I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


26. Friend meet brother

Miraclously we arrived back a minute after I had left.I landed face first across from Crosshairs feeling rough pain spreading on my face unassumingly making a faceburn, then Christian landed on my back with a thump, and Megatron just appeared where he had been standing when I had been drawn into the portal.Megatron looks so smug at our anime-like-crash-landing and shook his helmet laughing.Crosshair's mouth fell open once seeing my sudden arrival.Now recall that I have a backpack full of clothes and books, also,Christian is on my backpack.A human body pressing against  a bunch of books, blankets, and clothes is a lot of weight.

  My back is hurting, and if I feel it, so does Megatron.

"My back." I squeaked.

Chrstian rolls off my back.A adventure driven child can't blame a kid who has never gone on adventures, except roleplaying it. Christian, when we were younger, used to roleplay with his friend Trevor back in Oak Groove and these roleplays I vividly recall mostly were dragon oriented.I gasp for breath, and wiggle myself up.

"You just left!" Crosshairs said, dragging himself up from the gaping hole that lead into a outer-space sky.

"I got back." I said,taking my hood off my head.

"What's wrong with the green alien robot's voice?" Christian asks

"There is nothin' wrong with my voice, scrawny kid."  Crosshairs name calls Christian.

Sydney scrambled up from where she had been--where I had been falling from, apparently--tearful and overjoyed.My friend grabbed me into a big-tight bearhug. I never had been hugged his tightly before but it felt good. Because to me it means that someone actually cares about for once in my life. Just this once; I have a friend who cares. That's all I really wanted to have.

"I thought I lost you." Sydney said, in-between her sobs.

It felt appropriate then to cry and say the same back to her. My brother on the other hand yelled at Crosshairs furiously from being name called. My brother had definitely changed during my three year absence in reality. Heck, my brother is one year younger than me; still.Anyway we somehow went from happy reunion to introducing my brother to Sydney. 

We stopped hugging, if that's what you're asking.

"Friend meet brother." I said, making them shake hands. "Brother meet friend."

"My name is not a title." Christian said with a slight glare to me. "I am Christian, and you're Sydney. Ivy talked about you a lot."

Sydney raises one of her fine eyebrows.

"She did?" Sydney asks.

"Quite a lot." Christian said.

I really don't have a clue how that conversation turned into a argument with Christian and Sydney.

"Ivy is not THE thing." Sydney said. "She is a thing."

"Ivy ain't a shapeshifter if you're saying." Christian said. "So of course she's not THE thing."

"THE thing is big jello." Sydney said.

"THE thing is an alien that becomes any human it absorbs." Christian said. "The Blob is a jello thing that grows and grows as it eats people."

"No, THE thing is a big jello creature." Sydney argues back, raising her voice.

"I know my aliens!" Christian's voice gets higher and mad-like. "I had to watch EVERYTHING Ivy watched when we were growing up. She had complete control over the TV." He rolls a eye. "I can remember most of the lyrics to Barney 'If you're happy and you know it, clap you hands, and you unsure to show just stomp your feet.'."

"That's the happy song." Sydney said,

"I think its 'You love me, we're a big happy family,with a great big hug and kiss from  you'." I sang the lyric. "You love me,we're a big happy family, with a great big hug from you--"

"We get it." Crosshairs interupts me  in a terrible attitude as he rubs his forehelm.

We had to find the transport machine before the ship exploded. So, Crosshairs was forced to be in his vehicle mode for us kids to be in. Megatron preferred not to have a human riding in his vehicle mode so he casually decided to walk not fly. I don't understand the concept of handy dandy transforming that a cybertronian capable of flying isn't using  it. I pretty much used a whole lotta words to explain one simple strange thing.

"He must really want to perish on this collapsing ship." Sydney said, holding a square device. She is looking down towards the device that is making this annoying beeping sound repeatedly because of some big green circle on the screen going down what seems to be a hallway.

"Sydney,ghosts can't die." I remind Sydney.

Christian turns his head towards me.

"B-b-but..." Christian starts.

"He's dead." Crosshairs finishes. "This ship has some system allowin' Ghosts to be solid and be retrieved from the afterlife."

"Lord Megatron is a ghost?" Christian said it as a question rather than a statement.

Christian is pretty good at pretending he didn't know Megatron is dead. I love my younger brother for that; best brother ever.

"Yes." Crosshairs said.

Sydney squeaks excitedly, then waves her hands leaving the square device on her lap.

"The transport is in the hangar!" Sydney cheers."It is in the hangar!"She turns her head at my direction. "Girly, we need that suit you made." I shook my head holding my backpack. "We're so going back for it."

"No!" Christian said.

"Gee boy, you don't know what I am talking about." Sydney points out.

"I've been around my older sister long enough to know some things are not worth risking your life for."  Christian said.

I had to agree with my brother for once; this suit wasn't worth it. Because I am technically already the suit, except; human. I look under my sleeve to see the hole is covered by a fresh patch of skin. Crosshairs  managed to get into the room that transports anyone to and from their respective time locations--though there is enough power for a one time trip remaining in the machine--with a single click.

"You cannot go with us,dead metal." Crosshairs said.

"I am sorry, but calling me dead metal is equal to calling me alive." Megatron said.

"You're jokin'." Crosshairs said.

"No, he ain't joking." I said. "Metal is technically alive."

"Girly, what's in that backpack?..." Sydney asks. "We don't start school until the 5th."

I smile.

"Everything that I really been wanting to have in this world." I replied.

"Why don't I do the favor of sending you to Planet Earth?" Megatron offers, aiming the bullet machine at Crosshairs. "It is the least I can do."

"I thought ghosts can't be solid." Christian said.

"In this ship, boy, I can." Megatron said.

Me and Sydney share a laugh. Megatron clicked the button and then boom we were sent straight back to Florida. Turns out that the Sandlers might have a little more to expect; not just one child, but two.Crosshairs did not least expect that I had linked with Megatron. No more than I had ever expected  out of Crosshairs. 

The ship had been destroyed after we left.

Megatron didn't really return to the Pits; he followed me back where I belong.

I am home.

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