I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


48. Angered at our mistakes

Ironhide had placed Ivy on a boulder with a flat surface near a cluster of tree's being gray missing one complete section of branches. Now here he is waiting for supposedly Arcee and Redsiren.She is still out in the familiar darkness getting some rest. Ivy physically is not showing signs of waking up at this point. Florida had been left in a hurry, in quite a great one. Ironhide has one of his gut feelings that Autobots alone can not get in the way of the Decepticon 'henchmen' bent on taking out one child.
But why take out a child?
An annoying little fuzzball being part Cybertronian and a spark-heart under a glass case.
"Why could have Ratchet not detected it in the first place?" Ironhide thought out loud.
Ironhide glances over to Ivy--Ivy lifts her right arm over her eyes--with her mouth partially open.
"I mean, couldn't her processor have shown the slightest of all cybertronian signs?" Ironhide muses to himself. "From what I hear from Crosshair's reading out Sydney's letters; she has made quite  a few items." Ironhide cringes at the last part.  "Poor critter."
Ironhide shook his helm.
Ironhide sighs, turning away from Ivy.
"What am I suppose to do?" Ironhide asks himself. "I certainly do not see a mech with a Spyder mode to get along  with Ivy easily when he walks like a spider."
Quite literately; Redsiren does, just, not out in the streets. Just imagine the questions she would ask; "Are you half spider?","Why is your name Redsiren when you're like Spiderman except a robot and don't have that spider armor themed design?",and "Did you get bitten by a radioactive spider?".
Redsiren walks like cybertronians, yet he feels most comfortable when let out to be in his spider like mode.A Spyder is a motorcycle with three wheels instead of two. One does wonder where Redsiren gets all those spider-cybertronian themed legs when going on a stroll in some outdoor place far from the noisy civilization. The crunching of leaves and rocks under his many claw pedes made Redsiren feel nostalgia from way back when he had been on a different planet that Redsiren loved dearly.
"I can help with that." Starscream said, appearing out of the blue.
"You blood thirsty 'Con!" Ironhide rages, sending his fist forwards.
Starscream is struck at the cheekplating by Ironhide's rather rough bumpy fist leaving some dents beneath his optics. Starscream crashes to the ground landing on his back similiar to a turtle flipped on it's back just wiggling to get itself back on all four. Starscream rubs the side of his cheek plating glaring up towards Ironhide. Ironhide's reaction seems to be of anger.Ironhide is cracking his knuckles preparing to hurt Starscream using his bare servos. Starcream's optics became smaller seeing the dead serious Ironhide.
"I mean it!" Starscream said, holding out his servo. "I have-a--a--a human friend in Australia."
"So is that your last words?" Ironhide said, this time powering up his cannon. "A human friend IN AUSTRALIA!"
"No." Starscream said, and then he dodged the blast sent out of the cannon. Starscream picks up Ivy quickly using his left servos. "I can help you hide her."
"Drop Ivy." Ironhide orders, aiming his cannon at Starscream.
"Not unless you want all her bones to be broken." Starscream said, rationally.
Starscream is missing one part of his wings.
"A threat." Ironhide said. "Is that all you are here for?"
"No, I am offering my help." Starscream said.
"Why should I trust you when all you've done is against the Autobot cause?" Ironhide asks. "Give me one answer before I blow your processor out."
"I made a mistake!" Starscream said.
"Ivy nearly died because of you." Ironhide is quick to say.
"And I've paid dearly for it." Starscream shifted his shoulder plating. "I am  trying to redeem myself before my Master's optics.We both have a connection to this little Cyber-Organic; I agree, she is the most annoying being in the entire universe. But if you want her to live then let me help you."
Ironhide folds his arms.
"Say; please." Ironhide said.
"That is unheard of." Starscream said. "We never beg."
"Be polite." Ironhide said. "Or some 'Con won't redeem himself."
A defeated look physically replaced the startled expression that had been on Starscream.
"Please, let me help." Starscream said.
"Fine." Ironhide said.  "First step to forgiveness is you apologizing for the lost time." Ironhide lightly taps on Starscream's chest plating. "The time you made her childhood extend and her aging stop,killing her made so many human things. She can't age, you know, and she wants to age."
"You've only been here for--" Starscream started to say but Ironhide interjects.
"A couple megacyles." Ironhide said. "Sydney has told me." He can hear the hum of cars in the background.  "Go." He pushes Starscream away.  "If you can keep Ivy safe then keep your word!"
Starscream nods, then, he transforms into his jet mode. He flew off into the sky.
_____                                                                _____
...2 hours later...
...Shortly after Ivy had awaken...

