I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


47. A lot of stuff

Christian lowers himself down to Ivy's level.
"Please, Ivy." Christian said.  "Remember your promise to watch Thor. Keep your promise to live long enough to see it."
Christian could only hope Ivy would remember hearing him in this condition.
Our view goes through Ivy's mind.
"Thor." Christian's voice echoed in her mind that resembled much of a universe. "You promised to live."
Our view spins around and around seeing various images appearing. The spinning comes to a stop but still our view goes through purple unique clouds showing their marvelous highlights. A bright blue light emits in the distance sending a lighter blue tint through the scenery.
"To see Thor." Christian's words echo.
The outerspace scene changes to a kitchen with Ivy sitting on a chair leaned forward squinting her eyes at the device Christian is holding in his other hand.This is the moment where Christian showed Ivy the end credit scene to Iron Man 2.It seems to be the movie kind where a person can sit back in the chair eating popcorn drawn into the scene unfolding before their eyes.
Ivy looks skeptical.
"...A hammer?" Ivy asks.
"Yes." Christian said, with a nod.
Ivy sighs shaking her head.
"Lame." Ivy said. Christian's face turned red. "What's that 9 symbol on the side?" She points to the screen.  "Is there eight hammers?"
"No," Christian said, as she takes her hand back.  "That is the Mjolnir."
"My journey her?" Ivy repeats, blinking. Ivy raises up her left dark thick eyebrow up.  
"Mjolnir." Christian repeats.
"Isn't hammer a pretty good name?" Ivy asks, lowering her eyebrow.
"No, that's the name of the hammer." Christian said.  "It belongs to Thor."
"Okaaaay." Ivy said.
Our scene fast forwards.
"If I go and watch X-Men 2, without you, will you stay alive long enough to see it?" Christian asks.
Our scene somehow goes past even more dialogue. The scene comes to a pause, in present time, matter of speaking. There is a gleeful look on Ivy's face being willing and outright confident. Ivy reached her hand out to Christian over the bowl of cereal.
"Deal!" Ivy said.
Ivy and Christian shook hands.Then the blue light expanded turning the purple clouds into a soft tint of blue that became highlighted similar to water slipping through the cracks in a worn out stone.
Our view transforms into the Florida road complete by some terrible road bumps, sink holes in some parks, and unusual tree's bent forward.Our perspective backs away from the dark green grill part  belonging to a car. This is where we see   a sleek red and golden roofless mustang being the Decepticon KillerRod--followed by some other cons--headed straight the Sandler's current street.
The green grill belongs to KillerRod.
"Is this really the designated Street, Pine?" KillerRod asks through Comnlink.
KillerRod is referring to an unusual Decepticon known as Porcupine.
Porcupine has the vehicle mode of a 'driving wheel Star-Wars vehicle' and a animal mode of a porcupine; hence his name. Porcupine is tagging behind KillerRod at a slow speed limit.Sharp parts stuck out to the sides of Porcupine's vehicle mode giving a very great similarities of a sharp thorn row built alongside the rims.
Beside KillerRod is a old kind of vehicle with a foggy windshield, busted side windows, a dark sea blue theme color, and the side doors are a few sticking out row of pipes letting smoke freely drift out.That is IronWhistle,a much older Decepticon mech, coming to do one simple mission with these two.
The mission: kill the link.
"It is the address DiamondCreed gave me." Porcupine said.  "Oh look what we have here; Autobot signatures!"
"I don't see any  'Bots sticking around."  IronWhistle said.
"That's because the Autobot is  underground." Porcupine said.  "The signature is coming from underground."
"Does that mean we can transform and start doing damage?" KillerRod eagerly asks.
"Might as well." Porcupine said.
"Kids these days." IronWhistle muttered to himself.
KillerRod's vehicle mode retracts, unfolds, and his arms came out applying balance to his still transforming vehicle mode lifting his vehicle mode up above the road by a foot. The roof retracts then the back end turns into legs that make KillerRod do a backflip landing on his two sets of wheels serving as his 'feet' technically.
A small indent is made into the road enough for a vehicle to bump right over.
KillerRod's helmet resembles a Baseball Helmet for some totally strange reason that forever will remain a mystery.Well the helmet does not have the metal rails part to the helmet protecting the lips and faceplate.The green-metal grill part has shifted up to the middle of KillerRod's helmet--right above his crimson red optics--conjoined to other metal parts capable of moving during the transforming.
_____                                                                     ________
....15 minutes later...
Of course there are a lot of people out in the open world who despise time skips in such a burning passion it can be common to see their pieces of work account for every minute and day their character lives.Because in reality they are those characters by living. There's a wise saying 'sometimes the important parts in the major event are seen for themselves long after it has passed.' that probably won't make sense to a parrot.
Why yes, a parrot.
Why that is an exaggeration but the point is clear.
