I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


51. For a friend

...June 3rd...
...In Ivy's Lab after the events of Egypt...
Ivy stood in what remained of the lab. The laboratory she had made on her own time living with the Sandlers. She is visibly shaken standing in the room that felt more of death than the fun fascinating aspect to making new inventions. Ivy had seen someone she knew in a coffin at a funeral.
“You can do it,” Ivy said to herself taking out the device. Her right hand is shaking. “Anyone can do it.”
Ivy is no longer linked to Megatron.
The link is gone and so are the Sandlers.
“Don’t be a coward doing the right thing,” Ivy tells herself.
Ivy had told Georgie she needed time on her own in this old place before moving on and leaving Florida for good. Georgie is parked outside--using a green card to visit America--in the blue car. Florida had turned into a painful reminder how she screwed up so many lives, destroying many,and turned into a reason why catastrophe had arrived in the form of strange cars. Ivy clicks the button on the small device.
A blue light emerged landing  on the floor about steps away from Ivy. A brighter tint of blue became blinding Ivy had to shield her eyes turning her head away. The destructed room is brightened by the sudden light.This blinding color lasts for five minutes--as timed by a imaginary stop watch--followed by unique melodies similar to a well known noise more accustomed to a fictional TV show presenting  people being beamed. The lights dim away returning to the depressing sad scene except for the return of Sydney.
"Ivy, you remind me of Christina." Sydney said.
"My mom?" Ivy asks.
"Yes." Sydney said. "Your facial reactions are just so strikingly similar. And you look a bit like your dad, too, he's such a goofball!"
Ivy  smiles turning her head to the side.
“It is good to see you, Sydney.” Ivy said,picking up a small item from the counter.
“Well,your reality lacked Giant Robots.” Sydney said, as Ivy turns back towards her.
Ivy held a screwdriver like item at the watch.
"What are you doing?" Sydney asks.
Ivy clicked a button to the side of the screwdriver.
"App’ing it." Ivy said, sarcastically.
"...What's an app?" Sydney asks.
"Nevermind." Ivy said.  "I am sending you to your parents, 10 minutes before everything happened." The watch makes a faint blue glow while making unusual noises similar to gears clicking. "Everything that lead to the death of your parents."
Sydney gawks.
"What?" Sydney asks.
"They are dead." Ivy said, putting down the screwdriver.  “And you have to go.”
"Ivy, hold on a minute!" Sydney said, shaking her hands. "Why are you acting this way? I mean I just got here and you’re telling me my parents are dead."
"Sydney, you're dead." Ivy said.  "And I am sorry but you living is a paradox."
Sydney nervously laughs.
"I am not dead." Sydney said. "I just spent an entire year in a reality--"
"To the entire world, and god, you're dead." Ivy said. "I saw your body."
"Ew!" Sydney  said, as she recoils.
"The rest of you was covered." Ivy said, flipping the screwdriver in her hand. She aims it back at Sydney.
"What if I don't want to go?" Sydney asks.
"You have to go." Ivy said.
"I don't want to go." Sydney said. "I just went on a roller coaster; alien robots, I brought your brother back to your mother, I've been dodging butt kicking bullets,I have escaped police because they classified me as an alien lifeform, and I don't want to go." There is tears growing in Ivy's eyes. "I don't want this adventure to end."
"We're all stories in the end." Ivy said, as a tear came down.Ivy lightly pats on Sydney's shoulder. "You just made yours a good one."
"Ivy..." Sydney said as the watch is buzzing. Ivy puts her arms to her sides stepping away from Sydney."Don't try your Russian act in front of Russians. They'll be offended."
Ivy's eyes showed more of a sad and terribly sad--may sad need to be repeated twice to get this across?--at what she has to do.Ivy’s fingers get sweaty, her heart is pumping, and the rush of a downwards feeling emotion came down Ivy's head.Sydney is glowing a lighter blue by the passing second. Ivy is trembling as she takes a gulp.
It pains Ivy to say her last goodbye to Sydney.
"Goodbye, Sydney." Ivy said.
Sydney is then gone in a bright flash. Ivy lowers her head then puts her hands on both knees letting tears drop to the floor.Ivy covers her face using her right forearm that became of tears.Ivy cries, her shoulders rolling up and then down at each sniffle, as our scene backs out until our camera view is at the doorway.
Soft knocking is heard to the side of the door.
Ivy wipes off a tear then looks up to see who had knocked.
"Ivy Abbigale?" Came a boy’s voice.
Ivy nods.
"Yes, that's me." Ivy said.
"I am Joe Forest." Joe said, coming in holding a package. "A young girl told me that you can help me with this problem five minutes before the bad guys attacked." Ivy looks towards the box. "I found it the contents in the box at a dig site a couple years ago. She told me you were the best artifact tech restorer in the world."
Ivy straightens and her sad attitude changes to a 'hmm?' curious kind of one.
"Artifact?" Ivy asks.
Joe nods, opening the box as Ivy came over.
"Hmm..." Ivy said, looking over the contents of the box.She tilts her head squinting her hazel eyes down towards whatever is in there. "What the..." Ivy looks up surprised. "That's Cybertronian tech!"
"Yeah, whatever that is."  Joe said.
Ivy grabs the box and rushes into a different room.
"I will restore this son of a lazy aft seeker!" Ivy declares as she entered the other room.
Joe gapes.
"Did she just say what I heard her say?" Joe said,curiously, and then  he follows Ivy.

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