I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


16. Facing foes

We were facing a hybrid between  Exomorph and Predator. This twenty-five year old African American woman had the black claw attachments beside her mouth,The area reaching to her exposed knees to her feet strongly resembled exomorphs despite wearing blue jeans that ended two inches below her knee, she has a black armored chest that seems to be actually plate armor from a exomorph, she has a exomorph tail, one hand was a exomorph kind of style, and the other hand resembled much of a human.

I squealed when the actual Predator came walking out behind her.

"Go African Americans!" I cheered.

"That's the spirit!" Sydney said.

Sydney and I share a high five.

"Brittany Beronacles of Earth and Sler'ic of Predatoria vs Ivy Bell and Sydney no last name!" The Announcer from above shouts.

Sydney's face remarkably turns red. Her fingers were spread out and seem they were tempting to dig into someone's skin.I admire Sydney's advantage at not turning blue when she is sick, turning pink when she is embarrassed, turning white when scared, and her face turning a apparent red color.But now the strangest thing in history has happened; her face turned red.I believe Logic no longer applies to anyone around me.

"My name is Hannah Sydney ROLLINS!" Sydney screams, pulling up her middle finger.

"Sydney, you just flipped them off." I said, gasping at Sydney's probably stupid move.

Sydney turns her head towards my direction. She has this really confident vibe coming off. I don't really care about the whole first name and middle name issue being strongly obvious in a cornfield that has a UFO pattern. Besides her first name issue should be on the back burner until this issue on the Mega Cruiser is dealt with.

"My mom flips off the cops when speeding to the hospital." Sydney tells me.

Sydney looks back to the huge gigantic wide screen that had this ugly alien on the board that seems undecipherable what he is feeling. I almost felt pity for the ugly announcer who'se voice reminds me of the electrical dude from Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The ugly announcer straightens a small collection of board sized items, oh wait a better word is shuffled, in his glove shaped hands.

"Fine." The announcer made a fake improvised cough. "Hannah Sydney Rollins."

"Thank you." Sydney said.

"Let the fight begin!" The announcer declares.

Sydney and I had to use our brains in order to, err, kill the duo. The Arena is vast with dirt and rocks that seem not very friendly to a body crashing into the ground leaving a crater. Frankly grass is much kinder enough it does act as a cushion in some little way that prevented me from breaking a arm from Starscream dropping me two years ago. The two opponents were running right towards us fierce and scary looking.

Sydney takes off both her high heeled boots and threw them respectively at the two upcoming aliens headed out way.Fortunately the Predator dude--Oh wait, his name is Sler'ic-- was not wearing his helmet so he unfortunately was struck by the big boot at the head and sent falling backwards. Brittany screams clutching at her head as though the pain was hers, not his. Sydney's other boot flew over Brittany's head instead  of hitting it.

"Seeds!" I screech seeing a plastic container that had a couple seeds on a plate.  "Must plant these organisms!"

I speeded off towards the container quickly with Sydney tailing right after me.

"This isn't Jack and the Beanstalk, girly!" Sydney said, in-between breaths.

"This is a universe where logic does not apply." I remind Sydney. "Oooh lala!"

I came to a strong halt but Sydney slipped and fell on the ground. So I feel the stinging hot pain but apparently didn't hear Sydney screaming about it. Usually when Sydney is hurt she is all complaining and crying about it like a regular human unlike me. Pain is only a mosquito,I reassure myself taking the lid off.

"My knee isn't hurting." Sydney said, dumb struck. "My knee isn't hurting."

I pick up the seeds into a small grip.

"I am feeling your pain, Sydney." I said.

 "Oh." Sydney said.

I dig into the dirt using my shoes then drop the seeds into the small hole, spit on the seeds, cover the hole using the dirt and then spit on the dirt.

"Sydney,run for your life." I said, and then zip off.

"Ivy!" Sydney hollers, running after me again.

Big green vines dart up from the ground behind us. I don't know how or why my mind screamed to run away from the planted seeds.Sydney's knee pain was way back in the corner of my mind possibly in a back burner. There is a cave right up ahead, and, I can pretty much tell that Sydney grabbed her boots while we were running to the cave's direction.

