I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


57. Forgiveness is neccassary

..May 14th...6:30 PM...
For   the past four years I've been living in a house with my own hand made   machines capable of projecting 'holoforms' with their own personality   and gender.Two of the main holoforms are Christopher and Callie; last   names are both 'Holoform' to point out their little meaning. People   think I am actually living with living individuals solid as day.
Boy, were they wrong.
Norway is right across from Denmark; the only thing that separates them is a huge body of water belonging to a sea.
I've   been able to make a living far from America and those who I had   befriended. It was tough leaving behind what had been made out of being  friends with the Autobots and other people associated to them. No one  had to know where I was going or else they would be dead by some   follower of The terrible deceased Fallen.
"Lady Ivy," Christopher   said, sizzling out into the living room blocking my view of the   television set. "There's a porcupine and two vehicles requesting   entrance to your underground garage."
I look up, a bit puzzled, and perplexed.
"...What underground garage?" I ask.
"The one you built." Christopher said.
""I never built a underground garage." I said.
"You were dreaming of another secret lab and you lost interest as there was not enough resources." Christopher said.
I frown and wiggle my nose.
"I didn't build this house, Christopher." I said.
"You  stole it and you improved it," Christopher said. "And you added more   parts to the  building that it seems like a mansion. So you do have a   underground garage that has been empty for the past two years,these   robots seem desperate for your help."
"Dismiss them." I said.
Christopher clenches his jaw  moving it to the side almost locking his teeth together.
"I cannot as they have our prized welcome center." Christopher said as I pressed the red button.
Damn, I am slowly starting to regret giving him access to holoform room activation.
"Welcome..." I start, putting my hands on the arm rest leaning forwards. "What?"
"Welcome center." Christopher said.
"Explain."   I said leaning back into the chair and tap my fingers together sliding   to the side getting a partial view of the TV screen.
"The talking robot meerkat." Christopher said, taking  a step to the side getting in my way.
I tilt my head to the side.
"Are you sure I didn't make another raccoon capable of speaking?" I ask.
"Ivy,   that raccoon is named Rocket." Christopher reminds me.I straighten my   head grumbling 'right' begrudgingly. "Rocket has been doing a marvelous   job in America being a kick ass retrieval specialist."
I get up off the couch.
"Fine," I said. "Let them in," I held up my index finger. "But I must see them in this underground garage."
Christopher quickly nods.
"I will open the door." Christopher said, and then he zapped away.
Wish I could zap away on the spot.
I   followed the trail of beepings towards the garage. I then recall the   construction done to this lab while the holoform system had been turned   off. A opening appeared at the back big enough for a couple   Cybertronians to come flying down. The doors woshed behind me coming to   their 'gentle' close. Three gigantic robotic shapes came tumbling out   making everything kept behind these tall metal medium thick walls  bounce  up for a couple seconds then crash down making a loud noise as  did the  cybertronians.
My eyes widen seeing the all too familiar optic color to the cybertronians.
A  much younger--yet very expensive themed one--crashed first then a  second one looking really old landed on the first one's back. A sharp  thorny cybertronian came flying out landing across from the two visibly  several ages apart cybertronians. Then a random robot-organic meerkat  lands on the floor  safely on its two feet.
"You landed on my back, IronWhistle!" A shorter cybertronian with golden and red armor complains flailing his arms.
Thank god I have not gotten the room full of furniture.
"You went in first, KillerRod, I was shoved in by 'Pine."  IronWhistle argues back sliding of KillerRod's back.
"Why  you two bickering relatives, take it to the other room  and my name is  Porcupine." Porcupine said. "You can stop calling me 'Pine by now." He  turns his helm straight towards me as he gets up. Porcupine looks  generally surprised to see me. "What the pits?"
"It's the girl!" IronWhistle shouts as he finally took the time to notice little young me.
I glare back at them taking out a small square device.
"Forgive me." Porcupine said, suddenly kneeling  down to me.
It made me feel humble but the anger I had for the loss of many lives in Florida quickly took over that humble feeling. After all they had done to those humans  in Florida; ripping away my friend's life, taking down the Sandlers, and destroying so many homes in the process. Florida had just recovered two years ago as did the buildings now serving as historical sites  in the honor for the lost ones never found.
