I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


50. Chapter name remains unclear

..May 31st...
In the day that passed Georgie  witnessed a child clean up after herself. It is strange to say for the least when children normally didn't clean up after themselves eating at  the table. Ivy made an unusual TV remote  using an Umbrella, a dog  collar, and some gears to  broken grandfather's clock left in the  basement. Georgie hadn't come across a child capable of fixing  anything--and making anything using household related items--and  cleaning after herself in such a long time.In fact; this is the first  time.
"So, how did you meet Starscream?" Ivy asks.
"He crashed into an old junkyard a couple years ago."  Georgie said. "I found Starscream in his most desperate time."
"I wonder why he was so desperate." Ivy wonders out loud.
"He was desperately looking for his 'master' Megatron." Georgie said. "Starscream doesn't have much of a liking to birds."
Ivy stares at Georgie with a 'Starscream likes birds?' kind of expression.
"Starscream likes birds?..." Ivy said.
"No, he does not." Georgie said.
"But you just said he didn't have much of a liking to birds." Ivy said.
"All right; in English, Starscream hates birds." Georgie said.
Ivy  laughs as she presses on a button to the closed umbrella pointing it  towards the television.The entire house is well heated because of some  tweaks Ivy did to the main heating system using scotch tape, used heavy  weighted empty bottles, caps, string, and some tools small enough to  make the fine works on the project.
The television changes to a movie.
"ET!" Ivy squeals, letting go of the strangely crafted umbrella as she threw her arms into the air.
The umbrella smacks against a fishing rod so hard that it fell down behind the couch.
"ET, DON'T DIE!" Ivy yells at the TV.
Georgie  pushes the couch back and made it her mission to get the fishing rod  out as Ivy is focused on the screen. Ivy paid no attention to what  Georgie is doing; heck, Ivy is oblivious to the chair being moved!  Georgie learned Ivy hiccuped after she ate something fast which also  meant Ivy  liked what she ate.Georgie pushes back the couch making  a screech against the old wooden boards.
"Ow," Ivy whines. "That hurts my ear."
"Finally the thing speaks!" Georgie announces.
Ivy frowns, focusing her eyes towards Georgie.
"I have been speaking." Ivy said.
"But to the television you have." Georgie points out.
"Have not." Ivy argues back, her attention focused on the screen.
"Have too." Georgie said.
"Okay,  what if I made you a highly powered blow-dryer that gave you the power  of hearing everyone's thoughts and you repeat the same day over and over  and over." Ivy theoretically said.  "And then I made you a rocket ship  complete with a suit, a couple packages of oxygen, lady stuff, food in  plastic packaging, and a complete battle gear to off against alien  opponents?"
Georgie had to hesitate.
"Exactly my point." Ivy said.
"But you're not making a point." Georgie said.
"Exactly." Ivy said.
Georgie is puzzled.
"What?" Georgie asks.
"You,  Georgie, are not making a point saying I speak to a lifeless television!" Ivy  said. "I am not that much of a chatter to inanimate objects--even though I sometimes throw them into the air telling a story--showing a great classic movie."
"That rocket sounds better and better." Georgie said.
"In  your dreams," Ivy said. "There is not enough resources in freezing cold  Australia to make it. Don't bother looking around; I did the search at  six AM looking for something to do. I ended up improving the heating  system, the remote, and the intruder alarm."
"You...did what?" Georgie said, in much shock. "What drove you to go out?"
Ivy shrugs.
"I was bored." Ivy said.
"But...it's freezing out there at six." Georgie said.
Ivy laughs a little.
"I wore your big Cruella DeVille coat," Ivy said. "And those huge boots. After I got the stuff I took a shower, dried off, did the bathroom stuff, and then had some cereal. I then fiddled with these items using a screwdriver, sharp tools, peanut butter, and several other things in a closed secured environment to do my dreams."
"Have you considered writing?" Georgie asks.
"Nah," Ivy said.  "It's not my best skill."
"Hold on," Georgie said. "You need to begin a story in your favorite world on my computer--" She took out a computer case from under the couch and put it on the table.Georgie uses the umbrella to pause ET phone home. "After you write the story; you must post it on a writing platform."
"I don't like the idea." Ivy said.
Georgie takes the computer out, gets the charger out, and then gets it ready for the laptop.
"Too bad," Georgie said, plugging it into the side of the laptop--after plugging the charger into the outlet--resting on the table. "You're gonna give it  a shot."