"My lucky boots!" Sydney announces. "I have them back!"

We all have a little bit of OCD in us.

"Good for you!" I yell. "Run before you DIE."

Sydney ran right as the vines were zipping up from the dirt.It seemed like Sydney was stepping on heads over some disaster heading downwards to a safer area.I safely had landed into the cave feeling my heart beating.Sydney is busy putting her boots on as she is running from a possible form of death. This unexpected on set of panic came over me.What if she didn't make it?, I worried, How can you say 'sorry, your daughter died by this rapidly growing grass' to parents?

"Hurry Sydney!" I shout at the side of the cave's mouth.

"My parents are not athletes, Ivs."  Sydney retorts, putting her last boot on.

She's doing that when tall grass is bursting out the ground. The two alien partners were in a huge tree that was way above the ground like cats frightened off by some mean dogs. I really haven't noticed how comical this sight would sound until today.

"This is life and death." I yell back to her.  "Not a marathon!"

Sydney jumps right into the cave--but thankfully not on me--on time. There was only what I could see as grass related material in the way. I lean against the rocky wall then put my hands on my knees and breathed a sigh of relief. The connecting shackles apparently were not fixed to a certain distance that made the other person be dragged. Thank primus for the little advantage with us.

"Tell me you have your Iron Man Costume under your shirt." Sydney said,getting up.

"It was for Halloween." I said, wiping my forehead. I stop leaning against the rocky wall and straighten myself.   "I ain't a superhero, remember that."

"You're a thing." Sydney said. "But not THE thing."

"THE thing?" I repeat.

Sydney nods.

"What's the thing?" I ask.

"A big glob of jello that takes in people and kills them." Sydney replied.

"The tree of life can't be running amok again." I said.  "Ash Ketchum and Lucario brought it back to life with Celebi. Well mostly it was Lucario who saved the day by sacrificing himself and joined his original trainer in..." Tears were coming in the corners of my eyes. "Damnit."

"The Thing is a alien glob from outer space." Sydney said. "I am surprised you've seen War of the Worlds but not The Thing."

For some reason I had a feeling that Sydney was confusing two different monsters for each other.

"Since we're Omnitrixless; let's search for weapons." I said, wiping off the growing  tears.

"Are you serious about killing the unique double?" Sydney asks.

I glared at Sydney still fighting back those annoying tears.

"I plan on getting us OUT of here and BACK to Earth." I said. "In Earth time.And I start it by searching for items that will be helpful."

I hold up my hands as though framing a shot for a photograph  and look down at the rocky floor for any abandoned weapons and technology that prior participants left behind. Anything that can be useful in escaping from this gigantic spaceship that requires aliens to kill each other in order to win. This hand method, that I am using, is called ' The Monk-Sherlock Zen' thing or I believe it is called the Monk Zen thing.

The Monk Zen thing isolates and cuts the scene into slices; which is really helpful. It helps make the scene into parts instead of a whole.

Anyway, we collected a lot of unusual;gear, technology, weapons, and parts that normally would be useful to create a home made robot on planet Earth. We assume the two predator related individuals were still trying to chop down all the rapidly growing vines sprouting from the arena's light brown ground surface. For sure Sydney and I didn't know what we were doing but it sure would work on what we are intending it.

"What are we building?" Sydney asks.

"I don't know." I said.

"How long has it been since we startedd this?" Sydney asks.

"Probably half an hour." I guessed, hearing chomping sounds from the caves opening. "We better hurry."

About fiteen minutes after; we got the huge robot suit completed Sydney and I were staring at our beautifully crafted masterpiece.In a way we were scientists admiring our gorgeous co-workedd together projected. We shook hands congratulating each other for a job well done. The chomping sounds got louder and louder.

"Girly, you're a genius." Sydney said.

"I am not a genius." I insist. "I am really creative, that's all."