"Why should I?" I ask,with a frown.
"I'll allow you to offline me and extinguish my spark using any of your machines!" Porcupine said.
Way too good to be true.
"...Why?" I ask, suspicious.
"I don't want my memories to be washed out by Lockdown."  Porcupine said.
I reluctantly sigh.
"Fine, you're forgiven." I said, folding my arms.
"You've lost your proccessor, 'Pine?" KillerRod asks in horror.
"No, I have not!" Porcupine denies, standing upright. "I know my time has come."
"The time of the Decepticons has not ceased." KillerRod said.
"It did when Megatron was slain for the second time," I said in a grouchy tone. "And you're acting like he never left. I was able to bring him back because of that slave fighting ship and it cannot happen again. Those circumstances happened when stars were aligned, when Sydney was around, when I was not the angel of destruction."
I tap on my chest feeling the rounded orb.
"Where is your...killing room?" Ironwhistle asks.
"Deactivation room," I said. "Right down the hallway; best be in your vehicle modes for this."
"Pa?" KillerRod said, in confusion.
"We have to go, either way." IronWhistle said, putting one servo on KillerRod's shoulders.
"But...I don't want to go." KillerRod said.
KillerRod reminded me of my dear friend Sydney; exactly what she said.
"Do you want to live on and never remember what we did as Decepticons?" IronWhistle asks.
"No." KillerRod said.
"Then, my young friend, we have to go." IronWhistle said, taking his servo off the young sadly informed Decepticon. IronWhistle turns towards me having pity in his optics. "We had to follow The Fallen's orders. " KillerRod transforms into his vehicle mode than drove off down the hallway. "There is no refusing to The Fallen's requests; we did what we have to and your past is a ill victim of obeying orders little one."
"You didn't even like it?" I ask.
"I have been a Decepticon far longer than my grandson KillerRod," IronWhistle said, looking over to Porcupine then back to me. "I share some of the same values to the Decepticons. Now...I am set to expire and I will accept my fate." Ironwhistle clears his throat. "I do not seek redemption by doing this but what I regret is not being a loyal Decepticon."
IronWhistle transforms then speeds after KillerRod.
"Instructions are being sent to the drivers." Callie's voice startles me.
"I killed the dog." Porcupine said. "I should not face their little deaths single servoly!"
"You...killed...Rufus?" I said.
"Ah relax,kid." I heard a diferrent voice from behind. "He didn't do it."
I look over to see a walking racoon smoking a cigar wearing a small trench coat and a nice detective hat at it.
"Why yes I did!" Porcupine bellows.
"R...Rocket?" I ask, watching Rocket puff out a ring of smoke.
"I was retrieving a lost puppy for a German family," Rocket said, flicking off the last pieces to the cigar. There is quite much of a old style detective vibe coming off of Rocket. He reminds me of Dick Tracy except wearing not that much flashy colors.  "When I came across a family being murdered. Now I couldn't do a thing but watch them suffer in the digits of a  terifying and animal like alien robot.The dog died after being sent out into the distance by an explosion resulting from the treehouse."
My treehouse killed Rufus.
"Why are you here, vermin?" Porcupine asks.
"I am retrieving a little item stolen by a little girl." Rocket said. "Ratchet wants his big screwdriver back."
"I don't have it." I said.
"I spent nine months searching for you and that's all you got; you don't have it." Rocket said, sounding frustrated. "From all that I have gathered around your peculiar odd inventions there must be an alien item being used."
"I don't have it." I repeat. "Maybe Side's  twin Sunstreaker has it.I heard he went off to Portugal with it."
"There goes another slice of my time," Rocket said. "Now I have to find it before the humans find Ratchet! He really needs that tool."
Rocket left in the dark somehow getting out of the building without making another sound. Wait, humans finding Ratchet? Rocket had said it in a way that sounded alarming, perhaps that was suppose to be alarming in how Rocket presented it towards me. I turn back towards Porcupine.
"Just follown them." I said.
"We're  being chased by Lockdown," Porcupine said. "A bounty hunter. To you he has green optics but to us he has blue."
...15 minutes later...
..At the same room...
"They are here," Lockdown said, with the hint of a growl.  "And you must bring them to me."
"Well, depends in how you want them back." I said tapping my fingers together.
