I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


39. Bad dreams; shoo!

"Hello, child." Midreaper said, in a dark and creepy voice.

Midreaper came out of the shadows making the walls get rusty and degrade falling apart. His long claws sunk into the remaining wall material.Ivy's heart is racing.Ivy trips over an old ratty doll.She lands on the cracky unkept alley pavement getting her knee's wet.Ivy looks over her shoulder with fear in her eyes.Midreaper is getting closer; faster and faster.

Ivy picks up the ratty old doll then tosses it to a empty cart. The ratty old doll lands beside the right wheel that is missing a piece of the metal in the middle.Ivy gets up  turning her head away feeling sweat slide down her skin.She resumes running taking a sharp turn to the right only to see there is a dead end ahead.

"You can't hide from me." Midreaper taunts Ivy. "No one hides from me."

Ivy came to the dead end. She turns around letting her fingers meet the hard sturdy wall.

"I wasn't hiding." Ivy said, mustering her courage up. "I was giving you some exercise."

"I can smell your fear." Midreaper said, in a frightening tone.

"What kind of fear are you smelling?" Ivy asks, tilting her head. "Indiana Jones fear, Star Wars fear, Harry Potter fear, Inspector Gadget fear,Maleficent as a dragon fear--"

"That is enough." Midreaper interjects. "Your annoyance won't do any good to stop this nightmare."

The fear sets in Ivy's mind.The nightmares that Midreaper had been inflicting in her dreams.Ivy had just managed to escape what terrible and troubling scene Midreaper had created. She had been trying not to fall asleep for the past two days--and pretended to fall asleep whenever the Sandlers had peeked into her room--just to not fall asleep. However, Ivy didn't make it to the third day. She fell asleep.

A high pitch and small bark drew Ivy's attention.

"Rufus?..." Ivy sad, looking over to the left.

With every bark Rufus made, the small dog''s paws bounced off the ground, and his little tail wags both ways.

"Why are you in my dream?" Ivy asks, raising her right brow up. She starts to think.

"Stop thinking!" Midreaper  demands.

Rufus continues making the adorable loud and small dog barks.

"How did you get here?..." Ivy said, and then thought about little kittens with cat wings strolling by following their mother in a straight organized line. A entertained glint replaces the desperate fear in Ivy's eyes. A smile spreads across her face and she seems to be put at ease.

"Stop!" Midreaper shouts, grabbing Rufus and throws him into the distance.

"No!" Ivy yells, pulling herself up waking at once.

Rufus is sitting  by Ivy's side wagging his little tail and whimpering.Rufus tilts his head to the side staring curiously towards Ivy. Rufus's cute pose bore a great reminder to a doll version of a adorable brown bear shrunk.There is some light, from the darkness beginning to fade, pouring out the windows that some showers Rufus in a gentle white-gray light.Ivy holds her right hand out then strokes down the side of Rufus's furry  right shoulder feeling tired.

"Oh Rufus." Ivy said. "Dogs don't get the credit for being the hero."

Rufus walks over and came on to Ivy's lap.

"You're so sweet." Ivy said, and then lightly claps her hands together.

The nightlight turns on beside the bed.

Rufus looks up towards Ivy.

"I am not going to sleep." Ivy said.  "No matter how tired I am."

Rufus whines and straightens his head.

"This is none of your concern, Alex." Ivy said, as her right eye darts to the other direction.

Rufus looks over towards the right.

"Oh, me being waken up by a tree branch knocking against the window?" Ivy said, with a roll of her eye. "No, your argument is invalid." Her voice turned serious at the word 'invalid'. "I am not doing a record breaker to stay up all night long." Ivy lowered her voice to a whisper sliding herself carefully out of bed. "You lucky dog, I'mma show you my lab."

Rufus barks at the other side of her bed.

"Alex, I know you're concerned." Ivy whispers, putting on pink slippers that had a picture of Princess Aurora in the middle. She walks down the side of her bed. She turns her head sharply towards the left looking insulted. "You, over-grown-piece-of-scrap-screwed-into-a-metallic-bulb; you refuse to believe me. You refuse to believe...You know what I should do this in the lab."