We get into the suit, then pressed the green button which made the chest part of the huge robot suit close on us. We can see thanks to the window-shield that is a strong resemblance to the screen normally seen on Star Trek when the Captain is seeing who is hailing his ship.We put our arms into the rounded holes that summons the big robot machine to life. A holographic projection of our creation appears in between us, and then, Sydney gets a shocked face.

"Dude." Sydney said, staring at me pretty shocked "We just made a Iron Man robot."

I smile and laugh.

"I am so sorry for your slow brain." I said, in between my laughs.

"Ivy, you're obsessed with Iron Man machines." Sydney tells me.

"I made a Barney robot that can become human size and teddy bear size for a school." I said, and then stick out my tongue.  "I am not obsessed."

"Obsessed." Sydney said in a lower voice that sounds like a whisper.

I roll an eye--sitting in a chair--then press the 'walk' button.

"Let's kick some Predator-ass." I said.

That's what we did in the next ten minutes; kicked some butt. Sydney requested that I give her noise canceling headphones and a a dark pair of whatever-you-call-it just so she wouldn't see me killing Brittany. I at least respected Sydney's wishes and gave her what she wanted. Sydney was a huge help in killing the predator dude who's name escapes my mind. We used a lot of empty guns on him when we ran out of bullet's.

"Done!" I squeak, taking the headphones and whatever that thing is off Sydney.

"Finally." Sydney said, with a relieved sigh.

We watch their souls slid across the dirt similar to snakes. I pressed the red button right beside my seat which made the chest armor open up.I could not help but get outta the suit after taking my arm out and run after the souls that were sliding towards this large door that was closing.I don't get why they had the doors open in the first place during the killing thing!

"Ivy!" Sydney yells my name completely.  "You've gone mad!"

"Get your big girl boots then!" I shout back and then slid down in the closing doorway.

Thankfully me and Sydney were able to get out of the doorway safely. The glowing souls were still in my sight so I ran after them. Sydney was shooting questions at me that I wouldn't want to waste my breath on explaining WHY I was running after the souls.We darted by these huge gray robots that seem more alien than Transformer'ish. I just made up the whole 'transformer ish' thing to describe how the entire race of Cybertronians work; great.

"Girly!" Sydney yells. "Start explaining why we are chasing after SOULS."

"Soon, my friend." I said.

We went through a doorway that had a door set to the side. We were getting closer; that I deduced when the souls were going faster and faster. My heart is racing fast, sweat is really coming out the skin, and my adrenaline is running through my veins.There was this steaming heat that was followed by a dark feeling about the upcoming sight.

"Girly, we gotta stop." Sydney said.

I look over my shoulder.

"I swear we will be done with running in a minute." I promise her.

I came to a complete stop in this room. Sydney is panting but she hid behind me feeling--probably---the exact fear in this room.There was a huge furnace machine at the back that has a large open door showing transparent ghostly flames sticking out as though asking the souls to come. This terrible feeling didn't sit well with my stomach.A strange sadder feeling  traveled down from my head into my heart; the kind a average person would experience from reading a yahoo article about a mother watching over her son in spirit as a blue butterfly. 

"Ivs, you're crying." Sydney said.

  Tears were coming out making my vision blurry.

"For once, I am." I said.

I saw the first dark gray soul be snatched by this flame and taken into the furnace.A evil face appears in the furnace followed by a wide crooked smile--yes, the transparent face had details for it's transparent mouth--that would send chills down a child's skin. Well I just felt chills going down my skin. You gotta keep watching, see how it works, I tell myself wiping off the tears quickly as possible.

If we were to get out; we had to study the ship's power source. I already know what is the power source of this ship; it is this. The much darker soul was collected by the long serpent whips that curled back into the furnace.The furnace flames brighten up as though the furnace had been recharged by a electrical battery. The door to the pristine clean dark gray furnace loudly slammed shut.

"Wh-w-what is that?" Sydney asks.

"It feeds off death." I said. "It feeds off lives."

"There you are!" A giant high pitched robot said, picking the two of us up by the shackle's cord. "You don't belong here yet."

__                                        __                                                         __

...Probably one space hour passes...

