I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


30. Can be taken in different views

I figured something is not right about DiamondCreed. Also that Crosshairs is perhaps the most stubborn Autobot in the faction.A stubborn Autobot who refuses to stand by.They entered the building carefully making sure not to attract attention by touching the spider threads.Remarkably DiamondCreed is making her way through the dark room.

Maybe I have seen too many movies and suspect any new character is not a good guy.

I downright think DiamondCreed is not an Autobot.

"Creed." Crosshairs said, as Diamndcreed steps on a thread. "Don't move."

DiamondCreed turns her head towards Crosshairs.

"It is only a thread." DiamondCreed said, arrogantly.

"No, it isn't." Crosshairs said, taking out a flashlight.  Her eyes narrow towards Crosshairs. "It is much bigger."

Crosshairs presses the handle to the unactive flashlight that beamed to life and aimed the circular light across from DiamondCreed.There is a huge trap that reminds me of what had been used in Lord of The Rings to throw rocks into the castle bypassing the walls except this is right about the size it can remain inside  one room alone. The thread is attached to a little piece of rotten cheese.It must smell that bad enough rats don't come near.Anyway this rotten cheese is attached to a round boulder in the gigantic slinger that is connected to another thing that makes the rock slinger create a pretty ominous hole in the building.

I look over to see cocoons about the size of natural rats in the webs.

So thats what happened to them.

"Creed,don't look over your shoulder." Crosshairs warns DiamondCreed.

"Why?" DiamondCreed asks.

"Trust me on this." Crosshairs said.

Crosshairs picks up a pipe and crept carefully, and, silently towards her. He had one finger placed on his lip.I wondered why Crosshairs told DiamondCreed not to look over her shoulder but then a realization came to me about that humongous rock slinger. It is exactly across from DiamondCreed's left shoulder. Any sudden movements to that direction would set off the smaller rock slinger. And possibly quite very probably that rock is aimed in the direction that DiamondCreed's vehicle mode is in.Her platinum blonde hair seemed to remind me of a shorter version of repunzle's hair because it was all braided up rolled  over her left shoulder.

Did I just say the contrary before about her hair style?

Damn, I should keep my hair description right.

Crosshairs wedged the crooked pipe inbetween DiamondCreed's  high heel keeping it in balance and took out a larger pipe.

"You didn't have a larger pipe behind your back." DiamondCreed acknowledges. "That is not reasonable."

Wow, it has taken the Autobots about two years to figure that out.

That is a really late observation.

"It is very reasonable in this situation, Creed." Crosshairs said.

I could tell the posion is affecting Crosshairs.

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