 "SteelLix, protect the Sandlers!" Ivy orders the six foot tall gray robot.
SteelLix turns his head towards Ivy's direction then lowers his head down.
"Why should I protect such filth like you?" SteelLix asks.
An angered look grew all over Ivy's face.
"You have my permission to kick Decepticon aft when they come to kill the Sandlers." Ivy said. "Including little Rufus!" She waves her right index finger side to side. "You must not let the little dog be killed by the servos of gigantic robots coming to eliminate untied business." There is no reaction from SteelLix. Ivy has a serious look on her child face. "Is that clear?"
"Clear." SteelLix said, with a nod. "But I do not see why bother trying when it is known human products fail against alien technology."
"Don't test me." Ivy said.  Her voice grew deeper, sharp, and male like. Her hazel eyes had turned green in her angered state. "I created you, and you, of all metal greedy-self serving pestilence just think you're better than organisms but when you see a taller opponent coming in on your parade;you cower!"
"I do not!" SteelLix denies.
"You're doing it, right now." Ivy said, pointing down towards the floor using her right index finger. "So, take the stage and wipe them off the dancefloor."
"That would be nice if there were a dancefloor." SteelLix said.
"Go before I change my mind and shut you down." Ivy said, threateningly.
...10 minutes after that...
...In the surgery room...
"Sydney, take this!" Ivy said, handing Sydney a watch.
"What is this?" Sydney asks, raising a brow.
"When this dire event is over; I'll teleport you back." Ivy said, putting her right hand firmly on Sydney's shoulder.  "Tell my mom; I tried. Her name is Christina Mary Estep. She has two kids named Johnathan something Estep and Rachel something Estep. They're in Illinois."
Ivy hurries over to a machine as Sydney has a lost look beside Christian's dead body.
"Ivy, what are you doing?"  Sydney asks.
"The cops will ask you why." Ivy said. "Tell them Ivy Brooke Bell is responsible for her brother's death."
Ironhide is above, fighting the Decepticon who is making the ground shake, not inside the lab.A look of realization spreads all over Sydney's face. It became clear what Ivy is trying to do for Sydney. After all Sydney had done for Ivy as a friend in the time they've known each other.
"Girly!" Sydney shouts.  "You're sending me away!"
Ivy looks up, covering the wound using her right hand.
"I made a promise." Ivy said. "I won't let my best friend die."
"Ivy, you don't--" Sydney protests
"I do." Ivy said, pressing a button.Ivy held up her right hand; puts her thumb in the palm, makes a 'v' kind of shape between her third and forth finger, then clears her throat. "You have my permission to tell what happened." She lowers her hand spreading her fingers out. "Tell them everything, and you will always be my friend, no matter what you say about me!"
There is orange circles rotating around Christian and Sydney similar to the new generation of beaming in the Star Trek movies.
"Ivy!" Sydney shouts.
Sydney, and Christian's dead body, is gone in a flash.
"Always." Ivy said,taking a small square shaped metal out of the machine.All it takes to bring her back is one button, Ivy thought as she is shaking then she puts the square metal object into her pocket, oh primus I've lost a lotta blood. Ivy fell back landing on the floor not quite exactly on the side that has the return device in the pocket. Ivy had landed on her left side halfway tilted up above the floor which has a partial stair kind of design leading up the floor.
The ceiling is torn out of the ground letting some machinery that had been connected to various parts to fall.The once firmly connected machine had scattered into pieces when landing on the floor getting some dents into a few of the remaining pipes. As in the pipes that hadn't fortunately broken after landing on the hard floor.
"Ivy, I just sent the Con packing!" Ironhide shouts. He looks around to see Sydney is gone and so is Christian. "Ivy?" Ironhide looks forwards in the room to see an unconscious Ivy. "Ivy!" Ironhide reached into the lab then picks Ivy up gently using his servo. "She still has a pulse."
That is when shooting came out of no where.
The Decepticon had apparently brought back up.
The wound Ivy had is just a cut on her shoulder that needed to be covered and wrapped so the bleeding could stop.Ironhide transforms into his  vehicle mode.Ironhide drove off while wrapping some form of fabric around Ivy's shoulder using one of his much thinner digits.
"Ironhide to Optimus Prime!" Ironhide comnlinks Optimus. "Decepticon activity in Florida has increased from one to more than three."
"Where is DiamondCreed?" Optimus asks, over the comn link.
"She's a Decepticon." Ironhide said. "She's been a mole the entire time!"
Ivy's eyes are slowly, and struggling to keep herself awake.
"Megatron..." Ivy said in a low-soft whisper. "You promised."
SteelLix lands on the shoulder of a Decepticon, with a grunt, digging his sharp claws into the metal shoulder armor. Ironhide swerved to the right  driving off from what could have been an impending death. This decepticon is Porcupine. Porcupine yank SteelLix off slamming into the ground then repeatedly send several sharp blows to SteelLix's torso until he became into pieces.

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