Georgie turns the computer on then hands it to Ivy.
"Uh..." Ivy said. "Me and the computer don't last long."
"You're making this one last." Georgie said.
"I wanna finish watching ET phone home."
"You can rewatch it through DVR." Georgie said, turning the TV off.  "I am sure you know how to open a document."
Ivy rolls her eyes sliding her index finger on the square flat dotted surface. The Arrow key hits the Microsoft word program then taps on it twice. There a white page followed by a light blue background and different options appeared on the screen. There stood a thin thick black line at the left hand corner blinking on then off the screen repeatedly.Ivy stares at the screen blankly trying to draw a starting point.
"Uh..." Ivy said. "This would be much better if I had zhe bucket or a pillow to kick in the air."
"Imagine you're doing that." Georgie said. "Just let your hands do the rest."
Half an hour later Ivy's flying fingers came to a rest.It amazed Georgie how fast Ivy spoke out loud when writing some of the dialogue and descriptive parts to the story. Georgie leans to the side to see a stacked up story cluttered in a mess with no quotation marks but mostly there is some correct spelling but the other minor errors were easy to correct in the mind while reading it.
"Uh, what next?" Ivy asks.
"Click on FireFox." Georgie said.
"Firefox?" Ivy asks.
"Yes." Georgie said.
"Okay." Ivy said.
Ivy clicks on a red and blue program.
"Know any writing sites, Georgie?" Ivy asks.
"Depends if you are writing a fanfiction." Georgie said.
"I am." Ivy said.
"Search Watt." Georgie said.
"Rat?" Ivy asks.
"Yes, Watt." Georgie said.
"As in Ratt?" Ivy asks.
"W-a-t-t." Georgie spelled it out for Ivy.
"Okay." Ivy said.
Ivy hit the search engine and typed in a terrible spelling of the word 'watt' as 'ratt'.The spelling is correct in the search.She clicked on a site that was unusual to her eyes.Ivy squints her eyes towards the screen seeing a list of works by various writers and tags. She hit the sign up button which required the normal stuff for joining a website. She typed in a username right off the bat 'Speedywoman' with an easy hackable password.
"Good luck." Georgie said.
Ivy uploaded the story on to the site and began reading. She left many comments on the stories she had viewed and time went by fast because it seemed to Ivy that she was on there for at least fifteen minute when really it turned into five plus hours.There were people complaining about the structure to the story which honestly did hurt Ivy. She began taking their advice and little by little the story became better.
_____                              _______      
...Not in Australia but in America...
DiamondCreed  lacked a right arm and a exterior helmet. Her symbol had been ripped of  by a con she had felt feelings for stellar cycles ago. She obeyed what  The Fallen had ordered and this is what she had gotten; being terribly  thrown out by the one loyal to The Fallen's Apprentice. She is in a  dream state that many could feel cozy as she did but the feelings of betrayal hurt DiamondCreed dearly.
"Hello," Came a voice in the darkness.
Who is this?, DiamondCreed thought turning to the right.
There stood a mech leaning against  a tall scythe with an unusual sharp tip.
"My  name is Midreaper." Midreaper said, straightening his scythe. Midreaper  approaches DiamondCreed. His wheels rolled when landing on the hard  floor making sounds as other parts clicked. These parts make up the back  heel connected to above parts belonging to a jeep. "Never met you  before. Are you new to the Decepticon ranks?"
DiamondCreed is spellbound, well really just finding this surreal.
"If you call being thrown by a fling loyal to the Decepticon cause beating me up; relatively new." DiamondCreed said.
Midreaper tilts his helm to the side.
"You  need a new arm before the wound gets infected," Midreaper said, placing  his servo right above the exposed area on her shoulder arm. Midreaper  straightens his helmet. He looks up towards DiamondCreed. "Seems your  fling had quite the admirable strength.It seems you're willing to give  those you care a chance before getting out of a beating. "
Why can DiamondCreed not move?
DiamondCreed cannot decide if she is standing or not.
"I was...caught off guard." DiamondCreed said, in shame.
"Hm,  right." Midreaper said, taking his servo off. "You lack a symbol. Not  many Cybertronians walk around...." He walks forwards swinging his  scythe back and forth similar to playing with a yo-yo. "It is  interesting to hear what you call yourself now."
"The Fallen's Follower."  DiamondCreed said.
Midreaper came to a halt to DiamondCreed's left hand side.