 A normal person would call a small group of guards, who intend for that person to watch their comrades engage in a life and death match, as sociopaths or sadistic losers. The robot guards wanted us to watch Megatron and Crosshairs go up against opponents who are up for their level of death.Instead of just having a levitating announcement board out there to announce the match; they put out  soccer ball sized camera's floating all over the place that could follow anyone where-ever they went.

So it is not just the board; they put out the spy balls.

"You're fortunate our announcer prefers to  make humans watch." The security  robot guard said.

"And that most of the comrades you know are out of this room far from reach." Sydney said, still shaking. She had a nifty metal bandage over her knee that made the pain non-existent while healing the wound. "And you have a creative genius in this room."

"Gee." I said, feeling flattered.  "That's nice."

"Yes!" Sydney cheers.  "I made her feel flattered!" She did fist pumps. "Yees!"

The security robot guard looks down at us a bit confused.

"Cheering when a organic feels emotion is not a time to celebrate about." The Security Robot Guard snarkly said.

"Ivy never shows her emotions." Sydney explains to him. "Not ever; well except for feeling happy. She ALWAYS shows that!"

"True." I said. "I am a hyper-go-lucky person."

"Who doesn't show her FEELINGS." Sydney emphasizes.

"I don't see the problem." The security robot guard said.

I stare up to the security robot guard.

"Is a entity feeding off souls to power up a spaceship more sickening and a problem to you?" I ask, in a very serious tone. "Don't you DARE avoid my question." I shook my index finger up and down. "If I die on this ship; I will use all my strength to drag my soul into this room and haunt you until you DIE."

Sydney made this terrified gulp.

"Not at all." The security robot guard said. "But who told you about the whole power source?"

I never felt so emotional about one stupid thing.

"We saw it." Sydney said, stepping forward.  "I hope you rot in hell."

We turn our attention to the big computer screen that showed us the arena that has two robots.

"The repair program did its work." The security robot guard said.

"Program as in change Mr Megs personality to a maid?" I ask.

"No!" The security guard robot said, slamming his hand on the table.His unexpected slamming sent us six inches above the table. We were back on the table in a second shortly then we were rubbing our sore butts. "Not at all."

"Program refers to changing computer related stuff such as systems." Sydney said. "Which brings us to the assumption that Ivy came up."'

The security guard is not the best happy camper to be around.

"It makes the armor repair itself, illiterate piece of scum." The security robot guard said, leaning  back in his gigantic and probably comfy chair.

"Did you just call us illiterate?" I ask, being held back by Sydney. "Lemme at 'em!"

Megatron and Crosshairs are going up against their current foes.It was thanks to Sydney that my head was turned at the computer screen while swiping my hands at the gigantic piece of English trash furiously. If he knew we were not illiterate then perhaps his insult would have been more effective instead of ticking me off.

He used the word 'illiterate' improperly, damn it.

"The Ghost of Decepticon Megatron and Detective Autobot Crosshairs vs Zu'rk and Zalhif of Zilioliziana!" The announcer said with much broad hopeful tones to his voice. "The ghost works with a living cybertronian facing against a rhino wrestler--Zu'rk--and a squid humanoid--Zalhif--equipped with the best weapons licensed by the Galactic Federation!"

"This is a waste of my time." Megatron complains. "And my presence."

"Unlike you; I have to live after this." Crosshairs reminds Megatron. "In one piece."

"A Autobot femme promised you a kiss?" Megatron asks.

Crosshairs didn't reply.

"So she did." Megatron assumes as his mouth turns into a smile that is unusual. 

I could only assume it was one of the three bodies that Arcee operates under different names; who each have unique personalities.There is Arcee, Chromia, and Elita-1. All of them are sisters in some technical way that is still confusing for me to fish the words out and attempt to explain it.

"Tell me a story, human." The gigantic  security guard robot said, leaning into his chair.

Sydney and I shared a puzzled glance.

"Me?" Sydney points to herself.

The gigantic robot shook his hand then points at me. You are not afraid of telling a story, I mentally reminded myself.Remember who you are, why you are here, and what's been keeping you together! My hands relaxed at the encouraging thought. If I didn't want Sydney to die then logically don't argue about being referred to as a 'human'.

