I am surrounded by Alien Robots!

For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in not getting scared.My racing heart was still going. I am surrounded by gigantic alien robots; definitely. Stand-alone. Universe of Transformers: Bayverse.


12. A Christmas Wish

  .  . . December 25th.  . .

.  . . 2008  . . .

"A Clue Finder!" I squeal jumping on to a big box that had a metal detector in it. My arms were wrapped around it and my energy levels were increasingly high. "Oh em gee!" I was so excited; so excited that the box isn't completely unwrapped.  "Thank you Mr Sandler!"

Mr Sandler is drinking some coffee from the table.

"No."Mr Sandler said. "Thank Santa Clause."

"Santa Clause is not real." I said, looking over my shoulder and my hands stuck around the box.I could easily see Mrs Sandler and Mr Sandler were puzzled that I knew it already. "What?" They were sharing really odd looks. "I've watched the movie involving Tim Allen so many times I've accepted Santa Clause isn't real, but I believe magic is real!"

"Abbigale, you're too young to act that mature."  Mr Sandler tells me.

"You're too old to be screaming like a girl when watching ET die in the movie." I reply with a goofy grin and a feeling that I was.  . .Oops!

"I was bitten by a spider." Mr Sandler used a pretty bad excuse. A man wouldn't scream like a girl because a spider bit him every time ET died in 'ET Phone Home'. Mr Sandler seems to be believing that lousy excuse.  "Spiders are infected with germs and bacteria and other deadly diseases."

"No, that's rats." I said. "The plague came from the rat and spiders give you super powerrss!"

"Abbigale, that spider was radioactive." Mrs Sandler said. "Normal Spiders don't give you superpowers, in fact, they can be quite deadly."

"Abbigale, go change your pants!"  Mr Sandler orders me. "And throw them into the laundry basket."

Later that day I took my new electronical searching metal detector and went searching around the snowless patches area of the backyard for stuff. I had a shovel in my left hand for 'just in case' while swinging the metal detector back and forth; making it sway in motion. There came a beep from the metal detector which made stop the swaying. Goody!, my heart raced, new valuable items! The metal detector  determined the item is two feet down into the ground.

"Searching time!" I said,dropping the metal detector.

I use the shovel then dug and dug; probably going way past the two feet marker.

"Is this human attemptin' to dig her way to china?" I heard Crosshairs.

I look up from the dirt and saw the green alien robot that apparently looks like he is wearing a trench coat.

"You remind me of Dick Tracy wearing a green coat!" I shout.  "And no I'm looking for a clue."

Crosshairs bends over into the dirt pile and takes out a piece of jewelry.

"So you were searching for this?" Crosshairs asks.

I could see it was dark out behind Crosshairs.

"...Yess." I said, feeling like a complete idiot. "Throw it to me!" I wave my hands.  "I shall catch it!" I jump up and down. "Throw it like it's infected with Logocrimoloas!"

Crosshairs drops the jewellery quicker then a average person could say 'Pokemon'. I just made up that random disease on the spot; shouldn't that mean something wrong? I caught the jewellery in my hands then look down to it, only to realize it was only a golden necklace. Oh wait a golden necklace is in my slagging hand! Oh my--we can get rich from this!

"Quick, use the metal Detector!" I shout to Crosshairs."And see if there's any beeps right beside this hole!"

Crosshairs picks up the small device.

"This little thin'?" Crosshairs asks.

"Yes!" I shout, putting the  necklace into my pocket.

"I swear, you are not makin' sense to make this hole deeper." Crosshairs said, shaking his helm. He turns the metal detector on and points at the other direction.

There goes the beep.

"How deep?" I yell.

"Two." Crosshairs said.

"Okay." I said, then cliimb up the rocky surface walls to the hole with the shovel in hand.

"Primus, Toothfairy isn't goin' to believe me when I tell him you dug.." Crosshairs leans over and his optics went so huge than their usual size. "Twenty-four feet into the ground."

"Read it and weep it!" I cheerfully said.  "It doesn't lead to China if you're gonna ask."

"I wasn't." Crosshairs said.

"Because I made a tunnel and landed in San Francisco." I add. "And that's where I got this hat." I touch the festive hat. "I also got a new copy of HomeWard Bound in my pocket, too." I saw Crosshair's mouth fall open. "All it took was me pestering some teenagers and yay I get my favorite movie!"

I pat on my left pocket which is struggling to hold a big DVD case.

"Oh my primus." Crosshairs said, probably taking it hard to believe. He was doing a--oh cool, he did a facepalm. "I would have believed it if you used your looks."

"I did!" I exclaim.  "They said I was too cute not to be given a movie."

Then I continue my climb up to the two feet marker. Once at the two feet marker, then I use my shovel and struck it into the hard dirt.My hat has a handle thing that can be removed from the hat sides and it's currently under my chin. Imagine a girl at a rocky climate chipping away for a fossil and a diamond, alright that's how it is going for me. I made a wide hole in the dirt until the shovel hit something hard. I put my hand into the hole then feel around for this hard object.

"Oh by the way." I said. "I got to meet my favorite OCD Detective with wipeys."

"OCD Detective?" Crosshairs repeats.

"Search USA then add OCD detective series." I tell him, still feeling around for the item.  "If that doesn't work then you must put in the quote 'It's a gift and a curse' and 'You'll thank me later'." This random thought entered my head. "Also, if that comes up with no results then please connect to the 'Reality internet' where I probably come from."