"The follower?" Midreaper said,trying not to laugh.   "That sounds rather silly."
"It is the best I have." DiamondCreed said.
"Explain how you're left missing a right arm, your exterior helmet,  and your symbol." Midreaper said.
"Starscream." DiamondCreed said.
"Hm,  he's a tattletale." Midreaper said. DiamondCreed is about to say  something when Midreaper put his  index digit on her lips. "Don't ask  how I know by just a name. Thinking about the question will be the part  that gets you into reality feeling horrible pain."
Midreaper takes his index digit off her lips.
DiamondCreed notices Midreaper's Decepticon symbol.
"You're a Decepticon?" DiamondCreed asks.
"Bred  as a factionless Cybertronian and branded as a Decepticon by Megatron."  Midreaper said. "I have even ventured into Megatron's dream. I survived  the experiment to become a master weapon taking down the Autobot  warriors in their dreams cyberweek by cyberweek."
"You...ventured?" DiamondCreed said.
"I  have ventured into the dreams of many," Midreaper said. "Though my most  previous one lured me to  recharge by the dreaming of Jazz music. I had  orchestrated the death of other Autobots by taking away their choice to  sleep  leaving them exhausted,paranoid, and delirious."
"You broke them." DiamondCreed said.
"Don't  be so surprised about it!" Midreaper said, backing away twirling his  scythe in a circle skillfully using his pinkie digit.  "I made it easier  for other Decepticons to take them down. The Great War was my payday  until that voiceless brat had to eject the Allspark into orbit."
"You're in my dreams." DiamondCreed said.
Midreaper lowly laughs at DiamondCreed's comment like he's heard it a million times.
"I said I was bred as a factionless cybertronian." Midreaper said.  "You don't listen!"
"Of course I do listen." DiamondCreed said.
"Which brings you to this troubling predicament." Midreaper said. "What did this task require?"
"I  had to kill Megatron's Link." DiamondCreed said.DiamondCreed wishes to  use her right servo on her helmet; that she cannot do. "Her  name...escapes my processor at this cycle.But I failed the  mission The  Fallen had assigned me to do to eliminate his failed apprentice."
"Ivy." Midreaper said.
"Yes!" DiamondCreed cries.  "That's the name!"
"Anyway;  an experiment succeeded and everyone believed I died as a result."  Midreaper said. "This is not the second time I have explained my story  to someone such as you.I have something required of you...just a little of your time is what I need."
"Explain." DiamondCreed requests.
"I want out as much as you do." Midreaper said.
"But I don't want out." DiamondCreed said.
"I want out of this boring world." Midreaper said. "You can use a little of my help for the heavy price on your shoulder. I want to help you serve the real mech of the Decepticon faction, not the pathetic cowardly son of Alpha Trion."
A small smile grew on DiamondCreed's cracked--perhaps one that is covered in filth--faceplate.
"Where do we start?" DiamondCreed asks, as her optics glow a soft tint of red.
"Take my servo and hold it tightly." Midreaper said.
DiamondCreed could have asked  'Is that all?' but she did not question some cybertronian promising help to serve the real leader of the Decepticons for payback. DiamondCreed takes Midreaper's right servo  using her left servo then squeezes it tightly almost making a dent in on his knuckles.
"Now, think." Midreaper instructs DiamondCreed.It amazes Midreaper how tightly a femme's digits can press hard enough on a mech's knuckles to hurt, never before had that happened with a femme until now. "Think about my presence."
The scenery begins collapsing and breaking apart similar to a scene out of a world destruction movie. The whole dream world is breaking apart under the challenging--and perhaps odd--event.The ground is moving beneath their pedes taking on different shapes cut out of a pan covered by cookie dough that were getting their shapes. The cost of breaking out the dream realm is a catastrophic one for staying in the dream realm for far too long.
"Turn your optics off." Midreaper said. "Ignore what is going on around us."
DiamondCreed deactivates her optics.
"Focus on me." Midreaper said. "Compare me to the things in real life and think  of me as real."
The crushing sounds of dirt, rock, and buildings tumbling down reminds DiamondCreed of crashing waves during a storm. DiamondCreed focuses on the detail to Midreaper that she had seen prior to closing her optics. Where does a mech get the earth mode of a jeep when he has never been out of the dream realm?, DiamondCreed thought, his armor is a bright yellow than an ordinary Decepticon. Autobots usually have bright armor and Decepticons have darker tinted armor.