"Good!" Sydney said.  "She's a beast at stories!"

Sydney and I shared a high five.

"My patience is dwindling." The security guard robot said.

I sat down on the floor holding zhe handle. Man it feels weird not to throw anything into the air while telling a story.

"There once was a little girl who believed Superman would come in to save her and swoop her into his arms." I began telling the story. In a force of habit my voice began to change into musical tone. "She moved from place to place with her family." I held up my hands but had five fingers up. "In a way she stole what she liked from different schools."

"What did you steal?" Sydney asks.

"This isn't about the human." The security guard robot said.

"Shush."  I said, putting my finger to my lips.

"Fine." Sydney and The Security Guard Robot grumbled.

"She stole a Lion King book that was big,another small book about a baby dinosaur that had rainbow spikes and hid into the pocket side of her father's car." I continue."She made a friend at another school who gave her brownies with M&M's because the girl didn't want them. Our girl found herself becoming isolated from making school friends at the next school she moved to."

"Where does our superman symbolism come in?" The security guard robot asks.

"Shut up!" Sydney yells. "She's getting to it."

"Let me sing it." I said, getting up. "It feels right to do it."

"I don't like singing--" The Security Guard Robot starts to say but Sydney interrupted.

"Shut up." Sydney orders him.

The long blue cord connecting me and Sydney extended; giving me more room to walk around.

"One day she was telling a story." I begin singing.

"Lion Cub Nala  singing voice!" Sydney cheers while clapping her hands.  "I've missed that!"

"Throwing her item into the air." I continue.  "But this portal came outta no where, she was sucked into it like a vacuum cleaner taking all the dirt." I jump onto the console that resembled a piano. "She then found herself surrounded by alien rroooooboooots!" The giant guard attempt to grab me but I slid down  on my knee's down the piano that it made musical sounds. "Yes she did!"

"Get off that!" The security robot guard snaps.

"One day one of these alien robots let her go accidentally and she fell from a five story building." I continue flipping over and missed his huge servo. Sydney's jaw was loose, hanging open. "There she wished for Superman for come in and save her!" I twirl around accidentally hitting one of these big huge buttons that slammed shut. "She kept falling and falling."

"Stop it!" The security robot  guard is attempting to stop me.

I hop on to several buttons and land on a switch that had a wide some what surface.

"It was then she dah-cid-ed to grab onto a pole!" I made the switch go forwards. "There she crashed into a room with people staring at her creep-ey-ly, there she apologized." I  sang the word 'apologized' in a long country  singing voice. "But what can you do when superman doensn't exist?" The window to the room had disappeared.  "She started to save her own butt--

"Instead of waiting for Supermaaaan!" Sydney joins in, as we were making a mess of the room. "She always looked up to him as a hero!"

"But fictional heroes don't always come in and savee the day!" I continue singing walking around the buttons on the machine.

"She used to believe Superman existed." Sydney continues while pressing random buttons.

"This girl was a big Superman fan!" I continued to sing. "She took action, insults, and her intelligence to send a villain flying away like team rocket." My hands balled up into a fist then I jumped on to a big red button. "This girl can take care of herself from gigantic robots."

The chair flipped over making the robot security guard crashing into the door across from  us.

"She always looked up to him as a Hero."  We sang while using our feet on the piano parts.

The room become colorful as though there is a disco-ball hanging right above us.

"But, what can you do when superman doesn't exist?" Sydney sings, pressing her feet on the low sounding parts of the machine.

A lower pitched theme came from the smaller designed buttons that Sydney pressed on.It really sounds strongly like a melody being played out by small humans on alien technology.An average alien would have mistaken our tune for someone playing a large piano.

"Start being the hero." I add in a lower voice.

"Because Superman doesn't exist."  Sydney continues.

"And waiting for Superman is a waste of time." I somewhat raised my singing voice.

"Because she always looked up to him as a hero." Sydney sings it in a higher pitch.

"And he never showed up." We finished together. "The end."

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