"You...didn't." Lockdown said.
"You don't know what I may have done." I said. "I may have sent them to unicorn land!"
"You got rid of them." Lockdown said, locking optics on me.
"Pardon?" I ask.
"You offlined my bounty." Lockdown said, rudely.
"Bounty(s)  you mean." I said. "I assume you're a bounty hunter--" Lockdown lowers  himself down to my level and his piercing various shades of green optics  stare coldly towards me. "...And yes; I did."
"The Creators told me  of you," Lockdown said as I can feel the shivers of fear crawl down my  neck. "You're a minor part in the big picture. Your presence has  been...rather...lets say; benefited the mess."
"Uh...mess?" I ask.
"Yes,  the mess." Lockdown said. "The interaction the cybetronians have been   doing to the humans is not quite big. I have to clear the chess board  for the creators and return the cybertronian's sparks back to where they  really belong."
"Creators." I said.
"Yes." Lockdown said, nodding.
"So Primus and Unicron do exist?" I ask.
"No," Lockdown rudely said. "These are much more...beyond...what cybertronians have made up."
"But I've been told that Primus is Cybertron." I said.
"Quite the lie." Lockdown said, flatly.
"W--bu--what?" I ask.
"The seven primes were built." Lockdown said.
I gawk at Lockdown and blink for a few minutes at his hideous face.
"...Brothers?" Lockdown said, sounding unaware.
"Descendants slagging and fragging seven primes!" I said. "Sons of Alpha Trion. Megatron killed Alpha."
"...This mess is bigger than I thought," Lockdown said. "And very delusional."
"They're  not delusional," I said. "Engineer you're own race; and mother nature  will find a way. Exactly what was laid out in Jurassic Park when the  Dinosaurs had been brought back to life. You know there's a couple life  lessons in the Jurassic Park Franchise."
Lockdown is silent for a while there.
"They....reproduced?" Lockdown asks.
"Duh,"  I said waving my  right hand. "That's what I am saying. Even Megatron  referred to Optimus as his brother, Sentinel as his uncle, Alpha Trion as  his father, and The Fallen as his something grandfather." Lockdown wore  a unconvinced look. "You wanna see the evolution of cybertronians?"
"I already have seen this evolution." Lockdown said.
I tap on my right temple.
"You've  seen your own kind's evolution," I said, as a spree of light jet out of  my fingers  then struck the wall. "Ah!" I clap my hands together.  "There she goes brilliant and in style."
A row of robots varying in models appeared on screen.
Lockdown  approaches the sizzling picture slowly as a turtle.He could have won  the slow poke award when taken to school assembly mostly made by others  of Lockdown's kind and a building capable of holding robots his height.  Lockdown taps on the screen  tilting his helm to the side.
"So, they did." Lockdown said.
"Yep!" I said,nodding.
Lockdown muttered something about it being his creation date. I tapped on my temple feeling escatic.
"It's  your birthday?" I ask. "BIRTHDAY CAKE BAKING TIME!" I clap my hands  together. "CALLIE, CHRISTOPHER, WE GOT A CAKE TO BAKE!" There was fancy  lights beaming on.
"It must say Happy Birthday Lockdown!"
"It's not my creation date--" Lockdown starts to interject but I stop him.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" I sing.  "Happy birthday to you, happy long lengthy number birthday to Lockdown, cha cha cha, RAWR!'
South  Christian has a birthday cheer that goes along those lines. A huge  lighted birthday cake rotated out of the ceiling on a large circular  plate with a couple candles instead of too many. Lockdown rubs his  forehelm making a short groan at my little pesky celebrationness.
"It is not my creation date!" Lockdown said, in a hateful tone.
"You just said it was!" I shot back.
"Did not."  Lockdown said, firmly.
"Open the presents." I demand.
"There are no presents." Lockdown said the obvious.
"This cake is the birthday gift." I said.
"It is not a present." Lockdown said.
I pucker my lips together.
"So is." I argue back. "If you do not blow out these candles you will be getting the cybertronians back in...PIECES!"
A large wind made the birthday cake collapse and fall apart.
"Now may I get the remains?" Lockdown asks.
I sigh.
