I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


9. Doubt

.  . . 3:15 PM.  . .

 .  . . School.  . . .

  "So where's our little troublemaker?" Mrs.SpringField, my AP teacher--Academic Period--,asks as she looks around the room.

The students in her class were puzzled, obviously. I swear they are meerkats when this question 'where is so and so' is asked by the teachers.It's been a day since I had found Barricade. Don't worry; he's perfectly chained in the garage in his vehicle mode. Which garage am I talking about? Mesah is talking about the Sandler Family Garage. The couple who took me in is literately named The Sandler family because of their last names.

"Who?" Catherine, yes that girl from yesterday is in my Academic Period, asks.

Mrs.Springfield looks away from her computer.

"The one who put bubble gum on your seat."  Mrs.Springfield said. Catherine is now, by this point, shaking with fury.  "Since when have my students stopped playing common sense to these pranks? There's only one girl who gets sent to the office every  Friday for her pranks, and that is Abbigale."

And this is where I walk into the room and then closed the door behind me.

"I had a chat with the principal." I said, with a head sulk.

"Can you attempt not pranking the teachers?" Mrs. Springfield asks.

"That wasn't why I went to the office." I said, heading over to my desk making sure not to look at Catherine's direction. I had my backpack hanging off my left shoulder.  "Homework stuff."

"Hah!" Catherine said. "I knew you were a trouble maker."

"No you didn't." I argue. "You know I can catch flies and then let them out. I am the fly whisper who you consider weird, but do you ever consider why this room is flyless?" I point to the unoccupied windows. "No, of course you haven't! I caught every, single, fragging little dude each assigned with a death threat with my bare fragging hands."

"You can't assign death threats to insects." Mrs.Springfield points out.

"When you are mesah then you can." I replied.

__                            __

 .  .  .After school  . .  . 

.  .  . 3:33 PM.  .  .

"Can I come over to the garage?" Sydney asks.

"No way." I said. "You don't have a connection to robots through what mesah has." I tap on my chest lightly. "For all I know you can die from the radiation that usually comes from the Autobots. Well most of the people around the Autobots act strangely like they don't get effected."

"So, that's a yes." Sydney said.

"Nah uh." I said, folding my arms while walking down the street. "It's a no."

"Pleaaase?" Sydney pleads.  "I would like to see the bad cop robot."

I groaned, and lifted my head upwards towards the sky.

"You won't learn bad cop, good cop from him." I said, lowering my head down.

"But I get to see his big sharp claws." Sydney argues.  "I can surely use this knowledge to--"

"Sydney, you have parents and siblings who care about you." I said.  "Mesah, on the other hand, does not. I would prefer someone who has a bright future ahead of them not to be killed because of me."

"I won't die." Sydney said.

I stop in my tracks. Then turn my head towards Sydney.

"How can you be so sure?" I ask while cars were honking.

"I know you." Sydney began, hugging her messenger back to the side of her waist. She's the girl who always brings a messenger bag instead of a typical bookbag. "I know you would do anything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen."

I continued walking.

"There will be a day I won't be there." I told her while walking across under a red light.

Cars were honking at us. So I can readily assume we were going too slow. I quickened my pace as did Syndey. Noises that were usually part of Florida was something that felt like the background minus the shooting and car honkings.If I were from this version of Earth then this would be the strangest life for a child.

"And you get to say  'I told you so'." Sydney said.

I stop, then glare at her with hurt and then continue walking off.

"That's really rude." I said, as Sydney caught up.  "I wouldn't want to be the person saying that."

"But you would totally say that." Sydney said.

And there is still a fragging car honking at us. A green sleek corvette like vehicle. The honking was so annoying and very capable to make a head ache start that I turn around and face the windowshield. I may walk slow as a turtle and run fast as a cheetah but you shouldn't rush a genius.

"I wouldn't--Okay,we're going!" I shout off at the driver in this unusual green suit which  reminded me of a fancy trench coat from the windowstill who had these extremely wide crystal blue eyes and a pair of googles over his head. He was purposely staring at me like a weirdo. "Men."