"...Check the death toll for Florida." Ivy said.
"Wh--" Starscream didn't get to the last syllable as Ivy interrupts.
"Now!" Ivy sharply demands.
"Fine..." Starscream said. "Any names you have on mind?"
"Jefferson Street,Boston Avenue." Ivy said.  "That'll narrow your search down."
"The names you're worried about." Starscream said, calmly.
"Hannah Sydney Rollins,Robert Sandler, Rufus Sandler--dog--,Herbert George Rollins, Leslie Jane Rollin." Ivy said. "Search."
There is silence between the door.
"The dog isn't on the list." Starscream said.
"...I know what I gotta do." Ivy said, lowering her head.
"Huh, what?" Starscream asks.
"None of your business." Ivy said.
Starscream projects a video on screen.
"I suppose you may want to see this." Starscream said.
A news reporter appears on screen, wild brown hair sprouting out of the hairband keeping most of the intact hair in a pony tail, and a blue jacket with a missing breast pocket.There is a certain tint to the screen; something about the grayness,the grainy image,and the destroyed homes.
"I have just survived the attack of gigantic moving gray metal machines!" The reporter said. "Just look at the houses."
The camera is moved to the other direction showing the destroyed houses, the ones that had been driven through by Decepticons rolling in their robot modes using their wheels. Electrical poles sparked letting electricity fall here and there among the wreckage.There is lingering depressing clouds about this former nice looking street now a place of loss.
The camera moves back towards the reporter.
"I was here doing a report about a lost dog and here I just became a witness to a catastrophic event in Florda history--" There is a fake cough heard off screen. "----and United States. I saw a human sized robot get taken down by one of these unknown metal transforming machines."
A tear rolled down Ivy's cheek.
The reporter taps on her ear.
"I have just learned that even  with the destruction; there has been the loss of many lives." The reporter said. "The robots rolled out in some strange disguises after taking down this side of Florida. They went in the direction of a truck down that lane--" The reporter points in that direction. "A couple minutes ago."
The transmission comes to an end as Ivy is crying in her hands.
"It's my fault, it's all fault, it's all my fault those people are dead!" Starscream heard Ivy's cries in between the sobs and tears.
"No," Starscream said. "That was...a little bit of my fault."
She delivered a punch to the side window making an awful hard crack that spread enough Starscream could have ended up having a much bigger mess in his cockpit if she punched at it again.
"I SHOULD HAVE NEVER FELT PITY FOR MEGATRON IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Ivy hollers, in rage and in sadness. The corners of Ivy's eyes are red. Her tearful eyes are a mix of a bright green and blue at once. But mainly they were mainly a bright blue at the time. "I...shoulda'...I shoulda' died back there in the arena. Nobody would be dead; BECAUSE OF ME."
That little girl--the annoying girl--had suddenly become...different. Different from the one Starscream first offlined and the one who caught him using her own inventions.It made Starscream wonder if someone had teleported a different girl in Ivy's place disguised as  her to every detail.
"Pity, for Lord Megatron?" Starscream said. Ivy's eyes return to their hazel color. She rubs at her fist. "How ridiculous can you get?"
That upset expression turns into a tearful 'are you suggesting I get ridiculous?' kind of mischief of look.
"You have no idea." Ivy said, as her tears stained her cheeks. She wipes off a tear.
"I take that as very." Starscream said.
"Why." Ivy said, as she sniffled the last tear away.
"What?" Starscream asks,confused.
"WHY." Ivy said in a sharp voice that wasn't a question.
"Is that a question?" Starscream asks.
"Your lord...your lord...your fragging lord is the one you respect and then you turn on him." Ivy said. "Why?"
"At the time; I was the only one who had to report to the Fallen." Starscream said. "There is no way around lying to your elders."
"To the wrong elder." Ivy said.
Ivy's wound had healed.
"We all make mistakes." Starscream said.
"Tell me, what is my greatest mistake?" Ivy asks, in a serious tone.
"I..." Starscream starts to say but could not finish.
"Not a trick question." Ivy said, her arms folded.
Ivy didn't call Starscream 'Mr Dorito' at all.
"Linking with my master." Starscream said.
"I think you should rethink your title on Lord I-am-a-terrible-singer." Ivy said. "Because if you're his right hand men then don't call him by the title that a slave would call their owner. It makes you seem like a henchmen ripped outta a old serialized book turned into a film."
"My master is not a singer." Starscream said.
Ivy laughs.
"He sung so bad." Ivy said.  "Just to get my attention!"
"I don't see why he would need to sing."  Starscream said.
"We're on the same boat." Ivy said.
"In." Starscream said.
"On." Ivy said.
"IN!" Starscream said.
"ON!" Ivy shot back.
"IN." Starscream raises his voice.
"ON, DAMN IT." Ivy shouts.
"IN," Starscream insists.  "Sitting in makes sense!"
"Sitting in a duck doesn't  make sense." Ivy said.
"Sitting ON a duck does make sense," Starscream said. "Excuse me."
Ivy stares down to the glowing board.
"...No," Ivy said. "It doesn't."
"Yes." Starscream said, arrogantly. "It does! End of debate."
"Ducks are not geese or swans." Ivy said.
"You started the argument!" Starscream points out.
"Oh then perhaps you can tell me if you're really a couple thousand years old." Ivy said.
Oh the wonders of being saved by an Alien Robot.

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