I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


21. Back'ish

The plan pulled off quite well; with mesah being in shy mode because of all the strange aliens around me. The SARGS were taken down quite poetically against each other using a handful of the aliens they had enslaved. Megatron may or may not have used the freed cellmates to rig the entire spaceship in the way Kevin Baxter from Home Alone 1 and 2 did. I'll spare the details of how their  brilliant plan became a total nightmare. Just that many of the escaped cell mates went their ways in these escape pods shaped like peas.

"Sydney, I have to let go!" I shout, slowly losing a grip on Crosshair's large bull shaped light gray foot.

Sydney looks down towards me.

"Ivy, take my hand." Sydney said, reaching her hand out to me.

Megatron grunts from above.

"Useless." Megatron said, probably feeling what I felt.

I smile, and shook my head.

"No." I said.  "There's only one way its gonna turn out."

I let go of Sydney's hand. Sydney screams for me as as the other junk from the former spaceship were being dragged into the large and cackling thunder'ish portal. Megatron wasn't there last time I checked over the screams of my one and only friend, including the 'I am so screwed' look on Crosshairs. There is always a time and place for things but death can be averted. I fell through the green-blue portal thing eventually seeing the outer space atmosphere become nothing.

That is when Megatron randomly appeared.

"I hate you." Megatron said.

"Welcome to the club!" I said, flying through the portal. "Wee!" I saw a white dot in the distance. "I call dibs on arriving first."

"You can't call dibs on arriving." Megatron chides me.

"Watch mesah!" I call back falling through the beautiful blue portal that hadn't changed since I was last flown into it.

I landed on the floor: zhe bucket of storytelling-less.Megatron landed right outside the house but it wasn't very attention grabbing since he didn't make a thud.I had fallen straight from a raging portal straight into reality. In this world where I am presumably a new student to this different school; I have no friends, again.

"I am alive!" Megatron loudly declares.

I get up then run straight towards the door--it leads to the backyard-- that has the big rounded wooden table with six chairs. I thrusted open the door and then lean forward in the open threshold.An instant cool summer breeze brushed by my face. This is a nice warm welcome,I thought with a smile but unable to smell.

"But not in the right universe, scraphead!" I remind Megatron.

Wait it's dark outside, and yet, I can see Megatron as though there is a light pouring down on him.I saw there is full moon coincidentally on this totally unexpected night.  Megatron's face was really stupid and priceless.Sydney would have wanted to snap a picture of him using  a spare camera she kept in her pocket.

"Impossible!" Megatron declares.

I closed the door, next I turned left and darted through the kitchen which didn't have those baby gates for my little brother Johnathan-oddly enough--and took a hard pinned stop right at the breakfast table.I turned a sharp right then  after making through living room number two I turned left for at least two seconds, and then shifted to the right. Next  came another right so I ran upstairs like a herd of elephants. I can feel a cold chill go up my skin.

"Christiaaaaan!" I yell in the dark hallway.  I flick up the light switch making the hallway more brighter.  "You're not gonna believe this!"

I turned left then almost slid down the hallway in my shoes. I pulled open his door with a huge twitching jerk from my arm. My brother asleep, obviously. His black laptop was up and running; still. Lucky kid!, I thought walking into the room, I couldn't get mine to work. I could sense Megatron's presence from the hallway.

"Don't tell me this human is  an exception." Megatron said with a nasty growl.

I turn slightly towards the door away from the bunkbeds.

"He is MY brother." I said, pointing to myself.   "Not yours."

"Speaking of brothers." Megatron said.  "My brother is a Prime."

I roll an eye.

"Whatever."  I said, walking to the side of the bottom bunk where Christian is tangled in a mess of blankets. I lower down towards eye level then grab a square device sticking out  from the bed. I look down to see this device is Nintendo DS. Wait a second, this kind of Nintendo DS wasn't released until 2008. "Frag it."

"What is it now?" Megatron asks.

"It has been two years since I left." I said, turning on the DS.

Oh goody there's a game called Transformers in the cartridge.

"Hey Christian Patrick Mullaaah!!" I yell. "I got your Nintendo DS and--" My eyes went so huge and probably sparkly. "Mr Meg, you look clean and shiny on the screen, and more awesome." I look towards the doorway to see a human sized robot version of Megatron.  "You should go clean yourself more often."

"Under my dead spark." Megatron said with a  hiss.

My brother bolts up from the bed.

"Ivy!" Christian yelps. His eyes were so huge.  "Is. . .that you?" He rubs his eyes. "You can't be--"

"I am Ivy Bell." I said.  "And I am a thing."

Christian grabs the DS from my hand.

"That's for ditching me." Christian said.

"I didn't ditch you." I said, standing up. "I had no control over the unexpected portal."

Christian looks at me so strangely.

"You haven't changed." Christian said.

I pull up my shirt.

"I have changed." I said. "Literletly."

My brother  let out a girly shriek. I heard a trempede of feet from down the hallway. Is Kelton still with my mom?, I thought at first. Megatron lunges face first into the room smacking against the big wooden furniture that has a small television set with a gaming system plugged in. I laughed at Megatron's obviously stupid move.

And I was still holding up my shirt.

"What is it--" Kelton stops dead in his tracks."What the hell--"

"I have a lot to explain." I said,letting down my shirt.

"Hell you do." Kelton said.

"This human is not your father." Megatron said, observing Kelton's soldier pose.

Kelton has black hair, he has the body of a strong man with muscles, he has a texan accent, and he had recently shaved. Kelton apparently hadn't shaved his head, yet. I can tell due to his hair slowly growing out slowly and gradually that my eyes could dots partying around. He is the guy who repairs Helicopter engines aka the helicopter mechanic. Kelton generally appears like the person you would meet as your drill Sargent except more friendlier.

"That's kind of obvious, Lord Megatron." I acknowledge the ghost by his name.

"Her heart!" Christian shrieks, closing his DS and pointing at me. "I saw Ivy's heart!"

"So is your heart, Ivy." Megatron retorts.

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