We get to the sidewalk and hurry down the street. I made sure to keep my eye out for more Decepticon related vehicles. There is only one Decepticon who I dare want to see right now at this very moment is only Starscream the Dorito.Perhaps the green vehicle that resembled a Corvette could be a Decepticon. Or he could plausibly be a Autobot.

"So is this a yes?" Sydney asks.

"You win." I admit, keeping an eye out for brand new military machines or police force cars following us.

"Hey Ivs, The dude who honked at us was driving a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray." Sydney said.

"That doesn't exist." I said.

"So you follow up on the vehicle release website." Sydney said with a cocky grin. "Hah, you are so full of crap, girly!" Syndey playfully slaps my shoulder.  "So full of it that George Washington could not find a single sample of truth." I rolled an eye.  "Do tell how a child acts like she knows everything."

I had my eyes stuck to the ground in case there were any pennys,dimes, or quarters just eager to be picked up.

"No comment." I said.

"Did you know the Armodillo's prehistoric ancestor was exactly the same but really huge?" Sydney quizzically asks.

"No." I said.

"There was a fossil of the  Armodillo's huge ancestor found in Washington D.C." Sydney said.

"Your said the Albedosaurus was found in Arkansal." I remind her. "And it was actually found in Dallas Texas."

"All the dinosaur fossils are big there." Sydney remarks.

"And argumentatively the huge armadillo fossil could have came there." I theorize.

"The Albedosaurus is sleek,advanced, and much more cooler." Sydney gloats.

"So you've seen the CGI concept." I deduced.

Sydney nods.

"Tyrannosaurus is so old school." Sydney remarks.

"Okay Sydney." I said,holding my hands out as though holding a picture frame. "Imagine the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Parrot merged together."

Sydney raises an eyebrow.

"I can't imagine the Tyrannosaurus Rex with a beak." Sydney remarks

"Picture it without a beak " I said. "Now mostly imagine the Tyrannosaurus Rex with parrot feathers, a wing span shape similar to a ostritch, picture the area around the eyes being colored red." I slide my right hand down right like flipping a page from a book. "Next imagine fur under their jaws similar to a lion's mane."

"I get the picture." Sydney said.

I put down my hands.

"Tyrannosaurus is more cooler than the Albedosarus because it evolved into chickens and parrots." I said. "My dinosaur is more cooler."

"Long necks evolved into giraffes and lizards." Sydney said.

"That hasn't been proven, yet." I tell her while noticing that green car is slowly stalking us in the crowd of cars.

"Some-day it will." Sydney said, with a dreamy sigh. "And I will dance when people admit giraffee's are not related to horses!" She throws her hands into the air. "I mean it!"

I didn't tell Sydney about the car stalking us. What would a girl like me do to get rid of the car stalker? This is incredibly easy to answer. I speeded off into the distance that Sydney had to be sprinting in order to catch up.I deliberately went down different passageways, streets, stop lights, and into  a confusing crowd that it may have worked. The crowd is full of people, animals, and station wagons. Don't ask why there are station wagons.

Either way using this unusual path brought me to Jefferson Street and Boston Avenue.

We live on the same suburb.  And we happen to not ride the bus.

"I..  . Ivy." Sydney said, as she is panting. Her hands were on her knees as she is leaning over. "I didn't. .  . . sign up for P.E."

I laugh.

"It seems you're not ready for robots." I acknowledged. 

Sydney looks up from the sidewalk and up to me with a glare in her eyes.

"Am too." Sydney argues.

"If you say so." I said, with a shake of my head.  "I'mma be going to the Sandler House. And don't think about ditching homework to see the gigantic robot in the garage." I shook my index finger. "Homework comes first for you, little lady."

".  . .Ivs, I'm not 18 yet." Sydney said.

"So?" I said.  "You're a little girl, so logically you're a little lady and I'm a little lady."

"You have messed up logic." Sydney said as I head down the street to the Sandler house.

"Thanks!" I thank her with a wave. "You have perfect logic!"