Ivy carefully opens the door to her room, then looks both ways checking for any late-night child sleep walking traffic. Once she made sure the coast is clear; Ivy walks out of the room keeping her fuming anger under check. She remained silent going down the stairs without making a sound.If Sydney were around she would be surprised by Ivy's calm and collected silence.Ivy goes out the backdoor--that is part of the kitchen--wearing a big warm coat.

...15 minutes pass..

...Ivy's Lab...

Ivy puts down Rufus, after the long silent walk, to the metal hard floor. She looks up from Rufus narrowing her eyes towards the hall.Ivy puts her hands on her hips losing the innocent and cute friendly child vibe coming off. It is as though a harmless small volcano has been flipped to erupt.

"Anyway; you REFUSE to believe me."  Ivy starts. "That he is alive."

The golden humanoid robot springs to life. Well, let's just call that one temporarily for the moment  'Megatron'.There is a noticeable added parts to the shoulders being sharp thorns that have a couple recently added bolted screws.

"I saw him die." Megatron said, in the voice of a well known Star War's Android character. "He cannot have survived that transition."

"FOR THE PAST WEEK I'VE BEEN MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND BEAUTY SLEEP HEALTH-WISE TORTURED." Ivy yells.  Rufus climbs up onto a table using some other items. "I CAN'T SLEEP.I can't think right, I can't get some of my story ideas all together, and I gave you his warning." Ivy's voice had deepened.  "Shouldn't that mean something?"

"No." Megatron said. "Whatever nightmares you're having is your paranoia--"

"I may be paranoid but that not much!" Ivy sharply interrupts him. "You refuse to believe Midreaper is alive. You've been trying to understand the root of my problem. and you know what; it is not in my mind nor a problem that I hadn't fixed. I have made multiple mistakes, had plans backfire--mostly inventions--in my face,and...watch Sydney have the best time of her human life have a social life in school while I envy her...BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I AM SCARED OF MYSELF!"

"I didn't say anything like that." Megatron said.

"Megatron, what you say about my nightmares is another thing that questions my decision to be your link." Ivy said. "You are like another B Movie Science Fiction protagonist acting stupid. STUPID. YOU HATE PEOPLE, WHO'RE HUMAN BECAUSE OF YADAH YADAH YADAH REASONS, BUT DO YOU EVER THINK THAT PERHAPS FIGURES SUCH AS BOOGEYMAN EXIST?"

"He doesn't exist." Megatron said.

"You are WRONG!" Ivy shouts.

"No, I am not." Megatron denied.

"Megatron." Ivy said, with eyes full of fury.  "I am banning you from my lab."

"You can't do that." Megatron said.

"There is such thing as Ghost Electrical energy." Ivy said. "You have a specific one.Go on, be there for your rolling plan, and oh, when you feel pain in your chest in months following after your resurrection; THAT.WILL.BE. ME." She takes out a machine that is resting nearby the doors. "You've made your mistake and I must make mine."

Megatron's light bulb optics glow red.

"Don't." Megatron said.

Ivy take out a long tube that has some rolling gray chipped gears making soft clicks similar to clock gears.She plugs it into the robot's chest plating flipping a switch using her left hand.Ivy backs off folding her arms.Megatron could feel a forceful change going on in the robot armor that seemed to be prying his very spark out.Megatron can feel Ivy's bitter anger heating up.

She'll change her mind, Megatron decides, best be away until this is resolved.

He could only hope that Ivy is kidding.

Megatron steps out of the robot armor, however there  is a force that is forcing him to slide out of the building.She was serious about the threat.Ivy turns away making a comment along the lines of 'Now,what to do until sunrise...' tapping on her chin. Rufus watches the ghost of Megatron be forced out of the lab. Rufus looks both ways appearing to be confused.

Ivy snaps her fingers.

