I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


49. Georgie of the Starscream

..Where in the winter time it is outrageously hot...
Georgie Boy, oh Georgie, with her rolly dark hair ending at her shoulders  came to the door.The weather in Australia in the summer time is freezing cold. She had on a big coat. There is rapid knocking on the wooden door that has several holes--covered in what seems to be mobile flubber plugs--big enough for birds to come in and out.
Georgie opens the door.
"Starscream?" Georgie said, puzzled.
Starscream is standing at the door in his holoform.He has short blonde hair, a black jacket with high raised collars, a clean shaved face, and casual jeans.He is not wearing winter gear for the Australlian winter because he is not affected by the temperature.
Georgie raises a brow as Starscream's holoform shifted from side to side.
 "What brings you here?" Georgie asks.
"I have made a small problem..." Starscream admits, as Ivy leans from behind Starscream and made a short wave. "About that favor I 'owe' you."
"Hai!" Ivy said, with a short wave. "I am Ivy."
"Hyvee?" Georgie asks.
"I-V-Y!" Ivy said, doing a cheerleader thing.  "How do you spell Hyvee? Gimme a H, gimme a Y, gimme a V, gimme two duplicates of E!" She is waving two random cheerleader related items in the air.  "What does that spell? Hyvee! I-V-Y spells Ivy!"
Starscream pinches the bridge of his nose.
"Ah Georgie," Starscream said. "Don't antagonize the little pest."
Ivy gasps seeing the television.
"HOME ALONE IS ON!" Ivy squeals.  "The first one!" Ivy zips past Georgie--because she is so small--with ease. "Pardon me."
Georgie blinks looking off towards Starscream.
"Did she just let herself in?..." Georgie said in much shock.
"Why yes," Starscream said. "She did."
Ivy's contagious laughter is heard.
"Come in, bird hater." Georgie said, taking a step to the side.  "You have some explaining to do."
Our scene transitions into  the dining room about ten minutes later. The table is brown and wide; being a long circle surrounded by many chairs pushed except two had people sitting in them. The windows are closed pretty shut with some fog spreading on the tinted glass.There is a chandelier right above their heads powered up electronically as in lightbulbs. The walls are painted in a terrible color far worse that it given last place in a interior decoration contests.There is even drawings of ravens seen beside the terribly tinted paintings on the wall attached to a hook drilled firmly.
"So, you brought this kid to be protected from your own teammates." Georgie said, at the table.
"They are not my teammates." Starscream said.
"Men in combat ring a bell?" Georgie asks.
Starscream nods to Georgie's question.
"I am very familiar to it." Starscream said.
"Then you must be familiar to associating with your comrades." Georgie said.
Starscream frown while narrowing his holoform eyes toward Georgie.
"Georgie, you're getting off topic." Starscream said. "I only brought the child here because Lord Megatron is still partially linked.  If she dies before three solar cycles pass then it will be nonrecoverable damage to his spark and his sanity."
Ivy is sitting on the floor in front of the television, her eyes glued to what is happening on screen, paying no attention to the conversation in the dining room. The dining room is across from the living room. All right think of the house from Jumanji; the hallway separates the two rooms leading up towards a spiral staircase leading to a couple rooms.
"It's that bad?" Georgie asks.
"Yes," Starscream said. "Even in the fading stages where it is ending; the other is still important to survival."
"So, let me get this straight." Georgie said. "If Ivy dies before three days have passed; Megatron will get a heartache and damage to his Psyche."
"Yes." Starscream said,with a small nod.
Georgie looks over towards Ivy's little sitting figure and then back towards Starscream.
"What can possibly happen in three days?" Georgie asks.
"A few megacycles ago; The Fallen sent a couple Decepticons and ambushed Optimus Prime with a human containing valuable information." Starscream said. Georgie's expression changes to 'should I care about some robot being ambushed?'. "They are searching for the boy, Soundwave has locked on the coordinates to the boy's parents,and most of the Autobots have gone into hiding. Ravage has retrieved an allspark....We're searching for Megatron's shell in the ocean."
"So, why has there not been any activity in Australia by some cons?" Georgie asks.  "Are they nationality racist and favor America over the vast majority of different continents and nations? What about the Bahamas?"
"I did something that messed up with the navigational systems and digital maps leading away from America." Starscream explains.
"You...did it to everyone?" Georgie said,  a bit in disbelief.
"Well," Starscream starts to tell, tapping his fingers together with the sides of his hands on the table. "Convincing Soundwave that The Fallen and Megatron had agreed was a difficult task."
Georgie's facial expression changes to a 'bull crap coming from you'.
"Explain to me how you pulled off leaving The United Kingdom and everyone else except America immune to Decepticon attacks." Georgie said. "This isn't a world where The Last Action Hero is set in."
"I am very familiar to this fictional documentary." Starscream said.
"Screamer, it is a film." Georgie said, sharply holding up her index finger.  "Don't you dare call a film making fun of action movies a documentary!"
"I dare to." Starscream said.
Georgie sighs.
"You sent a message to every military base outside of American land about what you did." Georgie said. "So if there is any chance any unwanted Decepticons came near to outside territory they would be shot down by heavy artillary, then crash land, and be locked up as a prisoner of war."
"You have a great imagination." Starscream said.
"Tell me your best guess where the boy is going." Georgie said.
"I don't guess when a organism requests me to." Starscream refuses.
"Screamer,you're in my house."  Georgie reminds Starscream.
"Argentina, Brazil, and Canada." Starscream said. "I have heard there is great weather in those places." Starscream gets up from the table then pushes the chair in after taking a step to the side.  "I have to go. The Fallen is unaware I have gone off the radar."
"And helped a 'human'." Georgie said.
"She's not a human, Georgie." Starscream said. "She is something...different."
"From what you've explained to me; she still counts as a human." Georgie said.
"You'll learn." Starscream said.  "Until we meet again, Georgie."
Starscream's figure disappeared in a stream of red light. Ivy laughs at the television set having a jolly good time watching Home Alone.

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