I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


22. But for how long?

Megatron could hear Ivy's utter perplexed state of mind. It was morning when the girl had waken up--on the couch, that is--after what had been countless hours.The moment Ivy woke up;  there was fear, confusion, uncertainty, and sadness. More of the reason was this sad stricken thought from Ivy; I don't have my best friend. Megatron could hear Ivy  worried thoughts about Sydney. Ivy's thoughts were more worried than being over-excited as she physically seems.

"If you keep worrying about your little friend, you will drive me insane." Megatron said, folding his arms.

Ivy eyes at the gigantic tall Decepticon leader from the  center table.

"I am a worry wart." Ivy said, as though Megatron should have been told. "Didn't I tell you?"

Megatron had to hesitate, and actually think if she had told him. A wide smile grew across Ivy's face as as she folds her arms and leans back into the chair.  Megatron saw the scene of two house thieves being hit by paint buckets from the top of a staircase. Is this image suppose to mean something?, Megatron thought glancing to Ivy who was swinging her feet up and down. Ivy laughs at Megatron's puzzled reaction.

"One of these days you will discover the formula to win a conversation against me." Ivy said.

"I can win in a conversation against you." Megatron said.

"Explain to me why a portal brought me home but two YEARS later." Ivy said. "I have all the time in the world."

Megatron pauses, again, but he was frowning.

"Starscream is the one who majors in Science." Megatron said.  "I major in resurrecting Cybertron and building an empire far greater than the golden ages." He held up his right servo that closed into a fist. "A new age will fall over the Autobots. They will be hunted down as they did to my army on Earth."

"Boorring." Ivy said, shaking her head.

Megatron stares at her.

"How can my plans be boring?" Megatron asks.

Ivy smiles.

"A couple reasons." Ivy said, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Tell me what it lacks." Megatron orders Ivy. "Now."

"It lacks flavor, flaws, juicy details, a good plot,  some comic relief, and some action." Ivy lists as she unfolds her  arms then puts her hands on the table. "Your plan sounds boring as a hollow tree set near The Addam's family house."

Megatron tilts his helmet.

"The Addams family?" Megatron repeats, confused.

Ivy's glare is more intimidating and sharp than a average child.

"That is it!" Ivy threw her hands into the air. "All your plans are awful!"

"Just because I have never met the Addam's family does NOT mean my plans are awful." Megatron said.

Ivy raises her eyebrow suggestively at Megatron.Her eyebrows change from intimidating to a calm and comically eased expression.

"So you're saying the Addams family is real." Ivy said, as her face is getting red and redder.

Kelton stood there in the living room watching Ivy argue with thin air.

"You act like they are REAL!"Megatron bellowed the word 'real' in his reply. "I will use the Autobots squishy-fleshy friends to betray them and hand over their hiding place; I will kill each and every one of their human comrades with a vaporizer, then use a human machine to make them into roast beef, put apples on them, and EAT their curly noodle remains."

Ivy is laughing at Megatron's reply.

"You laugh at humans dying?" Megatron asks.

Kelton came to the table.

"Hey Kelton." Ivy said. "Define what a Science Fiction Vaporizer does."

"Vaporizer turns anything it hits into dust." Kelton said.

Megatron has this  'I am a fool' expression on his faceplate and lowers his helmet down towards the floor in shame. Kelton came to the table then he sat down in a chair across from Ivy.

"Where have you been for two years?" Kelton asks.

Well, you wouldn't believe me, Megatron could hear Ivy's thoughts.

"I thought my beating heart with unusual gas could have given you a hint." Ivy said.

Kelton did not seem to be appreciating her sarcastic reply.

"This is serious." Kelton said.  "We had search parties, amber alerts, and we thought you had died."

Ivy smiles, contagiously a lot.

"I was in the universe where these gigantic alien robots exist." Ivy begins explaining to Kelton waving her right hand in mid air. "Such as Lord Megatron, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Crosshairs, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Sideswipe, Arcee, Mudflap and Skids."

Kelton stares at Ivy.

"So that heart." Kelton said, a bit struggling to understand.  "That is real?"

Dumbass, it is slagging real!, Megatron chuckles at the most amusing thought from the small human.

"I'll show you again." Ivy said, lifting her shirt up. Kelton's eyes went up so wide and huge that she puts it down. "I am currently linked to Mr Meg."

"As in. . ." Kelton said, looking at her concerned.

"Lord Megatron." Ivy finished with pride in her voice.  "Yep!" 

There  is silence between them.

"Tell him you can't age." Megatron said.

Ivy glares up to the gigantic dark gray and possibly deadly robot.

"I was going to get into that part." Ivy said, waving her hand. "I know it is important and all for grown ups to hear about very dangerous important matters such as it is possible to dig into San Francisco." Ivy was so animated in her speaking. "And dying, and returning from zhe grave, and capturing two live Decepticons."

Kelton is pretty much spooked by their non-visible conversation.

"The human is staring at you." Megatron said.

"Okay." Ivy said, with a loose shrug.

"Okay what?" Kelton said.

"I can't age." Ivy said. "Mr Meg reminded me to tell you."