"Ah ha!" Ivy said, with a grin. "Hey little guy, want to get a big bone?"

Rufus barks, turned towards Ivy.

__                                         _

...7:20 AM....

Sandler House; at the table...

"What is Alex's name?" Mr Sandler asks.

"Meg Alex Tronster." Ivy lied.

"..Tronster is a unusual last name." Mr Sandler remarked.

"Why yes it is." Ivy agreed, taking a yawn.

"You're having nightmares, aren't you, Abbigal?" Mr Sandler asks.

"Nah." Ivy lied.

"You are." Mr Sandler said. "If your friend Alex is not of your imagination then I want you to make him leave."

Ivy stares at Mr Sandler.

"Why I...Why...Why I can't." Ivy said. "Alex comes and goes as he so chooses."

"I heard you started to yell at someone in your room." Mr Sandler said. "You have to let him go."

Ivy looks down.

"..Okay,I'll do it." Ivy said, looking up.

"Good." Mr Sandler said. "Go back to bed, and, at least try to sleep."

Ivy gets up from the table followed by Rufus wagging his little tail. Ivy sharply told Rufus 'Stay, boy' earning a whine from the little dog.Ivy walks up the staircase ever so exhaustively making little creaks on the wooden stair steps. She had little sighs struggling to keep herself awake.Ivy feels dizzy so she uses the rails as help to keep herself balanced.She looks over her shoulder feeling dreadful to fall asleep.

It had to end.

Ivy looks forwards taking another step up somewhat dragging her feet at it.

Ivy entered her room, after walking up the stairs slowly for five minutes, closing the door quietly.

However, she opened the window and takes out a small square box from her pocket. She puts the small box  under the window. She presses a rounded button on the top.The box then becomes a latter leading down to the outside land missing the porch part.Ivy climbs out of the room making sure to get down without making a sound.Ivy came to the grass almost having a black out. She presses a side square button to the ladder.

The ladder changes color to match the parts of the house it is leaning against.

"Mission accomplished." Ivy said, with a victorius smile.Ivy steps back rubbing at her forehead. "...So tired...Maybe Sydney has a good idea what to do against Mid."

Our scenery changes to a different kind of one at a park. A park where Ivy is in a swing that flies up and then back.Sydney is in the other swing having the fun of her life enjoying the wind brushing against her face and her hair fly;A person wouldn't be able to tell that Ivy is in need of peaceful sleep because of the fake happy look.

"Ivy, I got an idea." Sydney said, swinging by. "Your memory machine."

"Yeah!" Ivy said, kicking her legs in the air. "It helps resurrect old memories."

"Well, how about it get rid of Midreaper?" Sydney suggests.

Ivy came to  stop looking towards Sydney.

"...I don't get it." Ivy said.

Sydney swings by making a 'wee!'.

"Him, and only him, the cybertronian entering your dreams." Sydney said.

"But my dreams are made of memories and fictional stuff, too." Ivy said.

Sydney  comes to a halt using her feet as parking brakes. Sydney puts one hand on Ivy's left shoulder, firmly, looking at Ivy concerned.

"You wanna get beauty sleep back, girly?" Sydney asks. 

Ivy slowly nods looking desperate.

"And we better have that 'cybertronian' appear in dream restriction installed." Sydney said. Ivy's face became pale. "Can you think right to make that installation?"  Ivy shook her head. "...Crap. Maybe Christian--"

"No." Ivy said.  "Keep him outta this."

"How else are we going to get help?" Sydney asks.

"Sydney, I want this lab to be shut down after the thing is done." Ivy said. "I want you to tell Christian what I did; because if this continues...I can't live this way; dreading going to sleep with a killer dead cybertronian. I want you to remove everything that mentions Transformers, cybertronians, Autobots, Decepticons in the filters."

"Okay...I'll get the machine--" Sydney said.

"I want this to be done in the tree house." Ivy said. "And break the entrance to the doorway."

"...Girly, there's one thing you're forgetting." Sydney said.

"Which is?" Ivy asks.