I zip down the suburb street  right over the cracked sidewalk edges that usually were the culprits to tripping. Outside the Sandler house is pretty nice; white picket fence, a mailbox with a imprint of a dogs paw, a small living dog barking at the gate, and a perfect lawn. The lawn is not too tall nor too weeded. I open the medium sized gate and go through. Rufus, the small Sandler family pet, ran around my legs barking at me.

"I know what you want." I said, taking a dog treat outta my pocket.

Rufus sat down with his tail wagging and his small puppy like eyes were sparkling. I handed the dog  treat to Rufus. Rufus ran around in circle with the treat in his mouth as though he had caught a rocket bomb and was making a celebration about it.I laugh at the little celebration while heading to the door.Rufus really cracks me up with his silly attitude towards treats.

I open the door and head inside the house. Oh yes I did close the door.

"Abbigale." Mrs.Sandler said, standing near to the doorway of the living room.

I look up a bit startled by Mrs.Sandler's voice that suddenly had knocked me off guard.

"Yes?" I ask.

"When is your science project due?" Mrs.Sandler said. "Rob needs to park the car into the garage. He can't park under the tree that has tree leaves falling on it. You know how he hates his trophy to get dirty."

Rob is Mr.Sandler. So I hope this clears any confusion when the man of the house comes in. And yes he is the man who makes the front lawn look effortlessly perfect. Mr.Sandler has everything in his nice car orgnized by labels.Heck,even Mr.Sandler's newspapers are usually organized before he starts reading them. Mr.Sandler's 'clean' and 'tidy' preference reminds me of Adrian Monk.

"Next week." I said. "You have an extra garage, why don't you use it."

"It has a leaky ceiling." Mrs.Sandler said. "And your volcano presentation must be done when Rob gets home."

So basically I had to hide Barricade somewhere else without the Sandler's knowing. Because if they knew then inadventurely they will do something stupid and let Barricade go which will lead to their death.It's pretty nerve-wrecking when thinking about lives and all on the line.

"Fine." I said. "I'll transfer the Volcano presentation somewhere else."

Mrs.Sandler made this relieved sigh.

"The Spaghetti will be done at seven." Mrs.Sandler said.  "And I'll call Rob. You must have it out by five."

_                                              __

.  .  . 4:20 PM  . .

 . . .Somewhere that's not the avenue or street the Sandlers live on  .  . .

"I saw her!" Crosshairs insists, as Ironhide leans against the rail around a large tree. "Alive and well."

Ironhide didn't appear convinced.

"Crosshairs, this is going over the line." Ironhide said.

The two were sharing a argument in their holoforms at a city street where no-one usually ventured.We can see Crosshairs and Ironhide's vehicle modes were parked to the side at the sidewalk. This argument is about no other than Ivy.

"Eh?" Crosshairs said, raising an eyebrow.  "I do not see how seein' the undead alive and well is goin' over the line. She spoke fast, was a year older, and.  .  .alive." Crosshairs looks down to the ground. "I lost track of Ivy and the other girl in a  crowded street."

Ironhide stops leaning against the rail with this 'you're nuts' reaction on his face.

"I felt her pulse, and saw her dead body to be certain." Ironhide said.Crosshairs turns his attention back up.  "I saw her coffin lowered into the ground. This mission must be hard on you."

It was amusing to Crosshairs that the Autobot who's still grieving is telling him that.

"Look,Toothfairy." Crosshairs said, holding his hands out. "I know it's hard to believe a human, who we all saw was dead, is alive." He earns a glare from Ironhide. "But there may be a chance we may have buried her alive."

There was a certain visible sign of fury on Ironhide's face.

"That has no merrit to it." Ironhide said. "She could not have survived Starscream's strike."

"Humans have means of evolution to survive death." Crosshairs said. "I once learned the human body is capable of blockin' the pain for the human to find safety."

"Ivy was shot at the heart." Ironhide said. "There is no chance she could have survived."

"Try callin' the cemetery." Crosshairs said, folding his arms."And check if that grave is still untouched."

"Your imagination is going wild." Ironhide said, hardly believing Crosshairs.

"I wish it were my imagination." Crosshairs said.  "But it is not. Call the cemetery, toothfairy."

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