"How long?" DiamondCreed asks.
"Until you feel pain." Midreaper said. "The pain from lacking an arm."
The ground is breaking apart itching the two cybertronians away.
"Tune out the destruction and only then will I be able to help!"  Midreaper's voice instructs DiamondCreed.
The sounds became deaf to DiamondCreed's audio's. Sound became nothing to her, weight and gravity turned into nothing, and there is a feeling of light weightless and free roaming to do as DiamondCreed pleased.The deep seeping pain that haunted DiamondCreed's spark gets lighter and lighter. DiamondCreed imagined Midreaper transforming into his robot mode became realistic as it could get including imagined clear sounds.
It is then DiamondCreed imagined her sister, the one she killed, EmeraldQuest at a clearing gazing at the unique colored moon.DiamondCreed can feel is she is there, too, but for a much darker reason. DiamondCreed is approaching EmeraldQuest holding a blade close behind her back taking slow steps to the so-much-dead cybertronian.EmeraldQuest did not seem to notice as her optics are focused on the beautiful moon surrounded by a blanket of darkness pierced by holes.DiamondCreed imagined killing EmeraldQuest then tossing the dead into the never ending cliff space as the life drained out of the blue optics.
"Creed!"  Midreaper shouts.  "Hold on!"
Then the ground gave out beneath DiamondCreed's footing and she too fell into the darkness except there is no friendly stars all around her.DiamondCreed looks over to the right seeing a blur as though running through a forest; the blur became clear and clear at each passing second until the figure of a ugly cyber-zombiefied version of EmeraldQuest appeared lunging right out lacking one side of her facplate.
"Wake up!" Midreaper shouts, as DiamondCreed can feel her shoulders being shaken.
DiamondCreed's nightmare came to an end.
"...W...where am I?" DiamondCreed asks, feeling pain in the area that lacks an arm.
Midreaper takes his servos off  her shoulders.
"Somewhere not visible to the Autobot optic." Midreaper said. "It seems your biggest nightmare is of your sister coming back from the dead."
DiamondCreed is puzzled and a little confused.
"You weren't there." DiamondCreed said.
"I was."  Midreaper said. "You called out EmeraldQuest pleading for mercy."
Right, they were holding servos.
"I did not." DiamondCreed denies.
"Not many femmes, much like you, don't admit to it." Midreaper said. "Understandable." He added with a nod then crossed on his chest armor making a sincere expression. "I won't tell a spark." Midreaper takes out a large kit--similar to a tool box--then slides it open to reveal a large collection of medical tools. "When you made me real; you made my trophies from other Autobots real too." He takes out a large sponge that gets replaced by another in its place strangely in unusual color. "Luckily I had a lot of fun toying with the dreams of Ratchet, boy, he kicked me out."
"...Trophies are meant for winning."  DiamondCreed said.
"And losing." Midreaper said. "Humans award the losers and so do we." He put the sponge into the leaking wound. It stung badly to DiamondCreed to which she had a tearful whine. "Ah, big girl crying? That's a new thing to see. This is a brilliant refresh to see in the Decepticon cause."
DiamondCreed looks at Midreaper seeing him as stranger then she first met him in her dream.
"You're strange." DiamondCreed said.
"No,you're more stranger than I." Midreaper said. "And there is others, but, that's asides to the point." He put in a needle to the leaking pipes that middle stings then places little sponges in to soak in the excessive leaking and to start the healing process. "You don't have much of a healing mechanism as most Cybertronians do. You're lucky you have a little bit of it and I came in. You would have been offline in a couple megacycles and be used for advancing human technology after being turned into the federal hands."
"No one..." DiamondCreed said in shock and disgust. "Would dare do that to us."
Midreaper sadly sighs as he lightly shook his helm.
"Yes, they would." Midreaper said, putting the needle back into the container. "Hmm..." He taps on his chinplating looking at the exposed head belonging to DiamondCreed. "You need a new helmet."
"Let me guess; you gave nightmares to a mech who made helmets." DiamondCreed said.
Midreaper's expression brightens.
"Yes, I did." Midreaper said.
"Good grief." DiamondCreed said, in the middle of her pain.
DiamondCreed really wanted to slap her forehelm at Midreaper's 'handy dandy victim trophies'.
"I know how to make a helmet." Midreaper said. "I don't have helmet trophies if you thinking I do. That's Lockdown's hobby and you're sick as Unicron."

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