Where the hell did that random internet thing come from?

I wasn't looking up to Crosshairs so all I got was some silence.

"That show is endin' next stellar cycle." Crosshairs said, after a while. I was completely in the cave.You can say that I am very determined to find this hard item. Wait Monk is ending in this universe? Who murdered Trudy in season 1? Are we gonna get that slagging question answered?"Uh, human come out wherever you are." It sounds awkward coming from him. "I am not playin' this game."

Crosshairs is tapping his foot so dirt was falling.

"He'll thank me later." I said, digging into the surface above.

I hit something hard with my hand during this five minute search. It feels round and hard; very much like a coin that had a rugged surface. I yank my hand that now held the circular item. I knew what the Metal Detector had detected was most likely money! You can put a whole bundle of cash all over the bed before sleeping on it; if you're rich that is.

I poke my head out of the cave while still holding the coin.

"Done!" I squeak, and then watch Crosshairs tumbled back  landing on the ground.

Oh snap they are gonna find out. I heard this tech-urch-eeech sound from above the ground that reminded me of how Bumblebee transformed into his Corvette vehicle mode. Mrs Sandler came to the large hole pretty much startled.

"Abbigale!" Mrs Sandler shrieks.  "What are you doing in there!"

"I was searching." I said.

"And where did you get that hat?" Mrs Sandler asks, putting her hands on her hips.

"San Fransisco." I said, honestly.

"You better get this hole covered." Mrs Sandler said. " You know how Rob will insist you make a second hole!"

I groan.

"Of course." I said. "I'll get to it."

"And who parked that car behind the fence?" Mrs Sandler asks.

"Sydney's dad bought a car and his wife doesn't know about it, so he parked it here because his wife doesn't come over here often." I lied.  "Sydney's parents lives down the street on the other side that isn't in our row."

"George does the unconventional." Mrs Sandler said.

"I know right." I said, with a quick nod.

"After you get out of this hole, fill it back up, then get in the house."  Mrs Sandler said.  "It is eight thirty two, and you should be asleep not making a big hole in the backyard." Jee I've been out there for so long! "And eat your dinner. It is in the microwave."

"Okay." I said.

Mrs Sandler went back inside the house; but I knew it because of her odd pair of shoes that made this click which bounces off on the ground and the backdoor had made the extremely scary creepy door creaking noise. I sigh, much relieved she had believed my well fantastic skill in making believe-able lies. Crosshairs looks over the hole and his light blue optics were bright so bright I can say someone put in a flashlight into his head that got connected to that big brain.

"Need some help coverin' the hole?" Crosshairs offers.

I heard a 'hello? Is anyone there?' from the tunnel.

I look up the hole.

"Please do!" I said.

Crosshairs held his servo out so I dragged myself outta that cave-hole into his much cold and wide servos. I felt so tired but my stomach was demanding I eat something before heading off to bed. Crosshairs put me down outside of the hole and I naturally began to walk really clumsy. Digging with a shovel in a cave for eight hours can really effect your walking style.

"Eight megacycles." Crosshairs said, once we were done covering the hole. "That's all it took for you to discover a complete set of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones covered in fossil feathers." He gestures to the large cut out rock outside the yard.  "For a human at your age; that is fascinating."

"Wait until people start crowding all over the yard." I said. "Crosshairs, don't break it. You must bring it to the local museum intact!" I was really tired but being serious is my priority. "In all of it's entire-ty; the whole evolution chain hinges on this."

"I will make sure it doesn't break." Crosshairs said.

"Good boy." I said, resisting the temptation to pat his helm.

"Ivy,what did you just call me?" Crosshairs asks me.

"Good for you." I said with a fake smile.

Anyway; the Sandlers were asleep when I walked in. Crosshairs carefully left carrying the huge intact fossil. I cooked my dinner, then get out my fork, then get out milk and pour it into a glass. Next I ate and drank my dinner as any average child would do. In Twenty minutes I was upstairs in my Pajama's and  wearing the newly bought pair of socks.My teeth were brushed right to the cleaning scheme that would be spotted if I smiled widely in the daylight. I was a little wet after taking a shower to get rid of any dirt that decided to take a road trip on me.

The coin, from the dirt, had been cleaned very carefully. I did this cleaning right after eating dinner and putting the kitchen-ware that had been used into the dishwasher.When people think I don't clean my eating spot then they should be sent into outer space where Buzz Lightyear and Woody exists; then wait for them to be shrunken into toys and next they be joining the Toy Story crew.

"Homeward Bound, new hat, new ancient coin." I said, stacking my San Francisco items near each other. I take out another item from San Francisco. "And a DVD by Randy Disher!"

I put the DVD case by the Homeward Bound case. The necklace is so clean it's sparkly. It is right beside the new yellow hat people can argue it's a cowboy type of hat. Their argument will be promptly be shot down by me lashing out that Batman is not an actual bat but a man. I know this wouldn't make sense at all but it does when that mistaken identity happens.

I look out the window and see this passing star coming down across from the moon.

"I wish..." I said, watching it pass. "That Dorito gives Zhe bucket back."

The star disappears into the distance, and oh well, being tired and all I fell asleep on the floor instead of the bed.

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