I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


58. Epilogue

"Where  are you going, Ivy?" Holoform Callie asks.
"Out!" I cheerfully said. "I will be back!"
I went out the door then followed the directions on the old type of phone.I came to a deserted old and barren parking lot that had numerous inept buildings standing guard.
"I wonder what he's done now." I said, looking down to the phone.
The phone buzzes.
"P.s.My name is Galvatron." The text read.
I look away hearing the ground tremble beneath my shoes.Feeling the ground rumble beneath my shoes had become something of a familiar thing being around gigantic towering and human alien like robots.An ugly gray version of Megatron landed merely feet away similar to a bouncy spring except Science Fiction-ey.
"Hello." Gavlvatron said as I saw other moving masses headed this way.He sounded different, much older. "Long time no see."
"Three years," I said. "And I have aged."
Galvatron raises one of metal optic brows at my reply.
"You don't look much different." Galvatron said.
"Tall-ey." I called Galvatron.
"Shorty." Galvatron retorts.
"Still the same." I said.
'But different." Galvatron said. "I have no spark."
"Then how are you alive?" I ask.
The scene of Megatron dying before my eyes had stung and now...him living, under a different name, is very question provoking. It made me think I were really in a sound logical world that has rules for illogical things such as being sent flying off into space Team Rocket style, pinning down a robot with my own spider drone machines,and linking with an alien robot.
"A very complex story," Galvatron said.  "You would not understand.'
I frown narrowing my eyes up towards Galvatron.
"You do know that it guarentee's me to bug you repeatedly about not having a spark and just living?" I ask.
Galvatron has a small laugh.
"It makes me immortal." Galvatron said.
"Yeah, except you're not a vampire or a werewolf." I said.
"Nor a god." Galvatron said.
I look up towards Galvatron feeling that itching question wanting to come out.
"Are the Fallen's followers dead?" I ask.
"They were slain by Lockdown and his company," Galvatron said. It sounded comforting to me. I let out a relieved sigh feeling the worst is finally over for me as the thread is gone. "A couple earth months ago." He turns towards the dark alley where a low engine hum has stopped. "Come out and meet this thing."
 I saw a car based white and silver femme with a Decepticon symbol on her car doors come out of the shadows.She looks towards me confused and puzzled at first. But the shock on her face is the most evidental sign. Galvatron, using a account with his former name Megatron360 on the internet, brought me here to meet some femme.No, his name is not Megatron360. Megatron60 is a username.Galvatron  is apparently eager to introduce her to me.
I mean, seriously, it's obvious.
"Who this outrageously white femme?" I ask, using the edge of my hand as protection for my eyes.
"Stardust." Galvatron said.
"If Stardust was any brighter; I would be slagging blind right now!" I said.
Galvatron looks down towards me while carrying a frown on his faceplate.
"Language." Galvatron said, sharply as Stardust's optics widened.
Stardust's optics widened and she raises her arm then curls her four digits leaving out the index one.
"S---She's is Ivy!" Stardust said, with excitement that I haven't heard from a robot. "Oh my primus,oh my primus, oh my primus!" Stardust squeals over-excitedly like a teenager. I began to assume she's 'fangirling' in front  of a complete stranger.  Gosh this must be how celebrity's feel. "She speaks exactly the same way how she wrote it in the last chapter to 'This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!' on Fan-Fiction net!"
Stardust looks towards Galvatron with a dropped jaw.
"Why yes, she is." Galvatron said.  "I haven't introduced her...and...you know her."
"Kay, Stardust!" I said. "What is my full name?"
"Ivy Bell." Stardust said. I blink multiple times trying to make sure this is really happening yet Stardust continued on--losing her over-excited attitude--like she didn't notice. "You're....I can't believe I am talking  to an amazing writer." She has a honored  glint in her optics. "I am a huge fan of yours!"
I stare at Stardust finding it shocking from her. I didn't know what to say because hearing it coming out out of a robot much taller than me seemed to bring these over the top happy feelings. I feel honored by Stardust's comment meaning a thousand worlds of gems and wealth.
"I have a offer for you, Ivy." Galvatron said.
"Uh huh." I said, tapping my shoe on the pavement.
"Would you join us in a thousand stellar cycle long expedition to many planets?" My eyes went wide. Expedition to many planets sounded like one of those plots to a Science Fiction movie featuring humans and aliens working together for a neat purpose."Cyber-Organics can live just as long as we do. This is the age you will look like for the next ten thousand plus stellar cycles. I believe you would make a great scout for our expedition."
"I ACCEPT!" I said.
"Oh my primus!" Stardust cheers. "This is going to be fun."
"Well, since Attinger did his thing and all." I said. "I don't have much things to stand around on Earth for."  I lower my head down towards the cracked road.I take out a small miniature sized version of the bucket feeling prepared or the future. "One question though; do I need a space suit?"
"Yes."  Galvatron said.
"Yes, I can finally use my space suit!" I cheer,throwing the bucket into the air.
The bucket returned to its normal size flying  into the air.
I figure this is the moment where a milestone has been hit. It signals a adventure ahead beyond the dark sinister past.My adventure will continue, I will continue living, and for that matter my story is still being written.Someday I will meet Syndey, again, then give her a heartfelt hug and cry. Everyone's part in this adventure has made me experience the best part in life. Because for once, red optics and blue optics, I am not scared of these guys.
I thought that as zhe bucket headed down towards me.
You know, I am not just surrounded by Alien Robots.
Technically, and very corrective speaking, I am surrounded by Cybertronians.
The end.

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