"Your heart that is somewhat exposed similar to the vortex thing on Iron Man." Sydney said.

Ivy smiles, tiredly.

"I'll take care of that." Ivy said, patting on Sydney's shoulder. "Just...if that you see the Autobots. Tell them why, tell them how I kicked out a threat from my dreams, and just...fill in the blanks." Sydney is stunned. "Put in fake memories, make it up as you go, and get the Sandlers informed about it too."

"Will do." Sydney said.

"Give me an hour." Ivy said.  "I gotta do one last thing in my lab."

"One hour." Sydney said.

"One hour, that is all I need." Ivy said. "I am not going to distract myself."

Sydney nods a couple times,then gets up from the little swing, and heads off to the Sandler House leaving Ivy. .

...8:10 AM..

..Ivy's Lab...

"What are you doing?" Megatron asks.

Ivy injected the needle into the fresh patch of skin--that had been surgically added by her machines.

"I banned you from this lab." Ivy said, in a low voice. "You shouldn't be here."

"I thought you would be over it by now." Megatron said. "I had to convince your lab, from the outside, that you changed your mind. "

Ivy looks over her shoulder with hurt in her eyes. She has rounded circles under her eyes.

"Megatron, do me a favor and don't show up." Ivy said.

"What?" Megatron said, confused.

"You heard me; stop.showing.up.around me." Ivy said. "You understand English."

"Ivy, this is unlike you." Megatron said. "You're never like this."

Ivy puts down the needle feeling the little pain tingling.

"I want you not to show up around me." Ivy said, shifting towards Megatron's direction.

"You still believe he is plaguing your dreams." Megatron said. "That is not a wise move to escape your paranoia."

"In exchange for my sanity, my health, and to spend time with my family." Ivy said.  "My family that I never met until I was sucked into this world. A world that feels where I belong." Ivy has a little sigh. "A world that I cannot remember why it feels this way." She looks down. "You don't understand why I do things like this." She looks back up, gesturing over to the plastic covered machines. "To forget it all, restrict the memories of seeing robots and not ever dream about them, it is worth it."

"Deleting your memories!" Megatron bellows. "That's not worth throwing your life away.Not at all!"

"Your nightmare is coming, Megatron." Ivy said. "There's only a faint link between us. You can't hear my thoughts."

"I lost that a couple megacycles ago." Megatron said.

"The only thing that will last, until your resurrection, is me keeping you here." Ivy said.  "And seeing you."

Megatron tilts his helm.

"...Is this your way of saying goodbye?" Megatron asks.

"I...want...my...beauty...sleep." Ivy emphasizes.Megatron straightens his helm. "And there is no turning  back.Please, I want this to end...Don't show up."

"But what if that ceases your nightmares?" Megatron asks. "And he never comes back?"

"Then it worked." Ivy said. "It worked for a great price."

"A great price where you know no bot or con." Megatron said. "Everything that you witnessed, experienced, and done would be erased.Those who know what you have done will not forget."

Ivy didn't seem to be detered by Megatron's attempt to persuade her otherwise.

"Megatron..." Ivy said. "Don't make me beg."

Megatron's optic brows rose up.

"Beg?" Megatron said. "Beg for my leniency to end."

"Please go." Ivy said. "Just go."

"But it would be pointless." Megatron said, lowering his optic brows.

"It is not pointless." Ivy argues back. "If I was able to sleep and wake up on my own; that probably would be the same reply from me. But for the time being, as that person who fears sleep, this is the only option to not fear falling asleep. You're dead. I am alive." She points off towards Megatron. "Now figure who needs the beauty sleep the most."

There is a pause between them.

"Me." Ivy said.

"There is other ways." Megatron argues back.

"There isn't any other way that solves my problem." Ivy said.

"Ignore your paranoia's." Megatron said.

"Megatron; goodbye." Ivy said, pulling out a plug with sulked shoulders.

