I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


8. Drive

Our scene begins a few hours before Ivy had found Barricade.Our setting is on the road with a green vehicle and a black pick up truck driving in a straight line.A few cars passed the shiny brand new looking vehicles  like they didn't have a care in the world to get speeding tickets.We dive down into the green vehicle--who is most likely Crosshairs--who has a hologram up.

"They don't care for their safety." We hear Ironhide comment on the speeding cars

"Of course they would drive fast." Crosshairs said. If a cat was here then it would have heard a light English Accent coming from him.  "You are drivin' really slow."

"The speed limit is thrity-five." Ironhide's voice is heard over the radio.

"You are drivin' twenty five miles." Crosshairs points out, fishing out a french fire from a Mcdonalds bag in the passenger eat.  "I can't blame them."

Ironhide speeded off from Crosshairs.Crosshairs rolls an eye as he said 'When I mention it it, you go faster'.  The radio screen returns to it's usual black screen.  Crosshairs chews on the french fry that  is sticking out his mouth. Crosshairs drives faster to the speed limit he should have been going in the first place.

"Comnlink call Arcee."  Crosshairs said, after he gulped down the chewed up french Fry.

 The Radio glows a light purple.

"What is it now, Crosshairs?" Arcee's voice comes from the radio.

"The question I didn't get to ask." Crosshairs said.

"You ask questions that never get answered." Arcee reminds him.

"I know Ironhide is still guilty about  the whole human thin'." Crosshairs said. "But driving without  holoform is not a form of 'moving on'.You know the tooth fairy weapon specialist like a book. When is he goin' to get over this? It's been a stellar cycle since Starscream killed the human."

"He's not a tooth fairy."  Arcee said.

"That's what I told Sideswipe." Crosshairs said. 

"Look." Arcee said.  "Ironhide failed to protect his charge. And it's still pretty hard for him. For a mech like Ironhide; it will take two stellar cycles to move on.Crosshairs,how long has Ironhide been driverless?"

"At least four earth hours." Crosshairs said.

"Tell him." Arcee said.

Crosshairs grumbles as he takes a little rock from the glove compartment as a long paper item formed on his windowshield. The words 'You are driving without a holoform' appeared on this long white paper board. Crosshairs drivers side car window slid down. Then Crosshairs threw the rock right at Ironhide's side mirror.

"Done." Crosshairs said, rolling up his window shield.

"And tell me," Arcee said.  "When Sideswipe called Ironhide 'Toothfairy', was he covered in pink paint?"

We see a figure appear in Ironhide's driving seat.

"No." Crosshairs said.  "He was covered in blue paint. I do know who were covered in pink paint; that was Mudflap and Skids."

"When I'm done with them; they will be wishing someone put them aboard a ghost ship." Arcee said, and  then the radio screen turns black; again.

Crosshairs takes out another french fry and turns on the radio. He changes it to the music station on the radio. I know Prime wants us to check out the blinking Decepticon signatures, Crosshairs thought as  he passes an motorcycle, but Florida has a lot of gun shootings. Not just because people use their law for defense as murder.

Crosshairs didn't want to get his armor all scratched up, honestly.

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