"Fine,"  I said. "BUT FIRST; let me sing!" I tap my shoes on the floor drawing  out a good tempo. "Oh, oh, oh," I draw out a low nicely done singing  voice. "It all started in the moonlight where nothing was very  logic---aaal!" I twirl around doing a moonwalk. "Oh, oh, oh!"
Lockdown rubs his forehelm.
"I  started out as a child!" I sang. "And now I have the breast to proove I  am a girl in her preteens!" I flip out a bent pipe then press the  trigger re leashing several cafetti with toads around the place.  "Yeah,yeah,yeah." I twirl my fingers in a circle summoning loose  material from the ceiling at to which Lockdown cringes at in horror. "I  am just an aging preteen cybertronian organic, organic, cybertronian,  organic."
I opened up my palms doing the rock on sign.
Apparently a couple flamming fireballs jetted out and struck Lockdown at his optics.
"My optics!"  Lockdown cries. "They burn!" He tumbles back landing on his butt grabbing at his burning optics. "Why you--"
"PRETEEN  GIRL!" I raise my voice as the room comes to a musical melody.  "I am a  brat, I am a girl, I am a pest, I am everything you hate." The floor  rotates off getting out of the ground then levitates feet away from  Lockdown. The room was overwashed in darkness. "I am a brat, I am a  girl, and a annoying cybertronian organic! I can annoy the slag outta  you," I sang loudly into a random microphone dangling out of the side.  Puffs of smoke erupted behind me as did a huge round of artifically  state of the art made applause. "I can make someone out of you, I can  make someone out of them, I can make you cry, I can make you laugh, and I  can make you mad ALL AT ONCE!"
Lockdown swipes at me yet the little disc had jumped up.
"Gifted  with this mind isn't so great as people think," I continue singing.  "Stick together, stick together, and stick together thick as stone and  thick as heavy sheet of rotten bacon!" I  throw the microphone right  after Lockdown.  "Because I am a big kid now!"
Lockdown caught the microphone.
"Are you done now?" Lockdown asks, irritated.
I have a wide smart ass smile on my face.
"Perfectly  done," I said. "Go down that hall in your vehicle mode." Lockdown  frowns as he stood up full height. I have a short smirk at his very  'intimidating' classified demeanor capable of scaring the willies out of  a typical movie-goer with their friends. "You would not want your armor  dented in trying to squeeze your way down  the extremely narrow and  small hall into the very room of revenge."
Lockdown  transforms into his gorgeous hot vehicle mode.
"Do not interfere with my hunt." Lockdown said, warningly.
"They're dead," I said. "All dead. I wouldn't interfere in you picking up the remains."
A grunt came out of the vehicle.
I  fold my arms watching Lockdown speed his way down the hall and believe  it or not; Lockdown came back out towing two cybertronian shells.  KillerRod somehow got out of the room. I only came to this conclusion  seeing KillerRod is no where in my sight or in the room itself. I  scratch my head with one hand on my hip tapping my shoe on the floor.
Lockdown revved his engine nearly scaring the living daylights outta me!
I want my bounty."  Lockdown said.
I roll my eyes turning around.
"Well buster," I said. "KillerRod is posing a challenge."
"I like challenges." Lockdown said.
"Track him and then do whatever the pits you want to him." I said. "He's not going to come back here."
"I  will be aware if he does." Lockdown said. "If you wouldn't want your  friends dead  not telling me where KillerRod has fled to.Well  specifically my mission to track down the autobots would be faster if I  took down Ironhide. Taking him down will draw out the Autobots like ants  and I will stomp every single one of them collecting their sparks left  to right."
That struck a cord.
"I," I grab out a  blade then stab it into his engine roof. "DON'T KNOW."
I  made my reply clear in a deep and angered manly voice. I added a deeper  growl followed by a sincere hiss.Not many times did I lash out my anger  in this strange form. Perhaps being alone for so long has left me  develop a unique skill in frightening off those who anger me. I am not  that happy-go-lucky after a person gets on my bad side.
"Don't  threaten my friends over something you think I know when I do not have a  clue." I yank out the knife  seeing what bits of energon leaked out.  "That's my warning to you, Mr Lock."
"And my warning is death." Lockdown said.
I turn away putting the knife on the table.
"Leave before I send my metal eating hounds after you," I said in a calm voice.
Lockdown's wheels sped him away.

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