Megatron, this time, is transported out of the building. He tried to go through the ground yet it would not allow him to pass through. He looks right over to the tree house grumbling that Ivy is possibly making quite some silly mistakes to ensure she gets rid of a non-existant and non-living cybertronian. He had been there to see Midreaper's passing when the machine had not worked.

Megatron approached the tree but it too did not allow him to enter.

"Is this how far she's gone?" Megatron wonders out loud scratching his helm.

Our scene changes to several minutes later in the treehouse.Ivy is on a bed with a bowl metal item wrapped around her head that is connected to a machine; the bowl metal item has gears, light bulbs, and some short cables keeping other important parts together in tight strange knots.The parts are seemingly puncturing through Ivy's skull connected to her brain.The machine  is wide, big, and bulky enough some people can describe it as a three part machine that had three microwaves that weren't microwaves designed in the theme of Science Fiction.

"Sydney." Ivy calls for her friend.

"Yes?" Sydney said.

"Thank you for being my best friend ever." Ivy said. "I really needed to meet some-one like you."

"Same here, girly." Sydney said,as Ivy put her head down on the pillow.

Sydney clears her throat activating the machine. Ivy's eyes had closed and her mind went under the radar.It is then that Christian came into the tree house panting startling Sydney. Sydney scowls seeing that Christian had burst in the middle of a very important task that would require her thinking and not a tear. After all Ivy would then wake up to see a teary Sydney.

"I...have...to do something." Christian said.

"Like what?" Sydney asks.

"Put her in that mode where a single phrase or something can register as a memory trigger." Christian said. "I want her to remember her promise...if there comes a day I won't live to see her fulfill it."

"I know how to do that." Sydney said. "Ivy taught me."

"She teaches you a lot of things by chance." Christian said.

"Ivy is a worry wart and a paranoid girl." Sydney said. "Those are the two things that are part of many characteristics to my best, and perhaps, dear friend." Sydney's fingers were pressing buttons and flipping a couple switches while paying attention to Christian. "Okay..." She turns her voice into a whisper. "Do it; but make it short."

"Loud?" Christian asks.

"To her ear in a typical voice." Sydney whispers. "Whatever phrase, that you say in the future, will trigger her real memories."

'Then why are you whispering?" Christian asks.

"It is your phrase." Sydney whispers back

Christian sheepishly smiles.

"Right." Christian said, approaching his unconscious sister.Christian lowers himself down to Ivy's level enough that he came to her ear. "Remember your promise to live." Sydney looks down to a monitor that shows Ivy's brain activity. "Remember, you promised me to watch Thor."

 Christian stood up right then backs off from Ivy.

Sydney presses a button.

"Is that it?" Sydney asks.

"Yes." Christian said, with a nod.

"I know how you feel about this." Sydney admits. "It doesn't feel right."

"As long as my sister is okay; I respect her decision." Christian said. "Though I can expect this operation to work and help her."

"Even if it means losing a brilliant mind?" Sydney asks.

"She won't lose her brilliant mind." Christian said. "She was born this way; terrible at math." He puts one hand on Sydney's shoulder. "If she trusts you this much then Ivy sure does believe her best friend can take care of a problem." He takes his hand off Sydney's shoulder. "Ivy didn't really have any friends in my reality. Maybe that's just because Mom kept moving a lot."

Sydney hugs Christian.

"Thank you." Sydney said.

"I am not going to get you a sports magazine." Christian said. "You're weirder than Catherine Belt."

"I didn't ask." Sydney said.

"Yes, yes you did." Christian said, determined as Sydney ends the hug. "I may hear voices but you definitely did say  'Get me a sports magazine'."

Sydney laughs shaking her head and then puts her hand on a triangle button. A whole row of a keyboard sprinkling new rotated out of the machine. Four screens came out of the middle machine connected to a black frame that kept all four wide screens together by black stick-like-branches that are not tree resembling.Memories appeared on all four screens as our perspective backs away.Sydney's hands go across the keyboard changing the memories while Christian watches with a awe-stunned facial reaction and gasping at the work Sydney is doing.

All to help his sister.

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