Kelton taps his finger on the table.

"You caught a Decepticon." Kelton said. "Alive."

"Decepticon(s)." Ivy corrects Kelton, sheesh he should go back to high school! "That is plural for two or more." She seems really smug telling Kelton.  "And yes, I have successfully captured Dorito aka Starscream and his trusty bad cop friend Mr Cade; who you might know him as Barricade."

Kelton puts his hands together right under his chin.

"You..." Kelton said.  "Let me get this straight." Kelton looks over his hands towards Ivy. "A ten old--"

"Eleven." Ivy corrects Kelton.

 "A Eleven year old who has been gone for two years, pops up in the middle of the night, spooks her brother by showing a plastic covered heart, and hasn't physically aged has caught two decepticons." Kelton said.  "And can see a dead robot."

"Yep." Ivy said with a rapid nod. 

"Barricade is dead in the movie." Kelton said.

"Liar!" Ivy accuses hm.  "Barricade is alive and well!"

"He is dead." Kelton said. "Ironhide killed him."

"He did not kill that bad cop, yet." Ivy said.

The argument was going back and forth.

"Why did I bother doing this link?" Megatron asks out loud.

"Cause ya don't wanna return ta zhe pits." Ivy replied.  "It is only until you get a new body or resurruected."

"Where you were, it must be different." Kelton said. 

"Two whole slagging years." Ivy said.  "I missed out on a lot of history."

"You missed out on Night at The Museum." Kelton said. Ivy's eyes went huge as though someone had broken bad news to her.  "And Transformers. You missed out on meeting your new little sister too; Rachel."

Megatron looks down to Ivy.

"I will advise you not to punch at the table." Megatron said. "Your anger is better spent fighting."

Ivy's eyes dart at the war lord.

"Out." Ivy said, her voice at the hint of a growl.  "Now."

Megatron frowns.

"You can't order  me around, human!" Megatron declares.

Ivy folds her arms and narrows her eyes at Megatron.

"Listen buster, I am the one thing keeping you here and if I went to get a gun and killed myself; you'll be back into hell." Ivy said. "Don't make me get the gun out you piece of rotten metal that hasn't gotten washed in twenty-three decades!" She waves her hand turning her head away and made a digusted look.  "Gee, you smell."

"Mr Meg, leave us be." Kelton said.  "Go mess with a computer or something. We need private time."

"Will do." Megatron said.

Megatron turns away and through the walls right out  of the house.  He sees the bland buildings with cars and vans and trucks parked out or inside the garages. Ugly green, Megatron thought at the front yards color. A bird flew over his helmet while unleashing its mighty disgusting white milk liquid right through him. If only Megatron had been solid would he have been the victim to bird poop. He came to the end of the street that had a green sign reading 'Dolan street;' attached to a gray post. A car was idlying near the street post. 

 "Camaro." Megatron said out loud, spotting a yellow and black corvette camaro from across on the other street ahead. "And she said we're fictional!"

Megatron slams his foot into  a car. The car speeded across the street right in the way of a bus with unexpected blazing flames at the roof. The  bus came into the side of the unmanned car.There were frantic screams coming from the bus. Megatron puts his gigantic claw servo on his metal face and shook his helm disappointingly. We can see the emergency back door to the bus is forced open wide. Many of the windows are kicked open and some of the windows were pulled down.

"I didn't intend for this." Megatron said, with a begrudging attitude as more school kids were falling out of the bus--the bus wasn't moving at this point--from the windows and the back emergency door.

The school kids, who were young enough to see ghosts, stare at Megatron.This is right after the whole bus had been evacuated. Megatron steps back cursing in his native language which isn't appropriate for children to hear in English. His sharp fearsome teeth grit on each other. I missed so many things from that portal thing taking me in, Megatron heard Ivy's thought, not just my correct birthdays.

"Megatron!" One of the young school kids yell.  "Lord Megatron saved us!"

"Transformers aren't real!" Another child said.  "They're fictional."

"The leader of the Decepticons has just saved our butts and you are saying Megatron is the Invisible man." Another child with a unusual voice points out.

"No." The arguing child said. "I am pointing out Megatron is not real."

The confused and panicking kids who hadn't the slightest ability to see ghosts were confused.The bus driver is doing a head count to make sure everyone got out. We can see the insides of the bus is blazing.

"Phew!" The bus driver said, wiping his forehead.  The Bus Driver sighs. "Everyone got out of the bus safely."

Megatron is horrified what he has done. The leader of all Decepticons, who is dead, had saved a bus full of humans.

"You did not see me." Megatron said as he is walking backwards from the children staring at him.

Megatron ran off into the distance away from the children,and shortly after that several firetrucks came screeching near to the flaming bus.What have I done?, Megatron asks himself now at the far edge of the street. Would he do much good in this universe that lacked a Cybertron, a cybertronian war between two brothers, and two factions? Megatron did not want to picture how much good he would do as the sole and only student to his Uncle who promised to make him a Prime. The sole sucessor to the Decepticon leadership. 

"I hate earth." Megatron grumbles sitting through a swing set and his huge arms folded on top of another.

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