Mary Poppins songs once in a awhile.  "I'm better than most people my age!"

"Your singing is terrible." Ironhide told me. 

This competitive side of me was screaming to sing it better at him,and so, I did. 

"I wake up at the dawn," I sing, raising my voice like a roller coaster. Hey, at least it's better than what Iroinhide's saying!.  "Seeing the night sky, there's a gigantic rainbow looming above a tree with a monkey holding a stick with fruit,and I grasp upon a falling star--"

"That is really terrible." Ironhide said.  "You need more practice."

I stuck my tongue out at his human form.

"Haters gonna hate." I said.

I saw the time on the dashboard change from 7:38 to 8:20 in less than five minutes. Well it felt like five minutes to me because time seemed to go by fast annoying the big 'Hide guy. Yet it stopped being fun when Ironhide drove into this dark and creepy mysterious building that contained a Scooby Doo like vibe. I can feel the potential to mess it up so comically it could be re-used as a film scene for a official movie.

"Hold on." Ironhide said, as the doors slide away and everything inside started moving.

Figures, he's a gigantic alien robot.

"You are creeeping me out." I said, unbuckling myself. I then clutched my bucket  as whiirs and clicks went around me.

I dared not to look have no idea if he's a bad guy or not.

"So is this what it takes to creep you out?" Ironhide lowers his gigantic huge metal cold hand in front of his face.

Come on,it's really dark and his big eyes are like two sets of window wipers built together in front of a blue portal that is actually made up of lights and machinery. I gulped hearing truck like sounds coming from behind. Ironhide lowered his servo down near to area that his truck mode's front part. I turn around and saw the truck guy from the magazine. Wait a second in this freezing time frame!

This guy resembles a individual called 'Optimus Prime' from a Transformers Animated advertisement!

"Ironhide." I can hear a Nobel, wise, older, and generally respected voice come from the truck.

"She landed in front of us." Ironhide said.  "Kid, meet our leader, Optimus Prime."

I stood there gaping at him for a moment there.

"Woah." I said. "You look so old," I saw Optimus have this  'Did you bring her here to proove a point?" at Ironhide.  "Hai, I'm Ivy Bell!" I squeal. "Hai Optimus Prime!" God this feels so epic like and awe inspiring; like who else gets to be in the preseance of a wise old figure who seems kind and nobel? "You're the leader of le .  .  . what you are a leader of? Are you  the leader of everyone in this room?"

"Autobots." Optimus said.

"What does that mean?" I ask.

"Autonomous Robotic Organisms." Optimus replied, looking at my bucket.  

"Wow." I said, amazed. "That's a mouthful."

Optimus looks towards Ironhide while raising one of his gigantic stacked eyebrows.

"Her item is . . ." Optimus said, a though figuring a way to put it.

"I know; its annoying." Ironhide agreed.

"Don't you know we kids have feelings?" I said, feeling slightly insulted for my story telling device.

"Ironhide, it has a signature." Optimus said.

"It has a signatuure!" I sang. "It has a signature. It hhhhhhass a siignnatuuuree!"

"Optimus, she has the energy signature." Ironhide said. "Not the annoying item."

"It's a bucket!" I yelled. "Stop referring to it as 'THE ITEM' it's 'Zhe storytelling bucket' now  refer to it in the correct name."

"We have historic relics, and we do not refer to them as zhe bucket." Optimus said in a serious voice. He looks down towards me. "We refer to them as our cybertronian heritage."

"Such as?" I ask, eying him.

"The Allspark." Optimus said, standing up.Ironhide puts me on the surface.  "We do not know where comes from, only that it has brought us souls."  I raise an eyebrow. "It has everything; our planet's first seven primes, the harvesters, the seeds,and our creators."

"Who are your creators?" I ask, feeling like a skeptical UFO geek.

"We don't know."  Optimus said.  "But your 'Bucket' has something cybertronian to it."

I shrug.

"I tell stories." I said. "That's what it does." I saw it was dark outside. "It's way past my bedtime." I yawned and stretched my arms while making my left hand holding the  bucket in a tight grip. "Yaw---wjnnn." I feel tired.  "I hope its still 2006."

"It's 2007." Ironhide said.

"No." I said, with eyes wide. "It's 2006!"

"Don't argue with me, younglin'." Ironhide's british-Austraillain accent  is very light. "I am more aware of my time than you are."

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